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THE biULY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. H. Y„ TUESDAY. By Fontaine F< rhe Toonerville Trolley diNdx thi Snippen w*» KutitTmP &*rw- WanpaN Mo ori*. MAS ANY e«U« POA HTnMi YAH CAW 4KT AWAY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 W^esfchesfer Tuberculosis and . Public Health Group W iltflold Quarterly Meeting October 28 Mr*. Henry P. Griffin Will Pre- nAjUrnT I IfTflVI Hoipiul. Dr. Linily R. WD- CONGRESS TODAY Our Inquiring Reporter THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS vestlgntlon of Cbsjhiston. B. C., dis ­ trict attorney. Tomorrow ^•rly Ml that waa to be said, and any exhaustive treatise on happiness would be little else than an elabora ­ tion of his two themes. He adds: **I feel I've be\n rather ■nusnally fortunate in both respects.\ Wherein he does honor to hia family, his friends, his calling and himself. A world that admires and respects but-refuses to follow him extends felicitations. who average exactly one -working day in every two during the year. , Some time in the winter the Skep ­ tics ’ Society plana to invest in a household appliance which “ will pay lor itself ' ‘ in three months,\ to set whether it will meet the^ payments. If Dolly Gann and Alice Long- worth were to sit on a log beside the Rapidan to discuss peace, they would doubtless be unable to agree on who was to sit on w^ich end of the log. Imperialism: The air of.the fellow who has just knocked you down with his automobile and is wondering why the law permits such vermin to go out. Presbyterian Round Table group meet* Sacred Heart Church Hallowe'en FRUIT FLY KNOCKOUT Florida has won the first few rounds of the battle with the Medi- tfifTBMM fruit fly, but has no as- •nraneo that this destructive insect Momy has taken the count. Hence to President Hoover. ttnwgtUNter 0 . Knight, advisory cmmtA for the eftroa industry, fcr •■Pport in the task of finishing the jobso wall begun. ..Whit, not a single fly has been The Ho-Hum department has now taken charge of the Mellon-Will-Ro- sign rumor fend will file it away under Miscellaneous. When a man is full of himself there isn't room fnr m.irh .l u I » 9200 and Bb evidence of the presence of a fly since August 27, the danger of infestation la not over, and there is a great area of uncultivated land in which repressive measures must be introduced. What has been accomplished is due to the promptness of federal re ­ lief. , Now the Department of Agri ­ culture is recommending an appro ­ priation of $26,000,000 to mop up after the initial victories. It would be short-sighted policy to let up ir the work of eradication. The values at stake are tremendous. Probably we have learned some ­ thing about the importance of strik ­ ing hard and effectively at the be ­ ginning from oar experience with the Japanese beetle. At any rata. Presi ­ dent Hoover is sold on the idea of S iving Florida every poisible fid. [r. Knight went away from the White House with the assurance of adequate government backing. OUR PLATFORM FOR WHltE PLAINS Make White Plains the First City, in Westchester County . Support the City Plan, 'A school survey to determine the f^Purchase of needed parks and playgrounds, FOR WESTCHESTER COUNTY 'Adoption of uniform traffic code. Completion of Parkway program. Elimination of grade crossings. Extension of trunk sewer system. Uniform system of assessment. THE NON-TAXPAYER How little the great American pub ­ lic understands the administration of municipal affairs is illustrated by the frequency with which we hear men saying, “ Oh. I should worry, about how much iTcoets to run this com ­ munity, I am.not a,taxpayer.\ Not only is every man a taxpayer but moat of those who flatter them ­ selves that they are not taxpayers are paying generous taxes. His name may not be on the tax lists but his landlord's name is and he helps that landlord pay those taxes. Let the officials increase the as ­ sessment on the landlord ’ s property and the landlord promptly says: \Well my tenants will have to stand for that raise.\ And then the rent goes up and it goes up plenty. If the man is a kindly landlord he raises the rent just enough tp cover the in­ crease that he has to pay. If he is a greedy landlord, he seizes upon the increase as an excuse for jump ­ ing his rental charges so that he will profit considerably on the deal. The tenant pays and he is paying just as liberally as though he paid his money directly into the commun ­ ity treasury instead of into the pocket of the landlord. The buying public must also pay the taxes of the merchant and if tax and assess ­ ments go up, the merchant la forced to raise the price of his goods in self defense. And so his customers pay taxes in that way although they pay them in the form of extra costs on what they buy. The tax rate means just as much to the little fellow who lives in some ­ body else ’ s house as it does to the big fellow who lives in a mansion of his own. The tax rate may mean even more in dWnparison to the little chap than to the big fellow. How much it costs to run a com ­ munity is everybody's business. If there is waste or extravagance that waste and extravagance is being paid for-toy the man who thinks he pays no taxes as well as by the individual who gets his tax bill regularly. Think it over and see if we ’ re not right, SOURCES OF HAPPINESS John Dewey, of Columbia Univer ­ sity. philosopher, educator and social worker, celebrated his seventieth birthday on Sunday. Says he : “ There are two chief sources of happinaas. The first is stimulating and congenial personal relations with family and friends. The second is finding a congenial calling. ” He might Mve included health 4hd abiding in the future ; but, take it by and large, ha said pretty SOLEMN WARNING This week, at its annual meting, the American, Bar Association will take up, among other things, a com ­ mittee report which declares that “ Unless our people are awakened to the swiftly changing form of our government, another generation will see this republic of ours . . . con ­ verted into a government of the bu ­ reaucrats, by the bureaucrats and for the bureaucrata.\ The report says Senator Aldrich declared, twenty years ago, that he could save the country $300,000,000 a year if he were given a free hand to reform the federal administration, and that Herbert Hoover, four years ago, aaid every President since Mc ­ Kinley had attempted this reform without success. \Not one of these plfins ever saw daylight or fever reached the floor of Congress,\ *ars the report, \buL were all smothered in committees by the power of thfc bureaucracy.\ The American Bar Association represents influential men in every part of the country. If its members work for administratiove reform, . each ill his own district, it is likely I that Congress will sit- up and take notice. The committee report esti ­ mates that twice the sum set by Sen ­ ator Aldrich could be saved today. There is a vast amount of effective work which the government could do with $600,000,00, even if it left that | amount in the pockets of the tax ­ payers. CLEAR WRITING VALUABLE When Miss Bertha A. Connor •as ­ serted that character can net be judged from handwriting she attack ­ ed an old belief and a subject around which several proverbs have grown. Miss Connor is director of the pen ­ manship department of the Boston public schools. “ You can judge a man by his handwriting,\ is one popular phrase. “ Poor handwriting is a sign of genius^' is another, probably started by a poor amanuensis and spread bp his like. Many leaders in various lines have been almost illegible in their script. Many others have had copper plate clearness. It is interesting to recall that among the signers of the Dec- laration~of Independence there was only one whose signature was so bold and clear as to become a by-word. When a may ssys: “ Put your John Hancock tbare,\ it is equivalent to saying: “Sign on the dotted line.” But whatever question there may be on Miss Connor ’ s character pro ­ nouncement, there can be none when she says the child of today is bene ­ fiting by better methods of penman ­ ship instruction than his parents had.. Do you bellev# that our system of two-party politic* 1 * on* which pro­ mote* Rood government? Where A iked On Main street. The Anawrr* Jacob Harrlaon. Hardin* av*nu*: \Te*. I bctlcva *o, lor th« on* party *lway* act* a* a check, on the other.\ O. B. Fltxpatrick, Prospect Park: •Well. I think w* have a food aya- tem of government In thla country, but I don't know that It la du* en ­ tirely to the political system wt have. ” John Downey. Central avenue: “ No. I think our food government ha* been achieved In aplta of poli ­ tic*. The men In publle OfBc* »h» accompllahed th* moat havt\ men who dlaregardcd party ___ In many ease* A1 Smith'* ae- 1 action of hi* cabinet la a good *x- Five thousand blocks of ;wood taken from the White House duping the remodeling are to be distributed- to schools throughout the country. We trust tlufet there will be no thought of treating our ex-stateam?n in this manner. The director of the Harvard bu ­ reau of traffic research says a good motorist is one who is as courteous on the road as in his home. We should like to know more, though, about the bus driver's home life. Business methods in a great indus ­ try; coal in Illinois in 1928 was pro ­ duced by more than 64,000 workers. White Plain* Ho*pita] Women* Auxiliary card party. Sigma Phi aororlty meet*. Ragtna CoaU. C, D, A. card party. Community Cent or Literary Croup meet*. T. M. C. A. concert. Girl Scout leader* meet. Craenrld* Congregational Worn- i'a League for Service meet* Trinity Lutheran Church Scan ­ dinavian Society meat*. Annual meatlnf . Chamber of Com- Weatcheatar Drama AaaociaUon East Side Taxpayer*' AaaociaUon meets. Rotary Club luncheon. Baptlat Church deacon* meet. Council of Jawlah Woman Liter ­ ary group meet* Orawaupum Tribe. Order of Rad ­ ian. meat*. Plumber*' Union meat*. LocWa State Theater, Nancy Car- roll in \Th* Dane* of Life.\ LoaW* Strand Theater. Jack Mul- *11 In “ Dark Btraata.\ Keith Aibca Theater, Batty Comp- eon In \Street Girt * Aa Mark O'Daa of Millwood Mr. OD m submit* a statement to thla Makes A nawapapar for publication on Statement the land Inquiry hare In Chap- paqua mi the Tribune takas th* liberty to comment fe|pon Mr. O'Daa*' itate- K la altogether true that Ultra I* nothing to fear an Investigation should be more than welcome. ,We agree with Mr. O'Daq In thla respect. On (ha other hand it has generally developed in the Invaatlgatlon conducted by Mr. Untcrmyer that most quaetloo are Insinu ­ ating and bring about answer* that give falsa Impression*. Thera should b* no bona* picked about these land Invaatlgatlon* However, It holds true that practicdUy all of th* witnesses testifying on the aland gave testimony, that whan It was reported, created an Unprtaslon favoring th* auspicious surrounding <lha In- vsatlgaUoa. Thar* art reasons for thle, *b- vtiyily. Therefore th* New Caatl* Board ha* elected t* protect themselves from thla lnstnuativ* probe by employing counsel, who will be ready to answer all question* At th* same time we bell*** that since Mr. O ’ Daa baa Ju#t returned from Cuba, he might well make further Investigation Into matter* so that he can be still further enlightened. — New Castle Tribune. W* beUev* th* Mamaraneck .The Public's village board baa done th* Questioning wise thing In postponing the Meod exercising of th* option on tb* proposed park land deal until a further appraisal can be made of the Florence afreet swamp. The publle is at thla lime la a questioning mood. W* are surrounded by .Investigations and th* Untarmyer Inquiry at Whit* Plains has had th* result of stirring many of our communities to th* need of greater caution in connection with our land deal* In several at thee* communities Important projects have been blocked by public lnalataac* that the burner of realty values be more earafully studied. Thla caution can work In two era)-* Where communities have bean prone to make land purchases with over-bast*, th* caution wfU work to th* advantage of th* Uapayen: In communities where land value# have been thoroughly looked Into, caution can work aa a distinct disadvantage, delaying Important projects and. per ha pa. In soma Instances ac ­ tually defeating such projects. However. tL* day has gon* by whan wt can afford to act hastily In that* matter* Tb* public Is now laboring under a suspicion-com ­ plex. bt taxpayer* are not Inclined to take anything for granted and. in thla qnaatloalag mood, tha public Instate that Mad purchases be mad* only after painstaking and thorough appraisals by man competent t* make such have the utmost co nfi d en ce — Mtmaroneck Daily Tlmei. \ Tha new* story recently that Forgeries told of the frequent meeting* COMPLAINTS ARE FES ON ASSESSMENTS No Certiorari Promoting* in Past Five Yean; 17,000 Parcels on White Plains Roll That the new system foe the pry- I para lion of aaaaa om ent* which was Instituted In this city Hr* years ago < Itaalf to be on* of the ! country la aridet by tb* fut that since that t no certiorari proceeding* have been Started so that the Supreme Court might review the valuation placed place of property. And thla dr- ~ f ------- - ---------than 17,000 ow listed on . today in of- stai circles at city hall No batter proof could b* offered, was said, that th* property own- re aa a whole are completely sat ­ isfied with th* present eyatem of assessing which la carried on under tha administration of Aasaaaor Wil ­ liam J. Wala*. who ■ served th*_clty^aft a — , ____ ipie. It W , ___ __ ad but that although thoiaanda of places of property are valued, only J 14 forme request* were mad* «*wl Aa ■>** or Wats* that ha make re ­ ductions In th* aseeaamanti Be had fixed on certain places of gropartl for the year lfifeO. Th# new system was placed par tlaHy In effect In 1*H and I' ----- * completed during the foil year. Undar thla system value* are established for a certain block c- atruet. and then th* lndivtdBal pai r* sa ya- d on n fj«ot foe ____ with the depth of tha pro| arty being i scientifically figured. Building valuta have be — --- dardtxed. and everything

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