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plates for next pear? If so, 'phone 3820 today and wall tell you how easily this can be dope without ex* tra cost or obliga ­ tion to you. Business Leaders Are Confident Of Up Swing in Trade; Hoover ’ s Conferences Have Paved Way W. MCDOWELL ELECTED BOY ^SCOUT HEAD Succeeds Herbert H. Murphy u Chairman of Hendrick Hudson Council of the Fourth District . Jostle* Wilbur V. McDowell. Ardsley. *u *l«ct*d chairman of the fourth district. Hendrick Hud- Forty Thursday night. Judge McDowell succeeds Her- kart H. Murphy, formerly of Hast ­ ings and now of Scarboro. who held ths post ■ so chairman ' for three triot and chairman of the court of honor committee. Arthur W. Uliroen. Ardeley, Alonso V. Wprren, Has tinge, were nomad as assistant district chair- MoOo ona n . Heatings, camping; Ml*T John H. House. Jr. Hast, toga Ctvte Barrie*; William Bryans, Hastings training; Rev. Gaorge W. “ C.OF. ” Takas 0a Haw Maaniaf ; New “ Cat On Pstcy ” Say WHs The nspubUoap P*riy In \ ~ County i ----- ltd to In i those who her* opp »**d the gag rule In th* board of su ­ pervisors and the rausstlng of Chairman Percy Bantu of the budget and appropria ­ tions oommltt** of th* super- ORDER FOR CAUCUS ON GAG RULE (Continued from page on*) , of the budget committee'* actions after each meeting and prior to th* meeting of th* board on which action u to b* taken on th* budget commltt** 1 * recommendation*. An ad vane* survey of supervisors throughout th* county on bow they will rot* on Monday on th* resolu­ tion offered, by Minority\ Leader Jam** A. Sullivan, Tonkers, to Promise to Expend Vast Sums to Stimulate Trade — - Labor Federation Believes Industrial Condittons Will Soon Be Normal. on faroring ths resolution, poring It and approving of U>* core hip, and fir* others non-com- mi tal . Th* resolution “ instructs\ Chair ­ man Barrett of th* budget commu­ te* to gtr* out th* Information to property (United Pres* Staff Correspondent 1 Washington. Nov. 33 (UP) — Buslnerii now can tak* hold of Its bootstrap* and pull hard for a ger winter than last year. Business men har* surveyed the outlook with President Hoover in his aeries of conference# and have discovered billions of dollars worth urioMs coming around lb* Wag* earners and saoafi acted men have been assured there Will b« no wag* cuts in the nation's biggest Industrie*. Henry Ford has even promised immedylt* In- cress*s to his thousands of ' President Hoover has placed the : full resources of th* government at the disposal of business. The Fed­ eral Reeerve system I* forcing down interest rates so that mil­ lions of wailing capital may hirad cheaply by industry. Presi ­ dent Hoover's conferences harp stirred naUon-wid* optimism the Ilk* of which has nevsr before been seen after a major stock market break. All that remains Is for business to go out after order*, in th* opinion of administration authorities. Optimism was ths key-note of a statement Issued last night by President Wlllltm Green of the American Federation of Labor. Oreen said all factor* which mak* for a speedy industrial and econo ­ mic recovery are present and svl dent “ Within e few ’ months, ” Green said, “ Industrial conditions will be ­ come normal, confidence and ■ la ­ bility in Industry gnd finance will be restored . and labor, strong and aggressive, will b*^ prepared to de ­ mand and secure higher wages and a greater degree of leisure.\ Tbs U. 8. Chamber of Commerce after each session of the committee. Barrett 1* said to resent th* reso ­ lution strongly as an Interference . — ---- — ----- . . - - ----- fighting etubboraly to prevent th* ltrtaca h,r » for December 8 i passage of the resolution on Mon ­ day. The Democratic minority la ex ­ pected to caucus also on Monday and decide to support ths resolu­ tion mildly. In the event th* JUpubUcan call ­ ous finds a majority of th* mem ­ ber* favoring the resolution. It is expected that the members will be asked to vote lor It unanimously to prevent Democratic political capi­ tal from resulting from a split par ­ ty vota. W ARNING Wafer Bawl Warn af Higk VMi Along Ceast Hay Reack Gale Perce New Tork. Nov. 33 CUP).— Th* Weather Bureau Issued th* follow- lag storm warning at 8:30 a. m. to ­ day: . , \ “ Northeast storm warning. Atlan ­ tia Coast. Virginia Capes to Prov- 1 Ml town. Mass. A disturbance that extends from Florida to Capt Hat- tone, moving notheastward, will cane strong northdast winds, prob ­ ably reaching gal* force thl* after- CHAIN BANKING ISSUE IN 1930 IN WISCONSIN LaFollette Faction Planning Campaign to Force the Elimination of Pm- ent System Madison. WU, Nov. 33 (UP). — Chain banking promises to be e major issue in Wlsoonrin ’ ---- Utlcai campaign. - LaFollette progressives indicate they ■yUl fight th* chain system as another of th, monopolies long op­ posed by their 1 * 1 * leader. An underlying reason for their leaders, Governor Writer J. Kohler end Btats Treasurer Solomon Le ­ vi US, Gover n or Kohler defeated th* BoSalm Nov. 33 (UP). — Tommy (Eld) Murphy. Trenton. N. J, 144. eon. a six-round decision over Paul PIMM. Cleveland, 148*. last night sue of public _ atian of electrical ___ rives win renew that Issue, hot need another to go with It State banks, headed by a Mil ­ waukee group In which th* Govern ­ or Is a director, are organising ' \* •tar' ” controlled chain, also invading ten years ago. Ha is t- rived by his wife, Amelia Btrin Thl* brings th* Governor into the Icture tad makes Mm a target for as they' fight th* Th* progressive didst *Wy would ho willing to let Leri- run for a fourth terra aa treaa- r but they spurned his overture* run for Governor In th* tost campaign- Neither have they ex ­ hibited any change of heart on that subject recently. Rise from a Jewish pack peddler to *l»l* treasurer marks Levltan'i career. Presidency of a capital eltj benk ie another of Me achieve­ ments. That Institution recently af ­ filiated with th* new chain of Win- Levitan'* status ertth th* LaFol- Jette fecu on has been made preb- JfMjlcel by this merger. It offers the other leader* an opportunity to divorce^ him and distressing world will tak, own shoulder* th* task of follow ­ ing through under the momentum mustered by President Hoover. Additional favorable hews has de ­ veloped In th* tost twenty-four hours. Heads of the construction Indus­ try' told th* President e total of W O O MOOQ will be spent by the Federal government, states coun- tles and municipalities on road and street construction next year plus many more millions In public and private building. Publio utilities Including electric and gas plants and street railway* will meet in New Tork Tuesday to canvass the 'outlook for expansions which may run Into millions. Railroad heads meeting In Chi ­ cago telegraphed th* Pi-mldent they hoped to buy more steel and other materials than last year when ono ani a quarter billion dollars was ■fecAslde for Improvement*. Rails totalling 3.800,000 t6ns are expected to be bought next year. The Federal Reserve Board hss approved a reduction of the re ­ discount ret* to 4H per cant for th* Chicago Federal Reserve Bank which will aid Industry in the Mid ­ dle West In (Attaining money at low rates for expansion activities. President Hoover's law enforce ­ ment commission Is Investigating th* effect of bad bousing on crime and expects that it may lead to large building programs for cltlss with badly confuted, slum dis ­ tricts. On* of -the big facta which the President hopes will be pounded in by business men themgslve* Is th* needless waste . that occurs from winter building depression. President Hoover's experts were mvinced that this was not only needless lost time In the wanner slates but that much building'can go forward In northern states in winter months. Th* country would benefit Inestimably, those experts htld, by, the better balanced Indus­ try that would be spread more evenly throughout winter and sum ­ mer months alike. The President held no general conference today. Th* last one scheduled Is with agricultural ' leaders Monday morning. Utilities heads will meet with him at some undetermined date. WINTER ’ S FIRST COLD WAYE HITS COUNTY (Continued from Fag* one) nothing ree, to 3 hern pa ree of 1 skim of lakes and still water no evidence the red ball of winter skating would be hung out. At that, reported th* weather bu ­ reau, Westchester eras only lightly Mt by the cold, compared to other •ectlons of th* oountry. Snow f*U yesterday throughout New Eng ­ land, the northern part of New Tork end Pennsylvania. The “ Bun ­ ny South\ was btofeketed with a e enow and \sleet extending to Virginia and Georgia. Prediction* for today V* con­ tinued cold with hortherlj winds of tnerearing Intensity, possible snow flurries throughout -the day and night, and th* probability that by 'on of tbn o be n GRASS FIRE Th* Whit* Plains Fir* Patrol an- ' i,5TS ' ----- -t — --------- Jfasnfftaa - Monday Broadway, at p. n FACE A LONG, BUSYjiESSIOlf Federal Farm Board I* Only Legislation Enacted During Short Term ; Variety of Problem* Ahead K. Mallen United Press Btaff Correspondent Washington, Nov.'vM (UP). — A busy program, \headedrey tax re ­ duction, th# tariff and — will face Congress when I ( return* from Its ten-day vacation \ “ to start It* long sewioi The law establishing the Federal Farm Board, now functioning, the only major Item of l« enacted in th4 recent hlch ended yesterday. All th* business accum ulated dur ­ ing exclusive consideration of th* tariff has been thrown over t regular session. It makes an mou* program which will keep both bouses busy unUI next June inter. Aside from the three major Items there will be radio legislation, naval appropriations. Inland waterways development. antHobbying bills, proposed restrictions on the stock market and th# case of sealing Ben- ator-riect Vare of Pennsylvania who spent 3800,000 la bis primary eleo- on. Tax reduction, giving eviiyoua a _ii percent decrease on payments to be mad* next March, will be pushed through speedily. The tariff will be taken up In the Banal* aa soon as th* Vare ease Is out of the may. and leaden believe it can be passed by the middle of January. Increasing optimism Is felt over th* prospects for final enactment of th# MU. Compromises already are being suggested which it Is said would be acceptable to President Hoover and HtU* stock ts taken in the pessimism of Republican lead­ ers who think th* legislation is dead. After th* tariff Is sent ferine* committees representing both houses, for working out th* compromise, th* question of prohi­ bition appropriaUons will come up. Dry.Southerner* an Indicating they seek to Increase the amounts furnished for enforcement The Sheppard MU to make the buyer of liquor equally guilty with th* seller Is to be considered by th* Senate Judlooary Commute*. FIRMr ' TAKES PLACE ATCHURCH Mothen, Father*, Teacher* hf St. James the Le*i Sun ’ day School Attend Affair The Church oT si. James th* Less hald Its ' first Mothers end Fethere end Teechers Tea for the Sunday School yesterday afternoon from 4 to 7 o'clock. The church house, where ths.tea was htld, was beautifully deoorated by a commit­ tee consisting of Mrs. Edward C Rossmassler, and Mrs. Benntt R. 8 peer, and am open fire and many, candles added to the decorative tf- fect. Mrs. Harlow X>. Barege and Mrs. Oliver Hyatt poured at the tea. Th# refreshment committee. In addi ­ tion to Mrs. Savage, Included Mrs. Maurice Kriekl. Mr*. Frank BSatty, Mrs. Walter Collet. Mrt. E. H. Me Klttrlck. Mrs. Wallace McLean. Mrs. Dan* Allston, Mr*. Edward Higgins, Miss Ethel Wendell. Mr*. Alfred W. Haywood and Mr*. Ray- NEWYORKERS WILL BE TRIED ON TUESDAY Three May Face Life Sen ­ tence on Charge* of Shoot ­ ing Innkeeper and J Policeman Trial of th* four New Tork City men. charged with assaulting th* proprietor of an East Irvington inn last August. Is scheduled to start in th* county court her# On Tues ­ day, It was learned her* today. Th# men. John Kelly. Dominick Orasxlano, Joseph Heal and Frank O'ReUly were held lor the grand jury in September. Their trial has been postponed for a number of weeks. It Is said that three of them face Ufa terms under Baum** Law if convicted on oifens* because of previous felonies. Th# men are charged with as ­ saulting and shooting Frank De ------ erio, proprietor oL<h# Inn, ar-* ------ Shooting Robert Phillip, Tonkere patrolman. Assistant Dis ­ trict Attorney J. Lester Albertson will prosecute the case. Th* Incidents aboyt the crime with which they are charged Pro­ vided the county with on* of- Its | most thrilling automobile chases In several year*. Th# men entered th* Inn. ordered breakfast and then ar ­ gued over the payment of IL In th# arugroent D# Ruggtrio waa shot and the men fled. They had gone but a ehort dis ­ tance in their car when they wreck ­ ed IL As another early morning so ­ loist came along th# Albany Posa road, they forced the drivw and passenger* to get out or th* ( Th* Invitation, commit tee const* t- 1 in Mrs. E. M. Kent, .lire. Thorns* Peck. Mr*. Louie Palmer, Mr*. Avlson Ridgeway, Mr*. Philip H. Brown, Mr*. Hanry Otto, Miss Ernestine Greenwood, Mr*. Mlnott A. Osborn and Mr*. C. E. Tub* 11. Two new plcturw. were present* > the kindergarten by an anonym- . a* donor, and sample* of the *~ the children are doing In the ■ were on exhibition. , A child each class waa assis ting fee afternoon. The ooeaslon w most delightful on*, and may be re ­ peated In th# spring. ULYSSES GRANT BEFORETEPP But He ’ s Not Related to Herb of Civil War; Pay* 910 Fine *o historical shad* probably turned over In bis grave tost night, ■\ i t Ulysses Grant, Elmsford, who Wl with disorderly conduct. Questions from the judge revealed _ tal Orent claimed no relationship to th* former President of th* same Treat and his C Doray. also 6f sated by Officer after they had. according to pottos, ee-abusive and Interfered wftfa . Tarrytown. charged ; with driving without an operator\* j_ ____ Jlada£4»» — reeved tonji of thro* months In jail ' ' *• John Ctiaatok, »-* “ - ‘ •■fry . rar mnaaef hw hm Bridgeport Conn.. Nov. fa (UP) — Harold A. Carpenter. aaapisrcs ’ /IfsMfea during thrir eight months of married Ilf# moved at Mra. got a divorce. __ _ __ tslen C Wright. Brooklyn, N. T. . end continued tbelr flight In tb* stolen vehicle. They bad not trav ­ eled far when another accident forced them to abandon that i chin* aa well. They forced th* occupant* of other car to give up thetr vehicle and sped on toward New Tork. By this time they entered tb* limits of th* City of Tonkers. Phillips and another motorcycle patrolman pick ­ ed up th* speeding oar and chased It thrqugb th# street* of the city. As th* four attempted to -------- several shots were fired. <. . which hit Phillips* belt buckle. But for Its Intervention, he would hav# been seriously wounded. ~ overturned in making a sharp turn, and th* men ooW ' their flight on foot They wi captured a short time later, HEALTH OF CHILDREN Stole Board to Conduct Work in Westchester; Recommen ­ dation! Made to Correct Defects Diacovered Mgfat. , . ------ -- ------------ ...r j — - u ty will be vial ted by th# Child Health Consultation Unit of the Di- viilon of aMtqralty, Infancy and Child Hygiene of the New Tork De ­ partment of Health. This unit com J peed of two ex ­ amining physician*, two nurse# and a dental hygienist hav* examined since 1810 more tha^46,000 children i id to hav* onpi'cf more physical a.feet* needlr.g'correction or special obeervaiiov by th* family physician or dentist! Medical authorities agree that every child between the ages of one and six should have a complete ex ­ amination at least six months, and at least every year thereafter. Au ­ thorities call attention to the fact that careful examinations by phy­ sician* reveal physical defects which, if discovered early, may be easily remendled. Bueh conditions, if neglected, may constitute serious handicaps to th* future welfare of the boy or girl. V' In It* tour of the rural district* of the slate, physicians, nun** end dental hygienists, oompoeing the CblTd Heel'fi Consultation Units, examine cMIdren referred by local health officer, public health nurses and child health committee* organ ­ ised for this purpose. No charge to mad* for this diagnostic service — *11 finding* are reportsd to th* fam ­ ily physician for care and treat- i#nL In Weatcheeier County Ah# ar ­ rangements for the consultation are in charge of Dr. Richard 81**, dis­ trict state health officer, township and village health officer*. To suc­ cessfully cany out the plans, pub ­ lic health purse* in each commun­ ity visited will mak* appointments for all children examined at the consultation. During the period that this service has been available In Westchester County district public health nurse* bav* mad* It pos­ sible for 1333 children to attend con ­ sultations end be examined. Nearby communities in which ti ­ ns lion wlU be made Include: [h, Wednesday, Decern - Ith station. Tarrytown Ttldan, health officer. Town of Grseoburgh; Mis# Laura Coutu. IUN, In charge. Elmstord. Thursday, December 13 — Worthington Parish House, North Lawn avenu*; Dr. Dosh, health officer. Public Health Nure- ng Service of Tarrytown and Elma- I Mo- MOTHER WILLS ‘ DULA $50,000 Scandals Resident Tfoso Re ­ ceive* One-Fourth of Re ­ sidue of Large Estate terect In one-fourth of his mother's estate, It ------- _ *d when th* will of tb* late Mrs. Josephine Carr Duto. widow of Ro ­ bert B. Duto. former vioe-preeident of th* American Tobaoco Company, waa filed for probate. The estate valued at considerably 1.000 to to be 4e- ___ _ ________ ne-fumtn jntatot Mr. Dula to to reeelve. to liquidate an Indebtedness to hta father\* **- E. Edgar, Bt. Louis; Orovar C Duto and Count*** Betva Fieri, both of New Tork City, share equally in th* rest of lb* residue and also re- cetve Jewelry and personal effects. Countess Fieri raoelvea an addl\ — al bequest of $80,000. Mrs. Josephine E. X. Nledring- houea and Mrs. Catherine Mayer, both of Bt Louie, granddaughters, toft t«jm each. . Mr*. 1 “ ' __ ____ _ Mat*r, w** Ttr Carr, of WontxvUli, Mo, fe- oetva a Ufe Interest la $38,000 and Wentartlto realty. Mre. T th McCoy, another sister, oi me city, receive* n Ufe astal ._UWX Three brothers and at __ . •r sister receive bequsnt* of WOW WILL DANCE Put Obi R um * t Finnlin Wl Hal at the _ ---- abz.Y-Sif \ ' If Ik Obertefc dad John OoMe, WOMAJPS CUJB heM^^MOaStod Wsnu3* of the automobile,Tl ______ . to send It to the body factory at Nawark, N. T, about 300 miles up- _____ Him*. Mr. ManvlU* desired his automobile and as np In ­ formation had been received from tb* factory as to the cause of the i local company decided Investigate. Accordingly, Frank M. Sweeny, a desman of th* company, took off _t a plane yesterday at noon from the Annonk Airport end arrived In Newark shout 1:80 yoeterday after- toon. Having transacted his bust­ le** and arranged matters satisfac ­ torily. Bwesnsy was scheduled to tak* th* air this morning at 10 o' ­ clock and 1s expected to arrive at Armonk shortly after X' o'clock this afternoon. ford, In charge. Mrs. Gra Leren, director, la oharge. WESTCHESTER IS HEALTHY State Report on Communic­ able Disease*; \22 Whoop ­ ing Cough Coses Here Albany, Nov. 33 (Special) — Only In two sport* and in two minor communlcabl* di*ea*e* does the weekly health report Issued by the state board of health this week af ­ fect Westchester County. Of lTl eases *>f naeaale* reported during th* weak ending November 8. eleven were in Mamaroneck. Of — --- — whooping oough for ik, 33 were Tn White Plain*. No Westchester communities are mentioned In th# report for typhoid fever, scarlet fever, dlptheria or ' the other communicable Special Musk To Be Presented At Service elating of twenty-seven children. Ing and Otorr ” The interest and enthusiasm shown by th* young people promt*** an unusually Inter ­ esting and well developed program * — inslo la C m f — ----- * — | Incorporations Realty Cone, Whit* 130,000 la $100 shares Dorothy Boheen 348 South Lota*- Hold Up Market Aimed Bandit Force* Manager Into Rafrigera- ? ter; Loot* Caoh Regular end Escape*; Store Near One Recently Robbed After forcing Dominick Turoo, of iouat Vernon, la charge of a meat market at South Bandford boulevai • Turoo was fatttag oat wt ’ Us USES PLANE TO SPEED UP CAR DELIVERY Sweeney of Brown ’ f Buick Co., Fly» Upatoto to Horry Special Model Car For H. E. MsnviUe In keeping with it* reputation for service. Brown ’ * Buick , Company, South Lexington avantw, thin city. In order to investigate a delay In th* arrival of a special automobile sent a salesman on a XXfemll* trip by airplane. Th* atory to told by on* of th* offloUl* of th* company that about two months ago, H. B. Man Tills, of PleaaantvlU*, ordered a special de- ac commodate twelve passengers. For th* purpose or having th* spe­ cial body mounted on tb* chassis EDUCATOR IS SPEAKER AT CENTER HERE Dr. I. Edwin Goldwuser Re ­ lates Purpose of Mod­ ern Religious ( School “ It l« not the job of th* school or religious school to give the child more! training; tha* to th* job of the parents!\ said Dr. L Edwin Goldwaaser, at th* Jewish Com ­ munity Center tost evening. Th# speaker I* a well-known educator and had aa his subject “ Tbs Funo- “ — of ths Modern Religious \ \Tbs modern movement bolds that It W more Im ­ portant to teach the child rather then th* subject has not. as yet, reached all th* religious school*. Tha religious school I* still more interested in th* subject it teaches ran -n the child,\ said th* speaker. Dr. Goldwaaser pointed out Ural the religious school of tomorrow will be interested In what it makes of children and that these schools will give th* young people power through knowledge. He said that th* purpose of th* pneent-dey re ­ ligious school to not so much to teach religion but for tb* eduoa- ' the individual “ Thee# * for tha purpose of de ­ better acting human wrote a book. FIRE LOSS FDR 1 OCTOBER PUTATu ABoumooo Chief Griffea Estimates'Lou on Buildings at 12,900 and on Contents at 91,150 during the month of October, ac-. cording to the monthly report of Fire Chief H. Abbott Griffin,\ sub ­ mitted this morning to Commission ­ er of PubUo Safety Alonso P. Cooper. Tha estimated lose to buildings waa X808 and to content* $1,180. Ths department answered a total of 2T alarms during th* mtSnlh. They are aa follow*: three stucco houses. 11 frame buUdlfig*. four . brick buildings, four autos, alv rnh- bege and grass, one out of town call and on* false alarm. AUTOIST HITS ’ CYCLE COP Officer Painfully Hurt 1 When Thrown From Machine ~In Hospital John Egkert, Arlington. X J, while riding north on the Bronx River Parkway at 4:86 p, m. yes­ terday, hit the rear end of tb# motor cycle driven by Officer Nichole* FanCel, of tb# Parkway police, - who live# at 13 Hitchcock place, Tonkers. Fandel waa thrown, suffering contusion* and sprain* of th# left elbow and both leg*. He win treated at th* Lawrence Hos ­ pital. BronxvIU*. Egkert could give no reason for th* accident end said he didn ’ t know he had hit th* officer until he saw him on the ground. He wa#^ charged with recklee* driving and paroled to Louis Ren*. Scandal*, to appear on order in City Court, Tonkers. — GARDEN CLUB . Mre. Howard Stafford Person of Dobbs Ferry waa hostess to the Dobba Ferry Oardeo Club at her GIVES TEA Mre. George Parker Bhutt of BronxvIU* entertained at tea at. tha BronxvIU* Kleld Club in honor of Mrs. Harold F. Volk * ------ - Also Box Assortment*. — T -. 318 West *4th Btreet, New York. — 01 TW?>-ROOM APARTMENT O W Newly decorated. Good location. A. H. ATWILL * CO, 8 Main Bt. Whit* Plains 1 WANTED-General bquaworttaf,; white. Good cook, clean, wffllng M any patrons of our shops are depositors in The Peoples National Bank and Trust Com*, pany and we congratulate the officep and di- rectara of that Institution on tha opening'of ' their new banking house at Mamaroneck and Martine. STANDARD BARBER SHOP ( 50 Mamaroneck Ave. Tel 7733 BELMONT BARBER SHOP 129 East Poe* Road WESTCHESTER BARBER SHOP 27 WeetchartarAmnoa ' ‘ * M. RAGO, Prop. W. J. COFFEY, Manager' M ww aa

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