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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, September 21, 1929, Image 13

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9200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.y SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21,1929 Features From Foptlights And Filmland 5 imihbbihw M TONIGHT, SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY ALL TALHING ON T1IK RAOE CHAS. HAMP aad STAGE BAND rnMb, “ GLAtpRAGS ” A CINDERELLA REVUE with The Diamond and SUrer'' Tap BeUJett Featuring CORBITT TWINS and SIX GLAD BAG GIRLS GRACE BARRIE TED A AL WALDMAN CAITS BROTHERS SUNDAY PROGRAM - Exceptional Feature* EXTRA SCREEN ATTRACTION CHAS. W. HAMP and STAGE BAND L K. O. VISITING STABS — LATHE NEWS — CHIC SALES DISCONTINUED njunctl/n aci • VlUage'of Iiltao 'wu i action The last of the Injunct brought agalnet the T \ “ elnlng by Michael Del. _ ______ In the Supreme Court here today when 8upreme Court Juetlce Frank L. Young algned a dleoonllnuance agalnet the village because It at ­ tempted to charge wharfage for the use of a dock, said to be the prop ­ erty of the vlllago. In a decision handed down by Supreme Court Juitloe William F. Blaaklay. It was held that the dock was for the public use under the state laers by whdh It was built, and that the ylllage had no right to charge for *^ h 1 eatr R** LMAIN A nd ROSE STS.j Preeeatlee Broadway Attmstles. it Mill Mew Ve»t BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN TELEPHONE N. N. HSO ° ^ PRIOESl ItN, IIAd, IIAO. T»A *N • TONIGHT ONLY — IsJO The Big Parted* of Man. Another Musical Comedy ‘ The Legionaires ’ i MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, 8:30 0 Matinee Wednesday HM THE SMART PLAY OF THE SEASON — THEY ALL AGREE GOING TO BROADWAY NEXT WEEK A New Play by WINNIE BALDWIN ‘ Divided Honors ’ popular eon**. Jjg=gg^H» _____ sie «-* mc — lie. s a 06 — i it . j*n*f i< Tr!o° l< Inih* l S* • :3&— Pa&itit Kens, barites*. JStfi • 3:00 — Tn* Uinmf.lu, 4 :00 — aothen mrtn* Trio. 1:63 — Bumnarj or NBC Prscratu. 1 : 00 — Blses end oold Roon Ore&eatre. 7:00 — PbU Hpilalor'i Mu, it. 3:00 — The I.yno Cbellenjer*. 8:30— \WbM Summer Xe Goo*.' S ;00 — General Klee tno Hour. :0O —B. A. Rnifra Orcheetra . 3LOO —Law VpTille organ recital. 11:30 — cnaner mrtekland'e Orcn \M e KrUkeU'i Orcbaeua. otrvrANniNa avxirra ox iu 'era Tone* ,ta^ . and erreto atara — 10:00 R ^£4. — Pjar^ ’ Tka Tneth- J0:00 — P. U. — Lucky kln ‘ - *»• — Orchc.lra — WEAP-e e :30 — Joaepk 'pirele^iakophoout. 1.45 — Mmicrot rrancu^Kojembl*. e:l5 — Aviatlua waaih v:3U — VlryiDjTLee II | |: IS — Bead or a Thou :30 — KCA pSMWn !:Srg£r SS tihcs-rEj S .00 — The Uoerlpcre. i 7:30— at Regia Orchcetra. i:0O — Chicago Celeb rttlee. fl=p2 jig jjg aag *\^ 4:45 — Ban Bdmuti. ukulele. S.eO — \The Rouaaaeeere. \ 3:30 — aelbert Me lodlar.e. igsgs^\* 7:4slThl “ ES ‘ S “ *T sao-uirtt. Made. Merrtmeot j : lQ^ Hxr o.\ ^Seme^Orch — t r*. iirS-SS'T.'.hrr 10:00 — Piramount-Pubnx hour. 11:00 — Ooy Lombardo** Orchestra. 11:30 — Pacmmouat Orcheatra. 13:00 — Correct time; mldnlgM rrrert. tn M. — n>Ar — i.oio Kc. 1 . 00 — Studio jueueaUtlmu:. <:0Q— tfacl e Roden'* Pal*. 3:I» — Lai# Rtiie«\'Orcheelra. O'Neill, current eporta. 7:00— Day* athwart*. uiuiala. e.oo — wrnt « rand opera ooueert. 10:00 — The^OiUlrMtere. iiTLESSL-TS?^. ” \ ISO S4. —WAAT — 1,070 le. JiltSSS«Sfi 1:»5 — luumL Vaue *:oo — Patrick Kelly, ta .^S^'jT^ht ’ JCTtri e:45^»TMCI*c2 1 d* f AnI(*£! aopraoa IrSjE; r \~ 1:01 — llarry^WIUou, elJmeUi. ej » uo — cydbe^Vld*. soprano. 1:10 — Tour Jolly Fellow*. l:0O — Herman Palette. planUL me — w..-»rJ Kins Orchestra, lay Duffy, tenor. , M. — vrEYD — l.»oo a. .30 — Datklo.' eoprano. epon talk. 7:30 — J od ** and Klog. eoog*. 7 43 — father Snivel*, character*. 10 . so^Sr ■ KUert * o SKJK l f, * ,Ur* oo 4i*d* l *,, S^i*^ — c2S **■ 1:00 a m — Fred Hall's Oe&g tin m _ wma - mkbo — i.ese k* hiking film St LoeWs State Theater. Ruth Chatterton Ha $ Charming Role In Comedy of Married Life Sauce for the gander Is sauce for the gooeo\ and ‘ 'Charming Sin ­ ners, W. Somerset Maugham ’ s olovor drama of domestic rear ­ rangement, which Paraifldunt has made Into an all-talking picture, provea Uiat a woman has often the best of tho argument In a battle of wits with her husband. Ruth Chat- tsrton. Clive Brook, William Powell and Mary Nolan carry the loada in thle clever picture which will fea ­ ture the Kslth-Albeo Theater pro ­ gram. starting today for four days. Tho story of ‘ Charming Sinner*\ has to do with a new treatment for philandering husbnnds. Ruth Chat- lerton as the wife, applies her unique remedy In a email way that leaves a smile-all-around, even with- the defeated husbands. Clive Brook hoe a rare role and he handlee It In delightful faehlon. For once he steps out of the tragically serious character Into a port which gives free play to all the Interesting whimsicalities of which he la cap ­ able. William Powen, aa the -other\ man and Mary Nolan In the role of the Infringer, are strong supporters of the two well-known leads. Mlss- Nolan carries the part of a frothy, light-headed, but altogether charm ­ ing, bit of fllratlous womanhood with consummate skill. Laura Hope Crewe. Florence Eld ridge, of “The Studio Murder Mystery\ east, and Montague Love are In the group of : player*. Robert Milton, for years on the biggest stage show producers on Broadway, end recently polntted director of talking tures by Paramount of talking plot Hires by Paramount, directed ‘ ‘ Charming Sinners.\ The dialog sparkles with fun. the situations over-run with amusing Incidents and the pantomime, especially that of Clive Brook, win bring many a hearty laugh. Young Italian Actor at New Rochelle Varied In Career In “ Divided Honore.\ the new comedy by Winnie Baldwin, which will be. drat presented at the New Rochelle Theater, on September IS. prior to Its New York opening. Ouldo Nadxo plays the role of the man for whose love three women compete, dght. desire end even kill. Appropriately enough, Ouldo Nadzo was reared and edu ­ cated In an Italian monastery. This young itslo-American actor who attracted the attention of even the meat severe of New Tork critics when he appeared opposite Alice Bredy In \A Most Immoral Lady,\ last season, has had quite an ad ­ venturous Ufa. Ha is tha scion of an old and prominent Italian fam ­ ily and when he was a child, the family hoped that he would gain fame as a statesman or a diplomat' or. If worse came to worst, a tml- varalty professor. But young Ouldo was anything but Interested ln> politics or the sciences. 80 , at the aga of 16 , at tha end of a term, he ran away from tha University of Bologna where he pursued blsi studies after having left the mon ­ astery. and embarked upon the career of actor. Or rather, Opon a ‘ actor-writer. stage-name. The name chose for himself and . •ubeaquently become a name not to be slighted was Na Ouldo Nadao's f on any stage eras at Oenoa, Later he toured Italy with Nina dl Car ­ rara and Vera Vergana. Then he decided to come to America, to play on the American . stage. UnUke most foreign actors, the English ' ggjg ' Banes Bis « *»»■ el IBS WINTER SEASON Veek Beginning BapL Str “ TABLOID ” 2S — CAST OF —25 On the Stag* — Saturday, Monday and Tsendag \ FIVE BIG VAUDEVILLE ACT! Lorraine HOWARD A NEWTON -Bfr- A COMEDY BONOOLOGCE -WEDDING BELLS- SUNDAY ONLY STATE NOVELTY ORCHESTRA WITH SHERMAN and RYAN — la — A NOVEL HINOrNO AND MUSICAL OfJUBI . FOX MOVIETONE NEWS St-O-M NEWS . OpB QANO SOUND COMEDY ^STRiiD LAST TIMES TODAY Alt! — la — ‘ THE IRON MASK ” wtth * SOUND AND EFFECTB- LOEWS NEWS Moo., Tact., Sept 23 - 24 CLARA BOW la A 160 Per Cent All Talking College Picture “ THE WILD PARTY ” -COLLEGIANS\ WITH BOUND LOEWS NEWS S er „ Sept 22 (CafliM Two Faatorea \TOMMY ATKINS\ wtl FOREIGN CUT “ BATTLING BURKE\ CARTOON OIL'S WR1 PIRATES OF PANAMA RIAI 'V 2 ‘ !,x MilS jjruiitailuv ’ ilib tuo* LONGACRE IS “ HAWK ISLAND ’ FIBRE O'HARA la ■JERRY FOR SHORT ” “ TONIGHT^rTlWELYE ” __ U»». Sir., as*. B**e. tCr.. xer. __ ROXY rw*e*J THE BLACK WATCH When -Married the drat Vlannee operetta written apeclaUy foe tha cornea to the lloxy Thetr* urday, It will Introduce a ni poaltlon that the \Merry Widow\ ularlty and re-craata tha vn the Viennese Welti Thane la called \Dane* Away tha by Dave Stamper and

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