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I <o»Ho«> 9200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ FRIDAY. OCTOBER 11, 1929 *-200 ONLY 400 ARE REGISTERED ON CLOSING DAY CUim Inaccessibility of City to Up*Sute Region* Cause of Small Attendance Ths chain| day of tbs New Tork Elate Council of Brflalooc Kducw- tion bring* Ua TcalrirnUon^of convention to n to ton to the up-state region* has n Battles Burgl; ar Paul A. Riethmuller Makes Game Fight to 'Subdue Intruder Until Knocked Unconcious; May LJave Been “ Screen Bandit ” PROBE POLICE OFGREENBURGH -ALCOHOL GONE In the comparatively small number j tended over *11 Westchester County of delegates from that part of the during the cummer the acreen bur- .1.1. . — glare never Crere known to attack 1) who have regUtered anyone. 8everal ___ r - ------ ------- hurriedly left bom** where they were surprised after entering by cutting OcL 11. — A wealthy New Tork merchant wa* recover ­ ing today from a hand-to-hand fight In his bom* her* with an Intruder be believes to havs been the \screenJ stairs early today and burglar.\ / Tbs burglar escaped after a ter ­ rific struggle with the householder. Paul A.'Riethmuller, 42. butter and egg merchant, of Crescent road. In tbs downstairs rooms of the bouse, and after be had knocked Jtclth- egg mer chant, of Crescent road, In If ft was the screen burglar who attacked Riethmuller when the lat ­ ter surprised the prowler In hie home at J:40 a. m. today police were agreed he bad changed hie tactics. •In tbelr depredations which went down. He saw the figure of a man outlined against a window in th* living room and snapped on the light. As hi did so the Intruder came for Riethmuller. There was a strug ­ gle and the householder and the burglar battled back and forth and through the rooms of the house. Furniture was broken. Riethmuller pursued the burglar Into the porch and the man struck him over the head with a heavy in ­ strument. Riethmuller was uncon ­ scious. Police who had been sum ­ moned by Mr*. Riethmuller revived the produce merchant. Nothing ' value had been taken. County. Those who have worked with Mr-. Pajvn on the registration of dele ­ gates are Mra. Ida Quntner. Mrs. Elmer J. Bonis. Mrs. W. A. Bryant. Mr*. May C. Clark. Miss Anna Swanson. Miss Evelyn Purdy, the Rev. Mr. W. A. Milne, Dorman T. . ______ y and today are: A. W. Henabaw. Schenectady. Miss Edith Rowe. White Plains. Mrs. G. F. Van Tassel. Tanytown. Mr. and v Mrs. Frank C. Wetter. Buffalo, guests to Mrs. HenryXD. Brand**, 1U Mamaroneck avenue. Mr*. Q. J. Cette, Bronxvllle. Rev. L. H. Taylor. Poukhkeepaie. Mrs. E. D. Thayer, Brooklyn. MUST KEEP DAY AND RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS APART (Continued f 3 Page one! Religious Education, now holding its 74th annual convention here. The session will end tonight. Superintendent Lumbard told the officials that a spirit of cooperation must be established In the minds of school teacher* and principals f public schools as the first step to insure the -- ------- JEWS SEEKING CO-OPERATION OF MACDONALD Delegation Headed by War ­ burg Aaka That Palestine Be Developed as Jewish National Homeland “ Tof Mrs A. W Young 37 Bar- tabllshment of the weekday guest of Mrs. A. W. Young, ai nor j Qf re „^ on u not do lo , ker avenue. Paul IJtrausa. Atwater. Town Board and Federal Men Want to Know Who Hi-jacked 365 Gallons; . Cop Ig Suspended Tarrytown. Oct. 11 — Th* police t make tha Is mod, after a lbs board yei tsrday afternoon at which Cspt ; L ,°*, , ^ ‘ TTT'^lta.^iirn Philip J. McQuillan. head of the po- ^ h J r^ lies fore*. sdmltted that the alcohol 'Xdin.h.dl^JJ^^nddrialUd whlu “ ,n i 25EL5 * A federal InvertigaUon of the d£- to many appearance of the alcohol H atao- to A . v . Kidder, dl- underway today, It was learned. | r(ctor of ^ division of orchaaolo- The Groenburgh chief turned ov- j gy 0 f Carnvgl* InstltuUon and s *r to th# police committee of (he member o fth* Lindbergh sxptora- board th* name* of hi* officers who J u on party, said today, were set to guard the seised still ___ headed by Justices or th# Then ware 13 drums each con- Seely of Scared ale and Duel. 1 of Tar- lalntng 10 gallons. The stuff test- rylown. cd 180 proof, Capt. McQuillan said | At the same time It was lmrnod When Federal men came next day (hat ons Oreenburgb officer baa to lakh- over th# alcohol the drums j been suspended. H* Is William committee of. b* Groenburgh Town wrte found to contain water. I l»ohbs who was taken off duty for Board today was InvestlgaUng the Th* alcohol bad been removed ( .du'gcd Intoxication. Charges have disappearance of 380 gallons of Al-I during the night. .A guard over the bem preferred against him and cobol from.a stIU seized In Elms- still all night had been ordered by I Pobbr will bsv* s chance to make ford during the progrese of the-Captain McQuiUon. Four men In J ar. n new y- before the police Marshal! murder InvcsUgaUon. j relay a conducted tho vigil, the chief mlite ~ \ ~ D. Millard or- told the police committee, which 1* I nest WANTS STREET NEAR SCHOOL IMPROVED .Greenburgh School Authori ­ se* Ask Town Board To Pave Highway; Pupils Forced to Detour An echo of U>* Ill-fated petition from the school trustee* of Oi burgh School District No.No. beard yesterday _ th* town bogrd, when a letter fi town board probably j Albert ** ------ \ • wi meeting i I school trustees, asked that U js | Advertise Tour Want ■F- New York. Oct. 11 (UP) — Prem ­ ier J. Ramsay - MacDonald, begln- ___ attempt I nln e bla New York program, was o antagonize . greeted today by a delegation of Paul ^™u» nLwaser. | anyone In a plrited drive for tho American Jewa with a plea .for W :•£« m. -o.t Mid. , h P . Henry Strauss. Atwater, guest | He also pointed jmt that they opment of Palestine as a Jewish of Mr^K K Kaufman. 37 Waller | national homeland. \ISSS umi Strauss. Atwater, guest 1 * “ 11 ‘ he subject of religion Into the | The delegation expressed confb , u a a Kaufman 27 Waller minds of boys and girle. To get the dence In the British Mission sp- fro?ua ** t«ch.r should | (o iormtigmU [tl . racent r^^l^kf^Tgurot deroUbe? «tlro*ttoMo th. make- j ln P ^ “ Um - tork£av«S£ “ P of « that will show MacDonald recalved the delegs- 0t ftoa W < Whne 2 *T^ytosrn. progreulve thought ln Instruction. | tlon. which eras headed by Felix Hr*. *■\\•' T.' Barrett. Carmel. Muet Be Independent i M. Warburg, the Jewt«h banker at Presbyterian Rest. ' “ Don't ask the public schools to | and philanthropist, of Harts dale, at ui.t Mary D. Sheldrake, New donate either paper or pencil or j hi* hotel suite. The delegation In- York City, at Presbyterian Rest. their rooms The quickest way lo | eluded Louis Llpsky. president of Mrs. Edwin P. Wadsworth, New KCt in(0 trouble Is to do this. Re- j the Paleatlne Economic Commls- Tork City. Illgtous schooling as an Independent ' nlyuT Dr. Lee K. Franks!, vice pie- Rsv. Mr. Elmer A. Love. Mount ' enterprise wt|l get much farther on aldent of the Metropolitan Jnsur- Vernon. its own tools and methods,\ he said. I anoe Company; Judge William M. F. K. Sheibley. Yonkers. H e , trfWd that there should be 1 ol Philadelphia nktlnual Mrs. Celia CarlatedL White B r ehcck tke public ; chairman of the United Palestine Plains. schools In those towns where pupils *PP*> “ : Morris Rothenberg, vice- ojhn Muehlke. Tonkera - )vC n Ume off to attend roll- president of th* Zionist orgcnlsa- Gsorge H. Scofield. Goahen. guest K , ou , ........ Failure to do this. “ on - “ d R^bl Stephen S. W>*«. of Mr*. C. Prescott. 108 South ho cont i nuc d i wiu demo raise 'not 1 An address of welcome was read Broadway. 1 only the church clauses but also the ' to the premier by Warning. Miss Eleanor Cunliffe, Glen-1 p, |t ;u„ <c hool classes. 1 ------------------------------ ; ------------------ \SSSSU a PMut, s-ww'jKjj- «-i±£ “ d5--rt!!e. Center. Miss Bessie M. Dyer, Rockville Center. Mrs. A. F. Otto. Rockville Center He alio pointed out the value of j four points In religious Instruction publicity to the enterprise. To 1 0 f t he future: they must gain the succeed, a religious school must let proper conception of religious ln- the cmmunlty know what program j structlon and put It on a plane Intends to sponsor during the I above Individual Institutions: Liberal Information certain that a ; i time and place for this Instruction cMJ- Lucy Klngriey. ItoekvUI. , George L. Cutton. Onondega, at White Plains Belmont Hotel. K . „ . They must Insure proper super- Mlss Dorothy Hensle. Brooklyn, i At the Weekday and Va»tl«I *1*^ “ or thclr shoots, .and they Mrs. Lena Andrea*. Hawthorn* Churcb 8chool Session, held elmul- 1 muilt cooperate to have them big Mr*. P. T. Atlee. While Plalni. ' t«n~>u.Iv at the Memorial M. E. - ----------- -- ------ Mias Eva Bishop. Coblesklll. guest ---------------- r - - ... . .. - of Mrs. W. Espey Alblg. 225 Fisher \Thr Place of the Weekday and avenua. ; Vacation Church School ln the Pro- Mrs. B. W- Bouck. Coblesklll. K™ mof Religious Education.\ said guest of Mr*. W. Espey Alblg, 223 j that parents had the right to de- flsher avenue. I m “ nd of the P ubllc Khool authori- IMsa Edna P. Williams. Coblesklll. ] tlestles that their children be glv- guest of Mrs. W. Espey Alblg. 225 en Um* off for attendance at these Fisher avenue. ! sessions. Alonzo O. Smith. Ossining. | He said that the public school* Miss Anna B. Blabee, Mount Ver- today claim too much of the young Mias 8. Minnie Wiggins, Middle- town. . Norton. Pleas- Mra Charles an trill e. Kenneth T. McQuIde. Pougb- rae #t of Mrs W. Espey Alblg, 225 kaspata. , Flaber Mias Charlotte Hudnut, Pough- Miss Florence E. Hart. Pougb- J. H. Creder, Mount Vernon. E. C Lewi*. Whits Plains. M. 8. Adams. Mount Vernon. Miss Miriam Hoch. Mount Ver- I taneously at the Memorial M. E | anrt belter Church Dr. Paul Vleth. discussing S ' — 1 - This noon at the White Swan Inn there was held k leadership training luncheon to which all summer school students were Invited. Seat ­ ing* were made for 100. Dr. Paul Vleth. was the speaker. The adult, young people, cbll- dren's and administration divisions of the conference are bolding Indl- vldual meetings at th* Memorial M. E. Church, the First Presbyterian Church and the First Baptist Ghurch, respectively. These meetings are In the nature of windup discussions of affairs. Findings for the entire conference will be compiled and submitted to the findings committee which will report tonight. Miss Margaret Slattery, well known author and lecturer will be the closing speaker this evening the Memorial M. E Church at t final session of the conference. o have classes c He said that parents must stress Miss Beatrice Ferre*. Mount Ver- dT Rev. Mr. William A. Bralthwalte. Cortland t. -f - H. R. Coblelgh, Whit# Plains. F. O. Mitchell. Rye. - - Bg- Mrs. Dorman T. Con- net. White Plains. Mr*. Pster WItxel. Harrison. Mias Carrie Garrott. Harrison. Mrs. William B. Fink. Yonkers. Mrs. W. Soetman. Yonkers. _^Mr. Edwin Miner, New Paltx. John A. Snedeker, White Plains. Rev. Mr. E C. Klncade, Ossining. Alvah S. Hobart. Yonkers. Glenn Judd, Hempstead. Harry N. Mllasfl Salt Point. Mrs. H. N. Miles, Salt Point. J. H.\Carpenter. Brooklyn. Miss C. aylTr. White Plains. Mr*. J. C. Howensteln, Croton Falls. L. R. Loomis, Keuka Park. REGISTER Register today. Registration booths arc open un& 10 o ’ clock tonifbL If yea don ’ t The best Grand Piano ever sold at s 435 Made possible by the Cooperation by several very large dealers WI There is no thrill to match I when she sees her living room touched with the glory of a Grand piano. This thrill — this pride — can be hers for only $50.0(5' now aiid the balance extended over a period of years — \ not just one year. Only the smallest possible profit for us Grand pianos are not ordinarily sold in large numbers per day. Even the largest piano stores seldom sell more than five or six a day. The profits # on these few sales must be large* enough to pay the salesmen; the rent; the insurance; the clerical help; the delivery charges; the ad ­ vertising, etc. NoW, then, if twice as many pianos can be sold for practically the same fixed expenses, we can greatly ree ­ duce our profits. And that is what this cooperative plan, and this low- price inducement is enabling us to do. The cooperative plan makes it easy for you to purchase the piano — gives you six months ’ exchange privilege during which you may exchange this Grand for any of the celebrated makes which we sell, without any p HEN you think of getting a Grand Piano at the price of a good upright, don ’ t make the mistake of thinking that this is a Grand Piano of the same class as other Grand Pianos you have seen advertised and offered at an equal ' or lower price. It if n ’ t; it if entirely different and we will tell yon why. In the first place, the instrument is a superior Grand piano. Its scale is one designed by one of the finest scale draftsmen in the world. Its bass strings are copper wound; the felts on the ham­ mers are all fine, selected felt; the “ actiou* ’ is a perfectly bal ­ anced, well made action, responsive to the touch; and the tone is as clear and bell-like as any musician could desire. To the fingers and the ear, as well as to the eye, a real Grand piano. But more important — this Grand piano is a product of The Aeolian Company, outstanding makers of fine pianos. The Aeolian Company has both the capital and resources, and the extensive equipment to make the production of a quality Grand at this price possible. This piano must be measured by the high standards already established by the manufacturer. It MUST be worthy of the name under which it is manufactured. Apd only then is this price made possible by reason of this co ­ operative plan, where the manufacturers and twelve of the larg ­ est retailers in the country (operating over 100 music storea) contracted many months ago for the production of these instru ­ ments. Grand pianos of this grade are being sold all over America, day in and day out, for $575 and even more, and no one has ever yet found cause to say they are not worth that price. Our price is $435; $50 is all that is required as a first payment The balance is paid $5.00 weekly ph« a small carrying charge. HERE ARE THE ADVANTAGES YOU SHARE AS THE RESULT Of THIS COOPERATIVE IDEA 1. The Aeolian Company, the makers of this fine Grand Piano, Wave hereto ­ fore never manufactured a Grand piano to retail at less than $645. 2. Instead of paying from $100 to S200 as a first payment and $30, or $50 a month as yon will in the regu ­ lar way, during this cooperative sale yon pay but $50 to join in this co ­ operative movement and then but $5 a week, plus a small carrying charge. 3. Yon get the strongest guarantee ever put on a piano; a joint guarantee *ign«l by the manufacturers — and ourselves, giving you protection for five years that is as safe as a govern ­ ment bond. 1. So confident are we as to the value of these instruments that within six months from the day you get your piano through this cooperative plan, you may exchange it for any of the celebrated makes of instruments we handle, without so much as a penny ’ s $C-00 Weekly The Initial payment neces- tary to obtain one of these pianos is $50, The $50 is deducted from the price, leaving $38$ t® be paid $5,00 weekly, pins a small carrying charge. A t!

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