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9200 / THEDAILY PRE83, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., TUESDAY, 12, 1929 ! |3rc*s WH^T WE NEED )* f ^ ' ' 1,1 1 \ \ ,ml Then* are many thing* wa need in | j Thfi ToOnCTVlllc Tfollcy • Plana Daily corporation ....................... smern't'kim I “ SST “ S 522^ “ -*«4W!C T°Z “ TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 12 i ° u -Auuuk Lnm> OUR PLATFORM FOR WHITF. PLAINS . . I , . . jr-, . X J[J White Plains, but a few are vital and |L_ outstanding efcrr. .i-T! Other;. We need stability —uic wlB p«* ’ cr to determine what is right'and a de ­ termination to see that only that I which is right prevails. We need a spirit of unanimity* — the ability and willingness to agree upon what we want and then go after it and get it We need aggressiveness — for witli- I out aggressiveness, indolence sjnd j stagnation will be our lot. [ We need loyalty —for without loy- ally we wiH be enriching commercial interests at distant points and impov ­ erishing our people at home. Some communities thrive and grow because of their natural advantages. ' Others are made only through the dogged energy and perseverance of their citizenship. Ours will be what we make it, and we should make it all that we can. By Fontaine Fojt| FUPM PKOPPVTHE; i^OdAU iNVEPTIto* HA* PCHWTdTCP. AN AcrTfrMAT^ ; -4 i <ANAL PEVlde g*PgdlALL.V APAPTEP lb THE “ TboNrHVlLLC LINg. _ Make White Plains the hirst City in Westchester County. Support the City Plan. - A school survey to determine the facilities needed. *• Purchase of needed parks and playgrounds. FOR WESTCHESTER COUNTY TWO EARN MORE THAN ONE Adoption of uniform traffic code. Completion of Parkieay program. Elunination of grade crossings. | “ Extension of trunk tricer system. Uniform system of assessment. Jumping at conclusions is said to be bad exercise. Tell her she gets better looking every time you see her and she wants you to see her often. A LAUGHING MATTER v The people of Westchester County ought to get a good laugh out of the resolution adopted yesterday by the majority members of the Board of Supervisors which, in effect, puts them in leading strings. The resolution tie; a muzzle on the individuals on th^ majority side. Judging from the testimony of some of them before Samuel Untermyer. they need something stronger than a i 'muzzle. Then they talked loo much. Now they go to the other extreme and will not talk at all. Their views are to be “ canned ” and handed out by a paid press agent. There is nothing we can do about it. The majority can run tilings ns it pleases and it lias evidently read the vote of last Tuesday as a license to go the limit. > Thfe situation thus created is a novel ‘ one. In no other legislative body in this country does it exist, la no other would it be permitted to gxiat. Only a majority drunk with power and inflated with its own im ­ portance would attempt it. Needless to say, no self-respecting newspaper will publish any of the “ canned\ matter which the salaried press agent will hand out. The Daily Press will continue to be represented »t the;meetings of the Board of Su- pervisors and will continue to report the proceedings as it has in the past. It will report them accurately and let the chips fall where they may. We will not dignify the board ’ s press agent through controversy. Seeking for the reason for the drastic action taken by the majority, we may find it in the testimony of newspaper reporters called by Mr. Untermyer to give their version of what transpired at the meetings when the proposed office building deal was discussed and put through. At that time reporters represent ­ ing organization Republican and Democratic newspapers disDuted the accuracy of Supervisor Edward P. Barrett ’ s testimony as to the lan­ guage he used in debate. Although virtually every newspaper .Jn the county who reports the proceedings rtf flu, KrtflfH nlllilicliX^ r. si a ■ . J _ _ Investigations conducted in vari ­ ous cities disclose an increasing ten ­ dency among married women and mothers to enter into gainful occu ­ pations. One-third of the 40,000 employed women in the nation ’ s cap ­ ital are married and many of that number are mothers. Many are actu ­ ated by the desire for financial inde­ pendence and others by economio necessity. Two bread winners , in a family are often necessary to make both ends meet. JJere is a subject demanding seri ­ ous consideration. If the time comes when the vast majority of women must enter the factories, stores and offices to help maintain homes and support children the inevitable out­ come will be fewer homes and chil ­ dren. To permit such a condition would mean race suicide. And, in the final analysis, the fact' must not- be lost sight - of that eco ­ nomic laws work both ways. Large families are now-forcing mothers in ­ to gainful occupations. With large numbers of women thus engaged the birth rate must fall. The receding birth rate And children reaching .the self-supporting age will release more mothers and wives from outside em ­ ployment. with the result that the birth rate will again climb. From here the process' will begin all over again. FALL ’ S FIVE-YEAR CASE AT THIS TIME A YEAR AGO Another opportunity is presented to lead a helping hand where m definite service can be - performed. THE COMMUNITY CHEST WITH ITS FOURTEEN SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS again solicits the hearty patronage of all civic minded persona. May we urge your active sipport in this cause? I The County Trust Co. J' We Solicit Applications For First Mortgages on Irh proved Real Estate in Westchester County New York-Westchester Investors JOHN MARBACH. President The Question »o you think that the Injury (hat j \AT Marsters Buffered recently and those which other college football | stare have suffered, will have at make football leas pop- \ (Sole Mortgage Correspondents m Westchester of The ProdentiiU Insurance Company of America) BAR BUILDING WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. TELEPHONE 9210 Vernon — *T do nof. That ’ eftanee of Injury will not deter the college I boy from playing and eo long ae he plays, the crowd! will attend the I gamee. It ’ a the greatest game in the aport calendar.\ Edward Fraher. T. M C. A. - In November, 1921, Albert B. Kail, then secretary of the interior, receiv- r _ ed in crisp new bills the $ 100,000 \No --- --------------------------------- from \Ned\ Doheny whicH was the i »\ heroes to the college siu- price of the award of the California d,nt “ d * “ h would * “ \ er Kmia naval reserve oil lease to E. L. Do- lienv. oil millionaire. The transac- tion'became known in 1923 aiul-Fnll was indicted in 1924. In 1929, or five years after the criminal prosecution started, comes the final conviction. Probably a year must still elapse before his sentence can become effective, pending ap- |j| peals through the Court of Appeals i|| and the Supreme Court. The facts in the history of the Fall The flrot Impulee driven hapless enough to be ■ principal In an automobile col ­ lision le to flee the ecene of the accident. Those who do uometimea manage lo eacape. Those who art later captured the wrath of the court. Recently In North Tarrytown three youths In a stolen car were travelling at a high nte of speed on the Poet Road when the auto escaped from their control. The vehicle turned over- three times an.' one lad eras killed. Another waa seriously hurt and the driver fled. UNANSWERED PRATER Ke a the greatest spectacle Samuel Rlttenberg. Martlne ave ­ nue — \Of course, not- It is that possibility of danger that make* 1 the game the great spectacle It Is , It arouses the Instinct for conflict ! that la In everyone.\ Today caught in Brooklyn and waa held a charge of homicide. He alio faces a charge of flrat degree murder because 1t Is considered a felony for a person to steal a car and when a death occurs; even though accidental. In a stolen car. the driver faces the first degree murder charge. The youth, not yet out of his teens, has started a career which probably will end la Incarceration for a lengthy period of time. Courts have been known to be lenient, but sometimes It Is better to send a youth to a reformatory where he can do no harm than to release him with a warning. We don't know whether the death of his friend Hun Pabat has affected strongly Joseph ZlsiJbbut we Imagine hla punishment baa been severe already. -Tarrytown Dally News jWlnbrook School PTA meets case afford the best comment yet up- I Rldgevtew Congregational Church on the delays shrewd lawyers cast | Woman's Society luncheon, in the path of the execution of jus- f -H Ch- K*(? >n ,. • , u „ r„,i | J Church Womans Society luncheon ticc in the federal courts. s. • Bartholomew. Guild ,nd 1 Auxiliary meets. FORM THE THINK HABIT flcarsdalr Woman. Club, travel section, meets. - . . • . , , , Republican Woman's Club meets. , rear Of making mistakes has made Westchester County Planning The Mount LoeWa State Theater. John Oil-' bsrt In \HU Glorious Night\ Keith Aibee Theater, \Skeeu\ Gallagher In \Fast Company-\ Loew's Strand Theater. Lola Lane In \The Girt From Havana.\ of the board published stories iden ­ tical as to fact, Mr. Barrett found no reason to dispute the accuracy of • these reports until several weeks had elapsed and he waa called by Mr. . Untermyer. The plan now adopted by no means insures an accurate record of ■what is said or what transpires. It simply means that the record will consist of \canned ” opinion, subject to correction or alteration at will. If the Board of Supervisors wished to take a forward step and nlace it- •elf above criticism it would engage the service of an. ex pert stenographer — A keep its minutes in a complete. — et and orderly fashion. It is 1 commentary on the business n of the county ’ s leaders-when course la adopttd. i Daily Press can tolerate the wun of the majority members r county legislature If they can. jje isn't anything quite eo rldic- * these days as a full grown man “ * his right 'at free Wsfsrs Workers Conference Rotary Club luncheon. Royal Arch Masons meet. Orawsupum tribe. Order of Rod •T laugh with the Board of * tot we exercise no re- fat ” ^ ~ ■ laughing at them. failures of as many men as mistakes Federation meeu. have made successes. F'ailures are „ > i2 r ? l, ? r Comm,lt ** awed into retrogression by the same possibilities-of-mistakes challenged jmeet^ by the successes among men. women's college ci^b meets. A popular adage is \The man who '* ° ’ never made a mistake never made a dollar,\'Bbt a truer statement of fact might be \The Man who never made a mistake has not yet lived.\ Conceding that all men make mis ­ takes, it is manifest that only the same mistake repeated is unpardon ­ able and the habit, not the individfkl mistake, is costly. Somebody pays everytimf somebody blunders and the only way to coirect the habit of blun ­ dering is to'form the habit of doing things right Form the habit of be ­ ing careful and take pains today that you may spare yourself incalculable pain tomorrow. Many are blunder ­ ing on to success by making the most of their blunders. A The haunting i^gret in every mis ­ take is the thought that ft could have been hverted by a little thought The indolent find action easier than thought and much of humanity is in ­ dolent Thinking can be made a habit just as most bodily movements are from force of habit Cultivate the habit of thinking before acting and that hugaboo. the mistake-habit, will de ­ camp for more salubrious foraging. The re-election of Comp- lroller Leslie V. Bateman by Vernon Vote a substantial majority over Ray Aylesworth must be ac ­ cepted as an endorsement of the comptroller's fine record In office. A last minute effort to defeat the comptroller was unsucceasful and It was a particularly despicable attack becau*. It was based on religion. We understand that appeals were made In behalf of Hr. Aytao- woryi along religious Unea. We thought that oner the election of IMS that this era* a thing of the past but evidently It was not. In the re-election of Alderman Johnson the Dolly Argus naturally feels gratified. He was supported my this newspaper from the time that he was turned down by hts own organ ­ ization. * We expressed our opinion definitely Do you grapt his story whim Out of your great love for him 7 Do you, knowing wsU hla needs. Grant him all tor which hi Awfcis father, day by day Do you let him have his way ’ Father tender, loving, wigs. . Though you sea bis teary eyes And you hear bis anxious voice. -Do you make the sterner choice And atjimes deny his plea For the good he cannot see? Must you not at time appear To the boy you love, severe? When some pleasure you prevent Does- he doubt your good intent And believe you do not care Since you answer not his prayer? on the question of his servlet to the city, gov ­ ernment . Ha waa penalised, as. we eaSd be- fore, because he supported the campaigns LO. O. F. meets j lodge, L O. C A, Benevolent Stgra- Phi sorority o Tomorrow __ ___ _____ ________ _ believe, will also be of benefit to the city because he la a man of experience in governmental affairs of the city and the county. We believed William Bants woti Id be elected, hut In a close fight ran behind George H. Percy, although a new development Indicates that a recount may change this result. A Socialistic vote In one district would have overcome this. That the voters thoroughly understood the Issues of tbs c a m paign, that they were folly acquainted with -the questions to be consid ­ ered. eras apparent from the result. They voted Democratic In the city and Republican on the county ticket. There eras ample evi ­ dence that they knew how to split their We congratulate all of the successful can ­ didates. They ore deserving of the beet wishes of the entire city. We believe that they will everyone efficiently and well and we of reKo- meets. White Plains High School PTA The more we gtudy man'* efforts | m 2 u ' to-jndge man, the more grateful we • ‘ are fdr the mercy of God. i glass Uttering the hlghwsjrs for days after the collision of two cars has resulted In .a shattered windshield. Nalls left ols \ main untU the Weather and people are about the same. We have so much of both they can ’ t all be gUod. j Beschwood Ploys Scandals* Realty | St. M atthew's L> A pair of dreamy eyea can put a I time ’ s m»ss an to.aleep. rt SXJ m ZE? I crushed In traffic. ’ farther no longer permitted to die a natural death with this stray assortment of sharp instru- . A iW telh a, .he retiued e u, ’ i I heart because his face went with H. i.^55-\ n we cry as children small To the Father of us all. May he not deny our plea For the good we cannot see And let all our prayers seem vain For the future's greater gain? Letters From Our Readers COLLECTS $135 FROM TRAFFIC LAWBREAKES GAME LAW VIOLATORS PAY FINES Two Convicted of Driving While Drunk Pay $50 Each — Reckless Operator Con­ tributes $30 to Court Six Hunters Are Arrested in Greenburgh For Killing Protected Birds; Seely;' Finds All Guilty Fines totaling *U5 were Imposed on traffic violators by Judge Wil ­ liam Gray In CUy Court yesUrday. Almopd J. Dennis. S9B Main street, this city, and John Mathl- for driving while' intoxicated. James Childs, colored, of KnoO- wootl road, was found guilty of charges of reckless driving and of passing a traffic light — * * against him. He was flnei each charge. Edwin A. Bonier. Mount Vernon, pleaded guilty to charges of mak ­ ing a right hand turn against a red traffic Ught and was fined f5. — Six hunters came to grief In Greenburgh Sunday, when they were placed under arrest by Wil ­ liam G. Jacquemln of the Stats Conservation . Commission, for va ­ rious alleged violations of tho con ­ servation law. They were ail ar ­ raigned before Judge William Seely HEYDECKER WILL SPEAK Prudencio Luis. Yonkers, pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing a species of bird forbidden by law ad paid a *25 fine. Felix Angelastro. also of Yonk ­ ers, charged with possessing a song sparrow and a brown thrush, also pleaded guilty and was fined $25. Oscar Kelllng. New York City. ' whom Jacquemln charged eras hunting without a license, pleaded guilty and woe fined $ 10 . Louie Suppecevea. Stanley Gian- DEMOCKATS FEEL ELATED Editor The Dolly Pres*; With a 1*28 party enroUmm of 201 Democrats and 623 RepahU- agalnst them, the Democrats of North Castle have every reason to feel elated over the showing they ' s at the lost town election. A turnover of 0 or 40 Votes would have elected almost their entire i ticket. The vdQhg o a large her of ditch diggers (only tem ­ porary residents) by a Republ contractor building tho sewer _ North White Plains, and the hand ­ ing ont of patronage to lukewarm voters In the rest of the town be ­ tween elections by the Republican town boas In the shape of small jobs and contracts, here and there, and positions on highway work to r not. i only things that saved the Scan party of North Castle from defeat this year. Vastly encouraged by their type of ciliseas. We Uvt. pugnacious men In office — of ­ ficials of a constructive and liberal of their township s. and not be subservient t taring t on the throne In Port Chester and directs with an iron hand tbs dee- of ws mortals of Waste has Planning Expert To Ducusa Effect of Regional Pro ­ ject on Westchester fined $50. while the Qts brother* entered pleas of not guilty to charges of aiding and s s s lritng ' the bird. They i slides to Illustrate his talk which Westchester Shore In tbs Regional Plan.\ at its me eti n g tn the coun ­ cil chambers of the City Hall st 8:18 o'clock this evening. Mr. Hsydaokar will us the Regional Plan of New Tor win affect planning throughout the county. Walb B see J a

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