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THE DAILY PRESS, WHiifc PLAINS, S. Y., SATURDAY, OCT carsdale Plays In Impressive Style To Beat Ridgefield mith Perform Well While GRAPE LEADS Rest Of Team Aids; 38-0 HARRIERS AT ' arid Running Backfield Combination and VflWlf J7PQ MEET Clever Quarterback Work to Beat Ridgefield * vl'l I y I j UD lilijij 1 lLAYING fast hard football the Scarsdale High School White Plains Team Defeats tamed in its second victory of the seaSon by defeating Yonkers by Wide Margin » Ridgefield eleven at Butler field yesterday. The score l -- , \L. a S8 to 0. Smith and Vanfleet scored two apiece ancb • TI,' J ' Empire City Race Track Opens F or Fal l Gathering Interest Increases as Butler Changes Stakes to Added Money Value Pom Guaranteed. J UDGING from the large number of high class stables applying for stable room, the coming fall meeting of the Empire City Racing Association is sure to get a new record for the sport of kings in Westchester County. Most of the big racing establishments of the East will be rep^e. sented at the fourteen days meeting which open on Thurs ­ day, October 17. It is taxing the best efforts of Manager Tom Thorpe to And accommodations for the great army of owners who wish to race at the popular'Yonkers course duringing the coming fall gathering. III. uMUI.. I --- ----- --------- ------ ---------- White Plains High ye s terday aft- : In a cross-country meet with Yorv | Iters In 14:45 and under for the two, and a half mile course. While It j was setting up this record of con ­ sistent low lime It trounced the , Yonkers team by the score of 22-S3. I Hurt Grape was the hero of the ] local aquad. Assuming the lead shortly after the start of the run ho never relinquished It and won handily In the fast Ume of 15:18. | Hts nearest opponent did not finish | for 22 seconds, which Is something | la the way of a record In outstrip- j ping the field. Not since Sal Fas-1 ernno ran his Inhuman race of 12: IS last year, which la still something for the college boys to shoot at, at Van Cortlandt Park, has a local runner shown such complete su ­ periority. Sal Faiorano. moreover, was a big disappointment--to the local (ana. lie was a hands-down favorite to win, yet bo could capture no better than third place, three seconds be ­ hind Woods of Yonkers. The little fellow last year was the most con ­ sistent winner In the state and It surprised himself as well as the rooters to find two Jerated ' backs shead of him. Sal was no! at the top of his superb running furm. but. nevertheless, be had no diffi ­ culty In capturing third place. Ear behind him came Guyan of Yonkers In 14:18. while Donald Gilbert came In next for White J ’ lplns In 14:31. Nine seconds later Joe Burke fol- SHOUTC WHO KNOWS WHERE HS Km PE IS. HE'S OWN® SOME FIGURING ANP HIS PENCIL BROKE. SEARCHES FOR POCKET KNIFE TO SHARPEN PENCIL WITH clearly outcls ba line so their smooth run- , working to perfection. Sen rad ale backs oould not function as ,oon worked down the field again aa they might and their plays lo the onP '> ’ M< l H ne - There time .U ‘ was called for Ridgefield when , smothered. Once or twice a ■ Harding, their best back. ,was hurt. , twerao was pulled off and He recovered to play the whole al times lateral and double la- game even though sustaining a ■ wars tried to good ad van- < sprained wrist later on. j but Ip the long rurfs they were I On the next play. Brown, crouch- | for downs. Only In the fourth I Ing close to Moitner at center, took tar did they open up and de- , the ball himself In an unorthodox Beared alo with a variety of play and lust eked out a touch- i for long gains. But they lost j down before the Ridgefield team : when called back, for a 15- I lammed In.' Smith kicked the goal, paoalty. | Ridgefield could do nothing when » game was a straight one ' lbt > ’ received the kickoff and lost Of the time with few passes bal1 on downs. Then the march fewer kicks but IL was fast j *>«* “ again. F. Bhlrey circled the wall played. Scarsdale center- and then on a fake buck which > attack around Smith at half- “ uck&d lo Ridgefield. Brown foaled who played a stellar game, 14,8 opposition by sending 8mlth eg many long runs. Intercept- ° “ t wide. The latter had a clear lasses end kicking. field a nd slipped over for another Uh was a hard man to stoo He missed the point, a off-tackle play or through The h * If ended 19-0 ln f * vor ot ta. wuTbl. tZnSJtTSt ****** •*« the n«xt kick- by clearing the way by good ° Sm „. . , fere nee. In fact. Van Fleet to Lon * out two from In front of Smith Smith started tho second half in aa the Utter took s kickoff. “ ban C °P manner when he caught „ _ __ the kickoff and set down the field Booro ***** Uke a whirlwind with his mates iradale took the kickoff and plucking Ridgefield tackier* t&r It down close to the goal be- r| ght and left. Smith boro to- the Ridgefield could ret together l5,t ^ “ \d three Interferon, dodg- ,v__ „ ... . ed an opponent, twisted away from 1 th - h “ V r* ano[b ' r * “ d crossed back yrlth hU fj X rlght end . wbo -Interference gone He was tackled o ^ on Un « amid the tooU dt h thT t .!^| th d 801111 o! th ® horn * of Soarsdale can lining the field. It was a fins run at was all the scoring in that and he might have gotten dear If Ur. R-dgeflcld took the ball Ms Interference had been a little laekle but were penalized for more alert. lag sad then kicked. Shlroy For two play4 It looked as If “ rough but the quarter end- Scarsdale would slop right there. When a pasa failed and Smith trip- th Brown, the substitute quar- P*d over hi, own Interference, but dk calling signals In a brainy on th* last down Van Fleet made SHOUTS (T IS NT ANYWHERE ANP FOR PITY'S SAKE WHY POES THE w-J-uv Liawr -m FINISHES FIGURING WITH A FOUNTAIN PEN. WIFE CALLS IF IT isn ' t there look ON THE ICE CHEST, SHE REMEMBERS VAGUELY OPENING A BOTTLE WITH IT. MILPREP APP5SHE TOOK R FROM THERE WHEN SHE WAS TRY ­ ING TO FIX THE ELEC­ TRIC TOASTER. ITS ON THE KITCHEN CABINET FAMILY HAVE TO USE HIS KNIFE FOR EVERYTHING. fCeeyrifbt. 192V. by The Bell Syndicate, toe.) KANSAS CITY NE AR VICTORY ftae* Oat Kara Wia la Taka LJtfs WarVa Sanaa Fnm In tmkm 1*4*7■ _______ Rochester, N. T, Oet U COT — Needing but a single victory to wtn the Junior world series title. u,n. agter “ Dutch' Zwllllng of the Kan ­ sas City Blues planned to scad hU veteran hurling- ace. Long Tom Red Wings bars today. Seven games have been played la the series to data* the American Ae- natlon. The first five to place for White Plains. Grape. Felzerano. Gilbert. Burke end Herman will make the trip to Troy next Satur ­ day to engage In the biggest of the early season meets. The next In line will be known as the second team and will compete at tho same time at Van Cortlandt Park* with teams from New York. New Jersey and Pcnnsylvanlaln a meet under the auspices of Manhattan College. The other* who participated In the meet with Yonkers were Pal- helm, San Giovanni. Slotouaky, Ackerman. Pulas. Meresldl, Went and Salvo. Korti. Caitie To Pky Rye Lmke In BuebftH Sunday North Castle win try to make an end to the ecrlea being played with the Rye Lake bell club tomorrow at By* Lake ’ s field by winning for the second time ln a row and eo clinch the myth.cal town of North Castle cham ­ pionship. North Castle won i on the first play and In three pUys i were set for another touchdown. But that foiled for a pass lo H. Shlrqy was caught by him beyond the and zone where It was out of bounds. Ridgefield was forced to kick but i then Intercepted a pass on the first ; down. A couple of trick reverses j failed and Ridgefield kicked. They stiffened an the defense however and held Scarsdale for downs. Then ln desperation they tried s long ipaas but Smith caught It on the 'dead run and ran to tho six yard Una for Scarsdale. He took It #v*r on the next play and added the point by a kick. tra point which waa awarded to Washington Irving, th* penalty ul ­ timately deciding the gome. Pel ­ ham scored ln the third period on a a peas, but a poor pass from center broke up their attempt to tie the Ipg because of the spirit of de ­ mocracy which is always ln evi ­ dence at at Empire City Racing Association gathering. The completion of Central avenue beyond the gates of the Yonkers course has mad* the latter one of Georgia has Yale ln a nice spot to beat tbe Ell. Georgia has been pointing for Yale since the training season opened. Already beaten, Georgia can tako chances. Yale may have the better football team and yet lose to an Inspired Georgia Meven. playing before a home crowd in Its own stadium. It Is the first time Yale ever traveling backs with a young 14- 1 year-old quarterback who ought to | be good In tbe next year or so He | is cool and calls tbe plays well. The j line showed a drive at Umea but are green. Stein, the regular quar- i ter who played In the opening game waa on the sidelines with a bad shoulder. . The line-up: i Scarsdale Ridgefield Position Fox _____________________ Banda Ridgefield tried a double lateral, J*bs but was forced to kick. A Ridgefield player recovered tbe kick but Scarsdale got the ban on downs and loot It by kicking on last down. On the first play a Ridgefield back fumbled and Scare- COMPOSITE SCORES TO DATE BvDKXDORGAN OH. DGAtf. THAT WOULD TICKLE HE FBJKGHN3UE OH, DC AO. > YEP~ 1VE thuj KK* Ym» WAS RBLLOT 1 SAV. IJHAT DYE SAY Yo , A LITHE SPI Kl, . -TOJOIGKT O / THI* WAS THU?$'DAy'

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