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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, IS. Y- SATURDAY, OCTOSESU, 1W» WOMirtNSf Ps46B WOMAN ’ S VIEWS WOMAN ’ S NEWS DAILY FASHION As a Woman Thinks l Sound 4 Auction Bridge HOUSEHOLD A CHIC ENSEMBLE WHICH IS DISTINCTLY RUSSIAN Duka this waning generation of which I am a part. I will give the Ulfcr in fuU*before commenting on 1L She nays. “ After reading your column regarding high school student#. I find It neceaaaly, in fair Juatice to our generation, to help eradicate from your mind the tmpreaeion you hold of us. It la true, aji you admit at the outaet of your column, that theae few who are unable to spell correctly, talk correctly and act cor ­ rectly are In the minority. Since you admit this, why talk fur- every generation, and perhaps when this one takes Ita place aa the breadwinner! of the nation, they, too, win fear the rising! “ I am afraid, Mrs. Cushman, that you have tingled out a few bad raamples of the oncoming cltiaana and you have peaaed by the intelligent and worthwhile. I only with I could have the pleasure of your company at a meeting of my personal frienda who are the average young people of today! “ If the children raised abroad are better-bred and more lit ­ erary, why then are theae nation! behind In world affaire, because since the start of time they have bad few men llko George Wash ­ ington and Theodore Roosevelt who were called In their gentle indolent and carelrwe and who. In reality, with their frankness and Initiative, made a great nation. “ I hope. Mrs. Cushman, that I have had a little part In the changing ota former Idea. I want to thank you so much for your kind Indulgence,\ If the writer of the Uttar ro-rcade my column, shell see that I. at first, questioned'my judgment based on experience with comparatively few high school students. But subsequent experi ­ ence, with more high school students, has revealed nothing better. Moreover, these young people who wrote the articles to which I refer, were. In moat cases, the honor students, the shining exem ­ plars of scholarship In the county schools The work wasn ’ t sup ­ posed to be the product of the dull, uninterested or even average student — but the work of the brilliant student, with Initiative and ambition. And as I said, words were misspelled, sentences poorly constructed and. copy badly prepared. Could I hope for better from students with leas reputation as students? These stndents were the minority, but the brilliant minority. What U to be ex ­ pected from the more stolid majority? I am an adult. I beg leave tr remind my correspondent, and I submit that It le not the mental vigor and frankness of ths ado ­ lescent to which I object. It ’ s their manner of exhibiting It. Bulls, dear young girt, are very nice, but not In china shops — and maturity is often s china shop. No bull ever yet grew up Into a diplomat, aa far as I know. The more the world advances — the farther America continues to outstrip these “ backward other na ­ tions' — ag I presume, from the letter, we are doing, the greater need we are going to have for diplomats, even In our everyday life. Clearness of mind and simplicity of manner does not neces ­ sitate neglect of the social amenities nor does a knowledge of the facta of life on the part of ths adolescent and a wider v&^bulary for expressing the same. Inspire us adults with a fear of the ado ­ lescents ’ Intelligence, The letter la a brave defense of a not Inconsiderable element that leavens this rising generation. Tet I would ask those Inter ­ ested In promoting unbiased opinions In the adolescent mind. ’ ,to look with critical and Interested eyes at that paragraph beginning “ If the children raised abroad are \better-bred! . . . \Why asks young correspondent, “ are these nations (abroad) behind In World affairs ?\ I didn't know they were. Some of them, perhaps, such as India, might well profit by a few lessons In hygiene, but I thought that England. Oermany, France. Italy. Japan, were playing a not Incon ­ siderable part in world affairs. I gather from this letter that this country of ours plays a lone band In “ world affaire.' And I am amaxrd. I didn't know It did. And I couldn ’ t be convinced. That brilliant German leader who died a few days ago, that notable English statesman we now have the honor to entertain, that flam- buoyant figure who dominates Italy's destinies, that old French general who alts writing bis memoirs in a littlo seaeoast town — I thought these were world figures, and that by their direction and with their capable guidance, their countries played and play a part in “ world affairs\ equally Important with the part played by our own Uailed 8tates. \World affairs\ my friend, “ Implies a par ­ ticipation by the outstanding nations of ths earth. The outstand- B ran ch of Church Mission of Help Will Discuss the McLean Distinctly Russian la the frock which Is partially concealed by the top coat in this sketch. It Is of a new tomato red. In a very exquisite wool cloth. The tightly fitted j waist line descends to a wide semi i pleated skirt and the waist buttons I with large buttons ail the way down the front. The hem of the skirt Is a half Inch strip of slightly coarser weave of wool In a matching color, and there are wide peasant pockets outlined in the same way. The lil- lle aleevelese jacket has two straight scarf ends similarly edg ­ ed. The top coat Is fitted to form and Is of a deeper red tweed mlx- I turn, trimmed only with three Utile WITTY KITTY talnlng of a permanent international peace. Perhape the nations abroad are backward in world affairs — and yet, let us check off on our fingers: England. France, Italy, Japan. QRLKa&SJ* The girl-friend says this Is Co ­ lumbus ’ birthday, ahd she hopes we ) have many happy returns .of 1L By ■ Nina WHeox Pu tnam up, high i clde whel Virginia. The ^Flapper Freshies Daily Fashion Ms dame Champcommurusl hat chosen red tuxxd for this coat vhich it timpU in line and hat two enormout pockets. The drett it Russian in cut and i Of tomato red woolen material. % J ames W. B arton MJ> decrease w\yi If you are overweight, have tried the above faithfully, and there Is no noticeable reduction, then yon are justified In consulting your phy- •Iclaj* as lo the use of the thyroid extract. You may be allowed to use the short cut to reduce your weight ^ The very fact that you hare de elded to reduce your weight la i big step forward toward accom eduction\ in your mind ail the at This win mean that as you eat

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