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'10-11 Depot Pita Building White Plait a. N. Phone 7200 Help Wanted — Waie 39 TWO family home, two baths, three rooms In, attic. Terms reason ­ able. Ml Columbus Avenue, Silver Lake Park. Phono 2995-M. —67 WANTED — Superintendent for building In White Plains. Thirty apartments and twelve stores. Steam heat. Must be strictly tem ­ perate, good mechanic and able to dn minor repairs. Salary J100 and *6Vgp*rtmcnL Phone New Rochelle Apartment*. Unfunu*hed 80 dODERN HfeanerT Help Wanted — Male BEbA-.N EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Domestic and Commercial \More Than 30 Years Dependable Service\ Wanted At Once-Chambermaid Waitress. 385. Cooks, $100. Also Genera! HoiucmaK, Private. Salesladies. Local Office: White Plains 47 Mamaroneck Are., Room 103 I'honea 7770 -7771 Situation* Wanted Female 42 T* 0 *™ 01 ™ 9200 1 THK DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.. P1MDAY. OCTOB mm THE COMMUNITY WANTS AND OFFERS THIS AD SERVICE IS 'AS CONVENIENT AS YOUR PHONEY-CALL WHITE PLAINS 9200 Buick Master Six Touring $150. See Classification 5. Avenue OASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Count Biz Avsrsgs Words Per Uns RATES or* accepted over the phone, with the will pay when bill Is presented or before get the losat ate and may be stopped being made only for lesertlon* used si :> -consecutive Insertions get one-time rata face type, double regular ratea PHONE YOUR AD - CALL 9200 Closing lime: II A. M. — 9 A. M. Saturday* ads delivered only on proper Identification • - 12c a Line Caah Insertions - 9c a Line Cub Insertions - 7c a Line Cash DISPLAY CLASSIFIED RATES wvvarAiunau,! wui stores, n«w)y decorated, l .„ leased for one ytar or longer at a very reasonable rental. Located 27- 37 Grove St, corner of Martlne. Coll at 20 Grove 8t. qr Phone 3030 WILLIAM .OTTO, for further Information. - PRIVATE office Employment Agencies 45 office building. Phone white ------- ■ ---------- • ----------------- , Plains 3*03. Evenfugs 8337. Hoasei lor Rent . New Tork Supreme Court, j Incorporations Last ud Found LOST — Last Thursday, on Murray mn Road, Seaodale. Springer spaniel (female}. Odor, liver and whita. Reward offered. TeL Scars- Aotos For Sale US£D CARS Largest Assortment in White Plains at \Lowest-in-the-City\ Prices Said With 'An O. K.. That Counts I Visit to Our Uicd Cu Dept. Will Convince Yo« Balance on Terroi COURT CHEVROLET CO. 67 South Lexington Ave. White Plains. N. Y. Phones 5330-5331 Instruction LEARN ACCOUNTANCY By Practical Home-Study Course Plus Personal Coaching Use yrrar spare time to prepare for C. P. A. exams, a bigger Job In ac ­ counting, well-paid executive posi ­ tion. Recognized course of Uni- vorslljrgrade, provides for personal Instruction by qualified accountant In White Plains. Find out about our unit-lecture plan, double assur ­ ance of satisfaction, cosy payments. Send post cord for 56-page free booklet \Universal Language of Business.\ No salesman will call. Address AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRA ­ TION. Dept. 9X, 1775 Broadwar' New York City. Help Wanted — Female 38 Antique* Typist — Salary . EMPIRE VOCATldjiAL BUREAU 151 E. Pc ‘ Expert I Open. Expert Steno and Typist — Salary Open. Expert Steno and Typist — Secretar ­ ial Training Young college girl Open. No Registration Fee High Class Office Positions an Teachers Only at This Bureau. — t WANTED AT ONCE Competent help, colored and whlti cooks, genera, bouseworkara Can place Immediately. WESTCUETTEB EMPLOYMENT BUREAU 99 MAMARONECK AVE. Telephone White Main > 10147 WALLER AVENUE Attractive nine-room bouse, large open porches, tile bath, lavatory', steam heat, two-car garage', land ­ scape plot. Immediate occupancy at reduced rental. Apply -Kenneth Ives Mahagment. Inc, 401 Bar Building. Tel. 5444. —63 Wanted To Rent 87 ~ WE HAVE LO-tt OF SeX-OND MORTGAGE MONEY FOR JOOD i -PPUC a TIONS LEI U8 SOLVE fOUP PROS LEMS AND END YOURS WORRIES' STANDARD MORTGAGE CQ. 171 Main STREET WHITE PLAINS 4838 Household Goodi 58 DINING room and llvlngroom. bed ­ im. single and three-quarter beds, spring and mattress, d.-esser and chlffloner. steam gas radiators. • pri While PI* FOR SALE — 1 Kurtxn.a.1 piano: 1 good-sized roil top desk with chair. Good condition. Reason ­ able. Box C-2, care Dally Press. — 62 UPRIGHT piano, good condition. Walnut lfnune. $80. Tel. 1388 White Plains. — 63 Furnished Rooms 73 ISM BUICK MASTER SIX TOURING CAB. PRICE, *15*. PO OP ENGINE, GOOD TIKES. CAN BE SEEN ANY TIME AFTER 5: SO P. M. S3 OLOYEBDAT.E AVE. OR TEL mtl AFTER 6:30 P. M- e Plains YOUNG -GIRL FOR CLERI- . CAL WORK IN NEWSPAPER, ' OFFICE WITH KNOWLEDGE I OF STENOGRAPHY, APPLY j THE DAILY PRESS. lCr? MA- j MARONECK AVE, WHITE I PLAINS. OR WRITE BOX C-3, | CARE THE DAILY PRESS. FURNISHED room tolet. 192 Main Btreet, While Plain*. Marglotta. TO LET — Furnished room for gen ­ tleman In private home. Near stati on. T el. W. P. 4344-M. — 60 FOR rent. Three furnished rooms, fine neighborhood, near Mamaro ­ neck Ave. School. Tel. 1256. — 64 IMMACULATE comfortably heated light housekeeping room. Cen­ tral 2 Oakley Ave. — 64 ATTRACTIVELY furnished front bedroom, central location, home ­ like atmosphere. Reasonable. TeL 2264- W after 5 P. M. REDUCED 6 large rooms, large open porch, tun porch. House In perfect dltlon, equipped with scr shades, awnings and weatherstrips. Plot with planting and shade trees, concrete street-Ideal location, near to sUsUon and school. Steam heat, one car detached garage. Price $14,500 ROBERT E. FARLEY ORGANIZATION ?. Martine Ave. — White Plains 1160 — If WHI TE PLAIN8 . 313AOO New .'JnOTIsb Stucco House on a large Wooded Plot In vest resi ­ dential section. First Floor, large living-room, dining-room, ricltchrn. breakfaat nook and lavatory. Second Floor, three well arranged bed-rooms. Ulc both with shower. 1. rgo attic, steam beat, brass pipe- Ing. One ear bullt-ln garage. Inspection will convlce you that th'e Is s bargain. Seg urty- H ill i~ To The Above Named Defendants: You Are Hereby Summoned to answer the complaint In this action and to servo a copy of your answer, or. If the complaint Is not served with this summons, to serve a no ­ tice of appearance on the plan tiff's attorney within twenty days after the service of this summdns, ex ­ clusive of the day of service. In case of your failure to appear or answer. Judgment will be taken against you by default for the re ­ lief demanded In the complaint. Dated, • ’ y 11. 1929. SILAS a CLARK Attorney for Plaintiff. Office A P. O. Address. Bar Building, * * White Plains. N. Y. To All of the Above Named De ­ fendant*. except The Suburban Homes Development Company and The People of the Slate of Hew York. The foregoing summons Is serv ­ ed upon you by publication pur ­ suant to an order of Honorable William F. Bleak ley, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, dated October 1. 1929. and filed with the complaint In the Of ­ fice of the Clerk of the County of Westchester In the City of White ’ Plains. N. Y. The object of this-action Is to foreclose certain transfers of tax liens held by the Plaintiff under the provisions of ChajAer 105 of the Laws of 1916, and amendments The property affected by this ac ­ tion Is situated In the Town of Greenburgh, County of Westches ­ ter and State of New York, known and designated as Lot No. 28, Block No. 951, Sheet 13, on the Town As ­ sessment Map ot-- the Town of Greenburgh. which lot Is also known and designated ns Lot No. 8. Block No. 63. on a certain, map entitled \Mnp of Building Lots and Villa Sites at Elmsford Park. West ­ chester County. New York, ” m ade by Ward Carpenter A Son. Civil Engineers. Tarrytown, N. Y, May 5th. 1891. and filed as Map No. H In the Office of the Register the County of Westchester and 8tate of New York, on the 23th day of September, 1893. Dated. October 4. 1929. SILAS 8. CLARK. Attorney for Plaintiff. Office A P. O. Address. Bar Building, Whits Plains. N. T. Oct 4-11-16-25 Nov. i-6 L6. - Taka Notice, that a petition by your wife, Paulin* Collins, has been presented to the New York Su ­ preme Court. Weetcbeeter County, and filed In the office of the Clerk of Weetcbeeter Count, day of October, 2*3*, praying that the marriage betwee n yourself and Pauline Qolllns be dleeoired on the ground that you have t*----- *-* yourself for upwards five slve years last past without being known to the sold Pauline Collins to be living during that time, and by reason of which the believes you to be dead; that-a dill* has been mads to dleeovi showing that you ora living and such evidence hoe been found. This notice le given to you by publication pursuant to an order mode by New York Supreme Court. Westchester County, and < ’ '* \' ' and entered in the office Clark of Weetcbeeter County on the 8th day of October, 1*29. Please Take Further Notice that bearing will be hod on befaro New York Supreme Court at a Special Term, Part I. thereof, to-be held In and for the County of Weetcbeeter, New York, at the County 'Court House, In the City of White Plains, N. Y. on the \4th day of January. 1930 at 10 ‘ clock In (he forenoon; and upon your failure to appear or answer sold petition, an application will be made for an order to sold Court, dissolving the marriage between yourself and said Pauline Collins. Dated: Mout Vernon, N. Y. (Jo­ bber 8th. lfrlB. WILCHINS A WTLCHIN8. Attorneys for Petitioner, Pauline Collins, Office and P. O. Address. No. 11 South Fourth Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York. Oct. 11-18-25 Nov. 1-8-16-22-t- 7. - $25, 000 S UIT Wpman Sac* For Alleged Injuries Sustained in Fall Over Uneven Paring Stone A fall over an upraised paving stone In front' of ‘ the home of Ed ­ win J. Lucas, at 233 Rich avenue, Mount Vernon, on October IT. 1928, faulted in the filing of a $23,000 lit in Supreme Court here today. Florence S. Martin. Mount Ver- on, is the plaintiff in the suit She alleges that because of the core- ess of the defendant in the malntsdnance of the sidewalk she caused to fall and injure her- is-arta Bept*xnb»,'r 30. . ta today/ The est >*«n Other wills filed today: executor. Coleridge W. Hart. ___ _ batueote: Coleridge W. Hart, prop ­ erty, furniture, principal * * — \* 'a aggregating ewmq Hart, daughtar-ln-Uw? *6.000; Grace Rlfenbergh. day, Poeksklll. friend. $600; Wawiey Barger, /PeoksklU. $100; Hillside $100; Harriet Taylor. Chicago, nloco, a desk; Lois Jane Hart. PeekeklU. granddaughter, Jewelry. 8. Fletcher Allen, S3 Smith street. Poeksklll; died September 31 ; 1 than $10,000 personal property; __ ecu tor, braham M. Allen. >13 Smith Street; bequests: Graham M. Allen, eon: Lucy Holmes Allen, daughter; both of PeekaUU, and Julia Allen Randall, daughter, Pekin, BL, third each. AWARD BID Ikka4 HariMK ta BuU Sect*, •f Mamareaedc Volry Sewer Lei t Valley with Michael tractor, for the construction of a ' of the hr trunk Ups point near Lawrence Inn to the entrance to Harbor Island, In Ma. maroneck, a distance of about 3,200 f*et MarineiU bidders wta the contract uader of spe ci fications. ] _ _ *69,4*3 fid. which was $170 lowur than that of the next lowest bidder, the Bergen Contracting Company, Cllffelde, N. J. * stated at the office of the commlselon today that construction work on this section will be start- ' within \ Prince A Ripley. Inc. report the sale for Minnie K. Tail of denUal nlot on Ovden White Plain#, to Arthur J. This property la adjacent to ----- *- ‘ $h echooL SELLS EOT Prince A Ripley, Inc. report the sals of a residential lot on Ogden | White Plains, for Norman 1 to X J. Morrison, White ^Albany, Q ct^l*^(S peeMd) -ffibs chartered by tbs Secretary of Mata Port Cheater Fuel Co. lac, Ryer > capital $7*000 In $160 Mm^rd*- rectors: WIHiam H. Webb, Stam- ford. Conn. Carla X. .Lawson and Lcvuoa, both of Fort Katherine X Chester. ACTIVE FAIL RENTAL FIELD Robert E. Farley Organisa ­ tion Consummate* Num ­ ber of Lease* are the rental of a house on Oake Drive, Scandal*, for C. W. M. Young of Pittsburgh. Pa. to V. A. Baldwin of BronxvUle; a store on Orawaupum street White Plains, for the Eastern MID A Material Company to the Arte raft Print- avenue, Whita Plains, for Henry KTGoods peed ta Howard N. Cappell of Nor berth. Fa; an apartment at — - -------- — - - ------ White to W. I. Harms of New York C a house on Palmer avenue, in the Heathcotc section of flea red sis for the Heathcote Land A Develop ­ ment Company to Edward Young of Beared*] e; an a p a rt m ent in the Parkway Building. White Plains, to Louis Boning of Bridgeport, Oocn; - bouse on Woods lane. Scandals, >r George W. Both# of Scandals » L. M. Collins of New York City. ■Qte rental department has also concluded th'e sale of the buolnee# and lease of the Polly A Kettle Tea START WORK ON NEWGARAGE $100,000 Structure Will Be Located on Grove Street — Fireproof Throughout A Fresh Catalog Daily A NEW list of wants and offers of ^ *■ the city and surrounding towns is printed daily in the Classified Columns all properly indexed for quick ref ­ erence. Whether merchandise or service, real estate or autos, a new up-to-the- minute list is always to be found in the columns of The DAILY PRESS ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE '

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