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p effective against tb* tall cod A ’ l but had tittle troubU la the eld* ut without them n Cube. McMillan. 3b. English, aa _ Hornsby. 2b _ Stephenson, Grimm, lb — Supervisor* ’ Petition For Grand Jury Probe Denied by Tompkins Supreme Court Justice Ar ­ thur a Tompkins today do ­ med the petition of the Re ­ publican supervisors for an Immediate grand Jury inves ­ tigation of Samuel Unter- tnycr'a charges in connection with the White Plains Uml strike one. called: Cochrane singled over second, Haas pulling up at se- Slmmons up. Ball one. wide; hall two. low and wide; ball three, in ­ side: strike one, called:-Simmons died to McMillan. Foxx up. Strike one. swung; ball' one. wide: Foxx was safe on Eng ­ lish ’ s error Oiling the bases. Woody fumbled the/Oall for a forced play Miller up. Sulks one. call atrtke two. called: Miller Bled Stephenson. No rune, two hits. The petition was made be ­ fore Acting Governor H. H. Lehman naked Justice Tomp ­ kins to preside over the spe ­ cial grand Jury Inquiry or ­ dered by the Governor. Justice Tompkins today signed an order entlng the Governor's Investigation for October 31. This Is aa soon aa a special grand Jury can be convened. The Juatico de ­ nied the ’ supervisors ’ petition aot a fatal blunder.. . The Cchicago outfit had lie game pretty much theid iwn'way and outplayed the athletics throughout. ball two. outs Ids; Hornsby called out, on strtkea Wilson up: Strike one. swung: ball ona, low; Wilson singled to right for hie fVMh euccee- stve hit of the series. Cuyler up: Foul, strike one: strike two. swung; Cuyler called out on strikes. No runs, one hit, no errors. Athletic* — Dykes up: Dykes filed to WU md - Boley up: Strike one. celled; ball one. wide; ball two, wide; Boley singled to center. Earashaw up: Ekrnabaw sacrificed. McMillan to Grimm. Bishop up: Ball one. high; strike one, called; ball two, low and Inside; ball three, outside; tsrlke two. colled; Bishop walked. Haas up: Foul, strike ona; ball one. Ugh; ball two. high and wide. Hsuis filed to Cuyler. No rune, one hit, no errors. Fifth Inning Cuba — Stephenson up: Ball one, high and Inside; ball two. low and j outside; ball three, wide; atrtke one. called ; strike two, called; Stephen ­ son out. Bishop to Foxx. Orimm up: Strike one. called; Grimm filed to Bishop who went Into right field to make the catch. Taylor up: Strike one, ewung; strike two. swung; Taylor fanned. No rune, no bits. \This Ts Tim* of Dietm. ” | Th, Governor ’ s extraordlnar V '* ,,me . rC * 6 ’ grand July Investigation of th, bays surrogate ID Plea to j White Plains land deal was set foi Support Supervisor* JSS/LSST gSSZE to the flnrt public .(element he j'Ju'rJ.'M^M. Hay^th^'f^m or i o ,* ^ ***•' Uer* from the Governor ’ s office tond tovratig.tion In Westchester wh)ch Arthur S. Tompkins County. Surrogate George M. Slater j mid Just signed, of Port Chester, last night called! p-miry was assigned by Attorney on the residents of Westchester General Hamilton Ward at Albany County to stand behind each auper- yesterday to proceed with “ any ami visor who by his hard work has : all acUons ” In the *1,000,000 land made the county the best known | deal InveaUgatlon. and most prosperous to the world, i The young assistant attorney Surrogate Slater called attenUon | general, who was formerly assist- to the prosperity of the county. He ant federal district attorney In Buf- pointed to the high assessment roll. 1 falo. arrived here this morning Just tho parka and the playgrounds, the j as Justice Tompkins was opening system, of public welfare and the ] court. He was accompanied by Ar county recreaUon centers. thur Coracaddon. a messenger from \Who did It? Why each super- | th. Governor ’ s office, vlaor of the county In the codnty After Justice Tompkins had pr» board. Every man on tho county ; pared to draw a Jury for a trial to board helped to create our wonder- d *X ln hl * court he weDl lo hl * tul county. They had wisdom and chambers to sign the orders for thr foresight. Today the county profits «traordinaiy special and trial by millions of dollars on their plans- , tcrm courl - Thls la the time of dlstreaa .and C^P'a* °f ’ •*« Jury order were de ­ now is the time for each and every- ! l ‘ v * :A ’ ’ d to Oeorgc Ell rod L clerk o 1 one of us to back up tbaae men. 3uprf,me Court - ond from th * ‘ '.'>«> Let us all stand behind them. j ment th * tw,nl > r •***' “ Uce bf Cubs: McMillan up. Ball on*. . low; strike one, called: foul, strike 2; McMillan fanned, .winging at a fast one over the eenttr. English up. Strike one. swung; strike 2. swung; ’ foul; ball one, high; Engllah out. Biabop to Foxx. Hornsby up. Strike one. swung; .foul, strike two; ball one, high; Hornsby fanned No runs, no hltsa .no errors. Athletics- Bishop up. Strike one. called; ball one, wide; foul, atrtke two; ball two, outside; ball three, wide: Bishop filed to Grimm who went back Into right field for the catch. Hass up. Ball one. Inside; strike one. swung; ball two. high; Haaa singled over second. Cochrane up. Strike one. called; ball one. outside; Cochrane filed to Stepbcnson. Simmons up. Ball one. Inside; strike one, called. Simmons forced Haas at second. No runs, no hits, no errors. the accident, the mother, Mrs Frances Pottcnberg, was driving across El wood avenue whan her auto struck another driven by Je- ' rome H. Ackerly. Patchogue, L. I- | overturned and burst Into flames i whan the heat of the engine Ignited gasoline from a broken feed line. Apparently both were thrown oul of the machine by the impact of the collision and were pinned be ­ neath It when rascuerk arrived. The Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Will ' Officiate at Special Service Tonight at Jewish Com ­ munity Center White Plains will have a disting ­ uished guest this evening when Rabbi Stephen 8- Wise, an out ­ standing leader of Jewry ln Amer ­ ica, win officiate at the services In the Jewish Community Center at which Abram V. Goodman will be installed aa rabbi. Dr. JVUe. who la tha founder of the Free Syna ­ gogue' and the founder and presi ­ dent of the Jevrlefa Institue of Re ­ ligion-of New Tork. will make the principal address of the evening and will conduct the religious rit ­ ual. The services will begin promptly at 8:30. Other speakers will be Rabbi Goodman, the Rev. C. Sumner Os ­ good. representing the Ministers ’ Association of the White Plain* Athletics — Cochrans up: Ball one. Inside; ball two. Inside; strike one, called; strike two, swung: bell three, outside; Cochrane beat out an Infield hit to English. _ Simmons ad to Wilson. Cochrans holding first Foxx up; Ball one. low and outside; strike one, called; Foxx out. Bush to Grimm, Clchrane go ­ ing to second. It eras Dot a sacri ­ fice hit Miller up; Strike one. swung: ball one. low; It eras almost a wild pitch. Miller scored Coch ­ rane with a single to center field. Dykes up: Ball one. outride; Miller out stealing. Taylor to Hornsby. On* run, taro hits, no errors. Mil ­ ler ’ s timely single which scored Cochrane was a Una drive over sec ­ ond. Wilson wan playing too far out to make the catch. WANTS ACTION poerible trials as a result of th6 land deal over into De cemb er. The Republicans appeared today to. have loet their strong bid for ad WARNING - IMPORTANT M. BLUMENTHAL Burning leaves, paper, etc., on Asphalt surface'd etreeta wilt positively not be permitted. We respectfully request the co-operation of all ‘ * -houseworkera, , ’ ......... CITY OF WHITE PLAINS j Department of Public. Works AT LOWEST-IN-THE-C1TY PRICES HAVE, THE VOL 1 —NO. 164. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11.1929 Westchestet First SCHOOL SAVINGS CHAMPION CUMBER cmr PLANNING ______ B) LOUIS K TLA lEj — _ INEAR DEATH BLAZING MOTOR For Prosecntor MOTHER AND SON Morning Auto Toll in With the ending of the Only „ . T O- CJ • month of the school year, reports CJOUnty 18 olX oCn- from all over the county show that - - . , n . - ................ * ---- ously Injured-Briar- cliff Woman in Criti ­ cal Condition From Burns - Four Men . Badly Hurt the children ln -the public schools are depositing more money than ever before to the school saving ac counts / ’ This Is good news because It not only shows that tbs thrift Idea U growing with the children but It ulso Indicates that. In spite of all the talk of unemployment, spare pennies are to-be found In most of our Westchester homes. If mothers und fathers had reached tha point -./here they found It necessary to iiineh, the school saving accounts would bo the first to show 1L \Skeeters\ Burrell, a member of the Harrison Volunteer Fire De ­ partment. has publicly laid -cjdm to bring the champion flagpole climber in Westchester. Burrell has proved his ability to often to climb almost anything that tha average person wouldn't think of trying to climb that those who have witnessed hie perform ­ ances declaro that he is not over- boastful. At any rate, his challenge is an open one and if anyona who roads this thinks he can outclimb Burrell, they can write In and-.w* will try to got the two together for a demonstration- of neck - risking \ibUlty. A Briarcliff woman and her six-year-old son narrow ­ ly escaped a horrible death this morning when the car in which they were riding was overturned and was set ablaze by gasoline fed by a broken pipe. They are inj the Grasslands Hospital in a critical condition. Three men were seriously Injured this morning whan the motor car to which they ware riding left the road at the Kenslco Dam. They are ln Grasslands Hasp!tab and Ibetr condition Is reported as »ari- oua. A crash on the Saw Mill River j I ’ arkwyy sent IU victim to the Ton- kers Hospital with a fractured skull and other Injuries. _ A Briarcliff woman-and bar rix- years now and coma to be a elaaric 1 year-old son had a narrow escape that attracts wide attention, may 1 from death this morning whan a out with this year's running. | they pr*rs. pinned beneath a burn- Tliomas Penney, Jr,, probably will not prose ­ cute the charges against the supervisors made by Samuel Untermyer in his report to Governor Roos- l evelt, it was learned to- = d W,N GAME IN SIXTH; TRIAL JURORS Stock Market ‘ Screen JBandit ’ Back Plays Third Date in Week in White Plains; Loot Totals $40 in Cash; Fire Homes Entered; Police Investigating $300 chack take* tram the bo^a of J. H. Johnson. SB .Waller avenue. The burglar also wattad out of “ “ evelt, •day. A man outside the attor ­ ney general ’ s office will actually prosecute and keep in touch with both the Governor ’ s office and the attorney general's of ­ fice, it was learned. This special prosecutor has not yet been named. In asking Attorney Gen ­ eral Ward to proceed with the case. Acting Governor Herbert H. Lehman of Purchase left it to the at- j torney general to name the prosecutor, but recom ­ mended that Untermyer i lie selected. Penney is in charge of the preliminaries for the I extraordinary grand jury. ; He will keep in touch with I the case as representative ! of the attorney general's • office. Assistant Attorney General Visits City to Set Wheel* in Motion For Land . Ptirekase Inquiry JUDGE TOMPKINS ACTS All Hope of Report Before Election Abandoned as Plans Arc Revealed COLLECT THREE RUNS TO BEAT ATHLETICS of um a fetung -M Athletic ’ s T wq Errors Contribute to *Win- mng Frame For Chicago Aggregation — Game Fails to Show Great Speed. Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Oct. 11. — The Cubs retrieved iheir lost laurels today, and ook their first game from 'onnie Mack ’ s outfit by a icore of 3 to 1. With two ictories to their credit the Athletics went down to de ­ tent in the sixth inning, when i McCarthy's agg rogation clouted the sphere for three runs. Cochrane was the lone hero for the Mackmen, when he scored in the fifth frame jn a single by Taylor. Once again English pulled ais usual fumble but fortu- e£u«i; Engii»b lately, for the Cubs it was yHo ™ b ? ^ «trik. on.; fatal blunder.. ' Complete IFire Report* of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest IForld-fFide News Service

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