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fHE DAILY (HESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. V.. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12. 19» Freddie Monte To Meet Benny Tell In Ti tle Bout Here CUB VICTORY *- *'■ Ckampioh And Contender GIVES SERIES X X m Wilf 1 Battle At Armory F REDDIE MONTE defeated Henry Catena at the 102nd i Medical Regiment Thursday night in New York, but the bantamweight title of the National Guard w§a not at Btake. Catena went into the ring weighing 12?, several pounds overweight, and so Monte ’ s title was not in dan- ,-* ger. Neither was Monte, for that matter, fighting Catena. -*• Just why Monte is matched with such fighters as Catena*' and Roderiguez is hard to fathom. Perhaps they are sav­ ing him for the fight with Benny Tell at the White Plaii* Armory on October 24, which is a title affair. , If he la beaten before than eat-* urally tha till# affair win cease to ~ ...... =• Involve any UUe and that would be f-g Morale of Chicago; Team Is Raised by Victory Which u Breaks Jinx on National League Teams. RAN *T ww coli > wrrn ONt ponch * Doyle took Tommy A Doha and save that.person, who la another of the ex-bantam champs. a lacing In the local armory. Bat Aboba haa gone back a bit. for even Henry Catena, the old war horae. beat him and Tell haa done It, aa well aa o therm. Putting Catena In with Monte meant nothing at all. Catena loat to Johnny Blaine and even Eddie Ziegler fought him to a etandaUll In White Plalna. Ziegler. uauaJly a prelim lighter, waa etuek In aa a aub and etopped the abow. But Ziegler la not chemplonahip caliber unlearn Frankie Minerva, (ha. other 3« wey nearly S laughtered demp ^ cy F t >*. a couples ow KauKicn, Auto Merchants to Hold Last Tourney Of Season Many Prizes Will Be Awarded When Last of Seven Tournaments Will Be Held. VlttK vWftS Too F ast l-OOGHRAlA, 'HV B >oxcw _ . 08AT WM ToUtE p ^ mch wis R ight ( Aut> “ ‘ L. K nocked him out ! rhaplaln. the Rev. John B. Kelly, and will be played at the Penlmore Country Club. White Plalna. atarting at 1 :J0 j'clocfc. October IS. Rex ently beaten Ziegler la alao Includ ­ ed. And that makea the Uat of poealble contender! a mile long. Keeping cloae to the top flight In conalderalton there are several box ­ er d who have a chance to win the tlUe If they ever get a chance. Other* have bean eliminated Willie Rose went down before the orv- elaught of Ahaelm. Benny Broatoff lost to Rote In a sensational fight hare, eo be le out Charlie Char- nrakle la atlll batting around but aeema to have fallen back. O kk . iSUftRKEY WFVGUllHG ^00D. HE. B eat &oiu op 6LA4K GicujT3 - G odfrey ahd yiiLU> . Perennial Contender jgonta Jimmie Doyle la tha perennial since be contender. He aeema to enjoy loe- month* a Ing the title Just *o he can eat fh * about regaining It again. The ang- ular Irishman Is good at times and nol com , rotten at other times. Second rat- _ „ . era have held him to draws.' But , TeI1 * F'- he should be considered again. * > ® , eventually after the rest of thtpack p “ ,, •' get a shot at the Ulle. ^ ® Coming up from the ranks with a leap, the youngster Johnqy Blaine u T(1 '| v c made his name known around here chfcnce , ( when be beat Catena to a fraxxle . ht and lost the decision. later he hl , came back and fought Packey Raw- ^ , Rn ley to a fast draw. That ought to whle put both of them eomewbere on the h# n 11*L Both are young lighters with j two _ t several years ahead of them and may prove dangcroua to the other Pr crop of pugilists. After tl That about Include* th* leaders j marathon of the bantams, except for the fact l emnw ]n . I that the dusky whirlwind. Anselm. 1 deserve* more consideration than 1 0 m * “ ‘ he ha* had when It cornea to get- and lost ting s crack at some title. Anselm | os good i la right on tbs border In the mat-i of the oth ter of weight and at times fight* I Ing much over the 118 -pound limit, but so are — several others and he can train ' m down to that most any time. . Anselm has shown himself to be Buffalo, one of the cleverest of th* little Tommy 1 men and at his best nona of the ^ j M ( others' cam touch him. His knock- . , ALONG THE SIDE LINES rlea.'was trying to think ud anoth- i ________________________________ er of those spectacular surprises ' such* as th# one with which he I Colgate and Michigan Stale clash crossed tbs Cubs by sending How- 1 today In tbclr fourth annual Inter- ard Ehmke In to pitch and win the 1 sectional contest. Two sophomores first gams. 1 have been substituted for seniors In _ ___ , the Colgate lineups, Lister and Bul- Fox Goes HI tiros 1 Uval j having won regular bertha. The Mackmen did not show to | ------------ advantage In their first appearance Lafayette and Manhattan College j before their own fans yesterday. ,d ^ a \ el , rv', n * » er * M i what promised to be *n Intereatlng Jimmy Foxx. the versatile first rootb all gsme today. Manhattan baseman, who was the bitting hero was rated to have a fair chance to of the game# In Chicago, coulln t | win over tKc Easton!tea, hat a ball out of th. Infield. A11 N#w Tork Valrtnitr ^ Kord . ..immon* went hltltss. Jimmy harI1 „, new tbe lr Inter-city rivalry Dykes, moat popular of the whole - lot with the Shlbe Park fans, had the misfortune to contribute the m la play which helped along the three run Chicago rally In the sixth Inning. That rally waa featured by time ­ ly bits by Rogers Hornsby and Klkl Cuyler, who. In a measure, thus redeemed themselves for ear- Orounds today. A crowd of fans will witness th* game. i Defeat* Zazzarino on Tech ­ nical After Scoring Sever ­ al Knockdowns. Each card turned\ In was kept and the Individual player ’ s record com- ----------- iment h« engaged In. This waa to A! Singe* New York. Junior Ilght-tTheck the ultimate winners of the .'ight, knocked out -Leonard Zaz-1 big prises which will be given out irino. Bayonne. 6 rounds; Ben Tuesday for the various achlcve- Jrby. New York, middleweight menu during the season. I Mro PH,™ Nels Tarleton. Liverpool. Eng. featherweight, beat Archie Bell, Hundred# of dollars have been Brooklyn. 10 rounds: Johnny Toy le. 1 donated as prises in tho form of Bayonne. lightweight, scored a | merchandise and suitable gift* technical knockout over Herman I w . H ... , Unger, New York, three rounds: Thr > m worlh wh,,# ,or no prllr Itocco Vlgna. Brooklyn, and Paa- w,l > = le “ Ihan s - 5 » nd » ornP cHn , cual BuenlflgUo. Argentine Junior Into real money. So the men have lightweight, based a four round ; turned out pretty regular during draw. the season looking toward the big Zaxsarlno. having proved that he blowout next week as Kell as to ­ ts as game as be U ’ •Gabby,'' was ward the enjoymint of that parti - back to Marlon today telling' the cular day. home town folks that he wae rob- Thle last tourney will be run In Army planned to give three full teems a workout against Davidson College of North Carolina In to- j day ’ s game. The Wildcats will be handicapped by the Illness of two star players, Brohard. halfback, and McQueen, fullback, while the Cadet squad was reported In per ­ fect condition. ' Georgia will dedicate Its stadium today In a game with 1 __ . ... A capacity crowd of 15,000 lot .DRAW BOLT * Ing governors of six states la Mitchell Field. L. L, Oct. 12 <UP). ' pected to witness the gam. — T Harry Ebbeta, Freeport middle- flrst south of the Mason-Dlxon weight, boxed an sight-round drawi . wLQk.Billy KohuL Brooklyn; Harry , _. - . „ , Bankey, Weatbury Junior light- , Princeton a Tlger football eh weight, declated Joe Sousa. Free-I ^ a to “ «h *** port, sight round.; S^vatore Af- , ^« Un » II d ' ft finite. New York weHerwelghL Brown UoWeroily team. Cap knocked out John Dempsey, Long expecte* __ i ro... . __ _____ start at tackle for Princeton. There arc few rules of play. A player must hole out on the greens, and observe the ordinary rules of golf. Stymies do nol hpve to be played. - The members and guests, of which there are expected to be over two hundred will have lunch ­ eon In the middle of the day and then at dinner at night will be pre- A1 Singer. New York Junior light ­ weight, at Madison Square Garden last night Singer scored a technical knock ­ out over Zaxxarlno when Referee Danny Ridge etopped the bout after one minute and 44 seconds of fighting in th* sixth round. Singer had won every round of the fight eligible for on* of the big prizes, and for tbe guest* who will b* flay ­ ing. For the others only tho major prlsca will be given out 'There are two prizes which are coveted more than any of the others. They are the two cups put up for competition according to strict rules These are the Presi ­ dent's cup and the Lee Eastman cup* The conditions follow:* Tha president's cup. presented by C. H. Larson: Conditions: To the Paris, Oct « <UP> — Fldsl La Barba, American boxer la expected to enter the ring a alight betting favorite to beat Kid Francis, French bantamweight In their scheduled 12 -round bout her* to ­ night Sports writers predicted that Francis vouW bold La Barba Several of the local auto merch ­ ants are entered In this tourna- They are George Tracy# of the J. A T. Motors Co* B. Holtxcamp of Cadillac. Pete Kauffman of eo. Fred Brown of Browns ’ Bulck. Jack Bas- tlan of Cadlallac, E. Gibson of Cad ­ illac. E. Jenkins of J. A T. Motors and Walter Wealall as a guest of tha association. ULE OF LEADING EASTERN COLLEGES

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