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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, October 14, 1929, Image 16

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WHITE M MAM STRUT WHITE FLANS ACREAGE One T*L /fotanttfttuiie White Plata * Whit* R.EALTOF.S Plains 9720 Plains lit 920V I lih DAILY PKtras, rLAlPta, IS. K. MUmMI, Ut.lOUI'.K la, 1V2V The Bualnraa Islynti of Ihr Community THE COUNTY TRUST CO. \ A Community Bank Rendering a Metropolitan Service “ GOING AHEAD WITH WHITE PLAINS\ MARION SHOP 161 Main Street a OUR NEW FALL STL YES IN LATEST CREATIONS % NOW ON DIS P LAY Quality — Service — Satisfaction Our Principal Aim PHONE ’ WHITEJ'LAINS 5376 D. W. SQUIRE Expert Locksmith GRINDING AND SHARPENING OF ALL KINDS OF TOOLS Specializing in Making Aato Keyi By Code Humber Whitt Plaint, N. T. THE HOME OF QUALITY PRINTING NEWEST TYPE FACES PERSONAL SERVICE ---------- SPEED ------------ OPERATING DAT AND NIGHT VICKERMAN PRINTING SERVICE in MAIN STR£E T Phone 3307 WHITE PLAINS Member of Affiliated Graphic Arta. Scppijtn* Orlttnal Adirrtlalnt Cuts and Layout, tor Mailing Mrora. n«.YS* ^ 110,754 New solid brick hcaat, 6 room*, 1 bath, on plot 50x117. Two-car brick garage with quart era oyer bead- Two m3a from Whitt Plains Harlem Di virion atabon. la- prorad atrret, good neighborhood. Hot water heat fere- plact. Beal bayiu Westchester. ARTHUR T. WIBOM & ASSOCIATES Depot Plaza Tofaphone 3S57 Emrin* Td*ph*** 1343 RUSCHMEYER ’ S Candy — Ice Cream 2«1 MAD! ST —J W. POST ROAD White PWnt, It T. STORAGE — MOVING CARENTER STORAGE, Inc, 1907 - DBURMCE TOST - 1929 IN THE IN VES TMENT SPOT-LIGHT THE CITIZENS BANK AMI T! HE business houses represented on this page are co-operat ­ ing for White Plains growth and prosperity. They believe with The Daily Press that White Plains can he made a bigger, better and more prosperous city by concerted effort. Be a White Plains Booster. Does Zoning Pay In White Plains? By WELLS F. WISE. Secretary. White Plain. Chamber of Commerce. Dot* toning pay? Yea, if it ia true that a nickel eared ia a nickel •trued. Zoning paya not inly in that it make, the return on real estate ia vestment more sure but also in that it prevent* or lessens capital loss. Among tbe greatest losses from which our cities safer are: 1. — Depreciated values due to changing character of a district 2. — Fire loams. That xoning stabilises tbe character of a district, prevents the Might due to a mixture of mutually harmful uses, is generally recognised. The residence that cost 55,000 or $10,000 loot* half its value if a store is opened next door, loses even Sore if its new neighbor is a factory or a garage. The retail store that did a thriving business will find its trade diminishing if the neigh ­ boring property is occupied by business or industry offensive or disturbing to customer*. The in­ dustry that has residences for neighbors it nearly sure to be handicapped in operation or expan- _________________ ’ _________________ ( n» by complaints of its noise, its odors, its tab ke or tome other m a nife s t a ti on of its activity. These fact* have been recognised though not always realised, as long as men have lived in dries. The oldest towns lad their different qaarters or baxaan; the butchers leaded to congregate in one section, the jeweler* in another, the cloth merc ha nt s in another, because expe ­ rience showed this was best Tor business. Zoning simply nriUxet this age old experience and applies it logically and in orderly fashion. Fire losses are among the great preventable waste* of America. They are increased by jumbling different lands of occupations together and by crowding bail dings too dose to each other... In our cities bmsi-nest men often pay higher insurance rates than they would if their fire hazard were not increased by neighboring properties. House bolder* pay more\tkan they would if there were wider spaces between booees or if business or factory b nil dings were not mixed in with residences. This is a constant and unnecessary tax. Zoning reduces tt. Our highway* are costing more and more every year. If a high way is buRt to serve a miscellany of uses, or without any clear idea of the character of its district, it is sure to cost more than it should. Wide, heavy pavement suitable for trucking costs mack-. It should be con ­ fined to stretches of streets directly past establishments needing it and fr on them by ipe shortest routes to destinations, such as freight stations. If it passe* through residence districts it not only represents waste in co si of unnecessary construction but waste of time and energy on tbs put of truckers. Narrow, more lightly paved readw^s are adequate to the needs o f residence districts except ia tbe case of a few arterial highway*. But if they are used by heavy bucks they soon an broke., up and most h e repaired. The cost of laying sewers and water mains is an Hem of consequ eaca. In a properly xoned dty k is possible to figure just what volume these services wffl have to carvy when a district it fully built up. Tbe a tbe right rise can be laid m the first place, la an unsoued city the safe thing is to err on the ede of adequacy and lay pipes larger and more costly than are Ekely to be needed because this waste is so much lea than tbe waste of replacing pipes within a few yean. Tbe work of our police and of our fire departments n simplified in a toned dty. A conglomeration of dwd&ngt with gas tanks, lumber yards and warehouses offers infinite possibilities for trouble. Tim kin d of conglomeration also adds to the work of the health department both on its preventative side and its hospital side. So xoning doe* pay in White Plains *1 RADIOS — EXCLUSIVE!! — RADIOS FOR WHITE PLAINS S RABiC/ ! “ THE SHUBERT RADIO AND COMBINATION ” (lb It. Rib *,»\) THE SET \THE OTT IS TALKING ABOUT ” — ASK TUBS E WHO HAVE SEEN IT, THEN CONE IN AND HEART IT YOU ’ LL BE AMAZED — Truetone, Selectivity, Sensitivity 30 WEST POST ROAD BEEBE ’ / TELEPHONE W. P. 5967

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