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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, December 09, 1929, Image 8

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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, H. Y„ MONDAY, DECEMBER », 1*». TRAIH YICTTH IDENTIFIEDBY VAR RECORDS “ The Man Hater By LORNA LOBBY County Organization to Hold Annual Meeting in-the Belmont Hotel Home f or Qrphanz. In Tonkara. Mr. New York. Dec. 9 ( Andrue la building and maintaining phone service was avail the home aa a memorial to hla wife, from any point In the Un The dormitory will be the flrat of to passengers aboard thi several units. Mr. Andrus also an- vlathan, 800 miles at sea trounced he would act as Santa I to Europe. The service Claus for the twenty-Ove children ally opened ylkerday oft living In hla old residence. I of experlmenUoon. Tomorrow: Flirting with Death. . . selected from tne^studios famous New York gift stylists. Louis sends you out of the way self. \Maybe that's why I told somewhere she's going right to the | you. so I'd have a good excuse to government and give them the tip- I keep you here. Anyway Jean I've r. off. I happened to be around that ' always been crazy about you. In i y VJ! day. the day before yesterday, and ! Louisville you kept etalling me off son*, knowing that he owes me same- like you did everybody else, but thing anyway. I suggest that ho | now I've got you and I've got you betps send you down here today. I told i right, and you'd better make the 1 him I could lake care of you for ' best of It- ” Jean slumped down In A oi the weekend.\ the chair again and began looking He paused a moment to let the desperately around the room, i Jr»n realization of her peril sink In. Jean | \You needn't look for the tele- r mu said nothing. She leaned back In , phone because I cut the wire.\ he the chair, eyes half closed. Her | cautioned her. She tried to think tons* heart was beating furiously, while . of soma way she could keep him mains her mind, cognizant of the full ter- ] away from her until ahe might de- *££', ror of the situation struggled wild- velop a way to outwit him and es ­ tovers ly to hit upon some plan of escape. 1 cape. Frantically. Jean thought of Hemingway interpreted her laaal- a dozen plans Impossible In a mlo- Utouc tude as Indicating surrender. ute — of rushing upstairs, screaming \Louis Is a smart guy all right,\ , for help from a window, of soms- ’ wk I£ be continued, as though proud to j how locking him In the room and m Ker be affiliated with him. \As soon j running to the front door, of let- »„*»- ns I made my suggestion ho saw ting him get near her and then i ) that by sending you down here he ; choking him. Judgment, which would save himself from being hadn't deserted her at the approach m i™ squealed on by Babette. and also j of hysteria told her that any such 'solas nnd out wbether you really were I scheme would be fruitless. It was lien against him. If you had run to An-1 evident that he wasn't going to let 1 drua or opened the envelope he | her leave the room and even If ahe mm would have known definitely that , could, no ono would bear a cry for 1 *•* “ | llabetto was right. Tou see. to korp ; help. She knew she couldn't com- ,U , you from double croealng him he bat with hla strength. Instead of tgei*- double crossed you.\ collapsing In a weeping spell she °,'!j£2 “ Now that . I'm here.\ asked decided to spar with him for a msto- Jean, trying to keep her voice stea- while. 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He be rewarded — la that It?\ she asked liked to talk and he was encourag- I she was going to try and light a ed by a willing listener. \8ure — I'll | cigarette to add indifference to her I tell you now.\ he began, edging a j attitude, but knew that-her trem- llttle closer. 'That ten ship cargo I bllng hand would betray her nerves, of booze ts going Into New York I He wasn't to be sidetracked, how- Harbor, where Louis Is handling the details .himself. Now that the whale coast guard Is watching placer like Ihla h» figured the best place In bring It In would be the most ob vioua. where they least expect ii After he bought up all the neces ­ sary people and found everything was O. K. he gave me the word and you just saw me signal the Heel to go on down to New Tork. It's Friday night now. They'll get to Fisher's Core on the end of At ­ lantic Highlands by tomorrow at sunset and then come on right through the Narrows to Louis' pri- ! vate dock In Brooklyn. The whole thing la a cinch and by rushing It right Into the city we save the expense of trucks out to Long I»- \I think Bartels la a dirty skunk.? Jean couldn't help saying. Says Women Are (Jneless; Present Him with Cup For the Dressing Table, the Shades .. with autographed prints s . or allover map prints *. musical prints, hunting prints, dog prints, pirates, nursery prints. Pick' . wick prints, botany prints, Godey prints .. and lovely shades of one-tone parch ­ ment paper in all colon #. some with Directoire wreath .. or allover Diaids in smart colon .. candle shades, allover prints or plain ALL SIZES, INCLUDING BRIDGE SIZE 79c to 9.95 each - Girls ’ New Pleated - Skirts c Glass Lamps With Chintz Shades Complete J..25 ww-erra

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