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THE DAILY MUBSS, WHITE FLAWS. J «. Y.. T11LHSUAY, OCTOBER 10, 19M FINANCIAL NEWS — STOCK MARKET REVIEW 6RAMDJDR0RS TO COVER ALL OFFICIAL ACTS . Of Ttjhlaga mmm | ____ today to Indicate that the fraud Jury will be Instruct ­ ed hr Jontiea Tompkins, oomplylng with this order, to Invsstlgate not only tba office build to* alU pur- ehaaa but complaints lodged with Untsrmyer relative to purchase* by the park comtnlaalon In Bedford, Cortlandt and New Castle, involv ­ ing. respectively, Buperrlaor Ed ­ ward P. Barrett former Buperrlaor David Mnrden, and d R. Washburn. Acting Governor Lehman'a for- _ _____ _ _____ j to my satisfaction that the public Interest require* It; Therefore, In accordance with the statute In auch caaa mad* and pro ­ vided. I do hereby appoint an ex ­ traordinary apodal and trial term of the Supreme Court to be held at the. court home. White Plain*, Waste heater County, N. T.^cn the »th day of October. 1929. at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, of that day, and to continue eo long aa may be m -------- r. for the purpose of ln- aulrlnir into any and all unlawful acts of any board oc boards or the member* thereof or other public officers of the said county, and of pubtto offlcera of any town, vil ­ lage, city or other political sub ­ division of eald oounty, acting with others, done aUeged to have been done — mil in connection with or aris ­ ing out of the acquisition, purchase any interest therein, whether evi ­ denced or represented by stock In ­ ured or otherwise, In which the eald oounty, town, village, dty or other political subdivision of said oounty may be or baa been directly or Indirectly lnUreated or con ­ cerned, and Into any and all un ­ lawful or alleged unlawful acts of any and all persona of every de- mltted. in connection with such acta of such pubUo officers ta or of eald oounty or In any way re ­ lated thereto, and for such other proper matters as may com* before the court, and I do hereby desig ­ nate the Hon. Arthur a Tompkins of Nyack. N. T„ who 1* a Jurtlce of the Supreme Court of the Ninth Judicial District, to hold the mid extraordinary apodal and trial tarm aa her sin before described and among other things to cause to be drawn according to law a grand jury to serve at eald extraordinary term of the Supreme Court, and 1 do further direct that notice of such appointment be given by pub- 11 cation of this order on the 14th day of October, IBS, end 21at day of October, 1*99. in The White Plain# Record of White Plains and tn The Yonkers Herald of Yonkers. N. Y„ newspapers published In the oounty of Westchester: [U SO Given under my hand and tba privy seal of the SuU at the Capitol in the city of Albany Oils ninth day of October In the year of our Lord, one thousand nine , hundred and twenty-nine. HERBERT H- LEHMAN. By the Acting Governor: OUERNHEY T. CROSS, Secretary Dealings in NewYork Stocks lOocUmie d from P age one) |Du Pont Da Ni Allegheny Corp -------- US 471* S2*Puw , — WH Mg , Elec — 1781* inn En f Pub sv Erie R R - Fax Film A Gen Cable . Am Pow A Lt - AaT*T. ----- Am Tob ______ Am Mater Works Am Wool . Anaconda ------------- Cjpr ---------- 3004 ail* 213 'A 17114 Gen Ry Sngnal GU Safe Raxor Gold Dust xd - Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige Gulf States Steel Hahn Dept Stores Hudson Mot ------- Hupp Mot Chi Mil StP A Pec ----- 17% Chi Mil 8tP A Pac pf_ OSH Chi A N W --------------- NH Chrysler -------------------- M ’ » Col Gas A Elco ------- 128 \ Commer Sol vs ---------- Ml Cons Oas ,, - 1B2K Conti Can ------------------ MS Conti Mot J __________ US Del A Hud --------------- IMS MS •TS Lori Herd . Mack Truck* __ ,,.. ! May Dept 8 tores “ • J* Mo Kens Tex __ \1- ------- n re __ _ ____________ N Y Chi A St L ----- — ISIS N Y N H A Hart _ N Y Ont A W ----- North Am .............. FAIL TO PRESS CHARGE AFTER DINNER BRAWL N Y Air Brake . Tob Un Oil Col ____ Untd Elec Coal _ I V B lad A1 ‘ | U 8 Btecl _ I Utils Pow A Lt A_ i Warner Bro# Piet _ 1 Weet Md ------------------- US ; Wert Un --------- - -------- 2S3S Wbouae Air Brake ____ 63 | Whous* Eleo ------------ 233* | Woolworth ___________ 93 >4 Prosecution of Elmer Bouner, ' Mamaronock, arrested after (rouble 1 at the Agio restaurant, Armonk, j .... ■ — — . ■ ---- i — early Oftr. oa chrtges of mall*- Now ^ oId srgum.nu dons mischief and Intoxication. . . were dropped by Justice ol the j ,bo,,t ** “ ,tymJe qul,ud down - Peace Pletachker In North White ' **>• D,w standard ball with Endeavor For Larger Cup Seems Bound To Fail ^ By BOBBY JONES Plains today when the complainant failed to press the chargee A testimonial dinner given by Harrison Democrats In honor of a prominent woman leader of the party waa Just breaking up when Slate Police here - - 2:16 a. m. The complainant was Harry Wu. manager of the restaurant, which Is run by a group of Harrison men. When troopers arrived they found Bouner and an amount of broken furniture. He waa dis ­ charged today when Wu failed to com* to preea the charge. Xt waa maid the management called Wu off in an e ffo rt to prevent tbs trouble ' specifications calling for more and lees weight baa been adopted — at least by the U. 8. G. A. — now we appear ta be approaching a new controversy. Whether or not It will caned out as modestly aa It lias come in remains to be seen. X refer to the demand, heard from some else of the bole from 414 to 4* The change In the specifications of the ball does not amount to a vast reformation. ibar of prominent Harrtson folk attended the party. The retaurant waa closed shortly before t o'clock when the Stele Police arrived. GET HOME BREW IN DRY RAIDS I it-ii retain what ws have, or at least to regain what we bad only a few years ago. Tba stymie mess i ■ seems to have died a natural death because even Its moat sincere enemies have not been able to provide a satisfactory means of eliminating It And my humble guess la that the larger bale wlU never arrive although lt may be brilliantly sponsored. The oaae made out In this to- Con Locate |F** .W • | that it wtll eliminate from the WASINHURRY TO PLAY GOLF ------- — |i Millieent Pierce ’ * Plea Fail* , ] to Move Judge Carter — j | She Pay*- $10 Fine If 1111 cent Pierce, 180 East **th . tract. New York City, a golf en- ' busiest, who told Judge Charles uter that she bad btiu speeding •cause she was scheduled to play championehlp round of golf paid « ftoe of HO In Scandals police vsura this morning. Three other rases wara beard and fines wen ME Jack Sposlto, 147 Wert 104th streat. New York City, forfaited hall of *35 when ha failed to appear on a charge of speeding a miles# an hour, on Hutofatneoo River Park ­ way. 4 #?rook Federal Agent* 400 Bottle* of Ah _ ----- _ — _____ |,„J R«-r chanoe. It Is claimed tbal the en- le gco pee r larged hole will be of sufficient Federal agents assisted by Whit, V\ enable the good putter to Plains police raided two Hamilton putts avenue alleged speakeasies here * Uh =«talo5y, while not large yesterday afternoon meWiwg a haul cnou t^ to Increase the probabilities ofmonthanetS'brttlss ofW a* - \mot. dletoacea two bartenden who were arrested Chance Must Play Pert In Golf , on charges of violation of tba Voi- There can be no question that, stead Act. \• pointed out, a constderebli Federal Agent Kelly and detec -nount of luck la Involved in the tlvT*Thoma* Murray raided a re- ollng of fifteen or twenty foot sort known aa th# Blue Spruce Inn utts In tba present hole. Whether ' 42 Hamilton evenue. They arrested Frank McHugh. Mamaroneck ave and seised M4 bottles of alleged borne brew. Federal Agent MoOlvney and or BU the Increase proposed would present e fairer problem, or wheth ­ er we should And only that by the change we had Increased slightly the area of oartaimy with the situa ­ tion relatively speaking, unaltered, It Is difficult to say. But on grounds entirely apart from the merit* of these contentions, I think lt Is .a ..mistake to even entertain these Golf because of Its nature la neo- eacarlly a guns In which chance must play a great part. In the first place It has been moat cer- j tslnly demonstrated by th* best golfer* the game has produced | over a very long period of time hlmealT an^fafaUlbls* golfing ma ­ chine. Each individual has his good day s and hi* bad ones, in th* degree of accuracy with which b* strikes the ball. To th* uncertainty of human performance la to bo added the lrragularlUa the. playing ground — the mot from which the ball may take untoward bound, the spots of suspected softness or hardness which often upset the moat nicely planned abate, and th* varying tex ­ ture of the grama which the moat careful greenkeeping can not avoid. Considering all these things, when a man starts out to play golf he must l%iw what awaits him — must be aware that he la encoun ­ ter a delightful and charming game with all the uncertainties and problem* of a gaifcr. and not an exact, unyielding science I somewhat suspect that If the golfer were art upon a course where noth- Hcnrjf U - F. A Baker. Jr. BUYS *BOUTHLEA* Ry# National Bank _______ quests, Annie M. Beach, New York, 5800. and Margaret Mastarooa, Rye. child r en. 3 LOO): children, Nanay O- John V. N. and Leroy g. Willard, i Jr, i of m North Sev- _ and Arthur Cowan, of 129 North Terrace arena*, all of Mount Vernon. 8700 in personal property and *2.000 in rial property LEAKLEYHAS CLOSE ESCAPE IN CAR CRASH (Continued from Page one) be waa riding off the flaw Mill River road south of Ossining. Bleakley was smiling aa be took the bench. H* turned aside tbs concern of his friends with a de ­ precating gesture of his cut h an d . It Asa nothing eerlou*, ’ the onkera Jurist said. H* then went on the bench and began hearing tbs regular buatoeea - Special Term. Part One. [ba Jurist and bis stenographer o was driving the car narrowly mi ssed on* of an anto accident's When be lag the earthen shouldar of* th* Bobby J< — - - ------- road, tbs Judge said today, be reel- putt. The present cup la large ■ — • .*.-1 - ---- — - - . — . — . tor him jm dripping over 07**01 and 1 ---- ** self. With hla left hand, which wu * “ ■ free be manend tn neck amnnrf fro* b* r . _. __ _____ O'Neill, who wu on top of him, a to abut off-the Ignition switch. _ . .. left to chance, and where he could blame only himself tor the be would be a moot Btx yean ago Patsy Oenaro of Y raker* eald. \Good morning. Judge. ” to County Court Judge “One year in the'County ] ■aid that the stymie “ the undeserved reward of an __ skillful shot ” I agree that la Jurt what .It la. But in m play It la a possibility with roe to which each player must L_. and which can be minimised by Yesterday afternoon a track ool- — « end *eo tathe 44 inch hole. *»* ooncrtroble^Su bylSngtog BUSINESS RECORDS OF WESTCHESTER COUNTY :3plL- DomiTlwy F A O* lee — Me i* wee TUe fiUrtfrr A ' >eleu*, J A (Cl. Pelelee. J A a I um Xlw*«I!Ir*Oo A Io« r (0) _T [M a FU Beak. Bemaaa. Free, KSrf lie. *11. ‘Bimlwoo* hue '- D*ak. Kerries — »to.cx}0 ’ Irllanl., John Oauen aaSrmef a Kick Huteaine. BU Leuae BeendeU. Fim. gsajesz a “ k * ass - sr^r-Asx^i PLAN BOARD APPROVES NEWSTREET Greenburgh Commi*aion Put* O. K. od Butler Park ' Subdivigion Highway — Known a* The Bend A street known u The Bend t the new Batter Park subdivision In Oroenburgh, wu approved by the planning commission of the township teat night at n public bearing. No opposition wu record ­ ed- This street had been suggested following th* denial of approval of a map of tbs section l ----------- \ ' t ttbat one street outlet. Th* Wv «d l street with th* main artary of th* subdivision. It la probable that the developers of Butler Park wlU now petition the town board uin u this strut the objection made by the tommUton to the first map $3,000AF00T VALUE PLACED ON MAIN ST, (Continued from Pag* one) •*si x. SUM nru,er 0. rocek THE HUGUENOT TRUST BUILDING Chart* U. Suet* 32 North Are, Now Rocbelfe, N. Y. H H. KeJTOUUi Telephone: Hamilton SOX ' - - Trt ‘ THEODORE N. UTZ. Mooogv 8 stock ncesn Aouoted hy GLENN1 W. SCOFIELD ) —

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