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Review Celebration i Lester Decker Gives 1'ulk Problem* of Probalp ’ it in Westchester County AI luDDl lliU i Tile Community Cheat la the aole i support of .the While PUlha Girl _ , . , j Bcouta. Thia year the organisation Mines Margaret Bovard and I r^sivs W.7W. which t* « ms Katherine Ives Present Va- i mom than laat yam's allotment. ■ 1 ti -j- i p„_„, registration face paid by tba girts rogram , ^ Mn t w the national orgaalxa- Before Big Audience , uon In payment for the privilege U due to a ■Mrl Plains V* <{\ ML • Girl Scout?lB a! H%/-S charge of the work of the local troope In White Plalna which meet before the regular rrinilnal court. . ,ml K * vc hl \ ' ’ rr >' hlRh eoD ' vor ihU Increase. Mr. Harris' saP In various churches and schools I r»u» Prew rtwio wlth ,u * lr,c ‘ eodc of Ponlshment. . c *P l °, f '\ h * t wouW necessary In , 0 was M.900 a ysar. Hs exptalo- ihrouihtrat the city, from head-- And It I. not only . question of , <»>\ administration of such . court r<1 ,,„, lucre.**. of salary. such mi quarter, go out the plan, ami pm The church parlors at Ridgeview were gay with Hallowe ’ en decorations last, week .humanity. aiatodUi. nfe.^) ?L ■ tbu> * lax . > h r- ? th L r ^ui “ i^m°!f at the P arty nltended by -many from the congregation. In the picture are front row. ,' “ £■ p 'J| /Si ,„ J?.K p -\ ten. ” U oV .he u.m« Tn * fcT o?a««nV..n tVhl^ Plain, . left to right, James Holden, Almon Quick, George GoodfeUoW, Gilbert Hulse and Ken- cent of those put on probation connscllnn with the function. ofthr r <.„d,tures and cannot often allow r^rto\r.L;^A and^K neth deVoe. m thp second row. left to right, David Perkin*. Caroline Tietjen, Louise | never com. back .o cur. ,„ *\£«- .M their orders from them. Mayer. Marjory Schneider. Alice Wataon. Lillian Mayer. Betty Huntington and Martha ; “ JJJ 1 * E'JJJI! j uon. u. 4-*^ *«**» out ^ ‘ ^^J^U^UrTi^aU. Of the seventa«Q troupe In White I JoBSClv ll. i ilona for probation AnMlur point The attitude of Mr. Smyth of ' had not hie own appointment cocoa Plalna. three-are Institutional unite j ----- : ------------------- ---- -------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - ------ - ------------------ = ----- j raised was the question of the sal- sympathetic Interest In the welfare .1* week, after the death of Judge These three have been organised in : _ TIT voice of TR sounded from the I ATinnTb TYTfl mA . arles of probation officers. Trained I of the delinquent youth of. the Appel, releaaing the fund, available St. Agnes Hoapit .. the Jenniejfl) T) 5PT\1A7QI1I 9 wWo. Hm>»* ' II HH HK I NI t Tf) 1 people are necessary, but they are county was furthered by his stale- to the Judges salary during that Clarkson Home and the Ortbopae- ; I K \ IIA lU IW ,»outh portico of the White House.. |lll p J[ | paid only *2.000 a year. It should 1 mfnt that In .very possible case, period, as did also th. fact that no die hospital. Although the girts In , * • *** ~ Si IX. a AST He reprimanded the boys. I be .seen to. said the speaker, that | even If the home had not been sue- ] successor had been sppolmsd so far the two boepltal groups ars unable 1 fTfY*fmrt TTATTfln declaring that they were not even T\rt fT I 1/niT Tin ,ho “ doing this Important work I cnwfully performing Its duUea. b* I for Mr. HarrU. so that a sum was * “ --------- - ------------- ' should be properly paid. . 1 would . consider the home the -*r»t j available for the use of the court j Dancing and refreshments fol- . solution af -every child, question from hla unused salary, lowed the discussion. At a short i brought before him. In the event of Both candidates emphasised their business meeting before the ad- hU election. and «* next best, an p« rMn ,, fruwUhip and recoct for dreae. It was announced that try- , tn>0 .ph.re of home even If It were £, e another, and their endeavor to outs for a Minstrel Show to be glv- not u,; chlld-. own home. keepAhTcampalgn. as far a. they en by the League would be held this Judge Moore ’ e talk related more vrr , concerned on a high plane, evening at t^Center. uni.rjb.di- .p^m^Uy to the rocord. of the 22 Z3l U Z thToutSm. rectlon of Mis* Beatrice \ Doern- court. He sUted that delinquency wou ld make no difference -to their ^lf be T h.W h^r \4 ln Westchester County U dlijUnlsh- for 00 s another. The idsals It U thT Ceme? ^-he - lnc - ,lne « * h * « ‘ «blUhment of the c f both, for tb. Children's Court. i We dinner Tnd court - *° n “ r| y one-half WBt . D f tbs hlgbeat order and la 1 m New* V«k Mondsv tvemn/ 1 * lh * c “ «* fln “ brought before It. many details wars similar. * i? N r T? k> Mond,y ' rv *Wng. | jt ,,, (fecraase he attributed to the -Z- — -------------------- November 1*. prevention work and extension of BARN DANCE -voice of TR eounded from the south portico of the White House. | He roundly reprimanded the boys. ■ declaring that they were not even I giving the cat a eportlqg r chance. ;He implied that a Ued cat ’ was npt ; worthy of their sport. If they aver | hoped to take a try at real game. ; Then, taking the bow and arrows. ‘ TR gave the boys a lesson In the proper handling, af The two. etatlng that it was a good thing they had j not been belter marksmen, or the! 'cat would have been full of hole. I giri eeout work as established by ' Member of “ The Gan* ” Tells the national organisation. .. , . Th. three-fold plan of gin scolui Adventures Lnder the ^u U o? TJ?gT?i££> Leadership of Present v along educational. Inspirational and Who Knew Boys recreational lines. Thr educational embarrassing Incident which [g*,, D f the State-War-Navy Build- I Theodore Rooeevelt. \TR.\ . Ing. TR glanced In that direction. ( time when he was Present. “ » d »>U face flushed. - Whit. House lawn with a; £rt Th.^ Rejroa. Uweaf^br | , of boys of the “ White House j th(jrB thmt mhooU ig at the cat! \ who were shooting arrow* j Here's a pretty nun! I can see related,by the newspapers, tomorrow, telling before the lhe far corners of the country that ___ . „ __ my favorite sport Is shooting, with ewood Con- i^w-and-arrow, at a tethered cat. night, pro- The President has only klllsd four its. head of cats this week.' they'll say. ‘ a poor showing for him. since the Presl- dentlal eats supplied are meek. “ “ mild creatnree. with no great ttght ivember 12, borne nursing and Itrst ald lnstruc-| ’ fo\ind Ices of four, Uon. MFi,J. R. dsla Torre-Bueno ft thc which Mrs. , I* In charge of th* nature study s to be the ■ work. The Inspirational part of tht on ll>0 | work is an attempt to Instill the iroup cd the alms of good-aportsmanshiil and Gang\ css of Par-1 f * lr P'«y ln th « character of every ,t a tethered lch has ad- jSW scout. The recreational, phase ' _ . I r oker ! H platform, the girt \scout program Include*' r~T . :tlvee of ed-i deHnlte health-building pursuits Mens Club of I service at the <frace Church Ion nsxt Sunday morning at 7:30. I This Is a free offering. Insured by the spirit of thankfulness, the whis ­ pered word of gladneqg for dhlly raerclee, the voluntary gift of wom ­ en to be used for the support of the work In the mission (Velds. The women of the church have learned (he joy of corporate giving In the United Thank-Offering, and to have a share In tKM wonderful gift Is one of their greatest privileges. When this offtring Anally Teaches the various agencies In the Held. It will be translated Into the services “ Q and ‘ the gang\ laughed, hut began, also, to ves the point It would be almost ss bad for us. wouldn't It If they told the story 3 ioe ss veil things are: Health and council compriilnj •ty. worthy home membership. ! women, actively ! mastery of the tools, technics and ' work of the girl spirit of Isarnlng, faithful cltlxen- ' s*ds ln the pract ship, vocational and economic ef-1 the welfare servlc fectivcness. wise use of leisure, and | ------ --- - ---- teaching and healing, carry the good news of the Gospel to many parts of th# oarth. There la tre ­ mendous need for more women workers throughout the world, which calls for more givers, that tha United Thank Offering may ren ­ der greater service. White Plalna by the Children's The ­ ater group under tba direction of Clare Tree Major. The complete program foliows: Part one: I — “ Hungarian.\ by Macdowell; -Romance.\ Grunfeld, . and \Golliwog'. Cake Walk.\ De­ bussy, by Miss Iras. 2 — “ Tb# Night Wind\ Farley: “ Waks Upl\ Phillip ■ and “Hayftclds and Butterflies,\ OF DESIRABLE BUILDING-PLOTS, ONE HALF MILE SOUTH OF SCARSDALE STATION Beech Hill was named four years ago. when the twelve acres formerly comprising St. Davids Hall (which older residents will remem ­ ber) was divided into building sites by the i^ntjnuation of Edgemont Road to Old Army Road, and the constructioftef Beech Hill Road. To safeguard the character of the neighborhood south and west of the original twelve acres. Beech Hill Estates wss purchased. The tract extends along the Parkway to a point south of Harney Street, rises over the hill where it overfooka the New Rochelle reservoir, stretches almost to Central Avenue, and adjoins Cotswold on the north. 85 acres of the 166 are already developed, with well laid macadam roads, under which run water, gas and sewer, with connections to each l ° t \ i The topography of Beech Hill varies from wooded ravines to level upland meadows, suiting all tastes and all styles of architecture*- Maps and price lists on application. Tune In On MIKE MICHAELS And His Serensders WPCH Wednesday Afternoon 4 :00 Every Sunday Afternoon 3:30 THIS ORCHESTRA PLAYS THURSDAY, SATURDAY, SUN ­ DAY at Whit* Plains Belmont Hotel BEECH HILL ESTATES

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