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At *** - ' Second Section - gTBLKPHOOT 9200 WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21,1929 jnucFucma g2 00 \True Americans Are Those Who Have Profound Respect for Our Concepts of Government, ” Slater County Surrogate Addrewe* Ki- wani* Qub On the Cooititu- Part of National Observance, tkn of the United States.' \Tha Constitution of the .Unitad Stale* la tha charter of our llber- U m . Through its provision* tha development of free and orderly r nation. It . _____ 0 people In our day.\ — declared ‘ Surrogate Judge George A. Alater, epcaker before the White Plalna Klwanla Club at their weekly meeting held yester ­ day noon at the White Plains Bel ­ mont Hotel. Hie speech marked ( the local observance of Constitu ­ tion Week by the Klwanls Interna ­ tional Organisation. \Our Constitution can be traced back to the Magna Charts of Eng ­ land. Anglo Bason people brought acroaa the sea the political and soc ­ ial .Institution of England; English laws were their laws and the Magna Charts their charter, and Ameytcan colonies established on the Atlantic seaboard used the English Bill of Rights for their pattern. “ The American people In their colonial government used English democracy's benefits, but revolted against kingship and the social system of England. Nevertheless, there can be traced between the Magna Charts and the Constitution a chain that is clear awd com- \When our Constitution was darwn up to supersede the old Articles of Confederation of 187, here was created national life,\ re ­ counted the Surrogate. \Here was created.our national Ufe; here commenced the great ad ­ venture of human government, dif ­ ferent from all others, a govern- mnt of Ussltd governmental powers and an Instrument of-liberty. ” Men were born for that hour, as ­ serted the 8urroge. Alexander Hamilton of New York, A d a m s from Massachusetts, Roger Sher ­ man from Connecticut. James Mad ­ ison from Virginia. James Wilson and Benjamin Franklin from Penn ­ sylvania and George Washington, president'of the convention, were engeged In the work of recasting government and civilization and the influence of their work can be traced throughout the world. “Tha Constitution outlined a gov- ~~ lent of limited powers, but \\ - safeguards of liberty. Just res ­ traints of tha law are to be reck ­ oned as among the liberties of the people. Its conception and achieve ­ ment Is not political speculation but the history of Its framing and Its contents la the. product of prac ­ tical experience,\ declared Surro ­ gate Slater. “ While the Constitution was or ­ dained to form more perfect union, establish Justice, promote the gen ­ eral welfare, secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and poster ­ ity,\ continued the Surrogate,\ It was seen soon after ratification that It had defects. There was ab ­ sence of a guarantee of reserve powers to the states and absence of guarantee to the citizens of pro ­ tection against exercise of despotic power of the new government. Therefore there were added the ten amendments called th Bill of Rights.\ Bill Of Rights \Th BUI of Rights provides for: enjoymerlt of a man's personal Ub- erty, property and pursuit of hap ­ piness; no state religion should be established; freedom of speech or of the press shall not be denied; people can assemble and petition the government; right of people to be secure In their persons and homes shall not be violated except by warrant; no person shall be held to answer for a personal crime unless Indicted by a Grand Jury; right of trial by Jury shall be preserved for all; excessive ball shall not be required and. power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, Is reserved for the states or Its people. “ Other amendments - Include one affecting judicial power, the twelfth, relating to the election of president and vice-president; thir ­ teen and fourteen relating to free ­ dom and rights for the negro; Ar ­ ticle Sixteen, about income taxes; Article Seventeen, election of sen ­ ators; Article Eighteen, prohibition and Article Nlnetteen, woman suf- \Qucslions Involving the Inter ­ pretation of the Constitution fre ­ quently arise and the great popu ­ lation and extent of territory has brought Into the Supreme Court many complex eases In relation to MUST FACE FEDERALCOURT George Miller, Yonkers, Ar ­ rested. While Driving Truck Load of Alleged Beer George MlUer. W Elm street. Yonkers, was held In tl',000 baU here today fur his appearance In Federal Court, New York City, on i charges of violation of the Vol- ****** AcL Miller was arrested In Depot | Plaza at Main street yesterday af ­ ternoon by Federal ProhlblUon Of- , fleers Riley and McGIvney of New York. A truck loaded with six kegs of alleged beer was also seized. Miller Is to be arraigned on Sep ­ tember 28. Lifted Spoon Has Many Advantages Over Iron Club for Long Distance Accuracy By FRANCIS Ol IMET In the play | ly Into the air with the added ten- Open at Winged dency to stop where It lands. Thus.with the lofted spoon It Is isslble. to make a high shot that wUl stop almost where It lands on green. This can be accom ­ plished without unduly forcing the hot as would be essential (o make is same shot with an Iron. The last but not at all least fact that most people can play the wooden clubs easier. Why not cash In on this advantage Instead of trying to make the Iron take the place of It. durta_ Foot but perhaps more noticeable a week or two before were the In ­ effectual attempt that golfers made to place a long Iron shot near the ----------------------- pin vhen outside Influences were a BUILDING OFF Permits For Week Total Only J 34,500; Riding Ring Is Cost $28,000 Building acUvity Is again on the decline here, according to the weekly report lasurd this morning by William A. Brennan, deputy commissioner of public safety, showing that permits Issued this week totalled only 131.500 The largest item was 828.0utf for the construction of a riding ring. 85,000 for a bottling plant, and 81,500 for alterations to two private dwellings. taxation and fiscal powers of Con- g/tss.\ he conUnued. \Popular glvernment rests upon the jfrlnclple that It Is every citiz ­ en's business to see that the com ­ munity Is well governed and that the fundamental law of the land Is sustained. The hopes and convic ­ tions of the American people are embodied In the Federal'ConstUu- \True Americans are those who have profound respect for our con ­ cepts of government and who sup ­ port It with loyalty. The final re ­ sponsibility Is upon the citizenship of the United States, the holders and bearers of the sovreignlty of America. They roust sustain the fundamental principles of a union composed of Indestructible state; the Bin of Rights, the Judicial pro ­ tection of Individual ffghu and property and the republican form of government Itself,\ Inconcluded tlcular time there was an abund- the course which unfortunately had the bad habit of becoming crushed when between a b fade which had come with considerable velocity to meet the sphere. As a result the sap of the clover leaves was spat ­ tered over the clubface to a con ­ siderable extent. In this condition It was almost Impossible to guide the ball to any degree because the sphere cannot be controlled by a surface from which It slides off. In years gone by before corru ­ gated or punched clubs were barred by the Golf Association It was pos ­ sible to circumvent this hazard by using such Implements. Nowadays however they are much too smooth unless they are allowed to rust eorv- Wlth the club In this : Is possible to gain a measure of accuracy and distance. Easier To Use In spits of the uses of rust, for distance however I advise the lofted spoon. It seemed for a time as If tjie spoon might go out of popular STATE WEAVES STRONG NET ABOUTPEACOX s Page one) a bulky bundle, of smelling ether, and of how Peacox annoyed her with attentions by knocking at her door when her husband worked at night. Frances Newman. Inamorata of Peacox and his \alibi\ girl, who told that Peacox had threatened to \get\ his wife and a man he heard she was \going with\ In New York. Wllllam H. Roth, secretary to Medical Examiner'Amos O. Squire, who Identified the confession of Peacox which he took In shorthand and transcribed. Mrs. Motile Spaulding, district at- __ „ lively was the ball.' Many torney's stenographer, who Identi- players who could gain their ob- * transcript of Peacox a state- Jectlve more easily with this club m«nt to District Attorney Coyne, concentrated Instead on fhe Iron. ! Mrs. Alphonse Helnzelmann. the Perhaps they wanted to gain more mother of the slain girl, who told accuracy with this cltjb and thought that Peacox had threatened to that the best way to secure It was \shoot up the place\ when he asked through continued use. Of course her for the address of^ the_placr there la no gainsaying the value of Dorothy the latter method So a means of getting acquainted. But when It la quite possible to gain a great deal Shanghai. Sept 21 (UP) A new o! accuracy with the spoon and it clvir war hlu broken out , n China also has other advantages that are d „ pltB , hB bBllBf lh „ lh „ eurren , lacking In the iron .clubs for these ( contro „„y be , W e*n Nanking and particular shots. , Moscow would unite tha Chinese in In the first place the Juice of the a common cause, the political an- clover does not destroy the contact | lagonisms which have existed s living In New York . CHINESE CIVIL WAR LOCAL JEWS MAKE APPEAL FOR RELIEF AID (ConUnued from Page one) Community Center, of which Rabbi Goodman Is.bead. Utters of appeal have been sent out by William Rayner. 839 Broadway. New York City, chairman of the Community Church. ' J Issue Appeal Dear Friend: * Our attenUon was recently dfawn to glaring headlines In the local preas that the Jews of ^ur community were delin ­ quent-In coming to the aid of stricken'Jews in Palestine. It U unnecessary for ms to dwell on their sufferings. All civilisation has been deeply stirred, and Jews and Gentile* -alike wtll respond (o the call for aid. It has been suggested that a mass meeting be arranged, but I am convinced that the mem ­ bers of the Jewish Community Center, as well as those affUlat ed with other groups In our community, will prefer to con tribute without a mass meeUng or oratory from speakers in vlted to stir your hearts with a recital of the cruel suffering* the Jews,have been subjected to In the Holy City. 1 am enclosing a card and hope you will make your con irlbullon as- liberal as possible Since the appeal has been-' broadcast. It Is possible you, may have already eubacrlbedA which event will you please let ) me know so that our commun Ity will receive full credit for the liberality of Its citizens? A prompt response will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely yours, iSigned! WILLIAM RAVNEU. Chairman. BILLY k L al PPEB HUty _________ _ Young Billy Klapper. two-year*.* , “ >• “ “ j> ,et * ° f ion of Dr and Mrs. Harry Klapper. ro *4 from th * N * w Tork City ion OI tji sou foot. All County Highways Are Open To Motorists Except Stretch of Albany Post Road Says Barnes MRS. PLATT ’ S BODY DUE HOME ON CARMANIA Ship Will Dock Tomorrow Morning; Funeral Arrange* ■ menu Will Be Completed by Son-; Died in England The body of tbe Ut* Barak Dmm ' Platt, widow of th* late Baptmam Court Justice Wiliam with the ball to such s degree li wooden club. Tbe angle of the club face can be more pronounced In the spoon than In the Iron thus making It possible to loft the ball more qulck- Cblna since the revolutioi up afresh. General Chang Fat- Kwel's fourth division, known ss ths \Ironsides\ clashed with troops of the National government In Western Hupeh. deep cut on the forehead while playing yesterday. Two stitches were required to close the wound. LOW BIDDERS Week-End Detour Guide Shows Good Traffic Cotxiuoos Throughout Westcheiter. Few Rough Spoil. The county's roads, with on* ex ­ ception. will be open to the motor- lets for.tbe week end. It was ed. today from tbe county necEs office. Tbe one difficult spot win be tbe repair work o bany Post Road at Dobbs Ferry and Hasting*. This Ue up hers Is likely to last for severs! weeks. | mean while motorists are still vised to use parallel routes, 1 Bronx River Parkway, Baw ’ River Parkway, flaw MID River road and Central Park avenue. North street is open to traffic. - . . - „ _ __ . i , The last bad spot In tbe road. win arrive at New York CUy j bridging the Hutchinson River Parkway should be finished within 1 s month. Deputy Engineer Howard liarnea said today. Bids for the paving of this piece, the bane of (ravel on this otherwise line oon- cret# highway will be accepted by 1 the highway department on Octo- i ber 3 and work should start within >a week after, thst time. The piece Is short and should be laid within , tnp a week' after It la etarted. W«.tcb-si rr avenue bae one bad The body Is accompanied by her spot on It, near Ridge street where 1 »° “ and) funeral tbe pavement la torn up and widen ­ ing going on. The body of Justice The Saw Mill River road Is open throughout Its length, ss are the Boston Post. New York Post and Tarrytown-White Plains roads. Work was started on tha Yonk ­ ers svenue-Turkahoe road stretch of Central Park avenue, but this To ,k. Sept, » (UP>- not Interfere with the traffic A1Ur> a lT-yesr-otd messenger bok ament on thst highway. Barnes eonfessed today that he stole |gli- said today. This la the lint step ooo In negotiable securities far .a * ' a profit — but at least he did has* promise of $50,000 more. The youth, who quit school far • $15 brokerage house : Mn. Platt died September 7 et while making a * _ _________ t Whits F ________________ , etery and Itjfc^;thought that Mn. Platt wiu bejlaKf ■ Vlest beside bar husband. \ BOY CONFESSES vqu n The Jamestown Metal Construe lion Co, of New York City was low bidder on the Job of installing shelves for aulomoblh 88.825. I house building. the County Recreation Center In While Plains. The road eventually will be 60 feet wide for the entire length. \ Jor figure In the financial Ths detour to avoid construction named \Jack Rosen\ aa ths on the Croton Dsjn rokd Is around who engineered the scheme aa the south aide of the dam. not the ( he securities Rosen has not north aa elated In last week's guide captured. _ - mi t This correction the county l Barnes today. (raveling done until the With the advent of cool weather and the highway dr Its bid was the.fall scenery It Is expected that | Ing ( lts share | the county roads will tee plenty of I passable. H E DANGEROUS R O AD V NANCY BARR MAAflTV _ * tifuuim a ’ pMUaa? uS*S\ ---- - — ' * — . Msips H. s-- -------- *■ St NOW OO ON WITH THE STORY: For the tenth time within hour. Cliff turned his head to h at the round, white face of l of It with bis t looked at tha sleek beads at desks about him, heads bent o have been able to find his address. He remembered a day when a sin ­ gle terrible, walling scream In the street below had drawn the office force, with one surging movement, he window*. Thera had been __ clang of fire engines. It had taken a Are truck to lift the street car from the crushed form below. God! Such things happened. Or — Jeannle! If Jeannle were 111 again? And he had let them go, had let them vanish Into those blank spaces from which no word returned. \The bourne from which 3 traveler — \ Not that — Oh, not tail But surely there would he a m» igs this Um* when be reached ths house. There must be! He could see th* envelop* so plainly that when he bad torn open the swing ­ ing flap of the mall box he could only star stupidly at the empty cavity. The space under th* door was empty, too. He turned up The edge of the rug — a telegram might •Upped under. But there was nothing there. Cliff had born* Joyce's Aral week silence, punctuated by her tat*-, gram, with a pride from which he triad to stamp out tha hurt sens* of Injury. Ha must stop thinking of Joyce In terms of a woman with nothing to do but write letters. tones without rhythm on clack t ype wr i ters. Didn't any of U ------ v that ths dock must b simply left you no time to think. tlona. Hs might have done th* same thing himself — he must re ­ member that- Different? Well, It only different because ths sltu- ___ ns srers reversed. Marian Sel ­ lers had told him, with, that hard, bright smile of berm, that when Bob had been called to the city on a big water rights case, she had not known whether he was alive or dead for a month. unUl she read of the settlement In th* papers. \We don't Ok* that — but w* have to lump •(.\ ah# said. Ha oould not run afler bar with Insistr l questions, like a hysterical girl. He'd given his consent to this scheme, and he couldn't whine about It The leaet he could do was to hold up hi* end. But as the days wore on. the bulwark of his pride crumbled before a gradually mounting anxiety. At least she might let him know bow Jeannle was! Did she think he didn't care? Maybe be hadn't seemed to. He hadn't known. Why- the child was entangled in h!s heart! There was a place In him that ached whenever he heard a child'* voice. If he'd known be waa going to mlsa Jean ­ nle like this, he'd have found some other way — done anything, rather than let them go. Joyce bad thought tbe child was all hers, did abe? Well, Jeannle waa his — his? Why, bless ber little heart, ber col ­ oring and her hands and her chin might be her mother ’ s, but her eye# and her little jutting note were all Avery. HI* Jeannle — you couldn ’ t get around that He hadn't Been so much of her. but surely she knew. Bbe knew ber deddy couldn't help but love her. Love her? Why. be couldn't face life without Jean ­ nle! A reaction of hurt Indignation against Joyce had sustained him a few days longer. But on th* eve ­ ning when he bad found Japnnle's doll forgotten in a corner of th* little creature on tbe oven door be fore laying it carefully In Jeannle ’ s doU bed, fear had conquered. He wrote to Joyce, an almoet Incoher ­ ent let *r, half angry, half appeal ­ ing, compounded of his crying need of her and of his fear that some thing disastrous had happened, of eagerness to respond to her need, whatever It might be A \I \don't core whether you're on the high road or In the slough. Don ’ t be such a fool aa to mind if you've become a cropper. Do you suppose I care whether your plans succeed or fall, except aa I care for White Flalns-Pleasantville ] Fee A rtsaea ot Bus RUe Cae the Valhalla— -Kcnsico — Hawthorne — Thornwood ' Pe ach is Fee Afl Special Qe — Isa s Phoaa 3410 or 3422 Lawreaoa C. Braaaaa, Jr. matter what it Is. telegraph ml when you receive this letter. I ’ ve got to know! And tell Jeannle I d her doll, somewhat th* e for weather, and cleaned her all up and put ber to bed. Tell her ' lucky to hare a daddy to look • her offspring. Oh. Joyce. Jeannlr ’ s all right. Isn ’ t she? If ill or anything. I'm coming on the next train. But telegraph nee.- good news or bad or no n< t all.\ This was the letter that lay I sad In Joyce's untidy table drawer. And there was no telegram. Cliff Jammed his hat on his head and slammed the front door behind Automatically he turned to tha garage. Its open doors gaped at him; It was empty. \Where In Thunder — ?\ He stared >r a moment, as If hs expected th* ear to materialize out of vacancy. He'd left It up town, at th- office! rtged Irr,potently. What waa the goo ' of having a car, If it was miles away the one tlm* you really needed It? He wished he'd r bought the thing. A lot of help It waa to him now! Well, he'd have to walk, and there wasn ’ t much tlm*. He wouldn't save any ­ thing by going four blocks out of his way and waiting for a street Th* bank wae closed, of ee, and he'd have to have money. The Sellers door hell pealed three times before there was time for to rise from tbe dinner table answer It. When he reached the door. Cliff wae standing out ­ side with his finger pressed relent ­ lessly against the button. \What's the Idea? Are you try- ig to wear out the batteries?\ Bob tgas. and stopped at tha sight of CUB'S face. \What's wrong?\ be said, forcibly detaching CU(T« hand from tbs Fell and drawing him In ­ side. _ want a hundred dollar*. Have you got that much on you? TH take less If I have to. but I'd rather be on the safe eld*. ITI draw you lack — lb* bank's doa*4->V>« added tardily. \That's all light — of course you c_n have what I ’ ve got. But what do you want It for. at this time of night?\ \I'm going to Joyce.\ \Ia something wrong?\ Marian stood In the doorway, a dinner nap ­ kin clutched unconsciously In her hand. ‘ Her eye* shone wide and frightened above tbe Inexpressive enameling of her face. “ I don't know.\ With difficulty Cliff focused his eyes on her.'What was the use In wasting all this time In talk? \I'm going to find out,\ \Well said Marian practically. \If nothings' happened, what's the rush?\ Her voice was like the stinging Impact of cold wager. It brought CUITs scattered faculties Jarring Into place. \I haven't heard from her, and I ’ m worried.\ he said lamely. , \Look here. Cliff, you ’ re acting on Impulse. Y ob can't /lash off from tbe office Uke that. YouH at least have to wait till tomorrow, and make arrangements to be \I don ’ t give a hang If I lose my Job! What's It worth, anyway? What's anything worth. If some ­ thing's happened to Joyce — or Marten looked at him through narrowed eyes. \But maybe notMng'e happened. And If nothing has. Joyce might not Uke It a bit to have you tag aft :r ber Uke that\ have to risk It — whs' Ulki out, I tell you!\ It or not. I've got t- And , oui. * ten you: | Bob. who had noiselessly left the room when Marian entered It. stood | quietly In the doorway until Cliff j finished speaking. He made no comment but came forward hold ­ ing out a handful of bills. \I managed to rake up a hun ­ dred and ten.\ he said calmly. \I took your milk money, Marian You ’ ll have to step on the gas. If you're going to make that train. ' He had almoet pushed Cliff to the open door aa he spoke, but halted In surprise at th* top of the steps. \Why. where'* your car?\ JUST COMPLETED Hartsdale Gardens ELEVATOR APARTMENT You Can Break all RECORDS For Comfort and Economy WESTCHESTER SERVICE COAL An endurance flight that last* a year with only one contact for re ­ fueling! Thps the people of Westchester County “ fly ” warmly and com ­ fortably throughout thst winter Right in Their Oun Homes with never a heating worry. One call from tho Westchester Service re ­ fueling truck does the Job. You might as well en ­ joy the comfortable, economics! warmth of Wesfchcster Service CoaL

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