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W«i First COLUMBUS DAY TOE MONEY CHASE FREE PUBLICITY WINNING SLOGANS * ~ LOUTS X- TRA Yn mm . -The trouble ertth the wait »*-f *0T te thrt avseybody to ctowiy t» moke snv- kai wish to ■asks it ih. ri ltht^w y Mt s« s ss ^ IX iTrSXXi E^thTorisinsl ldesa»e to how __T — c*n be legitimately mado „,1| wl>1 OHM **\ Oat It by boneet n Complete Win Report* of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest WorhiWide Newt Service VOL. 1 —NO. 165 WHITE PLAINS, N. Y y THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10,1929 GOVERNOR SUGGESTS UNTERMYER a Manor bn again proved reset veneee by launching a campaign to rain *** 0,000 for tba erection of a community boon that wlU ba aacond to nona in tba putting over what it undertakes. In the m»\d« of those who are lead- Colmnboe Day. which la a public x in New Tork State, win be observed on a rather more general nBi.i throughout Wtet. • cheater County this year. Every community in the county hn ar ­ ranged some sort of observance of the day and soma of the programs win be exceedingly elaborate. In m> -'• “ “ “ “ VS participate in a celebration wtuen will occupy an Saturday afternoon and evening end which win Include a monument . unveiling. In Mouat Vernon, fourteen Ital ­ ian societies will have charge of a monster parade and the program CHURCH GROUP PLEDGES $16,000 TO MEET BUDGET Hartley Park. Other Wi communities have - msde similar preparations to make Saturday a real red-letter day. sens got fref \publicity yeatsriiy A whole lot of Mount Vernon cM- wben the DallyArgue printed a complete list of Mount Vernon dog .owners who bad tailed to procure dog licenses. It took nearly a page to Ust the delinquents. The city clerk's records thow that xxz not proCured Westchester Wifi Give $1,000 Toward Expenses of Reli ­ gious Councils — Analysis of Weak ­ ness of Church Need ­ ed, Declares Dr. Says The geventy-foarth annual convention of the New York State Council of Religious Education settled down to its real work this morning at the Memorial M. E. Church when at a meeting of all delegates the budget for the coming year was presented. More than 516,000 was raised among the various counties represented at the session, it was announced. Of this amount. Westchester minty pladgad *1.000. Tabulation# an not yat complete, and It la aa- pactad that before the end of Che dollar* win have been added to the mt pledged. nnuaual method wma used hi ralalng the amount of .ulSney pledged. A large slxSd map waa — fht on the platform ef the •tood up nt which wedld be addad rund. a colored aheet t to tha shape ef the county on the map. was pinned up. -------------------------- * finished, tha is coming year, tha U staff of tha couhl “ Introduced to tha fathering. They are Mias Harriet Beard, Albany, director of children's work: tha Rev. W. M. Blodgett. Al ­ bany. director of young people's work; Dr. W. O. Landes. Albany, I general secretary of the council, and tha Bar. T. Basil You ns. Albany, director of leadership training, also t the council. Review Work These four officials presented to >e council a review of the work □pushed the peat year and also outlined Injured BLEAKLEYHAS CLOSE ESCAPE Justice Suffer* Lacerations of Hand Collision on Saw Mill River Road PRESIDES OVER COURT Smiles as He Takes Bench — “ Nothing Serious, w He Says Justice William F. Bleakley. who leaped elrioue Injury by a eloec margin when bis automobile was wrecked by a Yonkers truck near Ossining lata yesterday, resumed his place on the Supreme Court bench hare today against his doc ­ tor's advlca. Dr. PhlUp McCormick told the Justice that ha should remain quiet today although his Injuries proved ' to be serious. Justice Bleakley cut by glass on tba hands and shaken up when the truck forced the station wagon In which Yonkers Jurist narrowly serious injury In auto Saw Mill River Road. WOT TO GMT. of-William-Prime, Tou- . mad of « faulting In tha streets of his home tion of tha primary Irregularities In not ba takaa p by tba October Grand Jury now in here, until an tbs jail REGISTRATION OF DELEGATES UNDERQUOTA Only 350 on Hand For Reli ­ gious Convention; Commit ­ tee Prepares For More Arrivals Today Although 1,000 to 1.500 delegates wars expected at the Nsw Tork State Council of Religious Edi tion only a Uttla over S90 have i litertd at tha Y. M- C. A. since i 1 st ration started at 8:90 yesterday • Rev. n of the George-P. Payaon, registration committee, believes that tha expected quota will be flit ed by the end of the convention. Reservations for over 600 h bean offered by tha cltlxens of White Plains. Up to last night only 96 delegates bad been pieced In the private bomea. Tba White Plains Belmont Hotel end the Hotel Wal ­ lace have nut been filled to capa- ( Con tinned on Page seven) reaching a new high. Special le- setea aim ware carried up for speo- Identi fies Shells Firearms Expert Positive Empty Shot Cases Found Near Murder Was Ejected From . Shotgun Unearthed By Deputy Sheriffs to trace ownership of the gun which eras Belgian type of ancient Captain Jonas, at tha raquast of dW district attorney, took the waa- •god Within - 100 yards of tha home where Mrs. Marshall NOTICE To Gedney Farm Section M. BLUMENTHAL s W. P. SXSO BDEALES Mstrubtor by A* ' sen gJO> SgJNB AT t GLEN ISLAND CASINO NAD0TS HAVANA JOCKEY CLUB ORCHESTRA 4MLHUA SPECIAL DINNER — COLUMBUS DAY, OCTOBER 12 srstsrjssun WILL. HOW DELIVER f Papers In Oadnay (Continued a Page Five) SEPTEMBER BUILDING SETSNEWLOW Total For Month $5,072,011 Compared to $8,192,60-4 For 1928 — Worst Slump Here SMALL TOWNS GAIN New Rochelle, Yonkers and White Plains Register Declines A new “ low\ for Beptembar building volume In Weetcheeter County Is reported by Building and Realty Newa of White Plains, which publishes today a table of building permits for that month for twenty-five Weetcheeter communl- tlee and Greenwich. Conn, show ­ ing an aggregate of *3,072,011 as compared to SS.1W.W4 The loaa of **,120,5#* from the September. 1928, aggregate le ac ­ counted for by the three cities of New Rochelle. White Plain* and Yonkers, where the aggregate loaa LEHMAN ORDER OPENS DOOR WIDE; INQUIRY SCOPE IS BROADENED I (Continued c Challenges Mayi To Announce , Which He Seek Democratic Candidate for Mayor Declares Unless Executive Declare* Hit Independence of Ward. He Will Charge Him )r McLaughlin °rinciples Upon sRetumloOffice LOCAL HOSPITAL SURVEY READY Challenging Mayor Frederick C McLaughlin to declare publicly the principles upon which he «*eki re- election, Thomas P. McLaughlin. FORGOVERMS _______ b Democratic candidate for mayor, stated that unless the mayor open ­ ly announces his Independence of the Ward ruled Republican ma ­ chine, be would charg* him erlth subservience to the party bosses The Democratic nominee termed Westchester County a monarchy ruled by the Iron hand of \Boss\ Wuk with the powerful weapon of fear, la his address Ust night be ­ fore the Young Men ’ s League for Thomas p. McLajighlln. which met In Democratic headquarter*. 15* Main street. -ThU county and this city Is In tbs' grip of a mighty octopus of fear.\ Mr. McLaughlin said. -Many cltlxens are eo openly afraid of the Republican machine and Its ruth- leas extermination of everyone wbo (Continued on Page Two) Plain* Institution Consid ­ er* Findings ol Architect ■t City. Club Meeting The report of the survey com ­ mittee on Its recommendations for the addition to be built to the White Plains Hospital will be sub- mltted to the board of governor* at a special meeting next Thursday evening, C. B. Winslow, chairman, announced todajr The report U the result of sev ­ eral months study of conditions and will embody suggestion* es to type of building, general arrange ­ ments, equipment, etc. The com ­ mittee worked In conjunction with (Continued on Pegs Two) Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire TO BE CHOICE AS ATTORNEY Governor and Attorney Gen ­ eral Confer on Selection of Prosecutor For West ­ chester Land Cose DESIGNATION DELAYED Justice Tompkins Agrees To Preside at Trial Term if Indictments Result (Special to The Dally Preaa) Albany; Oct. 10 — Acting Gover- ..or H. H. Lehman conferred hare 1 today with Attorney General Ham- | llton Ward In an effort to find a~ ■pedal assistant attorney general to proaecute the Westchester Coun ­ ty land purchase before an extra ­ ordinary grand Jury. The special Inquiry has been set : down to begin October 29. The ; date was advanced one day after Lehman's announcement yesterday to comply strictly with tba 20 -day noUoa rule. Justice Arthur 8. Tompkins, vet- | eran special ’ trial Judge, told the I acting governor In another tala- In the i by t! Washington. Oct. 10 (UP) — Hag ­ gard and nervous. Darter Churchill Dayton. 25-year-old Kansas. City. ordered held for tha grand gury by r's Jury sitting In t^a ln- , _____ the strangulation of his sweetheart. Miss Marjorie O'Don- •IL _____ Haw York. Oct. 10 (UP). — Charles Daloa Waggoner pleaded guilty and sentenced to fifteen years ’ im ­ minent in tha Atlanta Fedskal Penitentiary today for defrauding New Tork banks of *500,000 to most what ha claime d waa a “ moralob- Plttsburgh, Oct. 10 (UP). Uvaa wbe , ----- - ----------- -- ------ _ „ train and a westbound freight oot- i tided today a half-mile east of For- , to**. P»- Lenlngrad. Oct. 10 (UP) Eighty - six coffins containing bodies of American soldiers wbo lost thler lives while serving with the allied unite -btiwg the White foroea In Archangel following the Bolshevist revolution, arrived bar* today from ArchangeL They win remain here several days for ship ­ ment to Harrs. France and then on to The United State# for per- Berlln. Oct. 10 (UP) — Rapid recovery by Mrs- Gena Tunney, at a special term of oourt ivent Indictments are found land grand Jury. Justice Tompkins will return to his home at Nyaek tonight. Informed persons here today said that Lehman, wbo Uvea In Purch ­ ase, near White Plains, where the supervisors paid *1 . 000,000 for land for a new county building In the deal now under investigation, fa ­ vors Samuel Untermyer to conduct the grand jury Inquiry and any ! possible resultant trials. Untermyer, as Governor Roose ­ velt's representative, made an In ­ formal Investigation of the land deal and submitted a report to the Governor In which he recommend ­ ed the grand Jury Inquiry, but sug- ( Continued on Page Two) “ INSURGENTS” SEEKING SCALP OF WASHBURN Voters ’ League Files Petition Backing Democratic Candi ­ date* in New Castle; 90 Republicans Sign The Voter*' League of New Cae- tie aqd Yorktown baa indorsed the Democratic town ticket of the town of New Castle. A complete “ tnde- l pendent ticket\ filed here yeeter- 1 day by the league la Identical with the ticket nominated by the Demo- crate of New Castle. The peUUon contains the slgna- turse of 169 voters, most of them from the Chappaqua section of tba I town. Tha signers are divided po- I UUcally ninety enrolled Republi ­ cans. twenty enrolled Democrats • and tha balance independents. A «o™'y e-^GRAND JURORS I Sami Untermyer TO COYER ALL - OFFICIAL ACTS f Albany, Oct 10. — Acting j Governor Lehman today ! made a formal request of Attorney General Hamil ­ ton Ward to deaignate Samuel Untermyer to con ­ duct the special grand jury investigation into Westchester County land cases. (Lehman informed Ward that he believed Unter ­ myer to be the logical man for the position, in view of his preliminary investiga ­ tion and his knowledge of the situation. 7* He told the attorney gen ­ eral that Untermyer had consented to serve. Complaints received here thst the investigation could be held earlier than Octobef 29 were referred to Qie legal depatrment which reported to the act ­ ing governor that under the law, which Is a special statute for Westchester County, the grand jury may be drawn not lees than fourteen days after the governor ’ s notice. Attorney General Ward has taken Governor Leh- man's request to name Un ­ termyer under advisement. INVESTIGATOR UTTERS REPLY TO CRITICISMS Samuel Untermyer Issue* a Statement Defending Re ­ port Made to Governor • on Local Land Deal Yonkers, Oct 10 — Samuel Un ­ termyer today Uaued a statement defending his report to Governor Roosevelt on the White Plains land County, Town, Village and Other Subdivisions InchuL- | ed in Executive Order J Filed Wills Clerk OCTOBER 29 IS DATE, j Lund Investigation May Be , Extended to Alleged Mis- 1 deeds in Every Section < “ The poeslbtUty that the e dlnary grand Jury ' * * Ing Governor Lehn Inquire into the *1 chose by Weetehet also be broadened to Include mi 1 plaints on other purchases by both county and towns, particularly is J Bedford. Cortlandt and New Ckn- 1 rrnor'e order Clad here at a ----- -- day with County Clerk Charles X . F. Decker. The order * beny. with an . . from Guernsey T. Cross. se cr e t gey j to the Governor, and waa nuei ve * J by Deputy County Clerk 1 Msges. who wtfl file it in __ a nee with tba tew, notifying tha ■ county officiate required to otR* J , Out ItS aeoelslQHS- Jury had b of reobmm uel Uniei itennyer with r 0 purchase aloe Rating he would ask on other matters later. It e expected that the coating grand Js on October 29 would take u the single SMAOOO p 3. £2 grand Jury's work to In cl u de any and oil complaints, reeding. In tkto respect as follows: \For the purpoee of Inquiring iatg mention whether or not be board or boards of the i thereof or other pubBo e the said county, and of p cers of any town, vlltegi political s county, acting Jointly _..w. of the deal before the « — ............ Inordinary grand Jury. Mixture of business The three page statement Untor- ectlrltlee proved fatal fa myer Issued today follow* in fulL tal happiness of Mr. \It would not be seemly or dlgni- Franklin W. Roes, fora fled for me to engage In any con- of this city, aceordln Iroveray with the gentlemen whose outlined her* today | official conduct I eras asked to in- Louise Sherry' Roes, rsetlgate and who naturally an not Ident of Mount V pleased with the outcome. I have before Supreme Co refrained and will coutlhtte to re- lam T. Bleakley to a train from answering thsli) crlti- be divorced from her e ___ of my report. \ It is baaed pri- band, *-* ----------------- * — 1 inertly on the testimony of those known. leaks for Itself. ~i may auwim, with propriety My this concerning Mr. Weeh- k- — ‘ ---------- j plaint. My re- Page Two)

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