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THE DAILY PRESS, TOITE PLACTS, ft, T., SATURDAY, WO Me* NIT PMBB WOMAN ’ S NEWS WOMAN ’ S THE HOUSEHOLD DAILY FASHION As a Woman Thinks + Sound 4 Auction Bridge Furnishing a horns so that It win be comfortable for the Man of tbs House Is the wish of every home- loving wife whether she Is a little newly wed bride or an experienced housewife. The room*, as a whole, cannot be dainty. This expresses Its furnishings, for moat men de ­ light In a certain amount of fem ­ ininity even In decorations. Some day, possibly, this country and the world at large will avoirs same system of^ustlcs that will not be so complete a trav ­ esty as the one under which we all now suffer. The facts of a case, as the case originally happened, seldom If ever have any bearing on the verdict of the fury. It is not tb( motive «h»r prompted the deed that determines the decision; It 1s the eloquence of the prosecutor or the attorney for the defense. Thai la ao ele ­ mentary that It scarcely needs mention.' The same Incident can be twisted to suit the ends of both sides to a suit. The Jury Is Influenced In Its decision by which side pre ­ sents the Incident with most force. If Sidney Syme has a more eloquent tongue than District Attorney Coyne, Paaoox win never go to the electric chair, whether or not be slew his wife after pre ­ meditation. If. on the other hand, the district attorney can plead more eloquently than 8yme, Peacox was doomed long before the case started. I should think It would be fairly possible to deter ­ mine the outcome of a case like this merely by weighing the merits of the two lawyers. The Jury doesn't decide on whether or not Peacox Is legally guilty of Bret degree murder; It decides which attorney la the most effective speech maker. We argued about capital punishment the other day. a group of -women and L One of them accused me of an about-face be ­ cause It to my habit to stress “ the greatest good for the greatest number.* It was her Idea that the greatest good Is accomplished by removing from the possibility of future crime the person who has already oommitted one. But to my way of thinking that Is too nearsighted. We who are groping at the beginning of civilisation — mental civilization — can only advance the cause of civilisation and the greatest good of the greatest number as we learn more about human belngi and what motivates them to act as they do under certain clreum- ful ly- d ecorated for the man to be well pleased. Unless he Is. he Is not oomfortable — nor Is ths wife likely to be either. It takes com ­ fortable surroundings to put a man at ease so that he enjoys hie home. It Is for the wife to study furniture and furnishings so that the equa ­ tion between the masculine and the feminine type of decoration Is sat ­ isfactory. A living room should combine sturdiness In furniture with beauty In the textiles of hangings, drapery fabrics and similar features of fur ­ nishing. A reception room may be dainty with French decoration stressed. This room It one the Man of the House Is never attract ­ ed to. The living room Is the one he wants' to have suit hls special preferences, not to the exclusion of teh wife ’ s, but to their Joint Uklng. A den, study, or special room for the man by whatever name It is called, -Is the room where mascu ­ linity reigns. The average bouse. or to shift to hls fourth best Spade. Should ha continue with Diamonds. North win win with tbo King In Dummy, lead two rounds of Clubs, winning with the Ace and King, en ­ ter Dummy with Queen of Uesrta. making hls long Club. He will next lead Dummy Queen of Spades, in ee- the fetters. Daily Fashions This dress Is mads entirely of one piece at fine black georgette, «s- cept of course for the set In sleeves. The quite simple bodice has a long, wide flehu on the right side which des c e n ds to the first flounce on the skirt, and «toen around to the with wisdom for those groping to find out something about human beings. The only drfcwbafV to such statements, of course. Is that It Is practically Impossible to decide what Is a “ normal* person, unless wt accept the Idas that normalcy Is the general state of the majority of persona The majority of men do not kill their wives III a fit of temper. It isn ’ t fwm the ones who don't kill that we can find out new things about the human race. It's from those who do. Thera have always been killers — hut until ths past fifty years there surely was not so intense an Interest in Dying to un- Reprtacnlativeg of Various Organizations to Felicitate Association on Its Prog- 4 ress ; Music Program J ames WB arjon MD The T. M. and Y. W. H. A. of this city has computed IU program of reconstruction at Its new build ­ ing on 21 Mamaroneck, avenue, and tomorrow at 8 p. m. will formally open IU doors to the large audi ­ ence that Is expected on this even ­ ing. With the Interesting program that has been arranged many are looking forward to bear the pro ­ minent speakers who are scheduled to appear. Every representative will strike the keynote of co-oper ­ ation and usefulness that organisa ­ tions of this kind have to Offer to a community. A short musical pro ­ tista — tboae people wno are srorklng for the betterment of man ­ kind. Each murderer who goes to the chair and la elleneed for ­ ever, U one more dosed book which science may never again open. It to a curiously craven world that, for IU own protection, must klD a man from whom It might learn that which. In the long run. might contribute vastly to the protection of IU descendants. , Kill ­ ing for vengeance Is. of course, simply savage; killing for pun-: Uhment to the same. Moreover, and this Is the rather selfish consideration that adds appreciably to my own condemnation of capital punishment, kill ­ ing by the state to too much of a strain on those who are left alive. I do not refer now. of course, merely to the mother who hors him and taught him to walk and to talk and made hls clothes and the child being electrocuted that night — who bathed him and fed him and taught him hls prayers — tbs mother who Is still alive that night and aware of the very moment at which a savage society to killing her child. I do not refer to her. because society has long since toughed In her face and said. “ Well, If you couldn't make a better Job of bringing up your child, we ’ ll wipe him off the face of the County Judge to Officiate at Oak Ridge* Charity Exhibition opinion that the UgamenU holding the Joint get stretched and even slightly torn and thsrsfors any movement or strain In the region will cause pain, even as a alight strain or tear of the IlgamenU about the ankle can cause intense pain If ankle la used, and yet the WITTY KITTY GIQLIGAGiP Intelligent. Why bother V illain WHITE PLAINS DAILY PRESS-115

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