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*v T mo * “ “ 9200 the DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2S. 1»» 9200 STOCK MARKET REVIEW FINANCIAL NEWS BUSINESS RECORDS Dealings in NewYork Stocks WESTCHESTER COUNTY Sanitary Commission Estim ­ ates Long Section of Hutch ­ inson Sewer in Mt. Ver ­ non Will Coat $100,000 Bid* will b« opened by the Wtit- eheiter County Sanitary Commls- «lon on Thursday afternoon for the construction 'of a lone aeeUon of the Hutchinson Valley trunk Une ■ewer, running from tB» Mount Vernon disposal plant to a point west of Pulton avenue. Mount Ver ­ non, a distance of 7,900 fret. This will be the third contract to tie awarded on this project, and The continental OU Company, formerly was ths Marland OU Com ­ pany and assumed Its present namt In June. 1929, when Marland ac ­ quired the properties of the Con ­ tinental Oil Company and the as ­ sets of the PrudenUal Refining Company, The company owns or controls U subsidiaries and with these It forms s complet unit In the oil Industry producing, transport ­ ing, refining and marketing petro ­ leum, Its products and natural gas. As of April 1. 1929. the company held 1.7OM0O acres of oil lands un ­ der lease with * the largest per ­ centage In Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas but with holdings also In New Mexico, Colorado, California, Wyoming, Nebraska, Loplslana and In Mexico. Total proven acreage was 62,930 with 1842 producing wells and an average daUy output of *3,906 barrel*. The * company owns 63* mils* of oU pipe Une and .qtorage capacity for 13,777,000 bar ­ rels of crude and refined products. Numerous tank cars are owned or Stan Oil N X ________ 4S;» Stewart Warner ____ 64 H Studebakcr _______ 71 Tcnn Copr __________ 18 W Tex Corp ___________ 67>* Tex Oulf ____________ 71 S Tex A Pac __________ 158 Timken Roller Brgs — llltt Tob Prod* ___ i ----------- 13 Un OH Cal __________ 81 Un Carbide _________ 18114 Un Pan ____________ 278 Untd Elec Coal _____ 34 U S Cast Iron Pipe ___ 281* U S Leather _________ 21 U S Realty __________ W14 U iTRubr _________ 65TS U S Steel ___________ 234 Utils Pow A Lt A ____ 'S3 Vanadium ___________ 94 Warner Bros Plct ___ 6814 Wsst Md ___________ 41 Ti Weat Un _ _________ _219 Westhouae Air Brake .62% Westhouae El 60 _____ 253Vi Willy* Over _________ 20H Woolworth _________ 1021* Yellow Truck ________ 31 Chi A N W ---------- Chi Pnt Tool ____ Chi R I A Pac ------ Chrysler -------------- Collins A Alkman Colo Fuel ■ , - — Col Gas A Elec — Col Graph ---------- . ance. Work on the tunnel la now under way. and construction nlpo hss been started on a small aeo- j Uon In Mount Vernon. / With 'he bids coming In Thurs ­ day. the contrac* probably wtl lb# awarded at a meeting to be held early next week. Construction work will start within ten days from that municipal officials, as well as, ths 1 undertaker and hla staff. Were aware of the presence.pt the corpse In the basiment. Obviously It was a case of sheer forgetfulness . or neglect, although the. poUce ex ­ plained that the transportation of hundreds of thousands of troops over the railways at that tlms and the fact of the Interrupted railroad connections with Turkey wore partly responsible. Moreover, there was evidence at hand to show that an unsuccessful effort had been made to find the student's relatives In Constantinople. After the police had finished tbelr Investigating, the city welfare bu ­ reau turned to and gave the body a decent though belated burial In a Berlin cemetery. / Congo Nairn ------- Conn <5 as ------------ Conti Can ,. Conti Mot _______ Corn Prod* --------- Coty Inc ------------ Davison Chem — Del A Hudson ----- Drug Inc ------------ Dupont Dc Nems Eastman Kodak _ Elec Auto Lt ------- Elec Pow A Lt ------ Elec Stor Baty — Eng Pub Svo ----- Erls R R ----------- Fox Film A -------- Freeport Tex ------- Gen Asphalt ------- Gen Cable _______ Gen Cable A ------- Gen Cigar ---------- Gen Eleo _____ Gen Mot ---- -------- Gen Ry Signal ---- Gill Safe Rox ------ Glmbel Bros ------- Gold Dust ---------- Goodrich _____ Graham Paige ----- Granby Const — Great Weat Sugar Cananea _ The Hutchinson Valley sewer win serve parts of Beared ale. Mount Vernon, Eastcbestsr, BronxvlU*, Tuckahoe, Ne# Rochelle and the Pelhams. Ehe engineer's estimate for the latest contract la approvlmately 3100,000. SMALL FIRE Only one fire was reported here over the week-end. A blase In a dump In Westmoreland avenue was extinguished by the patroL There was no damage. tlnental, the two chief partlclpanta clt of 34.987.865 for Marland as against a deficit of 37.691.077 In 1927 and a profit of 33.348301 for Con ­ tinental which compared with a deficit of 3100.560 In 1927. It la as ­ serted the shewing wes to be at ­ tributed to extraordinary charge off a. Funded debt totals 334.560,900. Capital stock outstanding Includes 4.777,029 shares of no par common. No dividends have been paid on Marland Oil since the early part of 1927 and none on the Continental OI1 Company slnoe the latter part of 1927. As of March 81, 1929. th* pro forma balance sheet shows for the merged companies total current as ­ sets of 358.022.850. total current lia ­ bilities of 39.187.803 and net work ­ ing capital of 348.858.047. Book Knowing their trado Just a bit better than the next fellow has en ­ abled a group of German art ex ­ perts to save for Germany a newly discovered Holbein which might otherwise have gone to the United States. Some months ago s pointing was offered for sale at a London auc ­ tion. It was listed as the work qf an unknown German master. One of those who attended the auction was Lulu Boehler, connoisseur and dealer of Munich. She was not misled by tho low bidding for the painting, but Instead recognlxed Us ,/orth and through clev-r bidding fa her own part succeeded In buy- ig It. Placing the, find In the -ifhler galleries of Munich, she iclted an examination by other ’ :norts who confirmed her opinion ist the work was that of Hans ■ lolbeln the Younger. Thereupon, largely ^through the Intervention of Drr E.\ H. Zlmmer- r-.ann, director of the Germania Museum of NurnMerg and a nephew if Wilhelm Bode, the famous Gen ­ ian art critic who died recently. 3e Holbein was given a permanent - lace In, the Germania Museum. 7ie^Bo«iler galleries could easily ’ \ ’ filCeisold It to American clients at a record price. In the belief of those well acquainted with the practice# of American agents who are con- .'.antly combing Germany for new works of art; Instead the manage ­ ment agreed to sell the piece to tho ; .'urnberg museum at a much lower figure. Even this figw# was high, but the painting 'wds Nevertheless <aved when a number of connois ­ seurs and other art-minded cltlxcna set up a fund for Its purchase. It was stipulated as a condition of the purchase that the Germania Mu ­ seum should never sell the painting. The Holbein work la known as ‘ The Portrait of Johannes Xllotec- tua.\ It was done tn the year 1520 when Holbein was. living In Basle, and It Is the earliest of his works to contain tho \figure of death.\ which ptky* such a prominent part In all his later paintings. Golfer With Sound Golfing Swing Has Best Chance To Endure By BOBBY JONES Present Open Champion 73*4 119*4 134 It Is apparently not a difficult thing for s youngster, upon giving a fair amount of attention to “ to develop a swing which on sion will produce good results. It would s |P temperament and the best ---- - — ined muscles cannot remain In golf, perfect concert all the time, and 1 when a swing of thle kind Is not clicking the error whatever It Is will be exaggerated In Its effect up ­ on tho shot. Tho position of the hands which 1 have described places tho entire body In a siralnrd position, where tho natural tendency la to pull the left shoulder upward before the ball Is hit and so sink* the ball an ascending bldw. Since It Is thus difficult to keep the clubhead trav- I elllng close to the ground. It will be noted that players addicted to the [ habit of gripping In this manner are more likely to top their drives than others who employ a more Smelt Am Steel Fdy Oreem Gulf 8 ____________ Hahn Dept Stores Hcrsh Choc --------- Howe Sound — _ — Hudson Mot . Central It- Supple joints I® un< * muscles and the strength and vigor youth make up for a multitude of golf-1 Bul^lf one will watch closely It will be observed that few of these I youngster* manage to endure and j those who retain their effectiveness | | or Improve with age are those who Stave built upon' a firm f'-undalion. (Form and style may not mean much In a short span, a day or a year. | but over* the long route the sound owing Is bound to win In a game where matches and tournaments | c a n not always be . played when muscles are virile and nervea under perfect control. , Grip of Good Flayers Vary Little I It has been particularly striking to me that nearly all of the young players whom I have observed wjth- ln the lost few years have ono common tendency. All of them seem to want length at whatever cost and they have, whether con ­ sciously or not. adoptsd the obvious | but most dangerous means of get- 1 ting lb It will be found that most of the | star performers,of today employ a j grip which In Its essential element I differs little from the grip which has been named for Harry Yard on. Tho Vardon grip la an overlapping one. and while some of the better players Interlock and others neither Interlock nor overlap, the positions of tbs hands upon the club vary little among them nil. In nearly every case, tho hand, - osed, the left against the front w bio shaft and tho right against the back of lb -with tho V* formed by the thumb and first finger of each hand pointing directly upward In the Un* of the ahafb The variation from this in a .particular case will be found to be very - small. Orthodox Style Most Effective Now tho tendency among ths younger player* of whom 1 have spoken has been to turn the lert bond more to the upper aide of the I shaft and to drop the right hand j underneath it. Tho first effect of I Our very best players are not ex- ithla change Is to Increase greatly traordlnarily long hitters. They | the\ power of the wrists, because , don't have — 40 be. They have as they lash Intof the stroke the learned the value of control where clubhead can be moved through a . a fine Iron shot after a good greater distance in tho act of turn- straight drive has been found to lng Into the ball. This much Is fine be more effective than a loosely so long and only so long as it Is played pitch after a Herculean wal- under perfect control. But the most 1 lop. Inland Steel -------- Int Cement --------- Int Combust _____ Int Hsrvest ------- Int Nickel ---------- Int T A T --------- 1 Johns Manvlllo — Kansas City South Kelly Cprlngfleld _ Kennecott ---------- Kroger Grocy ----- Liquid Carbon ----- capita! stock wtf 1 Herbert-M-Foxwell Mack Trucks ----- May Dept Stores Mo Pac ________ Monty Ward ___ Mullins Mfg ------ Murray Corp ___ Nash Mot ---------- Nat Bis ----------- Nat Cash Reg A . Nat Dairy Prod . Nev Copr ______ N Y Air Brake _ N Y Centra] ___ N Y N H A H _ N An ----- : _____ Nor Pac _____ _ Advertisements Are Quide To Value will present them at some meeting before the bddget for tho coming year la adopted Is assured, accord ­ ing to the statement by Patrolman William Butler, president of tbs Whits Plains Policemen's Benevol ­ ent Association, who said that th# Commissioner hod assured him that he would do so. The eCommtssIonsr did not state his reasons for withholding the petitions until a later date. He.al- so maintained his policy of refus ­ ing to reveal his own attitude on the petitions. E XPERTS cun roughly estimate the value of a product by looking at it. More accurately, by handling and examining it. Its ap ­ pearance, its texture, the “feel ” and the balance of it all mean something to their .trained eyes and fingers. Pac o a e _ __ 1 Pan Am Pet B I Park A Tllford An unidentified band of youths, apparently driven to crime by their hunger for learning, recently i cleaned out a whole section of books from the city book publish ­ ing house of Fried rich* haln near Berlin. Their haul totaled more th.n 500 volumes, all stamped with the seal of the publishing house and hence not readily marketable. In fact, the thieves have not tried to dispose of the books so far as But no one person can be an expert on steel, brass, wood, leather, foodituffs, fabrics, and all of the materials that make up a list of per ­ sonal purchases. And even experts are fooled, sometimes, by con­ cealed flaws and imperfections. Bobby Jones making a drive at tho Los ngcles Country Club. A good straight drive plus a fine Iron shot U a bit of Bobby's golf teeb- Thero is a surer index of value than the senses of sight and touch . . . knowledge of the maker's name an<f*for what it stands. Her* is the mhst certain method, except that of actual use, for judging the value of any manufactured goods. Her$ is the only guarantee against careless workmanship? or the nse of shoddy materials. This is one important reason why it pays to read advertisement* and to buy advertised goods. The product that is advertised is worthy of your confidence. The motoring public is now able to obtain \All Risk Automobile Insurance ” at a smaller cost than limited insurance coverage was previously purchased at Call us and we will be glqd to explain coverages and quote cost. Merchandise must be good or it could not he advertised. 7 uy advertised goods. COUNTY AGENCIES, Inc. 2 1 Mamaroncck Avenue White Plains, N. Y. TELEPHONE 5834 - 5 \ [S tock -/ ( J o L m ‘ ElAy | u a- w Jf* l

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