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THE DAILY PBE8S. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.. TIU1K3DAY. NOVEWHEB 11.192*. MAN HATER The Terrible Tempered Mr. Bang By Fontaine Fox T he T errible T empered mr .B ano ha « a direct contact WITH A DIRECT MAIL APVERTISER (PoSToFFIceJ) rang off, that ihe could forget — that she would never remember Spike. Ten minute# later the phone rang again. It waa Loula — he wanted to call for Jean and bring her down to hla apartment that evening. There wouldn't be any one on hand but Juat themaelvea and he had In atructed Coco, hla combination val ­ et, cook and butler to excel hlm- eclf. Would aho come? Although he didn't know It and he had been allghtly fearful that the Invitation to hla apartroenl would be too obvioua, hla call could not havo been more opportune. With juat the proper amount of dif ­ fidence Jean dallied with the In ­ vitation. and Anally after aupreme urging on Louis'* part, ahe accept ­ ed. She would be expected at 7 o'clock. During the afternoon Jean wrote a letter home to her father and al- ao kept telling herself that al ­ though her affection for Spike had all but smoldered out, Loula Bar- tela provided a lively foil and weary mind diverter. Not that ahe couldn't be fond of him either — she 'At t quarter of aeven Jean took hej car from the garage turned West towards the Drive and hum ­ med down towards Washington Square — boyed and elated by her expectation of the unexpected. When one saw Louis one never ky* how the evening would end. He greeted her Aral ring at hla front door — closed It and seised her you staying with relatives or got a million and one thlnga to do friends?\ . ) before I leave town and I Juat can ’ t “ Just a few weeks.'' she answer- makq IL“ ed. \I'm staying with — well -A few minutes later they hung friends\ His voice sounded good up. the understanding being that to her and she had forgotten to be Jean would come around to see as Insistent as ahe had wanted to him the following Wednesday be. “Spike, ” .she added, rather night. She couldn't help feeling plaintively, “You know I saw you that If he even had once loved her In the theater the other night and as much as he said he did he might I Juat must see you about pome- have spared a few minutes to heed thing — really It's terribly Important, her whim. It waa beginning to to me anyway. It's kind of about look vary much as If he and Bab- that night back home — you know, ette Gordon were In completo ca- the shooting and well. It concerns hoots with each other and that mo and I'm liable to get In'o tven If she hadn't absolutely for- trouble.\ She thought ahe would bidden him to see Jean right away, feel sorry for herself and be sure he waa so completely under her of appealing. \When can I see you apell that he was proffering a Spike — It's really terribly tm- flimsy business excuse about some portant! ” new vocation that he hadn't even \What makes you think you have taken the time or the trouble to tell to cook up a reason to see ms, ” hs Jean about. shot back, \I want to see you too. The more the thought about It, but 1 don't have to phoney It up Ihe more It appeared that It was with an excuse. Now here's my sir- from Spike that Babctte had gtran- uatkm. I can't aeo you beforw next ed her Information of the killing Wednesday night--lat's aee — toddy and that It waa due to her, and her Is Saturday — I hue to leave town desire for revenge upon Jean, that tonight and go to Trenton and I Spike waa iklttlshly refusing to see don't see how I can get out of It. hla former sweetheart. Somehow I won't be back for four or five or other It looked as though Bab- days so to play safe let's make an etle had ensnared Spike In her engagement for next Wednesday at tolls and was playing him ofl let's see — my apartment — that against Jean as part of an Ingenl- would be the easiest place to meet auS scheme of retaliation for the and lha best to talk.” quite ealian fact that Louis Bar- Aa he gave the addreaa on West tcls had transferred hla allegiance End Avenue and 75lh Btreel with- to Jean Harper. In a mile of Lola's. Jean Jotted i' At flret Jean wanted to xry and down with a sinking heart. She then she wanted to laugh. Al- couldn't i help but feel that If hr though ahe would not admit it to really wanted to see her ao<0all'l herself she knew her Inner pride loved ner even a little bit he would 'had been Jolted when Bptke had have taken the trouble to-do it pleaded more urqent business. On right away — In answer to her urg- the other hand ahe could feel like enl request. He asked her lo come laughing because she had an emo- aiound at half past elgbL At last, tional reserve — Lot ’ s Bartels. Jean (hough! she would make use Whenever aha began thinking more effort lo see him right about herself, and perhaps Spike, away. ahe knew (hat Louis suavity, coupl- \Spike she urged forlornly, ed with his undoubted and always “ can't you see me for a few min- Intriguing'ardor could Interest her utes before you go? Honeetly, I'm In another direction. Thle time worried stiff about something and she waa resolved to be Interested to you are the only person who can the utmost. She would see Spike help me out. I won't take more on Wednesday, If he remembgirtd than Ave minutes.\ their engagement, and If ahe didn't \I know you won't kid,\ be an*- become so absorbed In Loula, aa to wared affably, but Armly. \but Tvi forget 8h» hoped, when Spike CHAPTER rr. On waking the next morning, Jean's Ant thoughts were of Spike. The last night ’ s love, making, her fainting, and - Louis' - rather attrac ­ tive and certainly distracting ardor were forgotten as ahe threw back the covers, blinked at the morning sun streaming In the window and wondered whether .It was lime yet for Spike lo call. As aha dressed she knew she was more nervous than ever. If he that he had read her note but had either-been so Indifferent \to her or so subservient to Ihe tn- fleatce of Babette that he had . elect ­ ed to flaunt her. If he did call It meant that even If-ha'didn't love her he was Interested . enough Jo According to police reports, a Mrs. Raddtog, 42 Barker avenue^ received bruises of lha arm when ■he waa struck and run down by an auto while creasing Hamilton avtnua at Chureh street, last night Mrs. Redding refused medical al I ar wished he could eee ' h v . at that moment. Then lie d love her! Well, ahe refltei- dmosl any man would. Rees- I that way she half knew that did wont him lo toy* her. ■.- for hrr pride's and .io 1 \ \\ ' — T\ iP “ ®\ 9200 9200 Gyroscopic Robot Flies Plane Automatically How Many “ Mr. Bangs ” Are You Developing? 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