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rpcuo-HOKB 9200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. 192* fimmuom 9200 Sleepy Hollo* (73> — Seml-flr round of match play for club chai plonahlp; J. W. Alien defeated F. Davie. 6 and 4; J. G.'McMah defeated T. B. Doc, 3 and 2. Ardaley (72) — Kickers' handicap. Won by G. 8. 8tudwe!l. *7 —15 — 72. Century (73) — Ball sweepstakes: Fcnlmore (72) — Final round of match play for Ladles Club cham ­ pionship: Vra. M. E. Mark defeat ­ ed Mra. Lou 8atx(-and and 2. Wentworth, 70: J. C. Anderson. 70; W. J. Dixon. 72; S. A. Birdsong. 72: Dr. G. J. Hogden. 72; S. Skinner. 72; J. Z Pierson, 72: J P. Glllroy, 73; E. W. Conklin, 81; R. E Marsh. 83; C. C- Pearson. 83; J. C. Patton. 84. Lee wood (71) — Ball aweepatakea. Class A: Won by J. O. Ekblom. 78 — 8 — 70. Class B: .Won by H. Pa pen. 04 — 20—74. Class C: Won by W. E. Walsh. 87-25-71. Sec ­ ond round of match play for club championship: Fred Wright de ­ feated Frank Price, 4 and 3; J. O. Ekblom defeated H. D. Pa pen. 8 Dc Pasquale and Miss Ann Cook: In River Towers. Yonkers, to R. C Bold and H. T. Manning Forest Hllj, N. Y, Sept 23 (UP) — The professional tennis cham -1 plonahlp starts today at the West End Courts. \Vlnnle\ Richards, Karel Koxelub and a number of others who have turned their efforts on the courts towards direct profits, are to be found In action. Wallace Johnson, former amateur doubles champion, will maka his dtbut at a profes- Monday — Tuesday — Wednesday Thursday _ Friday ___ Saturday _ Sunday __ Monday __ Winged Foot (72) — In a team match, played on the Nassau sys ­ tem. New York Athletic Chib de ­ feated Boston Athletlo Association. 34 points to'lt. The summaries: FABLES AND SLANG I'M STA'/ING DOWAJ LATE TO-NIGHT, MAMA, I GOT 4100 ORDERS TO CHE Chi (SP ­ HERE'S A FEW MORE mr r. HCLTA a TT THERE ARE CHILDREN GROWING UP WHO NEED RINGS, SWE^LTHINGS AND VACATIONS BY THE SEASHORE _ SO MR-FINNEL IS TORKttlS HARD O n V h E. SECOND MtUOl I DARIUS FINKEL WORKED UKE A TURK SO HIS WIFE COULD HAVE THREE R1MSS OH EACH FINGER AND ADVERTISE HIS PROSPERITY — MR. FINKEL WAS NOT MONEY MAD, HE WAS JUST SAVING FOR A RAWY DAY - HE SEEMED TO BE EXPECTING ANOTHER JAMESTOWN FLOOD. _____ SPORTS Football Season Gets X Under Way At Colleges Team Defeats Purchase Club in Last Qame Saturday Several Teams Played Games; This Week End Most Large Colleges Will Start. r iOTBALL, fhe mo& appealing of collegiate sports, claims the nation ’ s attention this week. For some time, earnest young men from coast to coast have been preparing for the season ’ s opening. Next Saturday will find the stadia of some 100 colleges crowded with fol ­ lowers of the gridiron game. From now on, the contest Jor sectional, intersectional and national honors will be a serious goal. The far west, having demonstrated its superiority during the season of 1928 — with the exception of the game which gave Georgia Tech the mythical national championship — boasts even stronger elevens for the present fall. ----- ■ ■ ♦ The seat has little to offer, at the present writing. New York Unlv- Baseball Sidelights The Brooklyn Robins divided a Bouble header with the Cardinals, Who once had pennant amblUona, 'winning the flrit game, 7 to 2, and submitting to a ehut-out at the bands of the rookie, Grabowskl, in \• night-cap, 4 to 0. In a game which all but resulted Iff frostbite for players and specta ­ tor! alike, the Cleveland Indiana defeated the lowly Boston Red Sox f to 4 taking ten Innings to turn the trick. Two doubles and two singles off Milton Gaston in the extra session turned the trick. A rookie named Hogsett, who wax by way of belag quit* a pitch ­ er In the minors, shut out the St Xouls Browne, 5 to 0, the Detroit (Tiger* winning another ball game, flam Gray, quite a pitcher In the majors recently, was the victim. [Urban Faber *#Un .the opener for [the Sox. 7 to 4. but Roy Sherid. a Tecent acquisition, beat the Chi out- '-fit. 3 to 1 . in the night cap. Despite the fact that \Lefty\ Grove and Earnle Earnehaw were in the box for Philadelphia, the Washington Senators beat the new American League champions In ten Innings, 7 to 5 “ Flrpo\ Mar berry was the big shot In checking the sew title-holder*. erslty, the strongest team in secUon last fall, admittedly faces difficulties during the coming s son. Carnegie Tech la reputed be stronger than ever, although the Ski boa have lost Harpeter, the All- America field general of 1928. The Army, with the Idea of Its supre ­ macy exploded, must prove itself again. It la only fair to state that the lid was Ufted officially last Satur ­ day. On that occasion, more onb dozen games were played. West Virginia, which has one of the — If least advertised — elevens li east, defeated West Virginia Wes ­ leyan, 18 to 0. Other results were: Baylor 88. S. F. Austlon, 0: Ad ­ rian 44, Detroit Tech. 0; Clarkson 6, Alfred O; Dusquensc 14. 'Ed I boro 0; Oregon State . 37 . Will metto 6: Rhode Island 19. Arnold 0; So. Methodist 13, -Denton 3; Stanford 45, West Coast Army 0. Next Saturday, however, will n some of the leading teams of s territories In action. The changes in the rules have been so alight that the average spectators need not be troubled. The gridiron gome le approximately the some, with all Its perrenlel charm. The \Big Ten\ schools get into play, the Paclflc Coast wlU be alive with action, and eastern gridirons wlU be likewise engaged. Yesterday ’ s hero — Jack Hen ­ dricks, for six successive years the manager of the Cincinnati Reds, who finally boosted his disappoint ­ ing ball club Into a tie for sixth place in the National League by virtue of Sunday's 3 to 2 victory over the PhilUes — and promptly re ­ signed hie Job. — “ Nobody has the Job, Win/Hawaiian Championship SOWPfi RH1HER FRttW UFIS CORNER OF BW- BWPft££ MOTHER HAS DftSt TO SEE HOW VMQ TtfE <S*N6- H0PE3 pot w mem after is 6CT tih 6 cm . n ws- they ’ ll ask how « GOES OCT M S£W£H <T W SPTTE OF HOLDING RN6CT C0NSP)OJ00SLV APPOINTED TO TWO 7HW HURT HIS FTN6ER- IT HAS 5CPPEP B1LEDIN6 NO ONE SEEMS 70 NOTICE BANpACE FINALLY HAS TO CALL 6EB AN AUDIENCE OF f& PERSUADED TO RE- NO ONE THIN IPS MUM ATTENTION TO O ’ HIM - SOf three and describes IN DETNL Hew HE HFUCTEp THE TDJW&E WOUND MOVE BANDACE TO DtSPlAY WOlMP Of A CUT. ADMI7S HIM ­ SELF IT SEEMS 70 HAVE SHRUNK RXJ6ET5 AU- A60UT IT AND .WINS IN 6AME Of C0P5 tWO RCfB BOWMAN WINS TENNIS TITLE Welch Gives M any Passes 1 But Teammates Sock Ball Last Game For Two Team* End* 11 to 8 in Favor of the Title Co. ; Game Loosely Played Defeats Km pel Kuhn in Fi ­ nale iff the HinLon Valley Tourney in Four Sri Bai ­ lie; Loses First Set. * Herman L. Bowman, won the Hudson Valley - tenm championship yesterday at the Fair- [ view Country yiub by delratlrtg 1 Ernest Kohn of New York. 1-8. 6-2. j •52, 52. Bowman, who was' seeded | !, was favored to annex the title 1 A T Recreation Park Saturday the Westchester Title ball team defeated the Purchase nine by the score of II to 8. iTtp local team was never in danger and at no time was extended after the first inning. Welch. Titlfc Coro- ' pany pitcher, had the situation well under control durii^i the latter part of the game, but gave too many free passes B ’ to first base to limit the visitors to a small total of run*, ronxv c j n jjjg f |rst inning purchase scored half of its runs through i llie medium of three bases on balls and two men hit by the pitcher. This, in itself, is something in the way of a record. Redd of Purchase had difficulty «■ - - — ------ : --------- 1 — In putting the bail past the batter held li k (Inc all-court play* make trouble for Mo- Ixlng the length and pacej or ms shots. ^ cleverly placed di 1 shot would lure Bowman to the r 1 where he would find himself either pissed with a hard hit i ! ecrambllng after a beautifully placet! lob. Kuhn' played almost faultless tennis In the first set Aftcr the opening chaplfr. how ­ ever. Bowman settled down to Ms own game ant^ his forehand and backhand drives had Kuhn running from corner to corner and entirely on the defensive. Not once In tht Ir.rt three, sets was Kuhn able t( assume the offensive position hi l,.|d In the opening set. Saturday Scores Ardaley (72) — Eighteen-hole me ­ dal play handicap, Close A: Won by B. Cherry, 81 — 5 — 73. Class B. Won by a Lestrode, 95 — 20 — 76. Class C.: by L. M. Russell. 106-20-78. Kickers ’ handicap: Won by F. E Chick. 90 —15— 74- Westcheater Country (South course 70. west-course 72) — Match play handicap against par for J. H. Lawrence Trophy: Won by P. F. X. DeVos. 4 up. Match play handicap against par for N. C. Stennlng tro ­ phy: Won by J. Hofshlne, 1 down. Gedney Farm (72) — Final round of match play for club champion ­ ship: C. H. Paul defeated T. G. Tracey, 3 and 2. Second 16: L. M. Petry defeated S. B. Badger. 5 up. Third 16: J. Dunn defeated F. Shand, 3 and 1. Fourth 16; E. J. Raich defeated J. Lawjjjr, 3 and 2. Mount Vernon (71) — Second round of match play for club cham ­ pionship: , H. Stern defeated A. Frank. 2 up; H. L. Ehrieh won from J. Zeller by default: J. Long- ner defeated A. 8. Richmond. 3 and 2. and D. L. Meyer defeated S. Ehrieh, 3 and 2. his delivery. Welch hit a terrific sock to left flejd to clear the hoses while Levy held up his half of the battery'by equaling the clout to The game was rather loosely played with many errors by both teams. Much of this might-be a: tributed to numb bands, however, as the weather was much more eon ducive to football than to the sum mer pastime. The game ends Die season ft both teams and onThe whole ll * a successful one The Title Cor pany defeated many strong organ 1 rations after It warmed up to He mlil-summer form while ths Pur chase nine, after a poor atari, ga thered together a long streak of Pictorial Golf Instruction WORTH CASTLE An exhibition mixed doubli rr lach was played before the flna o* the single! Mls» Caroline Rob ­ erts of New Rochelle lean ri.arle* M Wood. Jr.. Foirvlew pro- frulonal. to defeat Miss Clara Greenspan and Richard Lewi 1 rrirrilay Bowman defeated Percy 1. Knyaston. Crescent A. C. star 51. 7-9. 53. and Krihn eliml- North Castle Bovs Stop Vis: not.tr Arthur 8- Fowler In straight — , . ... . eet*. 53 . 5i tors Dead in tracks an Bowman, who has changed-ffs Win by Huge Score. BEATS PURDYL advantage • , (trst set | The North Castle massacred the gome. 'Hilt Purdys team at Camp School Oval star was hitting Sunday In the second game these “ S.TSSSI ” ” h — palpably i \ ” a fir-* ehspter, Lut Westchester Country I course 70,. west course 72 1 — , , teen-bole medal play handicap for polVJ himself together ----- -- - -- W. J. Mahoney trophy G. D. Knox.! ond set After winning so easily In 87-18-69; Dr. G. J. Hogden. 87 —18 i the first set. Bowman softened nis — 69; F. L. Fossume. 98-27 — 71; S I strokes which enabled Kynaston to Skinner. 85-14 —72; J. Z. Pierson, j regain his stride. With service be- 89 —17 — 72. Qualifying round for 1 Ing brokan through In almost every President ’ s trophy. A G. Ledoux, 67 I game and long rallies featuring net. R. A. Young. 68; F L. Foe- 1 every point, the set went on to 7-all. Knox, 69; G. L. | Kynaston broke through Bowman s service for the lead at.57 and then stroked harder and his superior stamina carried hln> through to victory over the fast-tlripg Kyn- Weatchefter Hills (71) — Ball sweepstakes; morning — Class A: H. Thwaitc. 85-9-76; W. A. Wolf. 88 — 12 — 78; R. C. Townsend. 85-7- 78. Class B: E. Holden. Jr.. 91 — 15-73; F. B. Moore. Jr, 104 — 27- 77. Afternoon Classes A and B: Dr D. A- Bnlffen. 86 — 14 — 72; H. C. Smith. 85-13 — 73: G. W. Storms. 85 — 11 —74. service for the lead took his own to win the set. In thf final set. Bowman again Turning too much spoils many • •xl golf shot Golfers do tt about realizing it and slices r i.iped balls result and In nea: cry case much distance la lot be body should not turn until th ­ ill has been hit. Then It does tt W*rL by helping -*>*>-., «- — ■ -date force for the follow through. “ P- When the right heel points dl St. Onge pitched for North Castle rPct !y behind along the line of and .was so effective or the op- night the, swing hss beep over ponenta wera so weak at the bat .done. The body In moving too soon •.hat no runs were scored and few^,„ rows lhe (wlnc out of rhythm hits registered. The North Castle To h ,t the ball while all the body boys on the other hand, were hit- and ,he club Is moving Is all ling so much that they finally got wron g. We must keep ths left side tired of running ground the bases- , uU lo furnish us with a braes, la and decided Ait the nineteen ruas 0 !1 i * m words, something to hit they had scored up to that time were enough to win any ball game. and that one especially Local Y. M. C. A. Win* Nest week the North Castle team * ' \ , ■ ___ ------- , ., , . will play the National Sokols of LsAlUe trom tAStVieW Kuhn In his match With Fowler rarrytown at y,, fleM |„ North r art,,, n ■ was superior In every department , ' The Y M C A. of White Plain, and had little trouble In defeating I ______ - ______ _ ___ non a game agalpst the Eastvte* the man who eliminated Bonneau. [ PRINCE A RIPLEY RENTALS 1 mientlory nine Saturday ai the 1928 Champion. In the third ------------ / Las!view by the large score (rf 14 l«* Round Prince A Ripley, tusnagement - Straub pltcbrd forthe Y an»V ------- - department, report the followir ; • -i,i th - home team down to a fe- ♦ HUGGINS n i. rentals: In Hartsdale Gardens re . which did not turn Into me J. Plattman: In the Pelhc::-. -n three runs. The local battr New York. Sept. 23 (UP) — Miller Rlltmore. Pelham -Minor. I Huggins, manager of the New York Yankees. Is critically 11L Huggins was suffering from In ­ fluenza when he entered St Vin ­ cent ’ s hospital last Friday, blit since then his, conditio complicated by tlon which “ peratures. ■ Induced high t Gathering Up Dead Ducks HIGH TIDE SCHEDULE September Purchase (70) — Final round of match play for club championahlp: Herman Greenberg defeated N. N. Kaplan, 2 and I. New York. Sept 23 (UP)-Tbe 1930 open golf championship of the United States will be played at the Intsrlachen club. Minneapolis. Minn, July 10-11-13. according to an announcement today by the U. 8. G. A. — Uje British open golf championship starts June 16. Rye (71) — Ball sweepstakes — Class A: H. C. Koch. 87—14— 73; L. D. W>ld. 87 — 14 — 73; R. E Ladue, 93— 17 — 95; F. O. Rogers. 97 — 21 — 78; O. W. Ames. 96-20 — 76. Clam By GEORGE ADE M oral IT ’ S A PLEASURE

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