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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, October 08, 1929, Image 1

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-O-O-Ol Complete IFire Report* of THE UNITED PRESS Crrateu Worldwide Newt Service VOL 1 — NO. 161 WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8,1929 First A FOE TO FICHt ^ PENNY-ANTE CROOK NEW HONOR PLAN HANDLING CRIME - CITY READY FOR [CONVENTION OF RELIGIOUS GROUP “ PHILA - 3 ; CHICAGO 1; f juRYPARiDEi EHMKE BAFFLES CUBS; FOXX HITS HOME RUfl Strip Through Elmsford To Be Widened; Total Estim ­ ated Cost $662,300; Will Extend North Street News of Washburn ’ s Request to Justice Tompkins Noised ; About and Colleagues Ad ­ opt Policy as Their Own WANTS RUMORS AIRED 1,500 to 2,000 Dele ­ gates Due for Con ­ clave of New York State Council of Re ­ ligious Education — Variety of Subjects Between- 1,500 and 2,000 delegates to the seventy- £ earth annual convention of the New York State Council of 'Religious Education are expected to pour into White Plains today and tomorrow in anticipation of the great ­ est religious gathering of its kind sponsored in the history of this group, now continuing the work of the, New York State Sunday School Associa ­ tion. Chairman Root Taken Out Fori Pinch Hitter in 7th Bu * “ After Philadelphia J Shortstop Clouts for Circuit — Chicago Sluggers Fail to Con- Sa ­ nest With Ehmke ’j Delivery. 120,000 IS CITY ’ S SHARE Local Highway Will Be Ex ­ tended to Hutchinson River Parkway , Board Chairman Slates He Is Entitled to Full Hearing Before Election Umpires: At th* plat*. Klee first but, Dtneen: second bu- Moran; third but. Van Grattan. Plalns-Tarrytown highway to allow tor SO foot pavement through the village of Elmsford Instead of the original 40 foot width, featured ’ the ■tarted a parade to the vicinity of when It leaked out that he had re- Wrigley Field, Chicago, Sn<£ cal]ed*°f cml.^strike 2* I quested Justice Arthur a Tomp Oct. 8 ------ The Philadelphia popped to Foxx. No rune, kin* to have the October grand jury Athletics drew first blood in * rr ? r ’ , j InvMUgate Uu -mailed New CuUr the world series today when bJ?£ tL^Ktriktaf land deal. they defeated the Chicago , Of Chicago'* moet denser. I AcUQ * \ “ individual Ur, Cub8i 3 to J. Foxx hit a ur*. Waahburn. In inference with hi. home in the seven th and I /*** counsel, reached the conclusion , - , , . ... Athletic* — Ehmka un: »tr ithat the quickest way to settle the two fumbles gave the Athle- ^ h ^ j . two. swung- 1 New fleet I e rumor, we. in have n tire nn nrmortnmtv to m-nre - ... . __ , _ __ The county will pay (218.500. the elate (406.000, the Town of Green-j burgh (28,000 and the Village of' Tarrytown (9.800. On North street. White Plain*, the board approved plans for wid ­ ening the existing 20 foot to (4 feel and bringing a new road from Roeadale avenue to the Hutchinson River Parkway at a total cost of (28.500 of which the county pays ! (8.800 and White Plains (20,600. (Continued on Page seven) I Supervisors Name Committee Health Cet}fe r for Westchester U III ni xrn County May Embark Upon Great MAN hAYS ECIAL JURY Common Council Adds One District in Fifth Ward For City Election; Four Re ­ gistration Days the game started at 1:44 fanned, swinging at a Wilson • up : Wilson raj . First Inning foul Into the right del Athletics: Bishop up: Strike one,! the first ball pitched: lulled. Foul, etrike 2- Ball one. swung; Wilson fanned, outside. Ball 2. wide. Bishop out. the third strike whlcl Grimm unassisted. up: Ball ever the middle. No i one, outside. Foul, strike one. Ball no errors. 2. wide. Strike 2, swung. Btrike 8.- Fourth Innls Haas fanned, the last strike being Athletics — Him m om called. Cochrane up: Strike one. J n e. swung; foul, stri called. Ball one. Inside. Ball 2. ball, low and Inside. Bli wide. Foul, strike two. Ball 2, m aiephenson. Foxx [ low. Cochrane walked. The last f ou i : ball one. Inside ;t« | pitch was wide. Simmons up: 8 Iriks , trt i,e 2. called; Foxx o 1 1, called. Root threw to first sev- to-Grimm. MUler up: I oral times to nail Cochrane to the 1; fcm j_ (trike 2; foul; : | bag. Ball 1. outside. Strike 2, cal- Hornsby to Grimm. I | led. Slminons fanned, swinging at bits, no errors. ' the third strike. No run*, no hits. Chicago — Cuyler u j oo error*. Root had a lot of stuff C all*d; ball oos, low a — * — “ -r- • ~V.» >,« muuu - i --------- ------------ 'on ‘ .he ball in this Inning. The foul, strike 2. Cuyler fsi ing the Supreme Court for , cnnrt * r, “ * d °** ri «* r ‘ no * d ing at a high bail foi on immorlinto p_„_ j r,,_ s_ I «*ln* tjhamber of Commerce will ( Simmons for the third out. strike. Stephenson up animmediate Grand Jury in- be bald Tuewlay October 22 at the Chicago: McMillan up; ball one. Sde fouLsSi kTl vestlgation of Samuel Unter- WhIU Plain. Belmont Hotel. A- lMld ,. (trike OM , dtod; bell 2, to Dykwa\rho m myer ’ s charges against them, : J\ ' h L . ,orthe ? ” , ?f wide; Foul, strike 2; torn- MeMD- TtJo u* Mteh of what k took it npop hfanee irtpe.y to EST? order an extraordinary spec- entertainment committee. An- ,^4,. ball 2. inside; English sin- hleh- foul- ball 2. outi ial trial term tff Supreme of the l >ro F rmni will be fUd <5 f Ibmke's glove. beaUng ouf tow; Grimm walked, th Court and a Grand Jury to mM * * aoft>y - _______________ la throw from Boley. Hornsby up: being Inside. Taylor s BOOTH LOCATION^ Citizens WiU Vote in Same Places as They Did on Primary Day , eentlals. Dr. Paul H.,Vl#th. _10:10 — Programming Activities, Training Roll, Bnt Land Opposite Moves More Leisurely GLEN ISLAND CASINO NADOrS HAVANA JOCKflf CUB ORCWSIRA ■u pood oatm a ucum moca i y. «. eu.a SEOAL DtT#€R - COLUMBUS DAY. OCTOBER 12 Stock

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