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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, November 23, 1929, Image 14

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m . Y satuxda *. novrasm ” ■ 1NESSG00D Project Extending Riverside Drive Through Westchester j jf( JJQJJg Approved by Civil Engineers JlfONDAY 'Cum; Ch.pler But. I<W £ £ E?iS ' To Have Drive Continue tU w. *i h in ot tl» w«- i- North on Hudson to Troy; m \sxabis^vaium^houM Committee Consider Plan •\jggSttSfJSt Feasible. tlon which th. county or tbs Indl- _______ tldual municipalities may daclds U> Kxun*.on of Rtrcrsbie Drive »**•- through Westchester County meets The financing of a P* 0)*** •» with the hearty approval of tha «uch magnitude is of necessity a Westchester County Chapter of the problsm in Itself . New Tork State Society of Profce- j>ue to the fact, however, that sional Enjlnriis and Isutd Survey- up t„ the present time the Albany ore. It was announced in a letter |»o#t R«ad .route passing through to the County Chapter. A commit- the different munlcIpallUea from tee' hie been appointed to Inveetl- Yonkers to North Tarry town lo ­ cate and report on the proposed elusive, was built and Is at present project. The chapter U of the opin- being maintained by , the different Ion that the Drive should he extend- municipalltlss through which It ed. not only through the' county, pum, New Tork Slats has there- but conUnue as a main artery alon* f or * spent no money for bulldln* the banks of ths Hudson River, to or maintaining any through traf- and beyond Troy. flc artery connecting New York The letter follows: Bute with New York City on the ™ mmml.U. , ppoln ,ad u In- *d« of «•*« Hud*ta « roulrpmpoT •• todcai that the Ikater of New uiSKLUu onu r-.,.n.,. P \K Yu, .i»uu tw . p.ni™ « — » SIuT c5»mr u ■\*» \ • “ ° “ «Y it r,-v,rvA re saf 2 * SSTKnSSS V « — WKUW trS* BUM oa°ib. 22 Hummer: You. comm..,.. of th. s *2*251 - ssar-w ,^?ar- “ ss. , ?js£ ssasncyrei's: £»»«•* on, oupd » u* far north of Troy — never lasting. If ■«_».. immediate acquisition of - lt * Any ,h * rtght-of-way necessary for tha banks of the Jludsoh RJTer., Any (onltrWlM of Extension of River- diversion through ordlnsry ^ty , lde M B Mp .r«,. proJect In streets no » ‘ <« *** ***; *•* “ a new location from New Tork have the same effect as ths Inser- a „ ne m as far north at Usit. lion of a length of ona-tach cross u % orth Tarrytown. with the idea section in a six Inch pipe. Ih»t this project will eventually go The Increased assessed value due through to Pesksklil along ths lines to such a marvellous Drive would instigated by llr. Downer of ths repay ths sUU and various eoun- WsstchesUr County Park Commle- t'»» many times , slon. Tour committee has carefully in- Second: The Improvement be car- spec ted tbs field and reviewed all r |*i out aa a Joint undertaking by reports on this subject, especially the BUU of New York and the ed; m thousand brick; 306 togs of piaster; MOO cubie'yartta of sand; MTS cubic yards of washed g/avel. and Within tha walls and floors wars concealed 3.1-4 miles of pips for the plumbing service. It U conceded that this U one of the finest end best constructed buildings In WsstchesUr County ir. Day. In commenting on his wn definition of banking progress, prestige\ began with ths question. , These services, embodying aim net I “ what “ We have been watching the con ­ sumer with the closest stUntion since the market bubble ■ popped out.\ James Bimpeon. preeldenl of M.r.K.11 Field k Co, said, \and be Is atm buying as before. There is so evidence whatever t<\ disturb our In the soundness of busi ­ ness. On the contrary, people are ■suing nway from speculation and hock to legitimate business.\ Tha Viawpolnt of the banker was given by Frank O. Wetmore. sen ­ ior chairman of the board of the Pint National Bank. He said there M ample reason to expect a \resur ­ gence In many lines of business.\ “ U is especially obvious.\ he said, \that people are going to keep on etlliif. wearing clothe*, riding in SINCE JANUARY FIRST 1929 THIS OFFICE NEGOTIATED SALES AMOUNTING TO OVER creased in value, thus wholly or In part returning to tha county ths original cost of tbs lands. Fourth: That the construction of tha driveway be started as boob as funds can be made available by tbs State of New York. Aside from the material consid ­ eration* treated above, too much cannot be said regarding tha scenic value of Extension to Riverside Drive through Wsstcheeter County, affording the beautiful view of the Hudson River and the Palisades. The grandeur of such a driveway would be one of tbe marvels of the world, and a very profitable one at that. Respectfully submitted, (Signed) Yet Our Business Is But One Year Old The Answer Is Easy Westchester County Real Estate the best method and the one which would work i*>at efficiently would be the Extension of Riverside Drive through the City of YoAtera and northerly aa a heparite Wtoject In a new location, ratherttban attempt to widen and Improve the City of Yonkers strsata, such aa Rivsrdaie avenue and Warburton avenue, for the accommodation of through traf ­ fic. We are of tbe opinion, how ­ ever, that some widening of River- dale avenue and Warburton ave ­ nue. City of Tonkers. Is amply Jus ­ tified to taKh cars of the ever-in ­ creasing local traffic In that 'city. - Ur. Downer li right In emphasiz ­ ing In his reports that the greet number of grade croeelng streets with Intersecting local traffic would alow down through traffic If thl* through traffic waa to be .turned through Riverdals avenue and War- Cha*. H. Sell*. T. Kennard Thomson, Is a Safe Investment Incorporations We have had faith in Westchester and we look into the future with optim­ ism. Can th^fe be anything but optimism in the face of what The Peoples National Bank and Trust Company has achieved? They have erected an enduring monument to their faith in White Plains. The officers and di ­ rectors of the bank are deserving of all praise. Albany. -Nov. 2J (Hprdfcl) — The following Westchester Arms receiv ­ ed charters from the secretary of state here today. Rajon Holding COrp. *M WMte Plains; capital 110.000 in 1100 -bares; directors: All of 13 East First street. Mount Vernon: Abra ­ ham Tunlck, Marie Hemingway and Abraham BrSskjw. Armonk Home Produce Corp., Rye: capital. *10.000 In *100 eharea; directors: 8amu«l and Malcolm Welnburg, Port Chester, and Rich ­ ard Tunlck. Ityf. festlng to a major extent, the ac ­ complishment of the reiult for which tha Improvement la to be be made. Further, It Is questionable wheth ­ er Westchester Coanty and State of New York could be Induced (o provide fundi, for the widening and Improvement of the Yonkers City streets, with no other outlet from the north and south except through existing thoroughfares. Moreover, elnce the rout* sur- Watch Westchester Grow Own A Bit of Ground and Build Your Own Home BUYS IN PELHAM MANOR Francis L. Kidd, president of the Braden California Products Com ­ pany. has purchased through Mur ­ ray B. Parka tbe Monroe Blum property on Hsywood road. Pelham Manor. The house la of Spanish design and contains nine room*, three baths, ample servant - * quar ­ ters and large garage. Famous Animal Artist Uses Famous Car OFFICES TELEPHONE W. P. 8020 TELEPHONE PLEAS. 1770 WHITE PLAINS —230 ORAWAUPUM ST. PLEASANTVILLE — 3 WHEELER AVE. SALES FOBCE Thom** F. Barnard Harold A. Bosnian C. E. Eberle FORCE te home U create or destroy it?\ Hi* own LOCAL FIRIS \It w«fid appear that tha business of banking hinge* upon U m acknow ­ ledged poUcise of the bank Itself and tbe sort hod* by which It ap. SHARED WORK ON NEW BANK (Continued from-peg- 1-S) cai perfection M It U poeMhla to Th* slogan of The People* Na ­ tional Bank and Trust Company U \A Community Hank of Personal Berrios.\ and la keeping with thl* Ideal all tfte work going Into the construction of Its new home Was, as far as possible, given to local concerns or coneenw whose repre ­ sentative* reside ben. local Finn# oa M This was empkasisad during Ik* progress of the work by a bugs a- post tie n to do more for tha CU* timer. It cannot then hope to enjoy tbs confidence of the community, the most Important requisite In the building of prestige.\ Patience, desire to asm r — j in ­ terest withput partiality and an un ­ swerving determination to maks tha Institution an Integral part of tha greater Whit* Plains are winning the bank saw accounts every day. Tbe Peoples National Bank A Trust 06. of White PUlne need# no longer keek prestige but It must .and It will maintain that Which It already ha* and'continue to program with th* city. William Jaoonson. 81 Main street, was fined *6 when he pleaded tag naming 36 com pan! •« of this lo ­ cality. Ninety-five per cent of the subcontract work was performed by firm* of White Plain* and vtaic guilty In City Court yesterday, to charge* Of speeding. y'- nity. which shows conclusively that tha Peoples National Bank * Tract

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