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THE DAILY Airway Study of Developmfnts Pri Urged by Westchester Realty A ___ .. Misspelled Word* it Tompkins and I oard; Better Understanding 1 vantages of Terrain. Realtor* j Sail Over County. . Praise i White Plain* Guide for Aviators. Hathaway, Shonk, Goodrich, Carnjost and Condon. Se ­ cure-Large Majorities; Detailed Vote by Towns «, -- IN MNH. M.W I NN. N N H «* - - - - - - Store; thin!. Mrs. Osorga i Katharine CUn*. New auch material — haa so (Continued from Pm on! ■ that the modern de ---------- M advantage at evep- j Republican City Committee. had e«- j aid to sain a thorough ; umat*d It would be, In spite of the j t* or thU subject. One ldM l weather which prevailed. No 1 Important group* of trou bj. was reported at the poll* 1 «r> in this territory 1* hlre u,, election proceeded In I an orderly and quirt manner. Total he Weetchert.r County vo(e for tha two ni . yormUy ! d, formed thl* X*ar. candidate* was 8^98. made a thoroughly! ... . gh thl* season of a* Judge Moore* defeat here al»o * of their speciality — ; came somewhat as a surprise since County — aa was poe- j many had formed the opinion that time. To help gain a he would carry the county by a' demanding of their | slight majority. He was defeated mitts* from thj dlvla- for Children'* Court Judge by i an airplane and sail- George W. Bmyth by a vote of Westchester to bet a tJUS to 3.513. »ectlre of the county Philip A. Rorty. Democratic can- other avenue of survey didate for Supreme Court, also fell iject. according to a behind his Republican opponent, sued by the Westches- ! Graham Wltschlef. who polled 3.170 1 Realty Board. The : Vote, to Rorty-* 2A2S. icludes Charles C. Mul-1 Herbert B. Shonk. Republican. I it of The Homeland i won , ully orer Conrad H. Sullivan j Minority Leader Sullivan Walks Out on Courtsey Session of Board; Assailed ’ for Lack °f Good Form Supervisor* Exchange Verbal ! bospiux declared the most mod*™ ’ , . , , D • and best equipped In the east, the brickbats Instead or DOU- | appointment of committee to study ! ma , .. s™. w s«Nio« Stormy P«ml Dooliom - ] Make Customary Speech. old Court Street School House as a Burglar Suspect Has Six In ­ dictment* Against Him in Susquehanna ; State Po ­ lice Also Have Record WARD KB ON BAIL New York. Nor. • (UP)-Frank H. Warder, convicted on a charge of accepting a ttO.OOO bribe for utilizing his office of state superin ­ tendent of banka to withhold the condition of the City Trust Com ­ pany, was free on $13,000 ball today, awaiting sentence Friday. He was found guilty yesterday by a Jury which deliberated three bourn. 3 DESIRABLE STORES FOR RENT Located in business section of Osaining Comer suitable for Druggist or Ice Cream Parlor SEE RALPH ROBERTS 20 1 Main Street, Osaining Tel. Osaining 1800 nig* George C. Apptll of Mount stood ravened Republican ma ­ rl ties for other offices to win this sat But Moore, former Demo- ■He -county chairman, did not new* the appeal of Judge AppelL On bis side he had the reorgsn- ■d Independent Voter*' Associa ­ tes who bad sided Appall twice. t was not enough. Smyth made a •rung nee and won 6y a majority boost as large as that of Judge Lppell last year. ■norths victory was s result of date* for county offices totalled than 100 In this city. It has not been tabulated. one occasion that Supervisor Jo- j seph _B. McCarthy, White Plains, arose to Inquire: \Is this a meeting of the board of sypsrrisors or Is It a political meeting/ It seems to me that the Democrats of this board are fear ­ ful of the results tomorrow? ” \That la not so.\ replied Super ­ visor William J. 8herry. Democrat Yonkers. \It Is tbs Republicans who are afraid of what may hap- W. Moore who polled ASM votes to McLaughlin ’ s 2A42. Philip A. Rorty. Democratic candidate for the Su ­ preme Court was next highest on •is Democratic ticket, with a total entire Republican ticket, with lbn exception of the slightly larger ma ­ jority for Councilman Callahan. In only seven of the twenty-four districts did the Democratic mayor ­ alty ^candidate receive a vote any-j where near equal to that of bis Re- j Smyth this year, idt. which went for Appel! chairman. Yesterday Sulllv tried on three occ Ward 2, District 1 — Frederick C. McLaughlin. 143: Thomas P. Me- c i !»35f«55sfi Ward S. District * — Fmdenck C. apprsc t a uon to the chairman was McLaughlin. 7$; Thomas P. Me- , made by Supervisor Edward P. *5^ ... . p. ... rV r I Barrett. Bedford. Republican, who Ward J. District 4 — Frederick C. j , lu next to Sullivan. and who In McLaughlin. 198: Thomas P. Me-1 seconding the moUon. deplored Sul- ; Langhlln. 102. | llvan'e “ lack of courtesy\ In leav-1 Ward 4. District 8 — Frederick Cl |ng the chamber before the motion i McLaughlin, 127; Thomas P. Me- , ra *a e . T-anghlln , 84. • | __ Ward 5. District 3 — Frederick C. Washburn's Speech McLaughlin. 183; Thomas P.-.Mc-l Chairman Howard R. Washburn | Laugblln. 108. j of th* board of supervisor*, repre- 1 Ward 6. District 4 — Frederick C. senUtlvo of the Town of New Ca»- ' McLaughlin. 147; Thomas P. Me-1 »'«• * an S his official *wan song as Laughlln. 104. i chairman of the board before re- The headquarters of both parties, organisation and praised-the auper- new*papers and police headquarter* v '»° r » for lhclr cooperation while were flooded with telephone calls ln turn applauded him for bi* asking for returns long before they chai™«nrt>lp during tb. year, at were tabulated, demonstrating that Mon<5,v * ■• “ 'on. more Interest had been aroused In ' Majority Leader Herbert C. Ger -1 the race here than had been antic!-1 lach - Ossining, first noted The end ot the s**slon and. for tha Aspubll- While Age 40 is considered the prime of life in an individ ­ ual, it is the record of statistics that but a small percentage It is with a sense of accomplishment, therefore, that this company approaches its 40th year — not merely ^ecause it has survived that long, hut rather because it has been able to retain its youthful enterprise, an J starts off on the further journey of. the years with the accumulated power of experience and accomplishment.' DIVER Dag* S ol Worker ta Tell Exchange Ckk About Underwater tha White In celebration of the approaching anniversary, we have completely rebuilt and enlarged our store building, in physical appearance as in tradition. want all to join with us and to share with us die Mappint of the Occasion. Clair Van Deal Stiffen Brok ­ en Leg; Confined to Hos ­ pital ; Driver Released BIRTHS Only on* birth has been reported | ta th* Department of Health since MARRIAGE stance recently. ! ASSEMBLYMEN ELECTED '■ Parkway colonies. _ • — ,b * *wt of tb# >e land devoted _^? T * R * pubUc * J ’ assumblyinen mission In Sami public use It U 1 to Alb *n >' on January 2 to Washburn pal trnmnrjtuM U? ** “ next •* “ lon of the State Lcgls- to the park com nisort ant^sWbtivv 1 *' ur * “ a result of th* 1929 elec- the flaraTopsratl (rTlTiuu “ “ “ ■ hI They lnc ! ude four tor the*first Ur for^develo^nsnt ber.CHe£- Hatley?* Bronx- 2^ ‘ tatwSS?' l^thV ne'e# ril ' T* c££nb£*lXoiw lnrtte^^xS?'! k? ■ ™ r T ^ rrtlr** becaus* of lU-haalth. Jscta an now ■ w Tht oU >* r four ra-slsctad. art Yonkers and c* ,? * Herbert B. Shonk. Bcarsdale, see- deeland IS era i find foom near ond district: Milan E. Goodrich, tseta would bi Ossining, third district: Alexander ** f 1 - Oarnjoet, fourth district, and He ■ vpok .... «««,. w Samuel ffiulu Furniture ( ' 35-37 Scmii Mast St. G sleipf i. Orasi

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