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Hunting Dogs For Sale Reasonable See page 14 classification 69 Press Ctm.pl ,U Win RopM of THE VNTTED PRESS Gnat* WnU-Wid. Nn. Sonin VOL. J — NO. 167 WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ TUESDAY. OCTOBER 15, 1929. WILL ESTABLISH HEALTH CENTER IN WESTCHESTER Aid Pledged by Rocke ­ feller and Metropoli ­ tan Life at First Meeting of Commit ­ tee — V. Event Macy Elected Chairman of Investigating Group Establishment of a health : center for Westchester Coun ­ ty was assured at the -first meeting' of the special com- ^mittee. appointed by the Board of Supervisors held in New York City yesterday. Wiljiam J- Wallin, tempor ­ ary chairman of the/comniit- . tee, in the absence in Europe of-V. Event Macy, told the meeting that John D. Rocke- (c)ler, Jr., and the Metropoli- lan Life Insurance Company both are interested in the movement and have agreed to offer facilities of their or ­ ganizations to further the plan. The minutes dr the me tins follow: The spools! committee, appoint ­ ed on October 7. 1029. by the Board ‘ Supervisors of Westchester Coun- lo Investigate the question of a bile health center for the County r Westchester, held Its first meet ­ ing on October 14th. 1929, at 4:30 p. m, at tha City Club of New Tork. | •There were present Messrs. Wn- Ham J. Wallin, Homer Folks and 1 Henry a Bowers, and Mrs. T. Chan- | nlng Moore. The remaining four | members of the committee, namely, j V. Event Macy. Mrs. Caroline ! O'Day .Grenville T. Emmet. -Claude 1 W. MungsrrTd.D, were absent. | “ Tha meeting proceeded. Mr. WU -1 11am J. Wallin acting as temporary chairman, pending organisation. \Motion was mads by Mrx T. Channlng Moore that Mr. V. Event ZX'rJ i m LZ , MERCHANTS f LAN XMAS DECORATIONS Will Meet at White Plains Belmont Tonight to Per- feet tlie Preliminary Arrangement* $1 PER FRONT FOOT Women Will Collect Dolls and Toys to Be Given to Shut-ina Tha Chamber of Commerce Busi ­ ness bureau will meet this even ­ ing at the Hotel Belmont to lnl- Uate preliminary plans for Its an ­ nual custom of decorating and lighting tbs streets for the Christ- TOSTARTWORK ON BATTLE AVE. SCHOOLATONCE Board of Education to Con ­ struct an Additional Wing Nearly a* Large as the Present Structure WORKING ON PLANS Mamaroneck Avenue Expan ­ sion Also Under Consid ­ eration ; Meet Monday William L. Ward House Guest of President and Mrs. Hoover; Long Personal Friends; Both Quakers SPOOR CHARTS CITY ’ S FUTURE EXPENDITURES Commissioner qf Financ Has Made Scientific Esti ­ mates of Income and Disbursements morning by WtUs F. Wise, secre ­ tary. About 30 members and their wtvserwlll attend a banquet to be served In the hostelry and Immedi ­ ately thereafter will attend a Iq- cal theatre party. | Tha actual, dr^n will get under i of bureau members will start a canvass of the center of the city to intsreet local merchants in the proposed decoration of tha streets. Included In the list of prlndrsT : thoroughfares which win be d*co- I rated Win be Main street. Post • road. Depot plaza. Orawaupum street. Mamaroneck avenue. Ugbts and evergreen trees win form the New Tork. Oct. IS (UP) — Heavy withdrawals from ths loan ma r k et today sent call money rates to 7 per cant from the renewal rata of 6 per ­ cent. Tha stock market had been fluctuating Irregularly In In a nar ­ row range before the rate advanced and the change had little effect. Ralls strengthened following the rise fat can fun\ ------ while iietiirtiri gains were made by Seaboard Preferred, Norfolk * Western. New Tork Central and Mlseourl-Kansas-Texas. Utilities declined after early gains * — Clearing House N«w Tork. _ Oet Iff (UP) — Ex ­ change at the New Tork Clearing bouse P .3 01 . 0 0ft000: balance STTU- 000*00: Federal Reserve credlt bal- anoe WfeflqftOOO. ________________ front TOot occupied by mer ch a nt , their wive* wll log a trip throughout the city U) sacsr* dolls aad toys to I ' heighten tha lives of tha shut BANDITS BEAT MAN BUT FAIL TO GET L00 r l Third Attack Made in Past Week on City ’ s Streets — Victim Is Treated at Hospital ‘ f Tbs third attack within a week was mads by burglars with ths ap ­ parent Intention of robbery was re ­ spited here last night by Patsy Po- sato. 58 a toys street, who told po lice that as he was walking along Fisher avenue at Winchester street at 9 p. m. he was struck on the head with a club. them struck him. Apparently they were frightened away for be was not robbed. He was unable to fur- r tba police with descriptions of bandits. __ ths Whits by tha police and tugglsre for a lac ­ eration of the scalp which requir ­ ed two stitches to doss. Dr. Rug ­ giero said ‘ the wound had been In ­ flicted with a heavy Hunt lostro- Work on the new Battle School building addition started at once according to a de ­ cision reached last night by the board of education at a special meeting held In their rooms of the Municipal Building. In addition to this project, now the moat press ­ ing of all the school needs, imme ­ diate attention will be paid to the Mamaroneck Avenue school where It was reported by Superintendent John W. Lumbard, Immediate ete|« must be taken to provide for fu ­ ture growth In that sectlon- The Battle Avenue echool fur ­ nishes a graphic Illustration of the growth of White Plains- Since It was built more than IS years ago. there have been three additions made to It and the wing now con ­ templated will be nearly equal In size to the present structure. At present students there, especially In the lower grades are badly over ­ crowded and parents of the dis ­ trict are demanding more room for their youngsters. Mr. Lumbard. Principal George Kapp aad Meeere. Btreyer and En- ( Continued on Page Three) EDUCATION BOARD ORDERS TRIALBALANC; I'rcaidentDougherty Believes Surplus From Past Year ’ s 'Accounts Wijl Help Cut Tear ’ s Appropriations' The'board'of'education through President Richard E. Dougherty last night. Instructed Secretary Lyle C. Shaw to work out a balance of of the school committee and to re ­ port within the coming week. It was pointed out by President Dougherty that there baa been within the past fsw years no over running of appropriations asked by ths board and that as a result, the possibility exists or applying the balance of the past year to this year's bills Such will be the case In the equip ­ ment for the new echool. It Is es ­ timated. that equipment and grad ­ ing tor ntw senior hlg hschool at Mamaroneck and Bryant avenues win cost In tha neighborhood of ‘ 3370,000, but because of the balance remaining In ths school board treasury It may be possible to cut this total down to an appropriation of not more than (50.000. It Is planned next Monday to an ­ nounce the winner of the award of the grading bids COVERS NINE YEARS Estimate* Probable Riae in Assessed Valuations; An ­ ticipates Costs County Republican Leader ’ s White House Visit Without Political Significance, Inti ­ mates Declare. To Return Thursday. William L. Ward, Port Chester. Republican leader for thirty-three years In Westchester County and formerly active In state and ns- I tlonal councils of the party, will be | the house guest tonight and tomor ­ row of President and Mrs Herbert Hoover. In Washington, It was an ­ nounced at White Plains today by associates of Mr. Ward. The visit Is wholly social and without poUtlcal significance, those who mado news of the trip public today stated. It Is the result of an Invitation Issued about a month ago by the President of the Westches ­ ter County leader. The Invitation was accepted at that time but ar ­ rangements for the recaption by the President of Prime Minister MacDonald of Great Britain caused postponement. Coming on top of yesterday ’ s an ­ nouncement of the excellent condi ­ tion of the city ’ s finances. It was it will learned today that Commissioner of Ward to the White House since Finance Loren 8. Spoor has sclentl- tf, e early days of President Coo- ficully charted municipal expend!- udge's administration when the turea for tho next nine years to p ort Chester factory owner and po- that all of the anticipated Increases utlcal leader spent a day as guest may be met while a conservative aI th# atonal capltol of the Pres- tax rate Is maintained. Meat and his wife. To preclude the posslbUlty of er- l^rTt Today ror. he has figured the Increases In Mr ward left Port Chester this assessed valuation from year to mornln g and took train for Wash- year as barely more than nominal ■ |n(fton abouC nooa , n New y 0 rk figures as these are the figures on c(ty Hc ba roet lh . Wash- St- .«* s he had csUmated tbs asessment roll for IBM at Just under U48.COO.OOO. while, at a mat ­ ter of fact, the assessment roll for 1B30 la more than 1160.000.0CK. On Mr. Spoor's table White Plains would not reach this valuation until 1938. and even If there were : ther Increases In the assessment I roll In the next five years, an Im- I possible situation, the tax rate in i 19*5 would be only 25A8* under the budgeted plan prepared for far ahead. The entire probably growth city has been anticipated b_ Spoor in the preparation of jus charts. Every possible phase of gov- __ __ __ presidential automobiles and taken . directly to tbs White House for dinner. He will be the guest of the Hoovers tomorrow and Is expected to return to Port Cbe»- iiuuj * cr •*** ,er late tomorrow or early “ fur^ | Thursday morning. __ _ I When ths lnvltstlon was first Is ­ sued to Mr. Ward by the President about a month ago, It was learned v* GAS STRIKE FAILS TO HIT MFE PLAINS SuppIid^Are Normal, Local Distributors Declare; One- Dealer Gets More Than Usual Allotment Not only ------ ------ --- -------- peases of ths dty-bea > .anticipated, (Continued on Page B lxt e i d REPUBLICANS 1EETT0NIGHT Launch Campaign to Elect Candidates For City j — ------ off- Nono of the local dletributora of : UllICCr | th# flv , b(g 0 u rsfinlnlng compsn- Tho Republicans will launch the < lf * operating reported trouble here campaign to elect the!- candidates because of the strike situation in for city offices with a meeting to- j New Tork City where gasoline night of the City Committee In the ! truck driver, have resorted^to vto- offlees of H. R. Barrett. In the . lence In connection with their de- Lawyers- Westchester building. mands for higher wage.. Mayor Frederick C. McLaughlin. AH reported that conditions are who Is a candidate for re-election | normal. Tho 8heU Company, which for his third term of office. Is j might bo said to be In tho danger scheduled to address the commit ! rone Inasmuch as Us gasoline sup- tee. Henry R. Barrett, chairman ' ply comes from Pelham, stated of the city committee, will preside. | they were receiving more than the Tho meeting U not a public one. 1 usual dally allottment. COUNTY MUST APPROPRIATE INQUIRY FUND Attorney General Inform* Washborn That Penney Will Need Large Force WARD HAS NO MONEY State Department Can ’ t Even Pay Incidental Ex ­ pense*, He Say* Lack of funds for a \proper In ­ vestigation\ has placed another ob ­ stacle In the way of the White Plains land purchase Inquiry, ac ­ cording to a statement made pubj Uo today at Attorney General Hamilton Ward s office In Albany. Thomas Penney. Jr, Ward's first assistant, whom he named to con ­ duct the preliminaries of ths Inves ­ tigation. called upon his chief for guidance and Ward Immediately sent a letter to Howard R. Wash ­ burn. chairman of tho Board of Su ­ pervisors hsre. demanding ths lm- medlats appropriation of funds rw- cessary to meet the expenses of the InvestlgaUon. There was a sharp note in the statement from Ward, an excerpt of which follows: “ Turning a civil law offlcs Into a criminal InvosUgatlon bureau will need the Immediate services of In ­ vestigators. appraisers.'and a large clerical force, much as are usually found In ths District Attorns/* of ­ fice of the larger counties, together with special counsel and office fa ­ cilities to accommodate the staff of assistants which Penny will need to facilitate his Investigation of this matter In which Acting Gov ­ ernor Lehman designated Attorney General Ward to supersede tha dis ­ trict attorney of Westchester Coun ­ ty-\ With the date set for ths ginning of tha extraordinary grand Jury s**alc ** “ according and will need funds Immsdlatsly to prepare for Impaneling thjJurjr. The financial question brought ths second statement Ward JURORS DRAWN IN COUNTY LAND DE\L INQUIRY] Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire MEMORIAL CHURCH FUND N0W$24,170 185- Member* Have Contri ­ buted Toward Coat of Re ­ novating Church ; Ladies Oct. 15 (UP) — Scores of passengers aboard Mg. four train number 15, New Tork I Jury today'when the train ploughed through a switch at Elmwood place, near here, and the locomotive and three coaches overturned. | Washington, Oct 15 (UP) — The government rested Its case In the bribery trial of former secretary of Interior Albert B. Fall shortly be ­ fore noon today, after presenting evidence that Harry F. Sinclair, oil millionaire, had paid Fall (289.100 In a New Mexico Ranch deal. Paris, Oct 16 (UP) — The French Cabinet today accepted British ' foreign Secretary Arthur Hender ­ son's tnvlUon to participate In a five-power navel disarmament con ­ ference to be held In London In January. Sureenes. France, Oct 15 (UP) — Six were killed and 20 Injured In the Jalbot automobile factory today - ------------- - tube Washington, Oct 15 (UP) — The Interstate Commerce Co mmi s sio n announced today Its Intention to extra fare charges by passenger trains throughout the country In mads since ins Acting uovrnoi designated hiss. Ho claimed the In ­ quiry could not get under way urv ftll after election, after L e hm a n bad net October 28 at tbs reqOeM of too Supervisor* for spssdy action. Later Penny agreed all prepara ­ tion* for tha Inquiry could be eof- pleted so as to' start on October 2» and the latter date eras designated LOCAL POLICE HOLD TWO MEN ON SUSPICION Pick Up Duo in Southern Part of.^Gty; Checking on Record*; Citizen* Are “ Jumf^y ” Two men found riding around the southern section of the city late last night are being held today on suspicion of being the \screen burglars\ who for several months have eluded every colics department in Westchester County in burglarizing hundred* of homes. The two men, both from New Tork City, were unable today to give a saUsfactory reason for their presence In the city and for driv ­ ing aimlessly about at that hour. They were ordered held by Acting ' Judge Frederick H. Berges. Jr, when arraigned in City Court this morning on charge^ of suspicion of felony. Police are checking up on their records and have sent finger prints to New Tork and to the Depart ­ ment of Justice at Was h ington. TRACESLAND PROBECOURSE Governor ’ * Investigator Tell* Herald-Tribune Editor That Tammany Had No Hand in Westchester Inquiry SPEEDED UP HIS WORK Ha* Sought to Keep Politics Entirely Out of the Situation Samuel Unlermyar In a letter to is New York Herald Tribune In reply to an editorial In that paper of yesterday, reviews the work he has don* In connection with his In ­ quiry Into condition* surrounding ths p*rcbase of land lor Westches ­ ter County purposes, and points out that the major part of the Infor ­ mation he has secured regarding the traneacUone has been gained from members of the board of su ­ pervisor*. The editorial to which Mr. Untermyer replies will be found on the editorial page unler \Spirit of the Press.\ His lettsr follows In full: Although ths work assigned _i* by Governor Roosevelt in the Westchester land purchase Investi ­ gation has been concluded, permit (Continue-} on Page Three) COOPERWILL RE-ESTABLISH POLICESCH0OL White.-Plain* Will Serve *i Center For. All Depart- . menta of Comity — Return* Home White Plains will fgain have a police training School this year, Commissioner of Public Safety Alonzo P. Cooper announced this morning. Commissioner Cooper yesterday attended a meeting of state police officials In Albany, held to discuss police training prob- The White Plains Zone win In ­ clude all the police departments In Wsstchester bounty. Where tha school will meet has not yet ' 50 Men on Special Lis t P — Names WithhddJ by Agreement — Po ney Will Occupy Old j Office of H. R. Bar* I rett in Grand Court ^ Building Although the convening of 1 the extraordinary land grand j jury ia two week* off Govern* ; or Roosevelt ’ s investigation a into the White Plains land r deal got under way here to. day. The investigation was on when Thomas Penney* Jr., first assistant attorney general, in charge of this phase of the inquiry, this morning watched the draw* ing of fifty names^ for the special grand jury panel and then went to inspect offices set aside for him, his staff of liatanta and a “ special counsel\ who is to be named later. Barrett's Old Office The offices are In the Grand Court building, the largest parcel In Y (948.000 land purchase -under inw tigallon. They were formerly ow cupled by H. R. Barrett. *e of bta Republican County C tee. as law office*, and are same floor with the Rep committee headquarters. decided to add two courses to the training system this year, the Commissioner said. One will be first aid course and the use and care of fire- A training school for ths ha ­ th* Whit* Plains department would be required to attend the school, especially those with Isas than five y * In police work. MAIN STREET VALUES GIVEN EYENADYANCE Land We*t of Spring Street Show* Increase of Approxi ­ mately 40 Per Ce | 6 on 1930 Assessment Roll isfled with the *. __ and County Attorney 1 Davidson showed Mm tl gave Davidson a list of furniture assistant attorney general. The special counsel ths att o r n ey served by deputy si courtesy of withholding the * _____ eras extended by agreement of OS county neerapai 1. vice. Justice Arthur B.1 who I* presiding over th gallon at the designation ernor Roosevelt, requested that th* names not be made public yet. . On the Ust eras the name of the late William B. Ward, New Ro ­ chelle. head of tha cos ------- - which bears his name. It was ed. A majority of the grand , from whom about twenty-foe be selected to sit In tha body, come from New Rochelle, It waa determined. The drawing of the grand J took place In the office of Coon aloner of Jurors M. M. Hays. On __ ty Judge Close and Sheriff Under- hill attended as provided by law.. The gTand Jury win be c here on October 29 am eligible to serve wUl be i This la expected t and the presentation of • may be started or l _

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