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1 92(10 THE DAILY PHEfiS.'VHITK PLAINS. W. Y-, TUESDAY. OCTOBBL 22- 1»W. 1 9200 Featiires From Footlights And Filmland ihth -. m mi TOMORROW. THURSDAY. FRIDAY ALL TALKING DRAMA Harding Broadway Favorite in PARIS BOUND with FREDERIC MARCH A World Famous Stage flay — ON THE ST AO* — PETER HIGGINS SINGING Your F avorito Songs with R.K. O ’ LIANS Prasanting * RALPH FIELDER and HARRIETT ft CO. AND OTHXB B. K- O. VISITING STABS Most Colorful Sites In America Figure In \Evangeline ” at State ! Urn M nn lM |ilAI .. 1 il ! l S Tbs sxtrstn* contrasts In Amsri- u> topography form Us back ­ grounds for tbs action of \Krangs- Ualtsd Artists plc- turs starring D o l s r ss Dsi lUo at LosWa Stats Tbsatsr. starting on j Wsdasa dsy Bvaagsllas, tbs char- Longfsllow ’ s 'immcrtsk an Acadia n , living on tbs Psatnsula nssr tbs mouth of ths St. Lawrence rlvtr In Canada. WMh ths hundreds of other towns* people of quaint Grand Pit, ' a | peaceful village on the roc£jr shores , of ths Bay of Minas, she waa do- ! ported to Maryland and while she j ihltsg for Gabriel, torn from her arms on her wadding eve. tbs Acad is n s mo red from Mary- Louisiana In following (be girl's courageous adventure, Mr. have recorded i-coast, the pri ­ mitive woods of eastern America, the broad rivers. Philadelphia in tta early days and the eub-ttopical Louisiana with Its rustic settings. Its weird-shaped moss covered oaks and Its romantic bayous. . Critics who have prs-vtswsd \Ev Age line ” attest the fact that few pictures have been aa beautiful In natural settings and quaint romantic ai ­ rs. e .m wi AO-Tallies Drews ua>ll FLIGHT COLONY SAILOR ’ S HOLIDAY WALDORF t “ DEEP CHANNELS ’’ GAIETY iSZmZX-JXlKZ Sit Up” unit ulfNoa miai.rs raamarx a «»Mf Mevteg D ll n CeewSr BAYES ABOUT NEW TOME ’ S NIGHT LIF* Apollo-Casino. 171 East Mth street: Ths lateit and most Inter ­ esting amusement place In Mid- New York's night life. European atmosphere, popular rendezvous of glott patronage from all over the world. Dining, dancing and novel entertainments. No cover * i weekdays. lys. Big Cole UVB ftl«» BANCR AT THE FAMOUS ORIGINAL “ HALLOWE EN PARTY\ v ft DINNER DANCE •' SEA FOOD DINNER A la Carle Service 7 P. R — XA. K. . Noddy's Havana Jockey (Jab Orchealrn I**\ ** \fiBSawnwiimViM w « bm *' ffOMANTRAPS INTRUDER; IS HELD FOR JURY srlth a safety razor blade, he waa trapped in a room by a waitrt Lillie Most, when she went to that roam after dinner. Her screams brought tbe proprietor, Adolph Bpeoht, who battled wltb tbe Intru ­ der when he tried porch roof, tbe by which be la ■aid to have entered. He _______ for the grand Jury by Judge OarretL Henry He(fem«n I. Allied JTbSelIS*\ 1 To, Have Aneapted Bob “ »•* “ >*•' “ “ »• ' bery at Roadhouse; Face* Charge'of Burglary Henry HeSerman. New York City, la held In the county Jail here today charged srlth burglary. Brat degree, aa a result of hla blundering alleged attempt to perform a “screen burglar\--robbery of ,1 Spacin'* Inn at ArohvUla, f* “ before seven o'clock last nig After be bad alleged fy-eut • may be iuosi _____ ----- that have . curred In Wsetcheeter in the past three months. Polios here were skeptical of this, howeve r , pointing to hie clumsy method of entrance at the inn last night. OOCBK DrVOBCB Oct. it (UP) _ ____ ______ _ film sc trees, has t obtained a divorce from Mickey “ 'Ian. director. She charged cro- . wfeleh aha claimed began First Home Television Set tbe rate vacuum tube, praseeut* U <a MitWie reeafverl to Ingram ] Theater Suffering From Lack of Broad, Heart-Interest Comedies \Ths I beat sr la suffering this ssason from a dearth of broad com ­ edies i*ith a heart Interest That is tbe view of one of New York City's dramatic aiusb. It Is the view expressed up and down Broad ­ way by tbe petrontssre of the dra- Wlth tbe presentation of \The Booster. ” the comedy whleh open ­ ed iaat night at tbe New Rochsil* Theater, prior to Its Broadway run. a play of the tears and laughs type of plays cornea Into being. The play la a comedy dram* packed with llnea and eltuatlone that aic aure-ftre. There la a combination of ths Warfield and the Barney Bernard sentiments. In addition to-offering the above elements of swifl-moving. human comedy, the pley offer* peculiar characterisations which are sure to make history on Broadway's stags. The character of a retired butch ­ er who baa raised his boy to be s eurgeon opposite hie old friend, a real estate dealer, whose daughter le In love with the young doctor, of ­ fers only the )>eglnntng of a etrlee of incidents that combine to make The Booeter\ a laugh riot from . beginning to tnd. And that Is not ! alt. There le tbe rebellion of the ton to his fsther'e deetre to patro ­ nise and commercialise him which ! calls tor genuine recollection of «. I must situations la actual Ufa. Ann Harding Coming to Keith In Film Novelty “ Paris Bound ’ Featured player In spectacular film opening tomorrow at Loews Slate Theater. Such A Thing As Knowing A Course Too Well Back In lfll Davidson Herron won the amateur championship at Club, Wit since then no home player baa succeeded > pushing ths feat of wtn- ” w» layout. Very tnsa when fav- Uttea are picked '.he tact that csr- Aln ones know blade of .It la help ­ ful to be sure to mow any layout ' \J le per- important assets the player Jimmy Johnston never saw Peb- la Beach until be arrived a-few day* before the tournament. Three or four days of play taught him everything be hail to know and i the event came around he __ well Informed aa to the var ­ ious shots be had to play aa any in the field. As against (hi* let u* consider fellow* Uk* Johnny McHugh, Jack Neville and Phil Finlay. These three Californians ------ . ------ — l • — — ire the semi-finale at Brae Burn the year previous and Is a great golfer. Qolf Score — Not Knowledge of Link* -Wins When II came to knowledge of (he course 1 suppose Finlay, and the otherd^ yes even George von Elm who had played many rounds knew every inch' of the way Net on* of them got far In the cham ­ pionship which st-least convince* me that championship* are won by hitting the ball perfectly and not by those who know the way round. Championship golf courses are built and trapped to make golfer* play up to championship standard and because one mao may know the teat better than another he cannot hope to win unless he play* consistently than his oppon- Before the qualifying round I r with Dr. Paul Huntar i to my way of thinking tha best of ths coast amateurs. McHugh has ths Stats championship over It Beach several times. Bo Itos Ntviilt. Finlay spent many dajb this summer preparing for the championship and * “ * ------* *~ gamt is frightfully bad.' \and I do not expect I unless I park up.\ He * thirty-five on one of his medal rounds and started back with three succeeslve three*. Four under fours for twelve holts. With that great start the best he could make on the eighteen bole* was a seventy six. He surely was as well posted on the last six as he was on the first twelve. Chatting srlth him after he had finished he told me of hii set,-*. After holing putts and chipping atom many a low score. He had reached > traps I felt I could do nothing Weeks of creative efforts preced ­ ed the filming or the ballet, which offers an esqulslt* Interlude in the dramatic action of ” J**ria Bound)\ Paths'* talking film adaption of the New Tork ttagt success Music for the ballet waa srritlsn by Arthur Alexander, noted c im ­ pose: of many light opera and m>i- •ical comedy ecorea. It was played for recording by a Sl-pisce orches ­ tra under the direction of Joseph Zuro, famous conductor and now functioning as bead of Pathe ’ a mu sic department. The dance numbers were conceiv ­ ed and directed by Richard Bolte- lavsky. who le well known both Europe and New Tork for hi* settings for the ballet numbers were created by Bdward JewaU. ait director at the Path* Studio, while tha loveliness of the girls selected for this work eras enhanced by gor ­ geous costumes especially designed by Owen WskeUug. talented stylist. \Paris Bound.\ whleh was direct ­ ed by Edward H. Griffith srlth Ann Harding in ths leading role*. •* scheduled for showing nt the Keith Albee Theater tomorrow. Frederic March plays opposite the star. The — ......... tli excellent la “ e dlrseftrc. Beautiful »d. ary respect. The story deals with four strangely assorted people who ara entangled In a marital quadrangle, modern, rich and sopblstioat- HOLD HEARING ON BUSROUTES P. S. C. Tuke* Under Ad ­ visement Petition of the Third Avenue Co. Service Cc-nmlssloner the Third pany Tor permission to operate Its buses through Depot Piste u> Main street Ths petition was opposed by the Central Transfer sod Taxicab Com- Ify, In I inVslxf lal otoi life, but then. 1 missed a shot here and another there and Instead of getting fours I was taking fives and In place of five* I was needing tea, which meant to ♦me that orey had hie game working well for a time but a slip Bars sod one there turned what might have been an eairaordinarily low round into Just a good oat. Lojai knowledge la no longer n factor In cny championship and those who think It counts for much will do far better by themselves to get out and practice diligently un ­ til they can play their shots conn dently for this will be worth more in the ind than learning the course. pany, through its attorney, J. brose Goodwin, on the grounds that ths addition of the Third Avtnua buses would make three nlng through Depot Plaxa every twenty minutes and. that the streets there are too narrow to accommo ­ date present traffic, j The Central Company has agreed, bowevhr. to show the peti ­ tion, provided th* Third \Avsnue but** do not plck-op any passen ­ gers la the Plaxa Alfred “ vtdeon. attorney for Third while agreeing to the condition, re ­ fused. however, to stipulate It be ­ fore the commission. The hearing eras d osed after Ihlq testimony was taktn and Commis ­ sioner Van Names announced he would Immediately take the under adriatmeot. SHOOTS OFT FINGERS While hunting In the woods the north aid* of Jackson even Green burgh. Saturday. Richard Wsiaendaagtr. ag* 18. of ST Locust Hill avsnus. Tonkin, so ............. shot three fingers from hand. H* was rushed to ths Ton- ken Oeaeral Hospital where be ra- csivsd treatment With him at the time of tha accident was Charles Stahl. I Lafayette place. Yonkers. DIPLOMAT PROMOTED August T. Fsrrln. Hastings-on- Hudson, a member of the United States diplomatic service, baa been advanced from Class 7 to Claes A and 1* stationed nt Teheran, Per- Who? What? When? Where? Why? T HE Erst rule a newspaper reporter learnt is to answer Eve bask questions b the lead of his story: Who) What) When) Where) Why) It is a rule equally good for all people in buy ­ ing goods. In the answers to those five questions lie the fundamental facta you should know about every article you purchase. Who madrit) Is he reliable) Is he experienced) Will he be b business if the article needs repair or replacement) What will the article do far you) Will it improve your appearance). Will it aave you time, money, effort) Will it make you more com­ fortable, more happy) When waa it made) Designed) Packed) Is it fresh) Is it tha newest model, or latest development) Where can you buy it) Does your own store carry it) If not, can you place dependence in the store that does) ' / Why should you boy it b pr e f eren c e to some similar product) Is it superior in design, materials, workmanship) Will it {Rigour needs more closely) \ The-answer to these questions, and others, are contained b the advertisement* here. They are set forth by manufacturers and merch ­ ants for your convenience and guidance. The advertisem en t s are interestingly and sincere ly written. They contain bfonpatioc you want to know L arid should know, before you make purchase*. You will find it .well worth while to follow them. When you buy advertised goods, you know what you are buying — and why. L ORW ’ S STATE THEATR E! LAST TIMES TODAY NANCY CARROLL .nd HAL SKELLY “ THE DANCE OF LIFE ” ALL-TALKING, SINCiNC AND DANCING '■ a version of tbe stage kit- “ BURLESQUE\ THEATRE • LMAIN A mo ROSE ST 5 .J Today and Wednesday, Oct. 22 and 23 MATINUS WEDNESDAY A Comedy from the Viennese “ The Booster ” By Louis Mtrtz and Armand Friedman mi Adapted by Nat Reid Staged By Victor Marley 'Opeatog Tkarsiay Evsaiag. Ort. U at tfc* Nora kje TWtrs, New Tork CEy ThtuA, Fri. and Saturday, October 24,25, 26 Matinee Saturday A Girl Who Always Wanted To Be the Center of the Stage j Joseph Click Presents “ QUEEN BEE ” Louise Pox Connell and Ruth Hawthorne Ian Keith, .Gertrude Bryan, Brian Deokvy am A Fine Broadway Cast to , ALLAN Dlf^HART READ THE DAILY I

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