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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, November 21, 1929, Image 12

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9200 THE DAILY PBBM, WHIT* PLAINS, W. Y. WOM9fN3f PitfGE WOMAN ’ S VIEW'S WOMAN ’ S NEWS THE HOUSEHOLD DAILY FASHION + Sound 6 Auction Bridge MADAM Y. MADKLKIhK ARE FOR loo* Tnattnes, Waat failed to make ------------- 1,1, contract, easily mule if he hut oxhauat the advene trumps end et hie Spade suit. ) Salient Poiata *( Bidding Aurtloni South, p*as; West, on* Chib; North, one Heart; Eaat/two ■Tubs, there being no xcdslon to show own Minor euit whan hold ­ ing unique aupport for Dartnerta bid. South assists North a Haart bid to t»o. W*at now ahowa hla aocond ault by bidding two Spades. North pawing. East cairia* West back to three Cluba concluding the bidding. Can tract: The contract bidding la tbo tame aa that given above ac ­ cept that, following Eaat ’ a Jump bid to four Cluba. Wait bide live Cluba. Salient-Poiata of Play North opena th# Three of Heart#. Tha Dummy going down. Wart aoaa that- ha mult loaa two Spadaa and also one Club trick unleaa North hold! the King W*«t, therefore, wine the drat trick with the Ac* of Hearta and leada tha Queen of Cluba Intending to let Itron.unlasa covered by North. North, with but two Clubs, cover# \with th# King, Wait winning with tha Ac* In uiiw w — ----- - — .i ■* ’ Dummy, return# * Club, exhausting lo eovar normal aUuationa only and (h# ,/ vtrji tramp*. Wait next therefore are not Intended to cover )m(U , , mtll Spadato Dummy 1 . abnormal MtuaUona. rach as the T|n wh(eh North win* with the o*a confronting Wait, flowing * Quwn tnd | etdl , Diamond. Wert put by South, with the obo\# wina j a _ ^th Dummy 1 # Ac#, dla- haml. ' card# th* Tan of Hearta tharaon In tha Duplicate Contract Match and ltmdl th, Ten of 8p*dea. It I* which thle hand are**, manyof will be obaerred thataoplay^d, the Wort player*, following a P “ *~Weit muat meko llvo-odd In Clobo, by Booth, elaopaaood. dooming th* „ ha IoM but two Spado hand too weak to bid origlnany- T\ trick*. «rtry Inatanco where the Wart --------- pleyir paaaod. the hand was pawed vut would you bid u holding: out and * yam* hand thrown away 4 A JC Q 7 « by Wort'* failure to reengnlx* that V Q 8 7 6 5 ordinary rale*' do not govern 5-5- ♦ A Q S 1 ft combinations containing bid- £ — dable values, even though they may Partner haring bid one Heert •«* * MM __________ 4 mtt «xne Unen manner* of beguilamant ha ac ­ quire* some little dtgraa of growth spiritually. mentally. , socially. It up. She mutt gat a birthday present and a Christmas present and what-not, but ha couldn't toll C the birth date of a single mem- of the family this minute. \And who la she anywayT There isn't anything extraordinary about her that I can see. * She Isn't any prettier than any other gtrL Bh* hasn't any talent. If it were not for her eyes and a trick of amlllng she would be plain dumb. But ho'* right at her Anger end. I wlih she'd roova a thousand miles from here.\ „ 1 What good? It lb more than like ­ ly that If abe w*ira to move to ­ night there would be another girt, much the earn*, In her place next doty at lugs. Mother* are usually very touchy about thla attitude In Ihtlr boya. Frequently they develop a bitter Jealousy of tha girl who aeema to affact their son the moat \That gtrL\ la a \-one of contention be ­ tween mother and eon and often 2nd Rd. a* 24 . Pan 24 »♦ Contract Bidding JitBd. 2nd Rd.- Paw P»»a »♦ L* If- P m \ 44 P*M has been frequently iat Rd. South P*»* West 14 SCHOOL TALES tlcular girl aa It Is GIRD that does this to the boy. She ia the ntcaeaa- ry stimulus to hi* growth. She fllla-a very Important place in hit life:' She call* out hla budding manliness. She call* him to drug ­ gie to evolve Into a self-sustaining, aalf-eupporllng man. Bh# call# lo him to express bis tanderne**. hla great understanding of a woman's place In a man's life. She 1* a great power for good It she IS good, and moat girl* are. It never helps to call her “ Thai Girl.' Better not. Accept her se a matter of oourte. If the boy grows beyond -her she will fall out of hie life without any effort on your part. If he remain* at bar level, or If they grow on together, well and good. In any case, try to un ­ derstand the function of \Thet Old,\ and bend every effort to have her succeed In helping th* boy. If you are certain thet eh* la not rood for th* boy — and I*m put to It To know how you can be — ea quiet ­ ly as a serpent, let no trace of your work be seen, build a wall between Mltrrnoan dreu in black pica- dvr. Tha conagn it trimmed trilh fine ntriurtt, and then it • nrrvure skirt i chick may be Horn or left off at i cUL A very new effect Is achieved In thla afternoon dreaa of black pica ­ dor. Th* corsage la trimmed with line aervur#*, and there Is on over- akirt, quit* aeparal* from th* drew proper, also of fine nervurea, which may be worn o. left off at will, ae ­ ro, ding to bow dreaay you feel like being. The frock 1* complete without thla overskirt of nervurea. but not ao elaborate. It achieves two '-esae# ia on#, the difference with and without being enormous. procedun ^Another point in raspeei to this hand U. that in but one Instance did the East-West player* arrive *t a bid of Are Cluba. and In aueh Where It Is mounted ■klrt, a belt conceal* JAMESWBARgON MU having real heart trouble. There were 9 deaths from rheumatic olttH/loton A* the tonsils cause most caeca at rheumatism, and rheumatism cause* mo*t case* of heart disease, and haart disease causes moat deaths, then the evidence 1 * pretty clear that Infected tonsil* are dan- Thu* of SIS case* with rheuma ­ tism lie could Do consldircd as suf ­ fering from no permanent heart ailment; 119 detfiltely a had a per ­ manent heart ailment' but heart was doing Ita work well; 41 showed falling heart muiele end 9 had died. M In other word*. M or- 10 per tent had died or would die during childhood, and another 119 or 28 per cent were pennanently crip- pled to a greater or lea* extent. Dr. Fordyre lay* great sire** on th* removal of Infected tonsil*. Of th* Sit children. 1 S 2 had the ton ­ sil* removed and In <7 case* opera ­ tion la Mkely to be performed. Thus In 312 out of 840 children shout 40 per oent of total, the re ­ moval of th* tonsil* wa* consid ­ ered advisable. Now- what about operation when Hera la a phrase which la reaur- reettd *v*ry *o oft*n by tho*e who try to make personal capital out of (he alleged threat of th* yellow race* — China and Japan — ag»|nat Europe, America and the clvlllra- tlona of both. Familiar a* the phrase sound*. It I* not American in origin. Rather — And when you can'get the'rec- mrd* of an out-patient clinic treat ­ ing rheumatic children, then you ««a do your own thinking on the matter. Dr. A. D. Kordyce has seen 6*0 rheumatic children at this clinic; Cl with apparently no heart Blatrnt? lit with, fc definite heart allrnant but the heart was doing It* reader* — It waa coined by Emperor William II of Germany. In that country It Brat took root, thence spreading throughout Eu ­ rope and Jumping the Atlantic to the United States. would~ay for hour*. I gotl drtd of going to tha doctor ao I tried Lydia c. Pinkham'i Veg ­ etable Compound. Before I had taken the fine bottle I be ­ gan to get better. I have taken eight bottles now. I feel that it my life, also doc-1 the youngster la suffering from rheumatism?\ In non# of lb* pa- aymptoms develop from th# opera ­ tion, even when the rheumatism symptoms were quit* active.\ Mow I think every parent can take theae figure* to heart. Tonsili that are healthy even If large ehould not be removed, be ­ cause they are of use to th* system as a Altar and to kill harmful or- GIRLIGAGv/ 0 HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY Lydia L. I ’ inkliani's Vcfjclalilc Compound

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