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William E. Myers Reviews Trip ' To Persia; Was Employed There With Firm Building Railroads Journey Home Took 31 Days, He Says in Writing Account of #- • . . T_! -_ I . DI koa , in rirntnt Last Race in Annual Steeplechase Association Meeting Progratr\ in September; Review Of Events and Toumeys Shows ist of Prize Dofors and Winners For Month Announced — Complete Resume of September ’ s Activities Coromandel coast of the Bar of Ben ­ gal stretching along the coaat (or aome debt to ten miles. There are aereral excellent and beaatlfal parka, especially Maplro Park. Along the »ea from la a fashionable promenade, known aa the Marina and la* eery lovely with Ita legialntlvo building*, flo'wrra and beaches. From Madras to Danaakodi br rail, is -not Terr pleasant aa the raid aerrice la about the porest in-India. I was eery for ­ tunate bowerer. aa two new car ­ riages were put Into aerrice that night. Including baths and I bad one carriage alon'. The land Is tntenslrr- ly cultivated. east rice fields being worked by natives of both sex. Southern India la\ noted (or the won ­ derful temples and cities antTI think it mueh more beautiful and Interst ­ ing th»a- from Bombay to Manias. The birds are quite tame and come to tha window In, flocks to be fed. Tha natives are colorfully dresard In few clothes. Tha tempk ot 81- machalam. tho entrance which has 1.100 steps in strikingly interesting. From Danoakodi to the northern end of Ceylon la but a fire-hour trip by steamer and I arrived there at 8 p. m. In a pouring rain. Baggage and passport inspection at this dreary place la an imposition and not baring a rise for Ceylon. I nearly spent the night thtre but finally was allowed to catch the train for Colombo. Cey- loo la' by far more beautiful and In ­ teresting than any part of India. The ellmau. though tropical, la -modified by the surrounding waters and the Moneooaa prevail from Jana to Sep- ed (or an 18 hole match play la divi ­ sion B ra. par for 3-4 handicap aad was won by H. C. Hancock. 4 op. Suagav. fieatsaiker a The following lfl members qualified for low net score* - for the 1. Mr. E. Bowman: L. Johnson ra- E. W. Conk- H. il. Biodell ra. H. E. Boesel. Un, W. J. Blizzard ra. A- E. Downes, George Daniels vs. W O. Smith. J. W. McCarthy ra. F. % Krag. J. E. Plunkett r*. Harry B. Nassoit. James Jenkins r*. E. T. Pope aad Walter Caswell. In the It. A. WeTkler trophy which waa played (or on the west and smith golf course# o( thr Westchester Country Club for aa 18 hole medal play handicap low net score, the fol- lowing were tied for score. Charles Paterno. 81-U-70; W. 8. Blizzard. 64-14-72; James Jenkins. 80-8-72: W. Badger. 88-12-71; J. E. Plunkett, 00-18-88; and L. Johnson. Another trophy played was the Fore Lark, owned by W. E. Briggs, forgifig ahead in the home stretch to win the last race at the annual meeting of the Westchester Biltmore Steeplechase Association. ThwaHe. Mr*. A. B. Healy. Miss Vie. Un Reilly, Mrs. Ira Hill. Mrs. Bar- thejomar, MUs U. Csbne, Mrs. F. W. Pelzer. MUs Jeanette Bleecker. Mrs. R. C. Dodge. Mra G. Crouch. Mr.. IL G. O ’ Hara. Mrs. Eilgsr D. ! Gould tof New Rochelle. Mrs. E. 0- ChaUeager. Mrs. H. G. Dow. Mrs.' Ar ­ thur J. Simon. Park Drive. Harrison; Mias V. Dillon. Mrs. K. Fallin. Mrs. C. L Lownes, Mrs Anthony Hassler. Mrs. 8. P. HaldcnateJn. Mi. Charles Harwood. Sterling Bidga, Harrison: Mrs. E. B. Schmalbolf of.^carsdsle. SOCIETY NOTES Receives Gold Plate For Winner HALLOWE'EN COSTUME BALL Reservations for dinner parties, al ­ so for rooms and juiitea tor the week­ end following tha Hallowe'en Cos­ tume Ball are already being made. Tha ball U to be held on Saturday, November 2 at the Westchester Coun ­ try Clnb. Reservetiona can byaent to ^Albert E. Sayira, aaaUtant manager for rooms and suites and to Billy Senft for dinner. RECENT HOSTS Among members of the club who were hosts during the past week at Jbe club were. J. J. Keenan, E. Hlg- by. I* L. Momand. H. B. Sargent Jr.. E. J. Keliy. Mra. Frances Gordon. J. Crawford Stevens, D. 8. .Moore. W. E. Earle Jr.. Albert Winston. I* W. Prince. U J. Mills. E. Wuertt, Herb ­ ert G. Gram. W. K. Rose. Mra. C. W. Sinnott. IL E. Cockron. A. S Duany. M. Suck. J. G. Newcomb, F. IL Hardin, and M. V. N. Da MotL DINNER PARTY U Ward Prince entertained at din ­ ner for Mr. and Mrs. Murray M. Lent ot White Plains. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Rlcharda. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. VeeUnd. and Paul Stevens of Burlington N. C. DINNER PARTY E. S. Crittendan was dinner host on Saturday night for the following party: Miss Dorothy Troy of Scara- dale, George B. Young of New York City, Mrs. T. Sloane Young. Jr., ot Ardaley. Mr. and Mra. F. H. Troy and Charles M. Troy of Searsdale. I, E. Baahinakey o( Birmingham AU., Miss Virginia Brown of Washington D. C, Mlaa Eleanore Leech also of Washington D. C.. Mra. John True of Datrouport Iowa. Julea Neidle of Nep- York City. Sir. and Mra. Caaaela Young of Forest BUla. Mra. S. A. Haling of Westbury. Conn.. Mr. and Mra. H. Lent of Whits I Plains, N. PuUatl, J. McGowan. Alias Margaret Johnson. Eleanor CaroUn of Mamaroneck. Lui|felepa Duany and family and Mr and Mra. Theodora Johnston. Also E. B. Drezel, Jamcsdn Lari- more Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Richard Had ­ ley. FrancU C. Williams. Mr*. Rene CarieUe, Iran SI. Kuramnffsky, Mr*. G. Ourwater. MUa Ethel Miller of Rye. Karl Sewell, Ben Howe, Larey Bacon, MUa E. Warren of Glens Falla, Mra. J. Jennings of Pelham, M. Howe of BronxvQle, bliss GUdya Ha ­ milton, Mr. and Sira. Otto Schep of Larch moot, \MUa Virginia Woodworth of Bronx villa, Mis Constance Wood- worth, Douglas Gibson of New'Ro- ] chelle and N. M. Allison of New York ' City. RECENT HOST O. Wlcke had gueaU recently who were C- McCarthy Jr.. Mr. and Sira. Arthur Turner of Scaradalr. Mlaa Bet ­ ty Hunter and Mr. and Mra. Albert Andrews Brennan of New York City. LUNCHEON-BRIDGE Mra. G. M. McGcacbcm entertained This tournament Included a kick- era bamlirap and a I* selected boles between S3 and Of. The low net score waa won by Mrs/ F. I. Fomrame with 114-38-78. The' kickers handicap waa won by UnSC. Bartbolomaa scoring Class A ua won by Sira. Arthur J. 97-11-86. and the 0 selected holes In Simon of Sterling Ridge, Harrison, scoring 104,18-88. In Class B. Mrs. W. 8- Aldemon. 130-40-00. Othera playing in IhU tournament were Mrs? ly. Mra. N. SicConnell. Mm. R. F. C. F. Murphy,'Jr- MUa Vivian Reli- Moon. Jr.. Mra. E. O. Challenger. Sira. M. T. Thweite v Mrs. W. I. Meta. Sira. G. Crouch. Mm C. W. Burkett. Jr, Mra. H J. Rugg, and Mrs. 8. Dairy tuple. Cahne, Mra. J. B. Dempaler, Sira. An ­ thony Baaaler. Mra. A. 8. Healy. Mm. Also Mrs. F. W. Acton. Mrs. M. M. G. SlUair. Mlaa D. Burkett. Mrs. J. A. Fayne, Mr*. SI. II. Elvigge. Mrs. Frank X. Anglim. SIDa May Harden. \Mm. J. B. Campbell. Mrs. T. T. Burr. Sira. F. W. P«lzcr of New York City, and Mrs. Wheeler of Rye. Urn. EL B. Scbmalbolf of Searsdale. Sira. Harnld II. Barnard of Rye. Mm. 8. Y. Auatlo of Searsdale. and Mm. 8. 8. Lelrd of New Rochelle. September 20 The Charles Flneflver trophy wa» given for match play vs. par and waa won by Mra. F. K. Beam. 4 up. The net score In data A waa won by Mrs. Anthony Baaaler of New York City, score. 88-10-78; the low net in Has* B. Mra. J. B. Dempster. 100-28-78. Three prizes wars offered for low conaolntation and were won by Mrs. a J. Bngg. 122-40-82; Mlaa Ruth Howell. 107-25-82; aad Mlaa Stay approach lag contest was won by Mra. U3-2q-73. This match 'was pUyed on both , courses for aa 18 bole medal play handicap for net low acorn. 1 Tho James G. Cannon - trophy •was for an 18 bole medal play bsndlrap, prize to ..be given for low net score. J. P. Doodle won with a draw *1- 23-08; others tied for ecore wen A. R. Schmid. 85-15-70: George J. Bog- hen Sfl-in.fls- a - n..a,, oa.v*. Au gust us E. Goodwin, owner of Honeyco, winner of the fourth raevin the annual meeting of the Westchester Biltmofe Steeplechase ^Association. receiving gold plate from John McEnree Bowman, president of the association. Arab River about four miles from Mohsmrah, the rest of the trip to Mohamrah being made in a native boat called a bellnm. Tht Shat-al- ■ -Arab Hirer U the combined watem ;-W Ua TlgrU and Euphrates River*. L Hahamrah ’ a Usding and only hotel la t^wRa pi uiltl v*. The modern lmprove- : meat* being desk, clean sheets, a bed | with spring and a mattress that U ■ i axti emely auspicious I Tho following afternoon, after I May enstom inspections and other IwaMaaa delays, so aggravating In 'he; hen. 80-10-68: A. R. Gardner, 84-13- 71: W. C. Kuder. 77-5-72; F. 8. Krag, 81-14-67; A. J. Wells, 80-20-70 Il K ------- M ,o-fn GOLF NEWS which are possibly 'fid. Bombay being Two-thirds of the [overnbent and the M c G owan party Frank C. Hatfield of Hartford. Conn, Leonard W. Thompson of New Haven, Conn, and C. Stevens of White PUIna were rueata of A. C. McGowan on Thursday at the dub. OUEfTS OF MRS. WHOOLEY Mr. and Sim. Robert a SI. a Em ­ mett of Rye and Mr. and Mm. Charles Seetmam of New York City were gueats on Friday of Mm. 0. M. Whoo. lug the Monsoons season which waa moat enjoyahle. though not to every- one The rough weather with spray flying »aa delightful but on entering tha Red Sea the heat became op* preserve and one afternoon It became so hot It waa necessary to tnrn the ship around to get a faint breath of air which came from the north. Ber- eraJ«* the paaaengem fainted. I left the ship at Suez. raring not to see Cairo and the Pyramids on account of the hot alow trip thr. ugh the 8nea CanaL The ships peeing in the canal hare to tie up to clusters of poles m order to let one .hip p... on acronnt of the narrownea. of tho canal and the .notion from the pro ­ pellers. Boca la not very interesting or picturesque. The inhabitants .re mo.tly French. Alter bargaining with . driver 1 finally got s oar to Cairo to, half the ha] Hotel, one of Bombay's beautiful hotels. _ The pyramids at Gbizela are the moat Interesting — three large ones and six imailer ones. All Egyptian pyramids wars built aa tombs for royal personages and they are re ­ markable for their tremendous alza and the fact that there was at one time no visible opening. The great pyramid It tha UrgeaL originally 481 feet high; but since has grown smaller, due to age. weather and aon- HULL TROPHY The west course of the club waa\ used on Saturday for the 12 blind se ­ lected holes for the J. Arthur Hull trophy which waa won by W. C. Kodcr with a 48. larger by night than In the daytime. The Sphinx la also a tremendous alee, having the body of a lion and the My longed-of-vtniton, of a t were soddenl ybrokeu at t dinner. The tneritable sheep and mutton for meat J. Ulavent Fisher had aa his guests ... recently Mr. ami Mrs Philip J. Rnd- of v^w York C tv Mra M F 1 der of Allendale Dr and Un. Jo- J'®* of •'* rw York Lily. Mra M. e . aeph Lord!. Mr.' and Mra. Herbert J? 0 \' , S ‘ r *' T l ' 00 ^ , ' | Mr ?; 8 ' 1 Maloney. Mr. and Mra. Georg. Gavin »- N ' W a, a S? ' I Olff ,< Mra N C«olto^ 8t«7 had V f 0 r E - Sehmalhol* of Scarririe.' Mra 8ev«ral membra, of tht Waatchea- I^lJlux 0 ^ 1 ^* 8 1 AG^- J. r WhooWy, Mra C. C. Weight. £ g* i 1 \ - i a ss a ttTffmimNWta.ftrtrS 1 WOMANS WEEKLY GOLF PLAY hole medal play handicap on the weat PUL Mr and ^ — ^ly tournament foe women courat. The tie. w*r* VF. L Mats. RrauvrilU t »lit member, of the Westchester Country 84-12-72: J. Z. Pleraon. 00-20-70: 8. fTrk, *ru 7, Club U«t week included a match play M. Bidden. 87-27-72; and F. E. BUsa. irahlnTD^lim^ UcDon * W ,od Jo ' vg piu- 82 handicap which «u. pUyed 07-23-72. ------------ on the south course on Friday. The , - HELEN M. RICH ENTERTAINS low net .core for both classes was ALLEN TROPHY Helen M. Rich entertained for the uron by Mra F. K. Ream and the | Another of Sundafa golf matches following on Saturday: Mias Esther- trophy presented waa the Mra 1. Hill was tfaa 8. G. Allan trophy which waa ine Moor* of Montclair. Ralph Un- trophy. The winner in Class A was played on the south course far an 18 der, Mlaa Elizabeth Chamber* and I Mra. C. F. Murphy. Jr, with 1 down hole medal play handicap and waa tied Cola Brady of New Rochelle. to par. and In Class B Mra J. A. by C. H. Klein. 98-28-70; B Ouibert. rnnia i nimnu Tame won with 5 down to par. , 90-27-69; C. Tmdenbaeh. W-24-70: C. W MU° o/ S» Fnvinn i 0,her P****™ •«* *«\■ “ • K- T. Boraard, 03-24-60; Harry Noonan. ---------- 1 Mra Charles Harwood, of Starling 8ra er*| hundred members and their JENNINGS QUESTS Ridge. Harrison; Mlaa D. Burkett, jog,,* w(r( arfn „ fj,, Saturday E. J. Jennings entertained for Her- Mra (L-Crouch. Mra U. Bridge. Mra sight dinner dance which was held vey Day of New Rochelle, Cermelila J. B. Campbell. Mra. M. P. Tbwalte. „ t|u , Wealcheater Y^malrv Clob and Hayden Smith of Pelham. Jack Mra William Beat. Mra. TL F. Mra- taat weet Mambara Waring partiae WUliaaa and Jack Hoppolej of Naw phy. Jr, Mra T. T. Barr. Mra E. O. of TarriB|I ^ h»d n( j*d Charira rta- -1\? ^ i, ^ OmDragra and Mra Edgar Gould *f Dr. jra Hffl. flnml chelle, Eleanor Hacblyn ot Rye and New Rochelle. R]rti H. Stoelaon. P H Dner Frank Mn. William T. Hoolo of LarctmonL H(«b Club Committee „ ^ I j,. H. Schail, . C. O. CURTIS HARDIN QUE8T8 M _ William T Hooo. was made > 8., JHaaly._C- Corauny W. J. oratim Jr, wraara. With a hu L m ER F. w.tira Tha following day I saw tha pyra ­ mids and Sphinx by daylight and. of course, they were Dot *o Imprraalve. The rraln ride from fy>ro to Alex­ andria along the Nile valley was not pleasant, it being very hot and dusty. The Nile valley 1» very fertile and well enltirated. The old method of raising water from the NDa for Ir ­ rigation la still In oat; In some of the places I sear crude water wheels. Re- catchlng the same boat at Alexan ­ dria. the air became much cooler In the Mediterranean 8«a and tha sto - ninca were positively cold. A abort time before arriving In Cairo, relic* from King Tnt ’ z tomb were opened to the poblle and ware moat interesting. Tha Jewelry la beau ­ tifully carved and marked In striking mlort of aolld gold and tha casket which la exquisite. The museum was very cool In contrast to the heat oat- I potatoes. Eridently such rom- faoda do not tempt the Engllzh- beat aboard English ships. I r>0< N Mnwao nn aeasoc waa beginning i , . reek np bot we did net feel It L Wa entered the Strait of Or- | handing to the Sea of Oman. , on ad* the* became rougher and I j^ a weather hotter and »tiekler. 1 ^, a , of sandal waa slipped •h®»a. before entering. lose In Persia or India plain. The colored tiled It W»a quite pleasant rovln tha dty. Karachi la the thii mmg oar party of threa cintride Cairo, at the Udoae to the pyramids. All debating among our- Rt.ire arguing with tb# ■re decided to take the •nllghL I T dld not ride any irkably due stride Blue Grotto, tho peU. a beautiful la • commercial Italy ’ s lmpfirtam L? J — Jk|t= Westchester Country Club News m ■ J /. WEEKLY BUDGET OF EVENTS AT THE FORMER WESTCHESTER BILTMORE

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