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Tilt UAil.l I'KKSS, Fhe Toorierville Trolley By Fontaine Fox\ these qualifications ? SreCIALJZID legal knowledge; Our broad /experiena of an Executor gi ro in our csre. your < serried efficiently and in the shortest time p OUR PLATFORM Mdto SP/uto Plaint the First City a*. Westchester County. Support the City Plan. A school survey to determine the facilities needed, - Purchase of needed parks and playgrounds, FOR WESTCHESTER CQUNTY Adoption of uniform traffic code. Completion of Parkway program. Elimination of grade crossings. Extension of trunk sewer system. Uniform system of itsseSsmenl. Our Inquiring Reporter The faculty of a Carolina college gay* f. tna*m»«r*de ball recently. We were in hope* the absent-mindedpro- faasi.r would wear hi* fal*e face to the barber ’ s and ask for a shave. ISAIAH ’ S SUCCESSORS Whenever the pundits of these times have nothing else to worry about in public, they turn to further gloomy contemplation of youth and ate psychological mystery of the younger generation. Dr. Herman H. Horne, professor of education in New York University, took up this familiar topic in an address to school teach ­ ers. In his opinion, the virus, of a cynical individualism that presum ­ ably affects the thinking and the be ­ havior of the rising generation of this period may be traced to Nietz ­ sche, and perhaps to Schopenhauer. It is necessary. Dr. Horne said, wisely enough, to revive in growing chil ­ dren the subtle and indefinable fears . that modern education, under the stimulus of Freud, has tended to eliminate. The old threats of fire and. brimstone are now shown to have ex ­ cellent uses as this distinguished edu­ cator sees them. But why should they be recommended for youth alone? The elders of this world, it seems to us, need them even more than their children. It is here that Dr. Horne misses the central truth of the matter he d tien ss e d. Nietzsche was a propa ­ gandist of cynicism and selfishness and general disbelief. But he wasn ’ t an advocate of loose personal disci ­ pline. Schopenhauer was a gloom. Both men exhibited the utter, lack of gayety and humor that may be in it ­ self the surest proof of a permanent lo ck of intellectual equilibrium. To. o»*ga*bthat the younger generation* fascinated by all the bright auper- fieialities of contemporary existence, ignorantly accepting organized ex ­ citement as a substitute for happi ­ ness and totally unaware of the value of restraint and ulf-disciplmt as means to lasting contentment, is fol­ lowing after Neitzsche is to draw tha line of argument a'little too fine. It may be well to remember that thg^eldera of every age have been dmposed to regard their children as a lost generation. The Prophet liaiah?a denunciation! of the light- miadad youth of Babylon and tua wade against their ornaments and *nd their perfumes and their “ mincing steps\ are among the moat aloquent expressions of rage sad detestation to be found in any language. It is idle to say that the youth of these times is no more aag toripHnod than the youth of other antes. Tht generation that has * maturity in th* period rf Hl e overhanging moods *J™*yorid ^*r *nd the literature diailluiumment that the war in- flpy appears to have cut loose de- iwifataly from many of the old anchors. Yet the moat moving thing -about it is the mood of something like desperation and unsatisfied and OMannable longing that shows, and ah*w^ sometimes very woefully, thwghthebright veneer of sssumed g^JTWaWeiation didn't go to Niets- » or to Schopenhauer tor its pres- It found its guiding ex- home. Itwitnamedaa jrof cruelty and unreason direct- ! by tha , world's! beat minds. Its • havt written the books, the 1 9200 THE TREND IN AVIATION 1 On^he same day that news-cornea ►pcan flight in the DO-X _ _____ -MfctoMh e alrptaffiv IMS' largest number by far ever to he car ­ ried aloft in a heavler-than-air ma ­ chine, we learn of the definite coh- struction of the* world ’ s first-sea ­ drome, a floating landing field,'to be anchored three hundred miles ufl the coast of this country and the first unit of a chain designed eventually to bridge the Atlantic. * This seems to us, as laymen,, con ­ tradictory. If a plane such as the DO-X is com ­ petent to take 169 passengers at a rate of 120 miles an hour, how much longer will it be before there are even larger planes with greater lifting powers and longer radius of flight which can cross the Atlantic without stopping, as smaller planes have done in each direction? « In this event?' and it is surely ap ­ proaching, what will be the need «f the seadromes? The first, it is esti­ mated,'will cost $1,500,000 and their operation alone must run into a stag ­ gering sum. Hew, we ask in p\\ sim ­ plicity, are sufficient revenues to be obtained from this chain of oceanic stopping places when within a few years planes will be winging their way across the Atlantic without their need? Of course, it may be, there always will be emergency landings. But ex ­ penditures of the type planned by the Armstrong Seadromes Vould not seem to be countenanced for emerg ­ ency stops alone. Far more interesting to us is the possibility of the large airplanes of the DO-X type supplanting the dirig ­ ible, in which we have never had : much enthusiasm because of their | lack of sped. If an airplane can carry I several hundred paying passengers ( * v 'fSv xniieo oil ncruf, can a aihgioic carry a sufficiently.large number at decreased speed to make money ? Furthermore, the cost of the 'air ­ plane is said to be far leu than the ’ dirigible. It ia more flexible, leas sub ­ ject to {1 anger from wind storms, and free from dangers of esaape of gases. If helium be used, to offset the dan ­ ger from combustible gases, there is the extra cost of this rare medium of inflation. A WORD FOS RECdSciLIATION THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS New York Central Station. Harold Davie. Mt. Ktoco 'I think that it. mean* that the Republican* of the county are aroueed by the at ­ tempt* made in the land Investlga- Uon to throw reflection* on their party and plan to aweep the coun ­ ty with a latter majority than before. ” John Lortng. Pelham Manor- «««ns to dm that the land 1 inveeti- jatlon ha* earned ' nl* .fhtereet in the registration, but what it will actually mean, cannot be termlned unUI the ballot* > the poll* and clean home this l ****>' of Dorothy Pat car.\ ! been identified, for It enough mischief-breeding element working tangible remits of ill-wil White Plain* Lodge. I. O. O. T. President Hoover has made a real contribution to European reconcilia­ tion and world amity in his condem ­ nation of the war-hate in/cription which it is sought to have the author ­ ities, against their will, accept for the American. Memorial Library at the University of Louvain. Mr. Hoover lias the beat of titles to apeak on the matter, not only because of his in- _____ timate connection with war-time Bel- | counted.\ -gilim, but because of his position as 1 ArthurLamonle. Bruadway-The head of the committee which raised ' 'I*?*\\ 1 ve*utr«uon prove* to mt th« rr-lr p.rt of th. fund, fur ,h. X ilDrarj ■ habit of voting, are planning The controversy may seem unim- “ ** “ J \ portant An inscription seems a small thing in comparison with more tan ­ gible factors, either for harmony or for discord overseas. Locarno, the continuing work of Briand. the leg ­ acy of Streaemanns ’ effort, all are solid achievements for peace. And for the perpetuation of old rivalries \ S -------- ---- ... .will to make a mere form ’ of words on a library front seem negligible. But the imponderables count in human affairs. Thejworld has learned to its -cost the effects of national hatreds and suspicions in perpetuat ­ ing armaments and breeding wars. The world Is now rejoicing in the new hope that the purely moral sanc ­ tion involved in a voluntary covenant will be a greater safeguard against war than the most thorough going system of coercion to enforce peace. It ia realizing that public opinion is the greatest force in the international field. Whoever and whatever fosters international hatreds and suspicions brings over the future the threat of new war. It is most fortunate that the chief executive of the American people should find appropriate occa ­ sion in the midst of his efforts for an international accord in furtherance of the purposes of the Kellogg Pact to speak a telling word in the cause of JJuropean reconciliation. Bleated are the peacemakers, for they never get into lawsuits with Mr. Stfearer. Commander Byrd is gradually get ­ ting back to » region where he will have to buy ice tickets. ^ Dora, who is going in for sociology in. a big way, thinks * settlement house is a collection agency. One of the nationally known beauty counsellors says skipping is the best of reducing exercises, but does not specify which meal. A man who is said to have patent* ed the first fountain pen has passed on, leaving no other blots on the escutcheon. If a Quaker who dose n ’ t care for navies goes into conference with s Scotchman who isn ’ t enthusiastic I] about naval ex penses. »mr L: — No tragedy 1* without tti The Girl eombre sidelights and tha latMt Who Han Oreenburgh murder case ia no Away exception. Ever since the discovery of the gruesome skeleton near the Yonkers line anx ­ ious faced mother* and agonising fathers have come from the metropolitan area to West ­ chester, parents of mlssiqg girls, hoping the dead girt may not he their missing daughter, yet wondering If after all death might not be easier to face than other fact* they fear. , Every year, the police records eh«w. hun ­ dred* of young girls are engulfed by th^mael- etrom of Broadway, hired by the bright light* and the veneer of gayety. First they stay oat at night, than, aflen tearful recrimination*, they stay longer., and finally they drift away from th* parental home forever. Rarely arc they ever found again. Shame prevent* their return. A And it may have been a bru.*ed butterfly of this type whose bedraggled body was found In the Oreenburgh corpse by Sn alarmed hunter. But forjnereiful rain from the hraven*, the might never have the rain which put — ■ *•»« i«me> from her young husband's match to her body. Here, ia thla latest murder, the flend who plotted ..was more eucceseful. Meanwhile, throughout the breadth of the land, mother* read or the And with a catch In thelrvoice and with suddenly dimmed eyes. Perhaps this Is she? Home? How many girls tonight wish they were home again, but fear to return? Their number never seem* larger than when an un ­ identified body la discovered. — Ossining C1U- zen-SentlneL Wlnbrook School autumn festival.] Wall Street flmaif^^tsSra. ” — ^Ss^rmdi Theta Gamma Alumnae AssocU- . Again a headline and once more * tion bridge and. fashion show. | story that is becoming quite Baptist Church Women * Society l fr «iu** of 1* ‘ « '» repeated. It seems that K fair. ■ ’ was only a few day* ago that a atmllar .lory Charter debate In Scarad.l* .appeared misting, as th* rtory of yesterday ' did. the terrific loss .uttered by the smell In- George Washington School per- veator. i - mu .... ....I „„„ „ SL Mathew e Lutheran Church . actions which re presented millions of dollars. ” Garden Club convention. ] Rue. \In each break small accounts were State Federation of Women s i T ‘ p T l ouL Btop lo * “ orfer * by small Clubs meet*. f were touched off and the subsequent r.uM 1 “ *** w,r * tsr below those prices holders Guild rummage had expected ” \The small investor.\ St. Paul's M. P. Church Sunday cjipol Indoor picnic. Carl Scouts Hallowe ’ en party. Chatterton Hill Congregational Church organisation supper. Kelth-AIbee Theater, Ann Hard- « In “ Parts Bound. ” GoeWe State Theater. Dolores Del Rio in \Evangeline. ” LoeW* strand Theater, Ken May ­ nard In \Fighting Courage.\ • Tomorrow Keith Albee Theater. \Vll Powell in \Four Feathers.\ Loews Slate Theater. Ronald Column In \Bulldog-Drummond.\ LoeWs Strand Theater, Kan May. nard in \Fighting Courage.\ ABA TE - GU ILTY urisoa Men Pleads to Ms Usagktsr UcM; Ukd Ceapatriet in Card Guts emended to Jail In default of __ 00 ball set hv County Judge CJoee. Abate- Wiled a neighbor, lordiana. S3, of 124 CMmamm which II bottle a Yes. he usually Is the m* mag. He has been hit repeatedly during recent weeks and yet he seems sever a bit dtoeeuraged: be always comes back for more He is like a football player — the harder you hit him the bardfr he One could write all day and all night point ­ ing a moral in every market crash, Warning prospective small Investors against taking s chance, but of what avail would be tha ad- vios? Perhaps a smile and than the small Mount Vernon Daily Argus. Every Republican aupCrviaer A Clear in Westchester County who vot- Coaestoaco sd for Um .pureha*# by W#«- ohseter County tor 1 WH 0 of a alt* for a new county office baUdlkg. has been renominated either in the City primaries or by the town committees, *mh the-excep ­ tion of three. the* ,> ** 0,1 ' Itr ' 4° nied a renomination by Me ward committee for reeenm apart from the Mud yurahaee and In tha MWrenth Ward Supervisor Smyth to running forXtoHdrea'a Court Judge. Th* third essepttoe 1* in Rye where Mtpsrvtoor Sher ­ wood la voluntarily reeigsisg. PoUUaal parties do not nominate oandt- CONGRESS TODAY JUST FOLKS By EDGAR .V. GUEST • LOVE If dll women loved Jimmy and all. men loved Jane Thto world were a battlefield strewn with the slain. If what May sees in Joseph .all women could see What a terrible mess would this life 6f oUrs be. If what Frank sees In Clara all other men saw. We'd have bloodshed and murder in spite of the law. Bo when Arthur goes courting his Annabel)* fair It Is well that the raw of tha world THE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY White Plains, N. Y. mg A Hth a pOm Urrim We Solicit 'Applications For on Improved Real Estate s Westchester County New York-Westchester Investor* A Complete Brokerage and Investment Service L. F. ROTHSCHILD & CO. Direct Trivets Wire to New York CITY HAS PAID BONDS ASDUE' TAXESARELOW No Effort Made to Kecji the Bndget Low br Re-fnnd- ing Bonds, States City Official White Plains property owners pay th* lowest taxes of any of the four cities of Westchester County, but business has nevsr been sac- i on the altar of political ex- acy ia order to secure a lower tax rata tor a rime. It'was statsd today mt city halL As an of this. It was pointed out that it ha* boon the policy of the city ad- itratlon to, pay off bond other, city Indebtedness ____ _ than to oontlou* the bonds for an- Other period. to the budget for next year thsre wm , ao appropriation of tor thto purpose. Every year since Republican, officials wars slsetod to offte* this policy has been r at reducing a budget by re ­ funding bonds which had fallen due. but that thto would-ultimately * flnanctr 1 disaster for the use there would com# a WE ANNOUNCE THE REMOVAL ' OF OUR OFFICES ON OCTOBER 26TH TO THE People ’ s National Bank Bldg. rooms so«-7-«-»-io 31 MAMARONECK AVENUE White Plains TELEPHONE'S!® COUNTY AGENCIES, Inc. 21 MAMARONECK AVENUE ■ WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. TELEPHONE WHITE PLAINS MM-MU READ THE DAILY PRESS WANT ADS m rouNCUt A Safe Investment UARANTEED KMT MORTGAOE CERTIFICATES »

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