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Y.M.C.A. Life Saving Instruction Proves Very Valuable World Series Duel^Vill Revolve Around Pitchers \^Grove and Earnshaw May Win Series on Own Merits If Going Well; Cubs Pitchers Good. P ITCHING will decide the world series between the Philadelphia Athletics and the Chicago Cubs in the opinion of many major league ball players. \If Grove and Earnshaw aro right they'll win the series single handed for the Athletics,' ’ said Bob Falk, veteran American League outfielder, who is playing with the .Cleveland In ­ dians this season after serving nine years with the Chi -1 cago White Sox. Falk has played against the Cubs in I several city series when he was with the White Sox and I believes Pat Malone and Hal Carlson will prove the most! effective pitchers on the Cubs ’ staff. \Malone Is the Cubs' best bet but SCREENS STOP LIGHT GLARE AT RINGSIDE!^ Carlson may Rive the AthleUca I plenty of trouble. He Is a control | pitcher and has a puzzling screw ball which may baffle the AthleUca j In a short series. Bucky Harris, manager of the expects Lefty Grove world series Grove with all '. _______ j his speed should prove- Invincible,\ j _ n . c i .1 Harris said on the Tigers last trip , Green Curtain Surrounds the here, \it Grove can't beat the Powerful Light Used at : CulM ' 1 <,on ' t know who can.\ i i ft./ /. I i I The theory tha' Grove will have Armory Fight# ^ Glazed troubIc p itchin B to eight or nine Rnlhs T.\,i| 7 ; right-handed hlttera In the Cubs'! '* “ ' _ 1 batting order is minimized by Wes»| 1 ley Ferrell, Cleveland's rookie Over nt the Armory a tall step- pitcher who l.n won 18 games In ladder reached up Into the distance his first season In the major \ that Is. usually obscured oy smoke ■ leagues. during the weekly fight, and a ^ ^ hav<VB of dang( . r . j is hitters but the fact that most them swing from the right side ___ ascended carrying a huge elec ­ tric light bulb. It was coated with a white paint. Three others treat ­ ed the same way were put in place in the sockets of the reflectors di ­ rectly over the ring. Around the group at four lights was hung s new green shads. \That ought to cut out the glare. ' said Sergeant Fanch. \Turn on the lights.\ On went the powerful lights and enough the glaro had ceased. SAYS SHEU. HAVE A CHOCO ­ LATE ECLAIR, NO SHE ’ LL HAVE SOME FRENCH PASTRY oWr UNDERSTAND WNTWS DESCRIPTION AND 6CES ON STARING AT TRW * ft REALIZES SHE'S OCT TO DC SOMETHING, DRAWS DEEP BREATb j F oi NTS AND S/ffe SHE'U. TAKE THAT ONE CULLS WAITER'S ATTENTION 7D TACT THAT HE ’ S GWEN HER K WFGNo CNF. IT WAS THE NEYf ONE SHE WANTED DISCOVERS AT EAST MINUTE THAT HER CHOICE HAS \RglACHW on rr, which with hir MAKES LAST DESPERATE SURVEY OF TRAY y The Bell Syndjcsie. SI6HS. SAYS PERHAPS IDS BEST TO STICK TO THINGS VWJ kNOW, AND TAKES A CHOCOLATE ECLAIR^ M LOSES MATCH AT WEE BURN Triangular 'Match Between . Women ’ s Golf Teams of Westchester, New Jersey J and Long Island Held. Presenting an\ especially strong line-up, the women's golf trsm representing Westchester defeated ' both Lotfg Island and New Jersey in the annual InTersectional triangu ­ lar match, and thereby retained the Myra l). Paterson trophy, wh.ch hhs had in its possession for thr< previous years . The fifteen Westchester players scored 22 points..Long Island 18 and New Jersey 5 In the eompeUtlon held yesterday over the Wee Burn Club links. Darien. Conn. New Jer ­ sey vu handicapped by not having a full quota, only ’ thirteen golfers being on hand. A triumph In each Individual con ­ test was equivalent to 1 point, and although Mrs. Thomas Hucknall, the Connecticut title holder, and Mrs. Leo Fedcrman. No. 1 position for Long Island, finished all even, as Mrs. Fcdoraon lost the eigh ­ teenth hole wJ lh a ®- W'estchester gained Its first credit because Mrs. Hucknall defeated Mrs. R. F. Decker, the New Jersey Association champion, the other member of the g three ic day Island and 1 will not prov< Grove In my opinion. If Grove has hi control. I don't seo how the Cubs can beat him. ” As for tho Alhleti s' hitters, Fer ­ rell thinks that they have the toughest batting order In the American League to face with Cochrane. Simmons. Foxx, ^Miller and Dykes In the line-up. ------- Speculating on tho probable workers looked proud of their WO rld scries pitchers, popular opln- Earnshaw and Malone Ut other in tha first i ■>ve and Carlson or sh to start the second game. If Grove and Earnshaw win A populi Ur first gomes, I believe Connie discussing \* w “ ' . P'tch _Wa!berg In the worM <c „ third game.\ said Falk. Walberg ._ of the nervous type, but if he can possibilities of victory. ‘ imself he Is likely to prove { A lot of cmart baseball saying that Bob Grovi handiwork. .The cyt fans had been saved. Then slowly consternation spread over their features. Tho brlllianl glow of the lamps faded into a din gy yellow and the Armory grew darker.\ Tho disgruntled experi ­ menters cursed softly. »The huge bulbs. “ frosted\ by a home process nad turned yellow In the heat ol the electricity. Half the normal jmt ^ effective as Grove, light resulted. Down came the| If t hry divide the first two bulbs and the coating, burned al- 1 Can) cs. Q U j n n probably will pitch most opaque, was removed. The thr , hlrd Eaall . for the Athletics. :rtal had failed. which will be the opening game However, the green shade Is still la Philadelphia, and Carlson or jp and has proved to be of some Uush w)n work for the C ubs. ac- help Only those directly adjnceni rordlnE t0 whlch „„„ pitches the lo the ring will be In the direct „ rcond eJune . glare of the light, protected. This ht *P- . . • upon the success of tho pitet improvement In the pro , hp)r ttart J If Earnshaw wl_ gram tonight will bo the reversal h „ undoubiedly w of *]pa tyo ten-round fight, from bock ln the fourth Karoc holds good for Malone. SPEAKING OF SP®RT BY FRANK GETTY The low-scoring ent to Mrs. Henry March of Long Irs Edward Stevens of both of whom had 85s. Iron rail Mrs. March won her two points as The gsl- a consequence of detesting Mrs t in his Jay Lee of New J- Boys Have Saved Lives; Other Activities Noted Spring and Summer Program Taken Ad ­ vantage of By Many Men and Boys. R EPORT of the spring and summer season at the Y. It. C. A. reveals many ways in which the * ‘ Y\ has been active. - In spite of the dearth of members owing to vaca ­ tion the past few months the “ Y\ has maintained a ball team which was fairly successful. The swimming and life-saving classes in the spring perhaps have dbhe more, actual good than any activity that the \Y\ ’ has Vver en ­ gaged in. The practical value of the tests the boystook at the indoor pool at the \Y ” was revealed a short time ago by the statements of several of the boys who had been able in some way to give aid to others in the water. year many people ! WOULD SERIES PITCHERS I October 8. and pastime these days Is j Most of thi e rival pitchers for the players !o not next month dSd their Bu * h - Cubs' I lifting 20 men with balanced on her neck lery got Bill Tllden i match with Fran X. Shields in the Miss Martha Park. ! national tennis championships and . Hills. 2 and 1. Big Bill threatened to leavo the Mrs. Stevens scored against Miss : court If they wern't satisfied with Catherine Beach of New Jersey and . his sportsmanship. . Willie Strlb- Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor of Long fal ­ ling. tho Georgia heavyweight, and by 5 and 3. would have you believe that lie A special low-net prize was wants to fiy from New York to awarded to Mis* Rosana Hicks of ] Europe for a boxing match . , The Lot j two youngest players. In the world wl >\ “ “ ot “ ,t ' \> nul series will be Woody English, Cubs' n m ‘ l T7. ^ bigger surprise if | shortstop, and J. e Cronin, Athletics GIANTS DEFEAT CUBS their lives In swimming but the more who know how lo swim and the more who know the art of life- saving the fewer accidents there wtU be. Several Uvea Saved /One boy on returning from his vacation reported to Mr, Denman. ' j saved my pal's life during vaca ­ tion.\ another lad. \I kept a little tidy afloat until we were both token Into a boat which my : eight-year-old brother. Jackie, ed out to Us.\ Still aifbther, boys would have drowned this I mer If I hadn't taken a Ufe saving course before going to comp.\ Let us thank God that we are privileg ­ ed toTender this great service. The life saving classes were con ­ ducted for both men and boys with Trooper Johns, s T member, as In ­ structor and Mr. Hultmao assist ­ ing him and giving most of the | boys instruction: Fifteen then took this Mack' a game agalna Ihi They ,pai. won t D e Cubs Beyond the third game, th pitching assignment arc drpenden of the pitchers li tonight will be ten-round fights from the order announced Inst week. Now the two former bantamweight champions will occupy the last and beat plactson the bill and the Cuccl- Jenkosskl scrap will go on before 7t- Both of these fights ought to be good but the one betwi and Doyle probably will Do* h I x rqund affair between Kid Buck- , , _ . man of Kingston and Jack Flaln of f u , b *; Combs^foroier the 212th Regiment of New York. A bob a The second six round affair match- :ontatn cs Al Dcwlg of Kingston and Jack It ’ s going to be a big surprise If Henderaotf of \ho 212th. An i further bn the card Is the ! four is booked. at. They think Pat Malot ren are wl u be the biggest obataclc in I Connie A'a path lo victory. Ray Schalk. former manager the Chicago Wh.te Sox and fl lieutenant to John J McGraw. rates Malone as the best pltchi . mistake to start cither Grove or Cubs' staff. Ed Roush, B. Walberg in more than one game be- rtll gill Terry and Travis Jackson cause the Cuba have eight right- arP olhe r memb ers of the Gli handed hitters in their lineup — nine wbn Ib|pk that Malone will pi If Slug Toison plays first base In- j btg wlnn er In the world serlt stead of Charley Grimm, who has . been the only left-handed hitler on j The Davie Cup the shelf with an injured wrist. | What are the chances of winning Some believe that George Earn- [ back the Davis Cup In 1030? shaw. husky right-hander, and Of 1 Karel Kozoluh,' world's premi< Mon Jack yulnn. who will never 1 professional who has coached hot see <5 again, wil be the Athletlca' I the Enplah and American Day- two best pitching bets against the | Cup teorpfr think- they are brlghL - - Athlet- I Kozcluh believes France was lucky les' star, thinks Earnshaw will win I to retain the trophy this yei three games. feels that If Lott hs< drawn Cochet first Instead of Borotra. the iT.Tiriov;.' ■*» *•«-» — — hoi itllity lnfleldrr . . Each he M lional League ' ■ Georgetown University foot-1 The Giants at believe that Guy bailers l itar right-hander, will by hear, the hordes, man for the Athiet- date twelve boys havs passed their swimming test and ths m£n's test has not yet been given. Individual swimming Instruction was given to approximately 200 during the two months with an'estimate of 70 In ­ dividuals taught to swim. The Y. M. C. A. baseball team played games every Monday and Saturday during the summer gross of I months and are still at 1L The hole, and managor states that they have won | five more games than they havi lost, which Is a very good showing for the first year. ’ INSTALLING NEW LIGHTS Workmen Now Placing New Ornamental Lights, on 1 Blonininjjefofc^lpafl j Nehf for 16 h FABLES AND SLANG «*■ rotra on toe final day. ru w. , ntoi I cause of his poor physical condl- By GEORGE ADE again be as good as he was this year. The younger French players are not os promising as the young- 1 er American group. Henri Cochet I is still the world's greatest player. , but the United Stnter should be abls to develop a singles player from Lott, Van Ryn. Allison. Mercur. Bell. Shields, Docg and Mangtn ca ­ pable of beatln. any player France can develop. The United States should again wjn the doubica.\ Joseph W. Wear, chairman of the Davis Cup committee, thinks that l \the outlook for the future Is very bright, with Lott. Allison. Van Ryn ' and several other potential stars ' seeking - attain the heights achieved by masters of the past.\ Odds and Ends Pat Kelly, captain of the Uni ­ versity >i Chicago football eleven, epent the summer, working In a silver mine at Mullen. Idaho. . . .| Hub Pruett, southpaw recently bought by the New York Glahts from the Newark International League Club, fanned Babe Ruth 11 out of 13 times when he was with the 8L Louis Browns. . . . Ted Sand wins. German - American heavyweight. Is the son of a circus strong woman who specialty was AFTER SPEEDING THREE HOURS IN THE JOINT THEIR CHECK. WAS • 332.50 — BY MORTGAGING THEIR HOMES AND GARAGES they got out safely , BUT PENNILESS 1 HIGH TIDE SCHEDULE September AM. I 19 Thursday ------------ 10:88 1 20 Friday ---------------- 11:80 1 21 Saturday _______ 11:81 1 22 Sunday . 23 Monday ___ __ 24 Tuesday ------- 28 Wednesday __ - 0:82 . 1:18 v Bloomlngdale road will haw lights within two week*. Commis ­ sioner of Public Works Euene Hat ­ pin. Jr. announced this morning Ths Westchester^' Lighting Com ­ pany Js at work Installing a new system of ornamental parkway lights along thr newly paved stretch ftom Westchester avenue tc Mamaronrck avenue and the Job U almost completed, the Commts- sioner said. Following the completion of the Job on Hloomingdale -road, the crew will Immediately begin lo Install tha same system on the newly pared section of Bryant avenue from old Mamaroneck road to North street. Hr- Hatpin said. The ltghltng companyl Is still at work changing street lights throug- out the city from 80 candle power N — P.P-- uh \ * “ • story of the Blake murder -j P ‘ » was'unable to say. when tbe 1 work would be completed. 1 ... in bridge it's dding / in a cigarette \O ld BIRDS are not caught with new neta. ” What smokers want is not novelty, but quslitji not new taste, but good taste. To millions of smokers. Chesterfield taste Is an old atory — but it ’ a one they never tire of! For what they want most is exactly what Chesterfield puts first: # “ TASTE above everything ” MU...«adyM THEY SATISFY Q iesterfield FINE TURKISH and DOMESTIC tobnccos, not only BLENDED bak CROSS-8LENOCD

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