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1 92tk THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., MONDAY, OCTOBER 21. 1 '9260 527* SS.TSES* -Ajr^r; MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 ■ Vui imrini «■ -tew*, CwjresreWy W mUmJd. k M m m» gov. deeper tkm to mko sseru HMn sr prtmamncn itcummu He \*kn ittiatn t»d fonaoe* Haiti, v impomU* m *» mtmud.\ -A iuiwi L xool *. | OUR PLATFORM j «« WHITE PLAINS Malta Whit* Plauu the Fir it City in Westchester County. Support the City Plan. A school survey to determine the facilities needed. Purchase of needed parks and playgrounds. FOR WESTCHESTER COUNTY Adoption of uniform traffic code. ■ Completion of Parkway program. Elimination of grade c ostings. Extension of trunk sewer system. Uniform system of assessment. WHEN RED TAPE WAS CUT The Daily Press, in connection with other public spirited publications of the county, began several months ago, quietly at first but later-with all publicity possible, investigation into the postal service accorded West ­ chester business firms and indi ­ viduals. After carefully laying plana, one entire week was devoted to a thor ? ough test of mail collections, dispatch and distribution. The results were found to justify the complaints which had been rising in increasing volume foj^years. The details of the newspaper sur­ vey were sent to Washington. The postoffice department undertoook a thorough official survey. Postoffice inspectors came to the county. The 540 envelopes sent in the test, with . hour and minute of mailing, place of box or postoffice, and hou* and minute of receipt, either at postoffice or by carrier, were turned over to the inspectors. _ Their investigations proved the justice of the complaints. Definite recommendations were made to Washington. Now official action is taken by Postmaster General Brown. Postmasters have been instructed with regard to postmarking, changes are made in collection routes, a new substation is to be established at the Mount Vernon station of the Har ­ lem Division. Mail from Yonkers and Mount Vernon postoffices will be exchanged at this station twice daily, letters from the western side of the county to the eastern, and vice versa, can be transferred via Yonkers and Mount Vernon instead of going through New York City.^ts now. And, to make this transfer flow smoothly, motor vehicle service will be established between the Mount Vernon and Yonkers postoffices, al ­ lowing direct exchange of pouches th sough the new stib-atation on the . Harlem Division. - “ It is thought that the service has been materially improved,” says the Postmaster General in 1 annpuheing these important changes. MAKE IT UNIFORM One of Westchelter's most promi ­ nent citizens, Gerard Swope, whose home lies along the New Caatle- Yorktown line, and who is best known in the financial circles as president of the General Electric Company, has brought to th*ufront a timely issue. In a letter to the suoervisors of the county, which has attracted wide i attention and almost universal com- Sjfyndltion, Mr. Swope asks that in I the construction of new highways aroughout thia countv. the engi­ neers recall that roads are not alone Ur motor cars. There are also pe- Asatrians and horses, he mentions. The point is well taken. So rapid has been the spread of automobiles, ae_insistent and so loud the demand i tor * id « r - wnoother, straighter pave- menta that the other possible users «the roads have almost been for- I Following up the issue presented * Mr. Swope, we find that Chief En- l ***sr Downer of the Park Commia- Jt and County Engineer MacDon- I are both in grop.thy with his - “ -it reads built under their su- -h are to have shoulders wide i for safe walking and safe riding. » the towns are bnild- of users of the highways. Yet, it Is in the towns that this need of safety for walkers or equestrians is most obvious. As forcibly as possible town boards should impress upon their engineers and contractors that from this time forward- there must be a sufficiently wide right-of-way and sufficient appropriations for passage ­ ways on both sides of the pavement for those who walk and those who ride-horses. Every road in West ­ chester should conform to this re ­ quirement WILL'S SCHEME A heinous plot against American culture has been discovered by a bishop, who charges that Will Hays is driving literature from the homo. According to the eminent divine, the organization of which Mr. Hays is the directing force \employed a num ­ ber of very able and promising col ­ lege women, supplied them with the finest Sort of moving picture ma ­ chines,\ and sent them but among the women ’ s club* to show “ how the present-day *home could be made over into a really up-to-date one. ” The point which was unobtrusive ­ ly but very emphatically brought out was that such a modem house — the kind that every woman would want, of course — -did not have a single book anywhere in it. So the club women reorganized their homes and threw out their books —and now there is nothing for husband and wife to do in the evening bu* go to the movies ! Mr. Hays has long been credited with being smart, but this is a Bcheme at which Machinvelli would have turned green with envy. He really should get it patented, lest it be im ­ mediately infringed by others who have discovered through Mr. Hays how gullible the club women are. ^For instance, the hotel proprietors might campaign in a similar fashion for homes without beds, so that everyone would sleep In hotels. Res ­ taurateurs could show pictures of houses and apartments without kit­ chens, so that everyone would eat in restaurants. Railroads could exhibit pictures of automobiles without wheels, thereby persuading even-one to travel by train. REPEALING SESSIONS At the last session of the Pennsyl ­ vania legislature, more laws were re ­ pealed than were passed. It is fore ­ cast, that the same situation will maintain at the next session. Tho people of Pennsylvania have discov ­ ered that more than 700 obsolete laws still clutter the statute books to the confusion of courts, attorneys and the public in general. The obvious remedy is to get rid of them, since they no longer serve a useful pur ­ pose. The charge of excessive legisla ­ tion may be fairly made against al ­ most every law-making body in the United States — including congress. It has been said, with much truth, that no nation on the earth is so heavily laden with laws as this. But the ■rouble seems to lie, principally, in the oontinued existence of laws that have long outlived their usefulness, but which no, one has bothered to relegate to the discard. — New conditions require repeated changes in the national and state legal codes. The constant progress of our civilization makes necessary constant alertness by legislators. However, the time is at hand for a little attention to the worn-out stat ­ utes that complicate these codes and in some cases, nullify them because of conflicting provisions. It might not be amiss for every law-making body in the country to hold a short “ repeal ­ ing session,\ devoting the time exclu­ sively to the study and repeal of laws that are of no further use. A Western paper accused Volstead of creating more lawbreakers than any man in history, and was getting f L way . with il until * rural editor thought of Moses. Hundreds of ca^oads of grapes were held up by a truckmen ’ s strike in New York, but happily the strike Ulega ” Ver bCf0re thCy d ‘ d anything We imagine the portfolio Mr. Mus ­ solini turns over to a new cabinet member would be quite useful for keeping prints, etchings or clippings All we know about on 80-story sky­ scraper in NdW s York is that the ele ­ vator had better be reliable. Our Inquiring Reporter Do you think the la:ration for thli ye -men In the etreet ” earn -who r nut mayor? Where Ask'd On Mala etreet THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS CONGRESS TODAY John WUUameon. Cottage plac' “ That depend > on whether the men an active Interest In either! party or not. It he doea. naturally I he doea care who wine, and If be doesn't the reverse la true\ Henry Williamson, Cottage place. — \Tee. I think the average man le always -more Interested In the outcome, of an election than the up per classes. That le shown by the large vote Hoover and Smith piled up last year \ B. Gordin. Tonkers, \It de ­ pends on whether people believe that the present party In power •n them a insure deal Once belief arises that It hasn't, they take a decided Interest in campaign.\ Today r Lodge. While Plains Chapter. Ministers- Association m Memorial M. E. Women Missionary Society meets.. Westchester County Mission Help luncheon Y M. C. A. Women's Auxiliary Men's chapter. Church of Si lames the Less. Scared ait, meets Presbjterlnn Harmony Singer Chatterton Hill Before] Club National Guard di Scared air Board meets. Brick and Plasterers ’ meets. White Plains Board of Education loots. Business Bureau. Chamber Commerce, luncheon. Red Cross first aid course begins. Women's Auxiliary, ~ Hospital meets. Public Service Commission hear ­ ing on Third Avenue Railway Com ­ pany bus petition. FsUowcraft Club annua! election of officers. Keith Albee Theater. Betty Comp- •on. In \Street Girl.\ Loose't State Theater, Nancy Car- roll In “ The Dance of LUe.\ Loews Strand Theater, Jack MuL tiall In “ Dark 8treeU.\ Every Republican Supervisor A dear In Westchester County who Conscience voted for the purchase by Weetcheeter County for ^MS.- 000 of a site for a new county office biding has been renominated either In the city pri ­ maries or by tbs tosrb committees, with the exception of three. Two of these exceptions are In Tonkers. In the Eighth Ward Supervisor Leslie was danlad a rsnomination by his ward committee for reasons apart from the' land purchase and In the Eleventh Ward Supervisor Smyth Is running for Childrens Court Judgs. The third exception la In Rye. where Supervisor Sher ­ wood is voluntarily resigning. If this purchase by the Supervisors was such an extrava|Mt transaction as the Demo ­ crats would have us believe, how la It that not a single Republican city or town Super ­ visor was danted renomination because of his vote for the purchase? Political partite do^ot nominate candidates unlsae they wish there to win. And these dty and town committees would .certainly not have renominated Supervisors in whom the committees considered public confidence had wanod. The unanimous backing of these Republi ­ can Supervisors by their committees Indicates confidence that the voting public believes the purchase of ths office building site a good business move, calculated to save the county hundreds of thousands of dollars when the .. — — Ivee for construction of the building (by cxnxD r Continues debate on tariff bill. Judiciary sub-cornjnlttee reeumi lobby Investigation. Judiciary committee receives fa ­ vorable report on nomination of Al ­ bert U Watson to be Pennsylvania Judge. THE WAT Or THE WORLD. The way of th# world la ever th. Will quarrel for place and strug ­ gle for power. Tet haprWist be when their gardens Tie s curious world where a a wUl If — Ossining Citizen Sentinel. The We i Education Union ncement of Mayor Jamas Berg that ths board of estimate and Action contract will Include sufficient funds In the 1BS0 budget eo that In the event of a favorable vote on the pro- poeed salary Increases for ths police and the firemen, the Increases may b# put Into effect by January 1. The voters will pass on the question at an Informal referendum at the fall election. There has been some talk that the appro ­ priations might not be made because the referendum la not official, but the mayor ’ s assurances set these reports at rest Wars this action not taken the referendum would be only an Idle gesture, because after the bud ­ get Is adopted It U not possible to make any additions. Once passed by the beard of esti ­ mate it cannot be Increased and the common muncil has only authority to reduce certain The proposed maximum scale of U.000 for the police and firemen is contingent upon two conditions: ooe that the people here vpta for IU adoption, and second, that the same result la obtained In the city of New York. Wa do not doubt for one moment but that the people of both cities will overwhelmingly vote for the measure. — Mount Vernon Dally Argus. And fight for a line upon history ’ s PM*. And spend their strength for a lead ­ er's place., Tet find more Joy In a child's em ­ brace. By ths praise of many are all men lured. Tor the public -favor la pain en- j dursd; Men will battle tor conquest their whole lives through. Tet happiest be ^dth a friend oj Tie e r the way of mankind to a i be clever and strong and- MANY CARS IN ACCIDENTS IN GREENBURGH Tomorrow Many a man would feel embarrass ­ ed to meet his grocer when driving away from the filling station. Well, another autoist saw the train nearin R * crossing, but thought he could, qtc. A naw broom may sweep clean, but it always wears out h *\ d d>*t n»k* the credle -seldom rolls the cigarette. h.I h .i demn ? for Po^neas'i* great, but the supply is short - White Plains Hospital Woi Auxiliary card party. Sigma Phi sorority meets. Regina Coell, C- D. A. card party. Community Center Literary Grovp meets, -'T. M. C A. concert? Girl Scout leaders meet. Greenridge Congregational Wo ­ men's Laagua for Barrie* z Trinity Lutheran • Chord Jinanvtan Society meets. Annual meeting. Chamber Thera, we era told, a real again kissing has bees started and that the stag! ’ Think before you Wee.\ Is.being eiwilU <_ all letters. Accompanying this slogan Is the advice that \every Wee costs 40J100 bacteria.\ The Soviet Government baa decided that kissing must go la the Interact of hygiene and baa therefore mapped out a Job for itself which would be worthy of our dmerioaa re- when the coal truck that ba%raa driving, stalled on a bin in tba Parkwny/XnoHe section of Or — .JTJbKrss ’ oi Jsr. ICO Weet 152nd etreet. Mew York City, was going east on Ter- If e< until f'eetcbeetar Drama to get busy before this s-bankrupt. Whether _____ ______ , ___ . istroua or not. wa do not know, but surely win be exceedingly cautious about our •ee now that wa know tba fearful cost of Visa persons wUl shrug their shoulden ■ reform program and say It la impoas I tbat Walag SriU go on mid people hlbttlon and yet Prohibition is bare. If Larstr Ja road. am*, struct- by a car d by Adelard K. LeOatr. 400 treat, this dty. which was i Bar ‘ - to be towed > meets. must . Nancy C Concentrate Your Valuables m a safe place Y our i mportant papers sal other valuables should be leapt in ~ a safe ptacc where they cannot /be lost, nrbbiid,. or f io r go raa . Yjou can share th iemenceof omr i ■HE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY White Plains, Jf . Y. • We Hare Prepared AM ANALYSIS 09 U. S. Realty 8C Improvement Company _ Copy on Request L. F. ROTHSCHILD 8C CO. Mtmbtrt- NnoHork Stock Exchontt WE ANNOUNCE THE REMOVAL, OT OUR OFFICES ON OCTOBER 26TH People ’ s National Bank Bldg. ROOMS BOad-7-Sa-iO , 81 MAMARONECK AVKNU1'- Whito Plains COUNTY AGENCIES, Inc. 21 MAfaARONECX AVENUE ^ WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. centrum financial uayjca fc wwcMna A Safe Investment 51 / 2 % W estchester : 61 feusr(

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