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THE DAILY PBEM. WHITE FLAPS.It Y. WBWEgDAY, MANY ENROLL NAMED CHIEF UU KERRY AT DINNER THAT. WILL PLEASE Annusl Reception ud Enter- i laiiunent Staged by Santa Clam Promise* to Be Well .Attended i Enjoyable Social Evening at Armonk Roadhouse; Sillery Chairman . Tb» dlDD«r held by the Pul ChJaf I I IUn*er» ’ Auoclmlion of Weelche*- l«r Couoly. Koreelere of America. The tickets for the theater party j V\ij will be distributed to the Brat Bre r trades of the public schools of the ' ■ f 'city, end each child ten years old li or younger may have one. Part). ' f chlal as well as city schools will' receive the tickets. * By bringing a toy of some sort I e I to the theater with bla or her ticket. 1 the child will be admitted to the jade I performance. No adults will be j of tl 'allowed In the theater, the children I villa, being chaperoned by girls from the I various Girl Scout troops of the I * ,n * city. The following messsge U i 'red printed on each ticket: t \My dear good child: 11 Santa Claus wants you to •coma L 1 10 his party and bring a nice new i . I book or gift that ho can lake to another good child who cannot j j come. Please help him to rcmcm- . ber the little children In the Inatitu-1 tlons and you will have 'A Merry j , Christmas.' \White Plains Chamber of | t Commerce.\ Santa to Appear The seven institutions of tfas city to which these boys, along with others which arc being contributed by Individuals, will be distributed by the Chamber of Commerce Santa Claus on Chrlstmu eve, are 8t. Agnes Hospital, the Orthopedic Hospital, the Campbell Cottages. Grasslands Hospital, the Blytbe- dsle Home, the Jennie Clarkson Homs, the House of Mercy, and the ; Brace Memorial Farm for Boys. Santa Claus will appear In per ­ son st the party to meet the chil ­ dren and distribute toys. boms, fruit, and candy. Entertainment will be provided by vaudeville acts and a robvlng picture. Early this morning only a short while after tha Bants Claus post of-| flee had been erected on the Court j House steps, many letters had al ­ ready been dropped through the slot provided for the children's let ­ ters. The house Is s white clap ­ board cottage, about * feel square, and equally as (all. with a sloping green roof and tall chimney, which certainly would make a fine play house for some vouncster. Maybe NcwotOffk* Opens Tomorrow At 6 GETTY SQUARE f««,WM*o YONKERS The Morris Plan is national in scope. There are 174 Banlgt, Companies and Branches in 32 states with combined resources of 3200.000,000. The M orris P lan C ompany of N. Y. maintains is offices in Greater New York, and a staff of 400. In 13 years of operation it has loaned 9275^00,000 for remedial and constructive purposes, and the public ha3 purchased the Company ’ s Investment Certificates in excess of 300,000,000. OUR SERVICE INCLUDES — OANS WE PAY 5% j organisation, was the pr ■paakar. Thomas McNulty .1 [ oneck; D. Pouriea, Yonkers, John Goble. Mount Vernon. er improvement >f $67,000 by the le will be held j — _. iayor Robert E. - at Dillon. Read Com- 1 _ ____ .. - York City, at 10 a. m . e\ Tuesday. December 24. It was 1 i announced at the meeting of the j board of trustees lact night, i At this meeting. Trustee George J I B Clifton was appointed as a true ’ tee of the Christinas celebration to ; work In conjunction with the com ­ mittee tram the Town Club of Innet road was accepted as a vil ­ lage street last night, when the deed of dedication was received with the petition from the prop ­ erty owners along the street. In accepting this road, the truetecs deemed It advisable to deviate from their usual requirements that the 1 street must be 37 test wide and 1 curbed. This road Is only 17 feel wide and 1 no curb Is In at the present time, but It was thought that because the i road had been built to specifics- < lions and was still fn good condl- I tlon that the policy might be walv- i ed In this Instance. It was fell that i at some later date, when tha sew ­ ers are Installed, tha property-own- ' era would Install the curbs at their I expense. 1 1 Village Public Safety Deputy Asks $ SO, 000 Damage* From Al ­ derman H. D. Whittle in Mount Vernon Supervisor Cox States That To More Men Will Be Ad- ! ded to Town Depart- p. meat; Motor Patrol Rumors which have Boated about I the city of Mount Vernon for aev- 1 era] months Involving by ImpU- J cation Mayor James F. Berg, for-! Joseph Wade, Proprietor of I Roadhouse, Drops Shoot- I ing Charge Against Local Man i Lutheran Church, and Deputy ; nun lesion er of Public Safety Mor- Glruberg. came to a hand bare The Town of North Castle will crease Its police force from one three men next year, according n statement today by Supervisor Hobart Cox. chief of the de ­ county derlafa JSo ’ oOO action for slander agml*t Alderman Harry D. Whittle, whsf he alleges, referred to him and thstmuor as bootleggers convicted of gaKdog back Into the UalUd States a load of liquor last Tha name of Mayor Berg Is brought Into the action by Ginsberg la his complaint, filled here today by Patrick J. Rooney, attorney and because of the political strife which has nourished In Mount Vernon for the past year, many of the leading Republican organlsaUen members being critical of Barg's appointments and policies, the act ­ ion Is sx-pectad to crests county wide Interest. No answer has yet been Hied by Whittle but a public statement Is expected to be Issued by the Chargee of felonious assault brought against Henry Henschel. 1*2 Central avenue, this elty. follow ­ ing a brawl In a North Castle cab ­ aret Sunday morning la which Jos ­ eph Walds, one of the proprietors was shot, were withdrawn and Hom- aehel was discharged by Justice mt the Pears Arthur Pletsehker before the hearing scheduled before him today, tha justice eaJd this morning. Henschel la alleged to Save Bred the shot which struck Walde In the knee during an argument over a bill for ginger ale which the White Plains youth and several compsn- FINANCIAL ACCOMMO ­ DATION For Home Owsen with Mortgage ProMetEr I garbage by the fermentation caas. This plant was orlgl; constructed In 1*2* at a cos 111.000. but operation was etc j soma time ago by a law suit to HIT BY AUTO Main Office —33 West 42nd S l Lsrxtti Industrial Banking Institution in tha U. S. UNDER SUPERVISION OF STATE BANKING DEPARTMENT Henry Sutton, colored. 41. Colum ­ bus avenue. Fairgrounds. Green- burgh. reported to Officer Hagan of the Oreenborgh police last night, that while be was bending over at the aide of the road ------------------- - ------- — Washington | avenue and Tarrytown road, he was eiruck by an automobile which threw hint to the pavement Hagan took Sutton to the police booth but examination proved he was not hurt. E. Jackson said that he had followed a ear bearing lic ­ ense number 32112 which was thought to have struck Sutton. 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