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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 18, 1929 TONIGHT - THURSDAY - FRIDAY On the Bowen ALL TALKING On the Stage CHARLES HAMP and STAGE BAND Presenting “ MASQUER ­ ADE ” ART HENRY A. CO. with ^ ALAN BIRMINGHAM UEZLA HYAMS CLYDE COOK f FARRELL MacDONALD HARRY KRIVITS REVELS Eleven Clever Charming Girls MILLER A PETERSON A rousing story of n single man, his doable, and a mystery Mina. CRONIN A POWER Features From Footlights And Filmland Ml.* 34. —WC©K. Tool 4:30 — Orson rocllol. 3 . 00 — R oguat gracrsm T: 00 — 'Jolochreo Umi •24 34. — WNT< A*»3 — That: market n .0:50 — Croft KUdlaa. oil In forma tlco. ■* CASE ADJOURNED Court yesterday nftcr- H. EBary Seymoui' (■ Alleged to Hart Appropriated Money From Sale of Bondi The eu« of H. Ellery Seymour, 14 Edgewood toad, Scarsdals, held In New York City on charges of grand larceny was again adjourned for one week when be was nr-1 tha Fourth PUtricfr 1 Seymour la charged with haring told bonds owned by John H. Kim ­ ball. BS1 Fifth avenue. New York, for 4900 and of appropriating the proceeds for Ills own use, according to the complain which Kimball led. The case will be tried next Fri ­ day. Seymour le free In 41,000 ball. 1:45—Utrtam Unit!, planlit. 1.00—Elr* Drperuatftl Band. 1 : 00 —WUaoo ramllr Kn tartalnm. 3 :30 —Ausuattn Jaqutilard. aopraae. ----- 1 —Tima; UrAlpm Dane* O reft rat! 11:30 — Ntwa; Can,', oreftaatra. 13;S5 — Tin»; P.-.ncr Piotu and HadUm Hardy. 13:30 — ' 'THa Waftdtrio* 141nrtrrla.'> *54 54. —U CAF —640 Xa. OLTSTA.VDINO RVKNTS ON TBI an today IsfSSC cftMtfs: quartet —WJE'r 10.00 P. 54 — Voyar Or-ftrrtra — WJZ'r artwork. ln« Syitrai dad)cation. Ipwk- rr. Prvrldant Ifoortr — WABC'4 .30 V 34.— Opera. \CavaHerla Hu,: leans\ — WEATi network. d'ooETIecffl O: ralgned In RIALTO b « 1 V|T|£S Ji . Ill N K. 'l — IWlll \I\\N WALDORF tz rs-wrJA L0NGACRE 2E F1SKE OHARA In ----------------------------- \JERRY FOR SHORT C0L0NY£ \THE DRAKE CASE\ REPUBLIC . TT \14T onax.- F riday *0XYB. ‘ KSS n » “ »« THE BUCK WATCH I With VTctoK HrLAQLZN \HAWK ISLAND\ ..30 — Happy Wonder 1 0.00 — lpaina Treubadot 10:30— National Oranii Optra. \CatalltrU Itaatloana.\ ». 11:00 — PalaU d'Or Oreftaatra. 433 >4. — WOO —710 Ka. 1:30 — ?ran C Diwibol& \cncr\ 3:43 — Blancftt Out water and U 4 OtJSSPgSb t 4:30 — 14aal«r Btuiuoa* rccftfl'\ 0 :00— 54 ualeal murlnsa. orcao. 5:30 — -Tour Child's Raadlns \ 5:40—Charita acftuylar. aonsa- 0:50 — Vara Iklm, ptanut: tunr- 0:01 — \lanra'a Old nwtrt Boo*.\ 4:30— Unci a Don!* 0 ” 7:30 — Kelloits lUdlo'T ------------ 7:30 —Cftlmaa; Uld-Pacidc. ».30 — JTraalda Uojx. 0:10 — Planatta. Vlollna. Ans*.a and 10:00 — cuy Contention Suuara Deal P 11:00 — Tima; ntwa, wrather. 11:03 — Palau Royal Oreftratra. 4.00 — Modulations. 4:30 —Lao Rtlaman-e 3:00 — Twlllsht Round 5 30 — Uttmann'r lent 4.00 — Dr Thatcher C Von Barre. who has heretofore been engaged In motion picture production, has placed In rehear sal \Seduction a drama which bo and Paul Krafft have written. The play attacks a present-day social problem, and the scene U lair Germany, immediately following the late war. The production 'expected to open la New York about two weeks, after a brief r out-of-town. > rrlcee . axrteul- 0:00 — New Yorkirlpreheetrv 1 4:53— Baaeball ecores. 7 7: 00 — Correct time. y 7110 — Twilight Uelodlea 7\ — Tr'.c. ; Ef £ Kennedy. 7:33 — 14ma XBftte. OaiEjncn, pianlet 7.43 — **54r'eouth.\ Katfttrae Tlfl-Jc All This WEEK An Extraordinary Fireworks Spectacle Figh Ting FLAMES A City A ’ Fire PLAY AT PLAYLAND WLSTCMtiTEP COUNTY PAPK JYJTEM RYE NY 3 00 — Chappell, peycholoctet. 3 13 — 54 ax Lipaett. nollnut. 3*43 — tlold and Bftnoa. sun*,.' 4:30 — Reformed RaM-le Aeaocle 7 OO — Robert Readell. brtdce chi 4:30 —Will Oakland*e Terrace. 9:00 — \Th. LampUchtere. \ 9 .30 — Bhoeter and Tucker, eongj 10 : 00 — Victor Carxlk. elounlet. 10 J3 — Dixie Slim, cultsr 10:30— tether Case, eoprano. 10:43 — Joa*^ Barlow.^icnce 11:30 — \lllackalone Amonc the B| 187 34. — WQAO — 1010 Ki 1:13 — The StudleeRte; Ec 4:00 — Hubert Elecler. troubx 4:13 — Rio WelUnctnB. blue*. 4:10 — Rddle Weber*J Part) 7:43 — Talk. Louts j. Ellae. B OO — Homer White; baritone ' :* — T.'ir rI-*.*-c : X ..r ,*': a-*' 8:10 — a. It. Western World Oreheatr*. 8:00 — Health talk. 143 31. — WOBB — 1.350 Be. lOO^NoraaTnauacoll.cune 8:00 — Sketch? Uoroth 9:13 — Harmony BUtere. LO :0O — 3HU1* 31my B |Sd'-t?ncl? Josh. 10:01 — Studio procram. 11:00 — Belleville 6 reheat ra. 11:30 — PlteadEly Oreftaatra. 4:13 — Story lady. 7.-00 — Radio choppers culda. 7:30 — rrerexo. ^lawet; Tureah. t 1*30 — Myrona Tymkerldi. planish Dolores Costello Gives Fine Portrayal of Emotional. Role equ^l — Dolores Costello. With little training, she easily conquered the difficulties besetting the path he screen player. From the day when she appeared Barrymore's leading lady In 'The Sea Brast ” her star has been In the ascendant. I Ter latest Warner Bros.' picture \Madonna of Avenue A.” directed by Michael Curitx, opened a Three, i' engagement at the State cter today and , Is sure I tract big audiences, 4qr It thrilling and powsrfuliy''dramatic story, expertly directed, and eplend- Idly acted by the star and the sup ­ porting cast which Includes Grant Withers. Louisa Dresser. Douglas Gerrard, Otto Hoffman and* Lee Moran. Mini Costello was \r mors dramatic and* emotional in her acting as she Is In the role the girl who tries to lead a fi life because she bellvea she has ln-^ herltrd bad blood from her m( “ -and finds that she can't \Madonna of Avenue A ” la T l In story and treatment and is dure well worth seeing First Dual Role In Talkies In “ Masquerade ” at Keith ’ s Fox M comedy drgms. adapted \The Brass Bowl.\ by Louis J. Vanor, opens at the Kelth-Aibee Theater today. Alan Birmingham, late leading nan for Eva LaGalllene, and Leila Hyams. noted blonde beauty of the screen, are co-featured In this pro ­ duction. which was directed by Russell J. BrldwelL Birmingham plays a dual role — the Orst talking pictures. He pro-1 trays Dan Maitland, young New York man-about-town. and Dan ; ntorlous society bandit. r>8ely resembles Maitland able to impersonate him. Maitland Is Intrigued by a \lady burglar\ who mysteriously loots apartment, and seeklpg advent helps her rob his own safe, .telling her he Is Anlaty, the notorious ' bandit. The real Anlsty steps from behind a porU»r* with a gun at this point, and demands the Mall- .land Jewels Just taken from the safe. From this point on the ac\)on In fast and furious until th# denoue ­ ment which provides a. surprising Farrell MacDonald well known character actor: Arnold Lucy and Clyde Cook, comedian, are prom ­ inent In tho cast, i Loew ’ s Stale Theater TODAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY e lAtnur Btu. fraaxlsT Dofrttf- Coitellff' MADONNA (AVENUE A • y*L 0 UME DRESSEXJ An All Talking Melodrama of New York'e East Hide. AND FIVE ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE “ RIO RITA ’ S ” tIG CHORUS Ladies of Ensemble Sing and Dunce Merrily at New Rochelle Theater Beauties from nearly all states In the Union nil the stage of \Rio Rita.\ which closes tonight at the w Rochelle Theater. Many bru- Ites are seen, because the scenes e laid In Mexico, but not all arc dark-hnlred. There are numerous blonds beauties, and a generous numbet of tltlan and auburn haired misses, all forming what the ad ­ vance notices term \a glittering galaxy of glorified girls \ Alliterative. And. If enUrely true, something to.look forward to. Miss BtHle Blythe, reputed to ba an In ­ ternational beauty-price winner, heads tho ensemble, which ranges he way from tfi'e tal^ and state- tiny b let girls, who, by the way. do moat be work, while their taller sla- content themselves mostly by- looking lovely In costly gowns and costumes. CLOS E BEA CHES Park Commission Fixes September 22 as Close of Swimming Sea ­ ton; Water Still Warm The swimming pool at Tibbetts Brook Park and Willsons Woods will be kept In operation by the Westchester County Park Commis ­ sion until and Including Sunday, September 22, The swimming closing date has also been'fixed for the bath houses and beaches at Glen Island. Klngs- land Point. Croton Point and Crug- Condltions aro still favorabls for swimming during the warm Sep ­ tember days and the closing date Is practically tha same as that of last year when the swimming pools o closed on September 24. HORTON CASE NOVEMBER 11 Separation Suit Is Set Down For Armistice Day by i Justice Young Trial of the eeparatlon action brought by Mrs. Mona S. Horton. . US Main street, against her hu»- : band. Launm T Horton. 82 Lake j street, le scheduled for November! 11. Armistice Day, an order elgned here by Supreme Court Justice Frank L. Young reveal*. Horton, a salesman. It said to have thrown a cup of scalding hot coffee at his wife at th* breakfast table. He le also told to have \ripped a dress from Mrs. Hort*«ft back.\ because she wore the gar ­ ment to \spite\ him. These are the grounds on which the cult Is to be based, according to Charles EL Long, attorney for the plaintiff. I **\ The cose has had some publicity In this city mainly through the ef ­ forts of the Hortons to gain the custody of the two children of the > union. Applications for writs of habaes corpus wers mads before Horton was finally granted permis ­ sion to see his children at the home f his molher-ln-Iaw. Tho eeparatlon action was orig ­ inally scheduled to go on trial tost June, bit was\ postponed when It was found that Attorney David Moses would bs unable to take the case up, due to pressure of ouai- nets. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Morscbauser agreed to a postpone- LILLIAN FITZGERALD The Mu leal Comedy Comedienne ^S TRAHP TODAY AND THURSDAY ALICE WHITE in “ BROADWAY BABIES 19 With SALLY EHERS — FRED KOHLER SHE ’ S INCANDESCENT WITH IT nocHet . THEATRE “ Broadway Baines ” at Loew ’ s Strand Theater A musical revue without a tingle feature teas staged at First Na- tlonal-Vltaphone studios for \Broad ­ way Babies.\ the Alice While stellar vehicle which Mervyn LeRoy “ rected. \Broadway Babies\ Is a story of theatrical life now showing at Loew's Strand Theater. was staged In a real theater, with a real audience as spectators, a chorus of fifty experi ­ enced dancing girls and a thirty- piece orchestra. WILLED $50,000 Russell T. Kirby of Bronxvilic Beneficiary Under Will of Father, Who Died August 25 RuseII T. Kirby, on of the late Frank EL Kirby of te Gramatan eHotel, Bronxvllle, receives 890,000 under the terms of his father's will, on file here today. The son and the City Bank Fanners Trust Oo , New York City, act as executors. Tbs elder Kirby died on August 29. The estate of the deceased Is valued at \over 110,000\ In personal property and an ‘ unknown ’ amount In real property. Mrs. Dorothy wife of Russell, receives (10,000 by the terms of the will, white Frank EL Kirby, 11. grandson, receives the Income of a (10,000 trust fund. The residue of the estate la left In trust for Mre. Mary Frances Kirby, tho widow. Pretsalleg Broadway Altractloss at Half New Yerk- Pile** BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN TELEPHONE N. B. 7790 SEATS ON SALK PRICES: (2.00, 11.50. (1.00, 79c, 90* LAST TIMES TODAY Evening* — 8:30 “ RIO RITA ” ! The first Musical Comedy to play New Boehrllo In M years * ONE DAY ONLY Saturday Matinee and Night “ The 1 Legionaires ' 40 World War Veteran. THE \BIG PARADE ” OF MINSTRELS

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