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' 9200 $rc 0 * i Fltlaa Daily Corporation *. -.\ ‘ skse : WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11 Mos i* w4e n~ts auuu Jaumu. He mtin turn n — * ’ w >npo.nble u f- FOR WHITE PLAINS Make While Plain.* the First City Westchester County. Support the City Plan. A school survey to determine the focUities needed. Purchase of needed parks and i nds. FOR WESTCHESTER COUNTY Adoption of uniform traffic code. Completion of Parkway program. • Elimination of grade crossings. Extension of trunk sewer system. Uniform system of assessment. WAITING IN THE SNOW A White Plains business man stood c on a street comer for three-quarters j of an hour waiting for a Scarsdale j bus to pick him up. V Naturally indignant, he writes | that something ought to be done | about it We agree with him. We go farther, j We assert that the White Plains- | Tuckahoe bus service service is by j and large the worst possible service | that an intelligent community could ! be inflicted with. J. Why we are inflicted with it only f the White Plains, Scarsdale and l Tuckahoe officials know. That they I could correct the evils which exist in l a few days there is no reason to I doubt. The only requirement is the [ will to correct them. ( The bus company may argue that j improvements now underway on the i Post road interrupt service. But these | improvements are of recent date and I-the service has been rotten for all of S three years. A short time back Scarsdale of- J ficials looked into this matter of bus . service and in an exchange of com- | munications between the village and | I the bus company promises of better i | service were made. But what of the ' i. performance ? Has anyone who luts j j to use this J>us line discovered any I (.Improvement which he would be will- 1 , *ng to write home about? It is time that the officials of all lithe communities involved look into ; the terms of the franchises under j which this company operates. Then iteheck the service. Unquestionably there will be found a sufficient num- __ ‘ Of violations to cause the bus 1 company some concern. If the bus company does not or cannot provide > proper service there are plenty of i other companies eager to get the j chance to show what they can dq. CONGRESS The' seventy-first Congress is on : trial. . It may almost be said that ; Congress as an American institution is on trial. The impression is becoming pretty “ ueral that in recent years Congress __ l deteriorated : that it is not what jit used to be: that the caliber of t of the members is not as high t was in former years; that the things it does are frequently, too fre­ quently, foolish and ill-advised: that i the things it omits to do are ncces- mry and important. Worst of all. | there is a growing feeling that this body , gradually failing as a legisla- s for this great country, is usurp- an Importance that \under the ititution it docs not possess. ' e seen Congress involved in ible disputes that took time » important legislation. We have -t it tangle itself in its own rules I so that the final hour lias struck with- i_ 2 »t action on important measures. I have seen federal employes re- H unpaid for weeks and months ___ iu»e necessary appropriation bills ggteve not been passed. No one can 1 the official report of the pro- of Congress without being y the amount of time wasted Ions discussion to the neglect ! nation ’ s vitally important : that i and its usurpation of power in dis ­ regard of the fundameiltal law of the land. The number of people who hold Congress in contempt \» growing. It is evidenced by the fact that it is becoming harder and harder to se ­ cure candidates who can rally the support of the best minds of the com ­ munity. Too 4 >ften a congressional election is a choice between two evils. This, of course, is partly the fault of the community itself, which has grown careless of its national representation, and supinely lets the office go to the most blatant self- seeker. But it is also the fault of Congress, which had made itself a body to which efficient men too often feel it is no honor to belong. The seventy-first Congress lias now begun to make history. It can add to the decline of Congress in popular esteem by following in the footsteps of its immediate predecessors. Or it can turn about, do its work quirkly and efficiently, and restore itself to honor hy'showing that it is subser ­ vient to law. It can do this in no other way more surely than by in ­ sisting that the house be reappor ­ tioned, and by framing some scheme of reapportionment that will make such a scandal as has characterized the last four Congresses impossible forever in future. 8, X Y„ WEDNESDAY. I |Aunt Eppie Hogg ± By Fontaine Fox WAITING FOR THE SUCKER Miami and other Florida points are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the northern sucker. Each year the Miami booster or ­ ganizations tell us that rents are to be controlled and moderate prices will prevail. And each year Miami landlords, generaly speaking, charge all the traffic will bear. A letter frpm a Miami editor asks what effect the stock market collapse will have on the winter tourist travel. They are evidently fearful of a short crop. Travel South this winter probably will be curtailed, because paper prof ­ its were not converted into cash when the opportunity offered. But more travelers will avoid Miami and way points because of the attitude of rent hogs and greedy hotel managers. A traveler returned from Miami a week ago informs us that apart ­ ments which rented for $25 and $30 a month during the summer are now being held at $125 a month upward for'the season ■ The Pune of Fortunatus Tut goddo, of Fornax pane which* was a l wa y s filled with ■ taken from it. Our Omstmas dub members, Hke Forma* tus, always' have a reserve of ready cash. When Ch ristmas comes they are sure of a fall parse for gifts and other holiday expenses. You will hare extra money if you join oar 1930 CHRISfMAS CLUB THE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY White Plains, N. Y. d Community Book Maud* Our Inquiring Reporter The Question believe that the new County Center should be under the control of the Recreation Commit Park Commission? Where A shod About town. The Answers Thomas Granin. 201 Main streel ■The County Center la a recreation. ■ - al project, and therefore I feel that The -type Of apart- it should be under the control of thi THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS Editorial Expressions Taken From Westchester County Newspapers ment which rents for that figure rates pretty near the bottom, as Miami apartments go. This is a good winter for* north ­ erners to slay home and go to work. Florida will be in the same place a 1 ,,vtUe “ in <=»>•**< year from now, and perhaps land- | lords will become chastened. f|„ their charge. • Don't be a sucker this winter. ; Arthur West, Old Mamaroneck | road: \I cannot see that It makes 1 .n mncW HlfT.nme. | n which depar' Recreation Commission. That bod> should have better facilities for ar ­ ranging the various affairs to be held In the Center.\ G. E. Raymond. 204 Martin* avr- ‘ ■Most of our recreational ac- t Park WESTCHESTER REFORESTATION , On three separate occasions now the State of New York, through the State College of Forestry, connected with Syracuse University, has invited the County of Westchester to take advantage of the new state forcsta- tion law. Under this law the state will put up dollar for dollar to a certain amount funds with which vacant land may be reforested with trees se ­ lected and ‘ cultivated by the state's tree experts. There are plenty of acres in West­ chester needing reforestation. The state has proven more than gener ­ ous in its offer. Westchester County should delay no longer but should at once accept the state ’ s offer and util­ ize these magnificent young ’ trees. It was Joyce Kilmer ’ s beautiful poem which declared that ‘ ‘ only God can make a tree. ” But man can help keep that tree beautiful. Westchester, internationally known for its beautiful forests and pre­ serves, should welcome the chance to redress in nature's own habiliments those acres where the woodmnn ’ s axe has been more energetic than forcsightcd. > much dlfferenc lent the control of the Community j enter l» pul If It I* handled prop- J ■ly, V r In either instance n special 1 recutlve should be retained to han -1 le all the affaire of the Center “ I What happened to that The Chamber Chamber of Commerce that Of Commerce everybody yas talking about bo enthusiastically? The Iasi heard on the allegedly up-and-coming pro pout- lion was a Joint meeting of two commuters i rprescnUng the Rotary and Clone Clubs at which these two service clubs were to discuss the proposfllou. The Lions quite a while »gi> named Its com ­ mitter. and was followed shortly after by the Rotary Club. These iwo committees were then supposed to gel together, but they As yet the Rotary committee no words from the Ikons as to a n and time. The Rotartans arc won It seemed ihet there was enough enthusiasm expressed to slat* the ball a-rolllng, but tem- ;>orartly, at least, the proposlUon has been last to public action.' When ffoe.i action come ol ibis proposlUon ’ — Ossining Citizen-Sentinel. Port Chester recently lias spent What's considerable money or will have The Use spent It when the bills arc paid, to Unless procure and erect \full stop\ \boulevard atop\ signs at all points where side streets enter main thoroughfa Not so long ago an official of the village ' at considerable pains to explain And demon- si rate for us the efficacy of tboae _ sre so constructed that they reflect the glare of headlights at night with very much the of being themselves electrically lllumln- CONGRESS >DAY TpE (BfCCNlTZI Continues debate on tariff bllL Judiciary subcommittee continues lobby InvcsUgstlon. Interstate Commerce committee continues hearing on Cause ns in create communications House Continues work on Interior De ­ partment approprlaUons bill. Wa Solicit Applications For First Mortgage* on Improved Roal Estate in r County New York*Westchester Investors JOHN MARBACH, (Mortgage Correspondents in Westchester of The Prudential. Insurance Company of America) BAR BUILDING WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. TELEPHONE 9210 JUST FOLKS By EDGAR A. GUEST FRIENDSHIP One never knows until disaster strikes Just what lu him smother loves sad the thing called friendship false or true. Or built • on love or hopes which pursue Hundreds -hod praised him ll happier days Now he has learned how shallow Valhalla School dedication North ' -stle Town Board me Ladles' Guild. Worthington 1 norial Church, bazaar. Music section of Scarsdale W< inis Club recital. Westchester Hills Golf Club m> ng- Locw's State Theater. Mary No i.'i In \Shanghai Lady.\ Keith-Albee Theater. Alleeu Prln lie In \Night Parade.\ Loew'n Strand Theater. Georg* essel In \Love. Live end Laugh.\ The government plan to age med ­ icinal liquor four years shows a lot of confidence -in the patience of hi ­ jackers. When television comes it is sajd it will cost $1 to see a face. No good. Too many will want to see the face first. When a paper relegated Angelus Temple to the church page, Aimec Semple McPherson was terribly up- r Congresses is not all. Since 1920, . ues have been in session, of them has refused to obey mandate of the constitution the hpuae of representa- M '^ “2 with .Never before has Congress , fako such an attitude. This J The world really grows better. It just seems awful, as it were, because some people still say “ as it were. ” The height of absurdity, if you mean a skirt, depends on what nature did for or to the wearer. One of the oddities is that every centenarian has either used whiskey most of his life or let it alone. Judging from ads it Is now pos ­ sible to get a gas range to match your rouge. What the world needs most is a limitation of conferences. Americanism: Protesting that it can ’ t be done ; doing iL Tomorrow Firemen'* Benevolent Association dance. Shepherds of Bethlehem anniver ­ sary. Fremont Council H. and D. of Liberty card party. Cheese Club dlnner-denca. Westchester County Club beef, steak dinner. While Plains Garden Club meets. Daughters of American Revolu ­ tion anniversary. Brotherhood of Trinity Lutheran Church ------ - Loew's Slate Theater, Mary No ­ lan In \Shanghai Lady.\ Keith Albee Theater. Aileen Prin ­ gle In \Night Parade. ” Loew's Strand Theater, George Laugh.\ I In-\Love. Live a CONDEMN LAND North Tsrrytown Board Believe $14,500 for Strip for Roof*, Excessive The North Tarrytown village board will acquire by condemnation a strip of land In that village ni restore the route of {ho .*. to conform with the old trolley line, bellcvelng the price asked excessive. The land Ilea In Altamount nue. North Tarrytown and la own ­ ed by Jooeph E. See. It la assessed at $4,500. The board fixed a value of $1X500 on the peroei at the last ated. But Is anyone paying any attention to those So far as our personal observation has gono during a period of about two weeks particularly dangerous intersections, no has obeyed the signs — Irue, we nil agree their purpose, but most of us Just refuse to be bound by them. Wo skim around corners Just os we always did — and we have Just as many accidents or near-accldcnte as we ever did. Why? Because there has been no effort at enforcement. It Is probably that arrests will have to be made In goodly number, particularly In where mishaps are traceable to failure lo ob ­ serve the \boulevard stop\ regulation, before general respect for the signs will be gener ­ ated. Only the other evening we were amazed . to ore a boy so small that lie could scarcely see .over the steering wheel, driving a powerful car through the henrt of the village — and wo felt like skinning the little rascal a few min ­ utes later, In a less congested district, when he swung the machine with enreleaa grace, forc ­ ing us to Jump backward and almost fall ngalnst the standard of a \boulevard stop ” sign whose presence he seemed not to even noticed. — Port Chester Dally Item. In distributing tbelr securities Self widely, seeking a large number of Interest stockholders with small rather : than a few with large holding, cor ­ porations are prompted by de*lr* to And a new market for them, aa well as a market which ts more etable., It la not likely, how ­ ever, that Uiey-loae eight of another advan ­ tage. Public utilities gain additional protec ­ tion against' demogagic attack. With many people Interested In their welfare and familiar with their processes there is leas reason to feor political Interference. In another respect corporations seem likely to reap further and perhaps unanticipated benefits by reason of their policy of etodk dis ­ tribution. These unexpected benefits are In the direction of tax redaction. Taxes on corporate incomes are generally regarded as* too high, but (here must be some otber reason than a wish to see Justice done which Influences public opinion In Us appar ­ ent acquiescence In the pres e a t nf \ ington to s#Ht the p '* private 4l ----- “ J Btripped of bis power, ail friend ship they refuse Who sought or feared the power which he could use. Those whom he favored, coldly past Since now he has Ho favors to be ­ stow. Those who live riches, him no longer love. has no fortune now worth thinking of. But of the many Who saw in him the si friend they knew. The man they ’ d loved, the other day* , Who had been quick to their troubled ways; The solf-oame kindly spirit, and they stared Trying their best to show ------- much they cored. ---- — With tear-fltled eye* and 4 strangely gruff They sold to him: \Here .take this yellow stuff use IL It le all we have,-oM friend. Td show that we ore with you lo the end. ” And that la friendship — rarer far than gold, an* thing mat OFFICERAVERS DOG UPSET HIM Policeman Meehan, Tucka- hoc. Say* Canine Caused * Him to Fall Off Cycle A canine owned by Frank Krou- fled, 28 Forbes Boulevard, Tucks- i few years ago any n coukl have made the welkin ........... » of the plan. * ' e Mg bust FIRE VICTIM ’ S WILL PROVES PROPHETIC Miss L. Abercrombie Makes Bequests to Her Brother* and a Sister; Value Not Given The will of Miss Lucy Abercrom ­ bie, daughter of CoL David T. Aber- credible, who woe fatally burned In on accident In her laboratory on November 27, was on file here to­ iler estate le valued at “more than 18,0007 In personal and “ more than $8,000\ In real property cording to the tranafex U sal Relatives and friends the bulk of her estate. Almost prophetic In 1U le the ctsjiee by which Mies Aber- xnbie bequeaths tbs residue of her personal and real property her brothers. David and Abbott. The will waa drawn on May 33. 1*27, and a codicil on July «. 1»3A By Its terms cash bequests to Mrs. Nunn and Mrs. London are revoked. 8. Whitney London. Jr, N. J, Is named ox executor of the will. POSTMASTERS President Sends Nominations ef Comnty Men to Senate Far Washington. Dec. 11 (Special). — The President sent to the Senate today the nominations of Alfred Cox for postmaster N. T.; Walter F. Btlllngton at Rye. N. T, and Peter Critchley at Po- canllco Hills. N. Y. It Is expected the Senate win confirm all three on her tyber's a ___________ Ing goods tAstnea*. The par- rifln preparation waa a secret for ­ mula which only the girl and an “ Elkin* Ranch.\ an estate In Wyo, where he now lives. ^Addi ­ tionally he la given $2,000 In c A brother ' Abbott and a nil Elizabeth Hoiaington, New Castle, are also given 1X000 each In cash. A ring in given lo a niece. Eliza ­ beth I\ — * — * -------- * — *\*~-*\

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