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Waatckcatcr First BAD CAMPAIGNING FOOTBALL DUMMIES SUMMY CttSNG COLLEGE CUT-UPS •r LOW* C THA IE* _ O-tnlng Port. No. 008. iartant igloo, la up la uni at effort* of I member. who la aa office-seeker, 1 win election by trading upon hi* ' at 'or 1 • ......... U \ 1 ■ ■■ 1 1 i ■ 1 1 i ' A ■ . ■ ii m Daily Press Baseball Extra Right After Qai Complete IFire Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-JFide News Service _ l With tha Legion. One . isostir atjasa: vol . i - no . i 6 s dal Leek* — - - ____________ ployed by OS* who la connected with a body of man which rapra- ■Mia such high Ideal*'a* thcaa ra- preaeotad by the American Legion. Wa do not auppoee that thla par ­ ti** put hi* politics Our football players ahould not u*e dummies which are so life-like. Two oommunltlea In the county re ­ port similarly stories thla week in which football dummies figured. In Bromrrille a policeman, ex ­ ploring the corridor of the ' to be the body of a dead the dim light be tnought the man had been murdered and hi* head cut off. Hastily resorting to bis flashlight, ha found that the \tnur- les* thi -E: l appeared to be a man'* body n the road. InTeetigmtkm revealed it to be another football dummy, which It la believed some football ■ utucranuam t WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. t SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12,1929 PRICE THREE CENT* ROBBERS FELL MAN WITH BLACKJACKl BANDITS BEAT AND ROffl DAVID SOSINSKY; GETi $125; IRON BAR USED LEHMAN PRESSES WARD TO SELECT unte R myernow White Plains Lawyer Questions Untermyers ’ s Fitness to Conduct Grand Jury Investigation Here Yonkers Attorney Warns of Danger of “ Whitewash ” But Promises to Co-oper ­ ate If Health Permits and “ Machine ” Keeps Hands Off Ignoring the fact that Investigator Undecid ­ ed What Reply Will Be If Requested to Prosecute Case Eight or Ten Trans ­ actions Listed for Inquiry Samuel Untermyer today while speeding through Rye. The two policemen who made these dis ­ coveries agree that they are mak ­ ing football dummies altogether The Harrison Chamber of Com ­ merce la directing Its attention to tha subject of Sunday dosing. It Continued on Page Four) Thomas Penney, Jr., has had received no word from JJEUT. BROGAN ON POLICE JOB HERElOYEARCf — been appointed to conduct the Westchester land investi ­ gation, Acting Governor Leh ­ man yesterday sent to Attor ­ ney General Hamilton Ward what virtually amounted to a demand to appoint Samuel Untermyer to prepent this case to the extraordinary grand jury, which convenes here October 31. 8amuel Untermyer. at hi* home In Tonker* last night, warned of the danger of a \ whites-o*h\ If the earn* not Investigation la Attorney General Hamilton Ward asking him to act as a Special Attorney General for. the prosecution of Gov ­ ernor Roosevelt ’ s investiga ­ tion of the White Plains land deal. Reports current in Albany and at White Plains today were that Ward would urge Untermyer to take the com­ mission. THOMAS J. PENNEY, JR. Thirty-three year old Aaalstant m... „ __ ______ , . ... Attorney Oeneral of Buffalo who When It was reported that Acting wlU .represent Attorney General's \* m \\ “ \\ office In grand jury Investigation of land deal. Governor H. H. Lehman had asked . the Yonkers lawyer to take the Job tha Ward machine.* re- I after be had submitted hi* report “ organisation ofwhich on the Informal hearing* into the deal, Untermyer told this corre ­ spondent that he would be forced It' la apparent today that Repub- agj agevajga Investigation, an far to tha m *^. 4 tatloa “ ■ ------- ‘ Celebrates lOtli Anniversary of His Appointment; Worked Up From tbe Ranks nyer is Quoted Is IS the — . « Ffcr - ■election of the Mr. Untermyer la $ New York prase this having said: “ To tha question at whether or ------ , — not I wfll co-operate In the grand Lieutenant Joseph Brogan l* oh- Jury Investigation, I eat ' serving this week his tenth year as that If I can be aatlsfle a member of the White Plainq po- overshadowing political _ ___ lice department. He Joined the the Ward machine. which force on October 10. 1«».- and last reaches into every corner of the ' who ta a close friend , o dominate the man »nd Roosevelt. 1*' today that tha grand Jury Investigation and the trials under resultant Indictments will consume six months. The. Investigation will begin ’ on October U, with First Assistant At ­ torney Oeneral Thomas Penney. Jr.- rep rese nt ing tha state. He win Sdvt«a with add work with the special prosecutor yat to be named. Untermyer said today lhaf be was undecided what his reply to the At ­ torney Oeneral Would be If he celves word from Ward, as la ported, on Monday. It was said only say j that Ward expected to announce that the i next Tuesday that Untermyer would “ be special prosecutor. LAWLESSNESS 0FY00THDUE 23*ff policy and profi TO PARENTS s Telegrams Sent to Lehman and Roosevelt by Francis M. Fal­ lon Point to Rebuke By United State Supreme Court. Objection to the appointment of Samuel Untermyer, Yonkers law- yar, as special prosecutor before the extraordinary grand Jury In Westchester County million dollar land purchase, until Untermyer has cleared himself and hie reputation of censure early thle year by tjie United States Supreme Court for \violation of public policy and pro ­ fessional ethics\ Is today before Governor Roosevelt In Wa Springe, Gs. and Acting Goven Lehman In Albany. The objections are contained telegrams sent both state officiate last night by Francis M. Fallon, at ­ torney of Mount Vernon and While Plains, who demanded that appoint ­ ment of Untermyer In any further capacity to delve Into Westchester affair* be deferred until the law ­ yer \explains publicly his censui by the United States Suprezz Court described In pres* reports of January 3 and February IB, 1829.\ The case In question Involved th devlalon of fees among lawyers li a bankruptcy case and the rebuke to Untermyer was written by Chief Justice William H. Taft. A portion of the chief justice's rebuke, as .shown lqgthe official record on which Fallon bases his protests, reads: “We conclude that the contract set up by Untermyer In the amend- both Thursday celebrated the annli ____ _ ______ _ _ ____ sary by attending the Danbury fair, action of the grand jury and the that he ha* done historic Fur^ > of the department has trial jurors and convert the pro- thermore, his health Is «uch that ha ' “ “ ** ' “ * “ * “ * has brought his personal physician here from California to be with more than tripled since LlauL Bro-1 seeding* Into a whitewash. 1 win. «dy 'twenty^* 0 ^S'r* U> than , ^Ind I (Continued on Pag* Nine) d seven year* n March 7. _ resent rank in January, 1828. Lieut -Brogan la married and has two children. ^Ha lives HaH REGISTRATION LAGS BEHIND Due to the observance of Colum ­ bus Day, tha city clerk's office — e.of the bureau bf eleotWn LEHMAN SAYS $10,000 FUND STORYFALSE Lieutenant Governor Replies to Harrison Republican Chairman With SNarp Telegram on Yarn Untermyer goes usually to Call- -forala to spend the winter. He go this year and his phy- ( having made any _____ whatsoever with regard to any past with A tqtal geglstratton . of ML ! which 1 S divided Into figures of ] forty-nine-nine each for district 1 two and three, and forty-three for ' “ I have not 'contributed directly oc Page Nine) GLEN ISLAND CASINO . NADOYS HAVANA JOCKEY CLUB ORCHESTOA — — xm ounoo, a a * c&«n ma- , , . SPEOAL BNNER — OOUMBUS DAY. OCTOBER i2 ■sro s cjs ajvsa aaghjaradysa-' wragn*o« or remx babbb in -noe-'anuro* • ‘ jsnssr.ttvsr “ — _ — vtolatlon of public — - ----- professional ethic*. Bitch transaction between counsel calls for Judicial condemnation. Thla re- qulrea a reversal of tbe Judgment _______ _ j of the ooudl below.\ m j Following the censure by the Su- Youngcr Generation ApesV i>rem* Court, Untermyes made a Eld,™ Who Have Laid U„ STS. K, *„ “ ‘ STJ ’ -.S Foimd.lionotOppo.iUon, »\ r » | * ‘ I His request we* denied, according j Declares Miss Slattery , to Information from Washington to- _______ day. and the official censure against . „ Untermyer stands upon the court ALBIG COUNTY HEAD records. _ ------------ So far as Is known today, this Is tAIS j, .. . r .. the flrst protest to be lodged in to feel Kellgioue ConvenUon Lloee* We «iehe.ter County against Unter- Tlirrr-Dav Session __ myeris fitness to conduct the extra- 1 uree way session ordinary grand Jury .proceedings. T Findings I In View of Fallon ’ s public protest ----------- 1 that Untermyer be excluded from Adults of today can blame them- appointment because of this cen- selves for the generally loose cod.- «urs for “ unprofessional conduct.\ which prevails among the younger a statement from the Ionic generation of this country, go. Acceptance of the position as special prosecutor of the Gover- investlgaUon would make thla -yniM Imperative that he ^ *7.. Margam SUtTery. Uctur nf '* ’ * \ er and au thor apeaklng last night at the Memorial M. E. Church on the subject. \Life — a Game of Cou- Her talk was the principal fea ­ ture of the closing session of the 74U) annual convention of the New York State Council of Religious Education. Charles H. Tuttle. United States District Attorney of New York City and president of tha association, presided. Untermyer said today that In hi* opinion It will take a full month to present the evidence gathered In hi* bearings to tha special Grand Jury. It was revealed that there are not only two easee — the White Plains {048.000 land purchase and the Chappaqua land deal — but elgttt or tan separate cases listed for ln- qutry. Attar any Indictments that may be returned have been handed up It wKl taka five months to conduct tha eight or ten separate trials which) would be necessary, Unter- bolleved that Ward wtll go with' his plan to ask Unler- to act for him In keeping with _ ___ request. Who win be named when and If Untermyer pleads m health and declines is a matter of guess work. Rate... Track Concil To The New Turk State Coun ­ cil of ReiWmM TT has taken a AMnlte , orney I d connection with the mat ­ ter Is expected before either Gov ­ ernor Rooeevelt or Acting Govern ­ or Lehman acta DR. A. E. BEEBE TOPREACHLAST SERMONSUNDAY Pastor of Memorial Metho ­ dist Church Will Assume New Duties in Bridge ­ port Next Month * SUCCESSOR NOT NAMED Has Been Here Since, April, 1928 — Board Will Hold Meeting The Rev. Albert E. Beebe. DJ), morning as pasjor of the Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church. Dr. Beebe, who has occupied tha M. M. E. pulpit since April. 1928, cep ted the call last July to pastorate of the First Methodist Church of Bridgeport, Conn. His ministry In W hlt0 Plains will not terminate until November 1 but be aot preach at tha Bund ay Port Chester, Oct. 12— Six Cana ­ dian runner*, representing the Moparcb A. C. of Ontario, arrtv- late last night completed the entry list ol f5 world-famed long distance athletes who toed the here at one o'clock this aft re ­ in the fifth annual Port Ches ­ ter Marathon, sponsored by the P ot { Cheater Chamber of Corn- end other dvio bodies. Dr. Beebe, i preach ___ Church on Sunday morning, 10 . Tbe church to which the White Plains minister will go is Just completing a new {750.000 edi ­ fice which Is one of the finest In tbe Eastern Slates and which will be ‘ dedicated, probably, thla fall. Dr. Beebe came to White Plains a year and a half ago from Cal ­ vary Church, tbe Bronx, exchang ­ ing pulpits with tbe Rev. Fred H. Demlng who had been pastor here ' ir nine years. Dr. Beebe's successor has not yst been chosen, according to Glenn N. Curnow, a member of the board of eee. who said that the board Is now considering a numberTif candidates for the post. The board will meet In the church Monday night to consider further the question of filling the pulpit but Mr. Curnow Is of the opinion that no final selection will be made at that time. > In the dal support has been 9 SJZ.SZ future. It Is thi which Is staged regularly In this county and has attracted wide In ­ teract throughout sporting circles.' At one o'clock Walter G. Beely secretary of the Chamber of Com ­ merce, started the 75 recers and the finish at Summerfleld Park here is expected at about 8:10 o'clock. A large crowd gathered at the park early and spectators took their Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press IFire Life Is a game, the rule examples of which are-laid by experience, declared Miss Slat- a charge of bribery today d spend - tary. The adult* have set the «* ej M mneh npon his ability to fight ample and In turn their conduct off u,, , prea( ] oi pn « umo tila In his Is followed by the younger renert- lMg , as on the Jury of eight men tton of which *o much la being j our women, written. | _____ The speaker sprang to the de- Washington. Oct 12 CUP) — The fense of tha younger generation. Nary Department received a mee- She asserted that they have had j sage from Its Norfolk radio station nothing to do with the m a k i ng of today reporting the British steam- TOeniinuA — n-_ ship Pacific, which had been < Co ntinued ec Jage.NI neJ . on Pen Shoals, ll M 1- r r ____ mile* southeast of Cape Fear, North nUKCS E-acape from I Carolina, had ridden free of the County Penitentiary | ••><>■>» “ d ™ entirely out of dan- Elmsford, OctTliPrbe escape of j -------- a third Inmate of the Westchester Washington. Oct. 12 (UP) — Five County Penitentiary to take place | additional witnesses, including two within the last three weeks, oc- members of the tariff commission curred today when John OUvmrd, 52, and two heads of sugar organlxn- fled from the penitentiary as he . tlone ware called today by Chalr- was working about the ground*. He , man Caraway of thr Senate lobby ‘ * ‘ --------- i — * ---------- Investigating at the opeals lb swear Thursday. New York, Oct. 12 (UP)-Hie message to America completed with a powerful plea for mutual patience and good-will In the furtherance of world peace. Premier J. Ramsay MacDonald of Orest Britain spent hi* 83rd birthday In comparative seclusion today. Mexico City, Oct. 12 (UP) — Eight parsons wart kf tied and mors than 100 were wounded In tbe municipal elections riots at Teoolotlan In tha province of Jalisco today to a dispatch received by La dalajara. Washington. Oct. 13 (UP) — Pre ­ sident Hoover has given no thought to any plan for a trip beyond the borders of the United States, It was said -on behalf of the chief execu ­ tive today. 8 -N. B. Hamilton Av. W. of Spring 4 N. B. Hamilton Av. W. of.Spring N. B. Hamilton Av. W. of Spring N. E. cor. Hamilton A Lexington E. S. Lexington N- of Hamilton « ! 20,800 38AOO { 77,200 KS00 a -SLOW MOO 11400 M00 uuoo 24X800 170000 ss WOO BM00 •M00 75 RACERS IN PORTCHESTER MARATHON Distance Runner* in Annual County Classic ; Seely Fire* Starting Gan — Former Winner* Favorite* MORE FUNDS PLEDGED Victim Held Up in Waller Avenue Ga* rage — Second As ­ sault in a Month Robbers Make Es* cape Despite Police Alarm For the second time wifihn j in a month, two bandits early ij last evening attacked David ] Sosinsky, slugged him, and /obbed him of $125. The j bandits escaped in an auto j and have not yet been lo* j Yearly Event Will Be Con- cated, police said thia moro- tinued-VCrowd Gath ­ er* Early According to the report- which Sosinsky and four wit ­ nesses made to the police, he arrived at his home, 79 Wel ­ ler avenue, at 8 :40 p. m. * night and drove his auto into the garage in the rear of the house. A* be wa* closing th* ga door*, two men vetted him end south toward MamarOnack high rat* of ipecd. Mr*. Soalnaky Immediately fled police and an alarm wa* t lock ar a re released after ed to Identify them ant*. Two youth* driving an cheer their favorite*. The team race ta expected to be fought out between the MUlroee A. C. of New York City, headed by two former winner* of th* mara ­ thon, Arthur Gavrin and Albert \Whltey ” Mlchelson; The Cygnet A. C. of Port .Chester. with “Bill\ Ken ­ nedy the favorite; the Dorchester A. C. with three entries; th* n*i — Crescent A. C. of New York City with four entries, and th* Canadian contingent, with six runner* repre ­ senting the Monarch A C of On- BUSINESS LOT VALUES MOYE IRREGULARLY North Side of Main Street, West of William, Falls Below $3,000 Front Foot B^sis On# little thirty-five-foot plot • the north side of Hamilton avenue, of Spring street, taka* a 87 la which the bandits 9 halted on Ridgeway by Motor ­ cycle Patrolman William A. “ — 1 van and brought t house but be oould them. Two other m« scriptlon the victim picked up by New at 11 p. n they had _ . trolmen Hunt and Kadlgan of tha Whlta Plain* police Plain* Hospital where he waa traa ed for an abrasion of tha ha* where he waa cltlbbed by tha tel The blackjack, a crude but a a Central avenue h . _ ___ carrying the day* receipt*, t bill* and {23 In stiver. He w tacked about a month ago by RICE BROS. MOTOR COMPANY a -t w- -»1 Dimniek An, W. P. *668* ” , ‘ AW - . COLUMBUS DAY SPECIALS WWWWweSeh* IT l928 W0b»Kin*btS«hi.

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