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L»Stt\ ** r-sss7-«. ‘ SE?a?«a: ^ WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9 rtarr ’ r^ * * sj ^ w«-y » w< X. V 'mpwte* •\*»\ uW c OUR PLATFORM FOR PH/TE PLAINS ■ Wait* Whit* Plaint the First City It Westchester County. Mies- Support the City Plau •A school survey to determine the JmciUrirt needed. Purchase of needed pmhs me playgrounds. FOR WESTCHESTER COUNTY 'Adoption of uniform traffic code. Completion of Partway program. Elimination of grade crossings. Extension of trunk setoer system. Uniform system of assessment. Hoot men tell thefr wive* every- |Miif even if they don ’ t know it. NOW FOR THE FACIE Addas Governor Lehman haa an ­ nounced that he will direct that an extraordinary grand jury investigate the Westchester County land deals, and that a special attorney general ^ supersede the district attorney the purpose. Justice Arthur 8. Tompkins will amide over the ''extraordinary il and trial term of the Supreme Hr. Lehman makes K quite plain ~ he and Governor Roosevelt nave ~ into this decision by the action of the majority of the Board of Supervisors _ __ , on Monday, petitioned Justice Twnrlrins to place the matter before ttift October grand jury. flte reaction of the man in the Street to the petition of the super- vfcore was anything but favorable, ft had all the appearance! of a self- Ajndnrtsrt investigation. : Mf. Lehman removes any sugges- 1ft* of the suspicious-minded that the Tjesstigatin would not be thorough. He places it in the hands of an able end experienced jurist — one recent ­ ly occupying e similar position in re ­ lation to tite Queens oewtr case. The district attorney of Westchester County wfll be excused from present- ing Hie ease and he will be relieved of embarrassment. • We ore now assured that we will cat the facts in the Westchester land deals in a legal way. Every person who wishes to be heard will have the opportunity to go before a grand jury and tell his story. There will be no partisanship inside the grand jury ITie grand jury Is a pretty useful instrument of justice. We need it now in Westchester. TWO KINDS OF WORKERS A friend was talking to us the ether day about a young man who *ed just left his employ. \He did hat he did do, well, ” was his re- taric, \but he had one fatal- failing -he was slow. ” This man is the employer of many and we could not help but won- while he was letting this man ecause he was slow, how many he was retaining in his employ — were fast workers but of whom i could not truthfully say, “ They do ,Aat tikey do do, well.” Speed seems to be the quality meet' l demand in the business worM J(n- 1 is constantly trying to inritfSoe ..put,and men are being encour- ' to produce mqre. Often enough works to the detriment of '/? d V 1 * 1 U wh >' Uwf* are so . defective goods which never - Jty the inspectors and which the lie eventually gets an opportunity *\ r at bargain prices. *ms to us that if we were em- .. — ^ many men we would prefer [‘ •stain in our service the fellow i-ft » little slow but who can al- w be trusted to do what he does rather than the man who is ■a-maniac'at his desk or at his but who is always making mi*. The most important thing of ■cording to our views, is to have done right . If work was all jn that matter speed would Vy be cut down but there I be oo many fewer mistakes to *,o»d much less defective work 4d to be done over. It is true as it always bos been, that 7 “ ELVES Recently we commented on the vofee doubles which the talking pic ­ tures have brought us and to much baa bean written on the subject that the picture-goihg public is looking with suspicion on all the actors and actresses in the talkies. However, many of these are able to speak for themselves, and are -cot obliged to fall back on any voice double*. We have just seen an interesting symposium in which many of these folks of the talkies have made affi ­ davits that the talking, singing, etc., which they seem to do in the pic ­ tures, they actually do without any outside help. Colleen Moore assures us that all the talking and singing she did in \Smiling Irish Eyes ” and \Footlights and Fools ” was done without the aid of a double and that she has never been obliged to resort to such aid. Joan Crawford, Robert Armstrong, Ina Claire, Betty Compson, Bessie Love, Leatrice Joy, Eddie Quillan and a host of others all testify that they have really accomplished vo­ cally all that they appeared to ac ­ complish In their talking appear ­ ances. .9 . This is gratifying for all picture fans for we like to believe our favor ­ ites are possessed of all the qualifi ­ cations which they appear to have. It seems to detract from their efforts when we are left with a lurking sus- & icion that Some unknown artist may e doing a most important part of their work for them. It is also gratifying because we find many of our favorites much more versatile than we ever suspect ­ ed back in the days of their purely pantomime effort. Of course the voice double will continue to figure in our talkiee for we cannot expect all onr superb actors to be fine bari ­ tones and- tenors nor all ouf flapper j stars to have voices possessed with operatic greatness. That we may know just what we are getting, how ­ ever, we think the producers should make an announcement where the stars do all their own talking and ainging and that in other cases the unknown artiita should be given credit for their contributions. (Himself) McGuire By Fontaine Fox]| Me dome utr t tht permerk orriem V ia the wimpow “ H LOWER PRICES A financial expert predicts a long downward slide in commodity prices and interest rates during the next twenty years. He concedes that the drop will not be uninterrupted and does not venture an estimate on the extent of the drop. This expert be ­ longs to one school, but there exists another well defined school which E phesiea gradually rising prices I interest rates during the ensuing two decades. The belief that prices will drop is baaed primarily upon post-war his ­ tory. After the War Between the States the cost of living and interest rates gradually declined. As soon as the nation returned to the plow and machine the commodity supply began to approximate the demand and prices took a tumble. When cap ­ ital was diverted from the munition ­ ing of armies to the financing of farms, homes, industries and rail ­ roads, money, which during the War Between the States had been obtain ­ able only at extortionate interest, be ­ came cheap. The foretellers of still higher liv­ ing costs and money rates doubt that a growing ind expanding country like the United States can enjoy the felicities of cheap money and food. And yet the nation probably grew more rapidly during the twenty years following the War Between the States than it will grow during the twenty years following the World War. On the basis of the War Between the States statistics the public can look forward with some degree of as ­ surance to lower living costs and in­ terest rates during the next two de ­ cades, although few believe a return to pre-war l evels is poss ible. After a druggist^ apprentice mas ­ ters the names of the eighty-five brands of candy bars, he spends a week each memorizing the names of tooth pastes and concoctions listed under the general * heading of sundaes. \To remain young, associate with young people, ” says a Mayo brother. If you load eleven high school stu ­ dents into a 1917 coupe, the coupe will easily do thirty-eight miles an hour. A census of adjectives appearing in several thonsand automobile ads lately tends to show that the young men who write tlen are continuously amazed. __________ Chemists having failed again to invent synthetic gold, rendering an equivalent in labor still remains the only way to get it A cheap suit will.be comparatively safe uptil some ingenious villain suc ­ ceeds in crossing a boll weevil with a moth. _________ , What profits it a woman to thke twenty years from her age /acially, and then have to climb into a rumble seat? ' What this country needs is socks guaranteed for 10,000 miles. . The bore we have, with us always. CONGRESS TODAY Our Inquiring Reporter Each Da y Ha Asks Three Edward Tompkins. Church atraat — ■■I have enough confidence In the Athletic* to bet my ahlrt no them.\ Arthur McGowan. Mamaroneck — “ I like the Cuba. I still believe they are gplng to win area though htey did get beat the Drat game. John Nleol, Hall avenue “ The A'*, of course. Those PhlUy pitch- era will breexe the ball past the Cube sa fast ftarton't evei ‘ funny.\ % Beared*]eWomans Club meats. American Legion Ladles' Amdl lary annual election of officers. Ormwaupum Council meet*. Rebekah Lodge Installation cf of ­ ficer*. Drama see tic*. Contemporary Club, meets. New York State Sunday School Dnvention opens. Fire Chiefs Emergency Plan 1 THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS Westchester First 1 --------- (Continued From rag* Onal Tomorrow New York State Council on Ba- Harrry Birch C h a p ter, 1 State Sunday — Treaty Lutheran Clmrco Ladles' Silver Lake Baptist Christian •avor, senior society, meets. Ormwaupum Council card aai Board of Health meats. Z3£?5J Orawaupum < SL Agnes a- “ TUT, ■ High School, T. T. LeeWs Mate Theater. Anita Fags In his report la Govern- « Vfumaoo or Boosevelt on the Weet- ef Home Bula Chester land deals, Mr.-Un ■tssmyer expr es ses regret that the law does not permit the Governor to remove County Supervisor* for neglect of duty, end he then adds: \The law should be changed so as to lodge this power In this Governor. 8 tats official*. Preeldents of Sg Boroughs of New York end other* may be Investigated by the Governor, but thera la no ­ where, *o far a* I have found, any authority to Investigate County Supervisor*. In th*t capacity they are epparently a law unto them- aelvee. except as the Penal Code end other penal statutes apply to them. ’ ' While It Is desirable to have a thorough In ­ vestigation of the transaction* of the West ­ chester authorities, the proposal to place Ms direction In the hands of the Governor end also to give him the power to discipline those who have been found remiss In their duty la, open, we believe, ttfweriou* objection. If Ui* Governor is to Investigate every locfl officer in the State against whom there Is criticism, 'vary vestige of borne nils will Anally disap ­ pear. In the long run it will not be condeelvr to good government If loqal civic probleme arc taken to Albany for setUhment. They should be settled at home The Governor Is already over-burdened with other duties and be haa little time for supervising.the conduct of local official* throughout the Otata. If thme baa been wrongdoing fa Wert- cheater, two courses are open. The penal laws ere still operating, end tbs voter* stQ hav* their ballot. Tbs voters have the power of removal. If the Governor does not. and the courts can punish. Those who seek reforms in Westchester should carry the fight to the people of the country. Meanwhile, any evi ­ dence of specific lawbreaking Is property a matter for the attention of tha Grand Jury^ New York World. It can be said without few cf For Your Banking Requirements, A sATtsfAcrorv , ! edatioo Is a a important be ­ tas In jour business and personal finances. We Unite yon to use oor £a- efitdes, and we believe yon ' wiU find S f rirf a mon in dm jeffident service and coorteoos srtmtioe that will be acoorded THE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY White Plains, N. Y. nairaia ssnsaAi areiBvs of free and oofnpc form or shape. • Virtually every native Amer- ln his or bar Ufa Where Oa Sunday Schools fall la net In tha 1 they-do not set* Utah a contact with the great mesa of children but in that they fall to make that contact secure. All enroll but hardly a majority remain as permanent mem ­ bers regular In attend*an*. Small children pre ­ dominate In the Sunday School* though they represent but a email part cf tha nation ’ s population, a sses s diminish testate the age of their members Increases. Two of the greatest problems of Bible Schools are sustaining tha Interest of adults and adolescent youth for even a part of the year and prevsnUng attendance from slump- tag during the warm weather months. This lattsr problem to brought forcefully to mind Wt he^pceesnt hrif t bank late the tad after Probably stnoa the organisation of tho tort Sunday School, it was futile to try to hoop tho Bansur at ten da n ce up to the Winter maximum, but popul a ri s a t i on of the autoano- > to SL A woman store detective caught e male shoplifter In one of the Yonkers store*. He had two pair of socks which b* finally admitted ■leallng. Thi* 1* the first case of a male shoplifter which ha* come to our attention in eome time. Several tar** merchants have practically all their trouble from •hoplifting oomee from children. Men do not n to this form of dishonesty. I* It because the game to sot large enough to Interest men or what to the explanation of III On# would It to because than women because w* know that, as a matter of fact, they At the presentation of an Ameri ­ can Flag to Children's Village, at Dobbs Ferry. Supreme Court JHe ­ address to tbi boys: \Nov wader tha Red ^flag, the *■ youth cf tha country, today, so many man are not only I _____ lng mter tha Rad Bag tort are talking-rad. thinking red a * - \'wuh'all the trouble and which I* our lot In the ___ so. boya need to be tanght that. after all. there to ao freedom Uka American freedom and that there to to tha world where prosperity and rise to distinction than In America. No good reason ~~ yet be presented for dssertlng flar to follow the' Red flax to Small. Jr. of Yonkers, finds him- •If in that poe U I nr C claiming that *V» valuation placed on prop ­ erty ha owns to (Ml too high. Ha aked the Board of Review lor ring in the matter, presume there are Ton . . trty owners, who hav* tested la the past some of We Solicit Applications for Pint Mortgages on Improved Reel Estate its Westchester County New York-Westchester Investors JOHN MARBACH, President (Sola Mortgage Correspondent* in Waitchtetar of Tha Prudential Insurance Company of America) BAR BUILDING WHITE PLAINS, N. T- TELEPHONE 9210 ? bad ahead la. who tea sow dan©- -B' 1 ^KEfted In, . imim ! In hl.h nlnn an* asftln' Dim flare lag arouad la high glee aad getting work wan their pupil# win not forget in ft months what they learn in eight. Oo to church end Oonday School. — Peeks! Doily Union. .............................. * pletlon of the Oaw Sfwnr men. the matter tew tea* brought to the attention of tha Board cf Baparr to o r s aad to U m County vslop a fact area of beautiful bom •sea teas. The Mayor of Ardatay and I Be ard of V rttessa are working bate «e “ JUST FOLKS YOUTH The youngster* do not esam mind Mr patents aay mere. - eaam precisely Uka the kite WMtaa wCfuny Inclined mUvsd aa age before. In Just what year did ft befall That parent* found no fault at aBT I» just what century waa It, pray. ---- a ehUdren ptoaate their critics OteyT ] Tvs read the books and searched the tomes And cannot aaem to find la all th* Uhrary catacombs A record of tha pleasant U mow W here children used to mini The oldest sages waned to this aaraasa ’ «•* »-» TO SOUND CITY ! MOUNT YERNON WORKERS ON REQUESTS AID PENSION FUND FOR NEW ROADS Employes Reported Cool To- Growth of City Makes In ­ ward Establishment of j provement of Highway No- Pension Project— reeaary ; Asks County to To Investigate j Help Pay Cost A totter from Dr. stein G. - ---- - , un me*. .. u- i l.;T “ — - — * -------- “ Tg that - — of tha - -------------------- - ---------- -- - — detriment «f health In any plan dt >' oounc11 “ *•* tbw county department *« naenn in any p-n important thoroughfare In that cHy as county roads an Improve them.'tha coate to be she ed between county and city. Tha first communication frt the city asked that Lincoln ayr: from the Pelham Una to Naw.Y aty; lut end Wart Third rtrt from th* Pal bam Una to New Yt aty; end North end South Fir avenue from Wert Lincoln even to th* New York aty Un*. he li. a at pensions for municipal a -ti — that ft would be l of opinion of rtty depart- J hand* was that city workers ant of city workers at th* next litlrw of th* council. But M yet. > definite plan providing for a wtaa fund ha* been drawn. WANTS DECREE ladat V. that North Ooluznbua a r-Zl Neman Says Ha* id Her is 1913 ; \caoeh ardsn\ divorce decree of a it Vernon woman will be beard by Supreme Court Justice rrtgned te neliA Mete- left her ed July il MU. end that she hasn't heard from Um since. e suit. Tha alleged accident oo- REGISTER tqlitaia dry are Oite- ter 11.12.18 aad 19. Kysa don't register yea csstt yets. friewa cpteJir^r s — H&l || VSf y!«-4 Wl A Safe Investment 5i/ 2 % in bo bought by mafl. W estchester iSTRusrf i

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