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Humane Society Sponsors Fashion Show Church New Department To Benefit Homeless Girls Who Come Here *«£ r \ Cancer Clinics uayjWnM m wK« j 0 Be Opened data of tha recent appeal for fundi •ent to realdenta of tha county dur ­ ing tha week of November Drat. The executive aecretary reported that slightly over *13, OCX) had been contributed by 4,000 people This sum la about SO par cant of the amount neccnary to carry on the work. Plana for raising tba addi ­ tional amount were dlacuaaed, sev ­ eral members of tha committee vol ­ unteering to obtain substantial borne waa broken up and finding 1 White Plains a hospitable place she finds In talking with the applicants that they all want reasonable living quartan. Some desire kitchen prlv-. lieges, others a place where they can do their own laundry while many want breakfast where they Post Rd. High Social Hour Is Big Event Dancing Contests, Piano and .Whistling Solos Add To the Enjoyment of Students. Newer Styles In Season ’ s Fur Coats Port Chester Girl Entertains Friends at Charmingly Appointed Affair Held Last Evening. 'Mias Miriam Becker of 252 North waa the hostess last evening at a social br|d(e. The prlxcn were won by the Misses Cecelia Mahoney and Frances Murphy of White Plains. Othsrs attending Includ ­ ing the prlia winners were: Mrs. Starting Jones. Mrs. Dorothy Wavro. Miss Betty Waddell of White Plains; Mrs. Ann Otto of New Rochelle, Miss Julls Adler. Evslyn Pknkin, of Port Chester; Catherine Riccio- of Harrison and also tha Messrs. George and Ralph OPENING OF HARTSDALE RIDING ACADEMY at Hartadale Inn CENTRAL AVENUE, HARTSDALE. N. Y. E. T. BALLARD, Proprietor ' T&oeWhraf ’ UfautM') if 9200 THE DAILY PHES8, VHIT^ PLAINS, N. Y. TUESDAY, DECEMBER Id, 19», 9200 [ News in Social Circles of ^ VMfe 1 5 laim§ , and Vicini ity Cancer Clinics To Be Opened In Westchester County Committee of Amer ­ ican Society for Control of Cancer Holds Meeting To Plan for 1930. ; Dietitian To Speak Before P.T.A. Meeting ' Margaret Hutton Will Ex- Form Study Group. Dr. George C. Adle of New Ro ­ chelle. chairman of the Clinics Committee, reported that tan hospi ­ tals In the county would be encour ­ aged to open clinics, where It was expected that many casta of cancer would be discovered early enough for cure. These clinics will begin to function after the new ytv. the central office of the committee be ­ ing responsible for publicity an ­ nouncing the opening of the clinics In the various towns ss soon as they were started. The commit ) tee pledged itself to stress In all literature sent out the Importance of yearly physical examination* by j personal physicians where patient* | were able to pay and *n atlnlc. where patients were unable to pay 1 It was felt that urging the im ­ portance of general physical exam- , lylnailon upon the public would greatly aid the work of yie com- 1 mlttee In cutting tbs death rate from cancer, as many cakes would ' be discovered before the patient as even aware of the disease. 1 ln * of ^ G,or «e Washington speak whenever poSblf'brfo^ i 3ch00 ‘ P T ' tomorr °w afternoon group meetings. This would carry | n * 3:18 o'clock. The hour for the 1 ito hundreds of '• mea lo the coun- meeting has been changed from 3 ty the hopeful message that at least *0 per cent of cancer Is cur ­ able in Its early stages. During the year 1930, the com ­ mittee will open for the physicians of the county a library op malig ­ nant disease, furnish radium where patients are unable to pat. and as ­ sist In every possible way desired by the physicians In their care of patients suffering from cancsr. Pamphlets of Information regard ­ ing cancer will be sent free upon request to *9 Pondflcld read. Bronx- The following members of the iwunittse wsra present: Dr. George C. Adis, New Rochelle; Mr. C. a Andrews, Jr, Bronxvllle: Dr. Harrison Batts. Tonkars; Dr. H. R. Charlton. Bronx vllle; Dr. a C. Oulon. Nsw Rochelle; Dr. J. E. J. King. BronxvlOe; Dr. Barton Lat- tln. Scandals; Dr. J. N. Martin. Ma- meroneck; Ur. Ci B. McLaughlin. Jr, Bronxvllle; Dr. A. B. Morrill, Bronxvllle; Dr. Walter W. Mott. White Plains; Dr. R. B. Pound. Bronxvllle; Dr. X. Q. Ramadell. White Plains; Dr. O. H. Schell, New Rochelle; Dr. C. C. Sweet. Os ­ sining; Dr. Henry W. Titus. Nsw RocheUs; Dr. William J. Vogeler. Tonkars; Dr. W. a Woodruff. Nl The above photograph allows a group of White Palin*. girls who acted as models in the Fashion Show which was sponsored by the Humane Society at Grace Church recently. Left to right, they arc: Miss Ruth Boyle, Miss Dorothy Sharpe, Miss Helen Farries, Mias Molly Fames, Miss Elinor Knoche and Miss Edna Partner. Atmosphere at Headquarters of County Recreation Commission Many Willing Hands Aid Santa Claus In Making Toys for West ­ chester Youngsters. Bants Clous Isn't «n old men with the 00001/1 children, long, white beard and ruddy cheeks j Agneo Troop of White I and a great, fat body .luffed Inside \ a bright, red suit. Not In Weatcbes- Scout Troop\''is provl ter County, at any rat*.' No, Indeed! for the do “ ' * ' Thegp. Santa Claus\la a woman: a have done a woman in a flowered smock. None repolrln . and painting, too. Boys other. If you please, than Miss Ina 1 and girls at the Ortbopodie Haoft- Bcott. supervisor of handicrafts for tal at White Plains made wooden the Weatchester County Recreation toys from materials supplied by tbs Commission Mias Scott, surrounded j commission Practical things such by dolls and toys of every coneetv- as tooth brush holders are mads Igr able description, occupies tha time- , them. also, but they art especially honored role of the patron eaint or adept at fashioning attractive mbs- c hi Id hood. Her office in Ihe com- lature furniture for the doll h mission.'* headquarters at White some of the pie* Plains Is a ve.liable toyland quite nldrrable ability a capable of competing with the fan-, youthful artiaans. laatlc Arctic workshop of legendary -Bicycles, tricycles. ,unt - , trains. Are engln It Is Miss Scott's third yrar as dolls, hundreds o. ____ Santa, and the merry twinkle In 1 doll houses, animals, her eye Is mayhap a heritage from 1 boat*, trunks. skU. blocks ■ the Jolly old man himself, as. paint I most every other typo of toy Imag- brush In hand, she puts the flnleh- ! |„*ble are Included In the stock of Ing touches of bright yellow on the I mu very active workshop where wheels of a klddle-ear. drraaee a Weatchester County la aaslting tba re-arranges IU wig. or taste- r ,„l*l old friend of childhood ta ■\ u * “ \ order that none of IU little wards r Com-1 may doubt that there really is a fully furnUhes a County Youths Elected to Clubs Three Scarsdale youths and one from PleasantvilU were elected yes- 1 ■ terday to fraternltlea In the Bhef- | field Scientific School. John E. Muhlfeld. hockey and football play ­ er and Samuel S- Savage, both of plain Children's Diet at 18 \\*\' ‘ * .thony. Cedric C. Weber of Scars- George Washington d \'' w “ announced a member .of c , , — Franklin Hall and Harold W. Bed- Dchool 1 omorrow ; Will 'er, Jr., of Pleasantvllle went to Ver- I non Hall. Seven of the eight fm- trrnlties of the echool annhun^L the election of 97 member* f^P thee lessee of 1931 and 1932 the lictitlans connected w.th ihe West j B * chem . (:lub w,lhhcld - :he*ter lighting Company ipeak on ''Balanced Dtete for Chll- ! the regular monthly meet- Plans Nearing Completion for Music Festival Mrs. Thompson Has Bridge Party A bridge party was given by Mrs George G. Thompson. 12A South Broadway, yesterday afternoon After the playing, high tea wan served Prizes were won by Mr* John E. Speller. Mrs Charles Van Wyck and Mrs William McIntyre The guests Included Mr* Frederick Wells. Mrs Harriet Harvey, Mrs Cheater Dobbe. Mrs Charles Vunck. 1 Mrs William McIntyre. Mr* Er-j nest Pope. Mr*. Charles Ilrtgg*,' Mrs. John E. Speller. Mrs. Daniel 'Burch. rM» F D Holford. Mr. 1 David Mercer, and Mrs Charles V Van Wyck Xmas Trees Presented To Grasslands > give the teachers of the school an opportun lly to attend all the meetings. A program of Christmas music will precede Miss Hutton's talk Mrs. Chilton P. Miller and Mr* 1 Mark E. Fuller will pUy a duet and Harry Brill will give violin sc- lecUons. One of the teachers will I read a Christmas story. Prominent Weatchea- Weatcheater County Park cheater Rcaidenta Have Become Sponaora of Gala I Event During Paat Week. Four prominent members of i Plans to form Child Study groups j Westchester Society have In the - - ! paat week become sponsors of the County's Sixth Annual Music Fes ­ tival by Joining the board of gov ­ ernors, headed by AJr*. Eugene Meyer of Washington. D. C, and Mount Klaeo. The new governors who will henceforth work for the success of the May FaaUval given by the Westchester Choral Society Include. Mrs. Gordon Knox Bell of Katonah; Mrs. Carl Tucker of Ml. Klaeo. Mrs. Ouataviv T. Kirby of B ' jford HiUa and Mr*. William Belknap of Oseawana-on-Hudaon. This recent enrollment of promin ­ ent Westchesterltcs. according Mrs. Kalo Wasacrschcld, Secretary of the Choral 8ociety now gives the ' activities of the Westeh* 1 ths 1 Welfare-Group Bbard To Meet New York Directors of Westchester Children's Association to Have Special Session ; Francis T, Hunters Will Entertain. A special meeting of the board County Children's Association ha* been called for Wednesday after ­ noon nt the home of the president. Mr* Carroll Dunham. 129 Eaal *9th street. New York City, st 4 o'clock. Following Ihe business meeting tes will he served and Ml** Caroline Choate and Mr*. Arthur Lawrence will .assist in servlng. Mr. and Mrs Francis T Hunter [ of New Rochelle, arc entertaining ] Iho publicity committee of the I Children a Association for dinner | thl* evening at their home, on j Wllmonl road, The members of the committee are Mr Herbert A. Brown of Scarsdale. Mr. Horry A. Casey, of 8car*da!c: Mr. Hunter. '■ and Mrs. J. Noel Mscy. of Os ­ sining; Mr. John Clyde Oswald, of Pelham: Mr. EM ward F. Stevenzoi Cookery Group ' Of Club Holds Demonstration Commission Gives Hospi ­ tal Spruces for Holiday Festivities. The Westchester County Park j Commission has donated Grasslands Hospital for Ihe Christ-j of Ossining; Mr Stanton M. Straw- mss festlvltl**. forty choice ChrUt- **>n. of East View; Miss Nancy _ fc ,_ K lh I Walburn. of Elmsford; Mr. Ernest mas trees which were In the r*th , Wlfm!ri whlle pi. ln> . , nd M rs of construeUon opersUons on the J Jlunej Stanley Wolf, of White Bronx Parkway Extension st Klteh- < Plains. The commission usually moves and preserves all young treea and shrubs along the line of new road ­ ways but In this Instance the tree* 1 are Norway spruces which art ael-1 Uom replanted because of their Im ­ permanent nature. The treea. which will contribute materially lo the ho- llday festivities at Christmas, would Margaret Hutton ' routine operations, but will | ShoW8 Large Audiences I How to Make Christmas \Goodies\ Yesterday. The Cookery Section of the Scars ­ dale Woman's Club met yesterday afternoon at one o'clock at the dem ­ onstration rooms of the Scarsdale Supply Company and heard a very Interesting demonstration of the manufacture of the Christmas good ­ ies by Miss Msrgarat Hutton. There was an unusually large attendsnge. Miss Hutton mads popcorn balls. Moravian cookies, doughnuts, and fruit cake — all the delightful super ­ numeraries of Ihe holiday »« The ladles present sampled the well as taking home the recipes. The demonstration was so success ­ ful that It will be continued at tha next meeting of the section, it 'sahlngton. Is chairman, has a great deal to make Chrlet- a reality for the county's 1.800 dependent children. In answer to a county-wide appeal, toy* are trlbuted by the more fortunate children, and for weeks before Christmas the process of'refurnish ­ ing discarded plaything* goea on space. The toys, all newly painted and refreshed and put In good, workable condition, are then turn ­ ed over to the Department of Child Welfare and Westchester County Children ’ s Association for distribu ­ tion to the children whose names are on their lists. Hundreds of let ­ ters lo Santa Claus servs at t guide In tbs selection of Just the kinds of toys little Mary Somebody or her brother Tommy most want. Wherever possible, these deslras. as expressed In the letters, are grati ­ fied. In other cases, an effort Is made to substitute something qiflte r acceptable, that every child Is remembered with at least on ’ gilt. 80 . even If Santa Claus doesn't happen to be a fal. old man with flowing whit* beard, there IS a Santa In West- Tbls Christmas, work ha* grown lo such proportions that \ mission has had lo establish four btanch stations this yrar. nre branch toy workshops In Port Chrster. Mount Vernon. Yonkers and Ossining whera work for those Immediate communities Is being carried on along the same lints as at the headquarters. The local work la In charge of the recreation workers In those towns. Miss Doris Russell. Miss Helen Sullivan. Miss Chlnery and l isa Mary Hal- pln. respectively. Assisting In these toy workshops are numerous fledgeling Bant* Clauses, children who *ra delighted to help In this work. Mothers, too. several groups of them have been regular workers, and women at the Betty Loeb Memorial Home for Convalescents make about *0 per cent of all, the doll clothing re ­ quired. The children come Individaully and In groups. One six-year-old Whit# Plains boy Is almost a dally visitor. He Is the youngest and one of the most enthusiastic work ­ ers on Miss Scott * staff, and some ­ times he appears with several young playmates tagging after him. oil anxious td help. The boys love to paint, and even the email ones, succeed In doing a good .Job of It. There are older boys. too. among the worker* and the report la that, this year, the toy volunteers have numbered liore boy* than hereto - 1 £* petit ane blance fore. They Inspect the m echariTCal ; Cord ova toys and check up the games to ( Tnana ___ make sure that no necessary parts are missing. The Girl Scouts are lending * I ----- from Institution* are eepe-1 Ardaley-on-Hudson. dally delighted at thl* opportunity I 21. Enterta inmen t to help make Christmas merry tor at the program. Pianist Charms Large Audience In Scarsdale Marguerite Volavy'' Play* Bach Music at Woman'* Club and Scores Succaaa Last Evening. The return of Marguerite Vo levy to the concert stag* this year waa signalized at the Scandals Wo- Club last evening In a very ' Interesting and notable recital. Mto Volavy Is a resident at the county, making hrr home at Elmsford. and her career as a great concert pUn- ■ been followed her* with Interest. Her musical week Include* many recordings and edJt- g of the records at other artists. Miss Volavy charmed her audi ­ os last evening with the Baoh-d - Albert Prelude and Fugue la D Ma ­ jor which the gave at her recant recital in Town Hall In New York. Thl* was a wonderfully fine per- ___ _ __ _ revelling a command of the orchestral (on* and the “ arsb- Itectuaral structure\ of the selec ­ tion. The artist has a marvelous range of ImaglnaUon and emotion, which was well displayed by the unusual feature* of a fun p mgr — Impresario's program, worthy of a great artist of marked individuality. Th* full program eras Ballet dee ombres Gluck-y Prelude and Fugue In D 1 Bad Prelude Opus 48. Mazurka In F sharp. Nocturne In G. Major- Two Etudes Valae. Opus 42. E. flat ml Capricclo. B minor. Reflets dans 1'Eau Jardln sous la Rule Andaluza CHRISTMAS DANCE A Christmas dance wiH be held at GIFTS of a variety and type found only in Fifth Avenue ahopa — and here. LAMPS GLASSWARE BOUDOIR FITTINGS SMOKING ACCESSORIES OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS

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