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Have Your Christmas Cards Engraved See Page 14. Bress Only Shopping Day* 1 r\ Until 1U Christmas Complex* Win Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wide News Service VOL. 1-NO. 216. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1929. PRICE THREE ( WISE QUESTIONS MACY ON LAND FOR PARKWAYS President of County Commission Confers With Special Investi ­ gator — Grand Jury Resumes Its Session Tomorrow V. Event Macy, Ossining, president of the Westchester County Park Commission.for the last four years, was the principal witness questioned here, today informally by Henry A. Wise, special dep ­ uty attorney general, in the investigation into land pur ­ chases in Westchester Coun ­ ty. The Park Commission president was questioned by Wise in the attorney gen­ eral's office here on pur ­ chases made by the Park Commission in Bedford, New Castle, and Cortlandt, in which purchases charges of Irregu ­ larity on the part or town official* were made by Samuel Unterrayer In the unofficial Investigation here President Macy now Instead of January, when these charges of Untermyer will be the extraordinary i. because Macy wlU be In the west at that time. He followed Arthur W. Lawrence, Bronxvllle, In 23 DRIVERS IN WESTCHESTER LOSEJJCENSES Three White Plains Residents Among Those Punished For Traffic Law Violations OTHERS SUSPENDED 199 Drivers Will Feel Teeth of New Financial Re­ sponsibility Law ^Albany, December 13 — Of the 838 certificates of automobile raglstm- and licensee to drive revoked of turn because he Is leaving next week for an etxended tour of China. The extraordinary grand Jury It ­ self was not In session today but will resume here to mo row In an en ­ deavor to' finish Its consideration of the county's $948,000 county of ­ fice building site purchase In White Plains before ** — ------ holidays. broker of White Plains; Charli Fen no, attorney and part oi with Prtnoe of a *400.000 parcel sold the county, and WUliam ~ ending November *0, by Charles A. Hartnett, Commissioner of Ko ­ tor Vehicles, 3* were from West ­ chester County, of which three were local resident*. In 190 of the total cases evidence of financia l re- sponslblllty wlU be required before applications for nsvr licenses will be considered. Revocations for driving while In ­ toxicated: Emil Baird, 233 WUlard avenue. Port Chester: Joseph Qa- valls, 29 Morgan street. Tuckaboe; Carl J. Carlson, 15 Washington street. Tarrytown; David Wantl- nen, Hobart avenue. Port Chester; Samuel Hacker. 129 Oak street. Port Chester; Kudy Rlah, 19 West ­ moreland avenue. White Plains; John Matheeon, 202 Heist fed ave- eleven parcels purchased for the office building site. Barrett's share woe $26,000. He Is a brother of Henry R. Barrett, secretary of the Westchester County Republican Committee, and also of Supervisor ___ n of the budget and appropria ­ tions committee and originator of the plan In the Board of Supervis ­ ors to purchase the S84&000 si** While the three counsel handling tbs prosecution. Wise, Thomas ~ ney JTr. and Sydney A. Syme, • .ii silent today. It was learned from authoritative sources that reports of yesterday that members of the grand Jury had questioned the counsel regarding alleged attacks made by Wile, as published — eently, on Untermyer ’ s report the Governor were unfounded, such Incident as described yester ­ day has occurred. It was learned. Whether the extraordinary grand Jury will complete Its work on the office building site purchase tomor ­ row and then adjourn until Janu ­ ary, or whether there srin be see- other phases of . Castle. Bedford and Cortlandt. No - ----------- 1 on this point Reckless driving; Leila Prospect avenue, Larcbmont: Norman Lipsehlta. 46 Park place. New Rochelle; Ned Rom shell*. 29 ‘ \ ; Ger ­ trude Shea. 94 Jarry- street, Ma- of plates: Anthony Yonkers, Gale/ Valhalla. Charged with reckless driving. Wynne Wolff. 149 South Sixth ave ­ nue, Mount Vernon. Violation of learners' permit rules. Francisco Berival, 143 Berry avenue, Hamaroneck. Using on car plates Issued for another oar, Peter Ermo, Park ave ­ nue, White Plains. Charged with driving while In ­ toxicated. Alvis Ttnnln, 3 Minerva place. White Plains. Just As Many Dollars As Ever By CHARLES R FORBES There are just as many dollars to be spent this'year as there were last year, or any previous year. Some of the dollars may have passed from one set of owners to another, hut they have not been lost There is no economic reason for any person who can afford to spend money to refrain from spending it The industrial barometer doesn't show any signs of a storm. Department store managers report-an increase in December business over that of December, 1928. This indicates that people are doing their holiday shop ­ ping. - . Bankers inform us that a larger number of Christ ­ mas club accounts have been opened than ever be ­ fore. This indicates that the saving habit has taken hold and that 1930 Christmas money will be even more plentiful than this yagr. Every day in the world of big business we see signs of continued industrial activity and announce^ ment of vast expenditures for 1930. These are infU* putable signs that business will carry .on. that em­ ployment will be maintained at a high level, and that the spending power of the country will bo maintained. There are dollars to be made as long as anyone is willing to work for them. And this js a nation of workers. Bench and Bar Unite in Tribute To Justice Seeger Upon His Retirement From Supreme Court COLD SPELL GRIPS CITY; ONLY 9 ABOVE Many Minor Motor Car Accidents; Car* Freeze, Pedestrians Shiver SING SING PREPARE! TO MEET ANY POSSEBLl TROUBLE; ARMED Ci JUSTICE Member* of the beach and bar united at dinner laat night In tri ­ bute to Supreme Court JuaUce who retires because of age limit LANDIS FLAYS LACK OF CARE FOR VETERANS HART WARNS OF REVOLTS IN OTHER PRISONS Local Penologist Say» That Overcrowding and Idleness Are Primary Factors in Auburn Mutiny ATTACKS BAUMES LAW Mandatory Application Cre ­ ates Undue Severity in Some Cases, He Avers The ther- -- --— — ------ — above at midnight and dropped to nine at 3 In the morning. It had risen two degree* at 8 o'clock. There was little wind and the stfll cold of the early hours with clear aides and bright sunshine gave UtUe promise of the cloudy weather with prob- - - f or the i for Motor* were hard to start ___ pedestrian* scurried along shiver ­ ing to their various destinations. Early risers found the milkman later than usual and the milk frozen almost solid. The enow fall yesterday cauae of. several minor automobile ENTIRE STOCK LIST IS OFF IN LIGHTTRADING Utilities and Industrials Are Weak But Mail Order Shares and Others Rule Strong Naw York. Dec. 13 (UP). — Per- Robert C. Bherran. 30 R om ave- ! nue, Harrison, reported to the po- j lice that whlls driving along West I Post road past 117 at 9:20 a. m. yesterday the auto skidded In the >d collided with a truck Jy the Domestic Electric Corporation. New York City, and driven by Theodore Pal ton. There Clerk Routs Bandits Chases Chain Store. Robbers With Broom; Gives Description of Men to Police; Des ­ peradoes Followed Usual Tactics > and get In the --------- gun over carefully as be walked toward the rear room. He * \ ' “ insjc r — _ _ ssr — . 9 Myrtle street, reported that while driving east on Lynton place, near Post road, her auto was struck by an ­ other car. Bbe furnished the police with the other license number but did not make a complaint, on the grounds that the other Car had skidded In the snow. Maude E. Carpenter, 11 Benedict avenue, Tarrytown. reported to the police that while at Tarrytown road (Continued 'on page two) CHARGEDRY LAWOFFENSE Joseph Campbell Arrested in Realty Building; Had Rye Whiskey, Police Allege Joseph Campbell. 13* South exlngton avenue, was bald In $300 all for appearance In Federal Court In New York City on charge* of violation of the Volstead Act fol ­ lowing the arrest yesterday afler- ln the Realty Building. 186 lagsd rye whiskey, one-half pint of Fellow Jurists and Lawyers Attend Dinner in Honor of Judge Who Quits Upon Ar ­ riving at Age Limit; Present Sedan. In public appreciation of thirty- four years of public service, twen ­ ty-five of which have been epent on “ *■\ ' ‘ \Supreme Court Justice Albert H. F. Seeger of the Appel ­ late Division. Ninth Judicial Dis ­ trict. was honored last night at a testimonial dinner at Briarcllff Lodge. Briarcllff Manor, by 530 member* of the bench and bar, In ­ cluding the Judge* of the Court of Appeal*, the AppeUate Division, trial Justlcsa of the Supreme Court, and an assembly of lawyers Includ ­ ing the moat noted In the Ninth 1 District. Justice Seeger will have reached his 70th year In January, and un ­ der the state constitution must re- A sedan automobile was presented to the Judge a* a memorial of the occasion. Presentation of the sedan was made by Supreme Court Justice William 8. Bleak] ey, who was \plncb-hlttlng\ for Senator Caleb H. Betimes. Senator Betimes was to have made the presentation but a telegram was read expressing his deep regret at an enforced absence due to a cold which kept the Sen ­ ator confined to his home. Addresses were made by Justice Frederick E Crane of the Court of Appeals; Justice Edward Lazansky, preaiding Justice of the Appellate Division; Justice J. Addison Young of the Appellate Division, and Jua ­ Uce Arthur S. Tompkins of the Supreme Court. Walter O. Brown \The outbreak at Auburn prison yesterday, coming so dose to other recent prison riots. Indicates that these things are Infectious, and that we the very apt to be In for more Judje in Dndicloo Add™. S.XXfX\ at Valhalla School Urges | this city, eminent penologist con- nected with the Russell Sage Foun- Children and Parents _i dauon. . n i a _ • 7? Dr - attributed the trouble to to Demand Action overcrowded condition* of prisons, ----------- r ' Idleness of prlsonsrs. and the *e- GREATER FACILITIES ) SSSSST . 5 are taking hope from the met the prisons. \We are here tonight to do honor to a distinguished Jurist and friend, the Honorable Albert H. F. Seeger,\ said Brown after dinner had been served, \who after twenty-five years on the bench la at the end of this year to retire. Hi* career has been marked not only by out ­ standing legal ability and excep ­ tional attainment In bis profession but by kindness, and dsep sym ­ pathy and understanding of human (Continued on Page Eight) Structural Additions Are De' scribed by Education Board President Assailing the United Slates Gov ­ ernment for Ha neglect of over 000 mental cases, victims of World War, Judge Xenlsaw Moun ­ tain Landis, speaking at the dedica- Uon exercise* of the Junior High School of Valhalla yesterday after ­ noon. charged his young listener* \to go home and tell their parents\ to writ* letters to thalr senator* and representatives demanding pro ­ per car* of thsss case*. Du* to the fact that Judge Lendls would have been unable to speak at the regular, exercises last evening, be spoke ' for* the school children and tl parents yesterday afternoon. \Czar of Base hair was Introduced by Mrs. Mabel Moodle, member the board of education of Valhalla, whose friendship with the Judge was largely responsible for his i — tent to speak at tho dedication vices \So guilty are we of tho neglect that hoi there Is no othsr place provided for them,\ said tho speaker. Judge Landis told several anecdotes of his own experiences with those me lustraUng the appalling conditions under which they tire forced to live. The Judge laid particular stress the fact that many of these «x-sol ­ dier*. suffering from mental rangement, could. If properly treat ­ ed. be cured. \However as things stand now. there la little hope of their ever being right again!\ Landis praised the work of the Boy Scouts and beqamo captious concerning the frequent criticisms directed against this boys' organiza ­ tion on the grounds that the sc “ The Boy Scout* prepares members for life; It teaches t to take care of themselves\ Ing a boy In the audience how many scouts were Included In the local troop and receiving the an ­ swer, “ thirty-five,\ the Judge stat- < Continued a :* Eight) Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire today with his staff, the first Brit ­ ish diplomatic repres e ntative to be established her* since relation* be ­ tween the two nation* were broken In 1927. A recent agree: ----- * ---- New York.. Dec. 12 (UP) — Louis Luca, 30, was shot and killed when , he resisted three bandits who held up a card game In the basement of 809 West 30th street today. Lisbon, Dec. 12 (UP) — A tidal wave swept over Costa Caparte* Beach today, capsizing a number of fi s h i n g boats. Ten fishermen Washington. Dec- 13 (UP) — Leg ­ islation to allow consolidation of ' ‘ «*■**» . Dee. 13 (UP) for Thursday and Friday: Eastern New York: Cloddy followed by enow late tonight r Friday probably c i rain Friday; stow) Dec. 12 (UP) — A resolution proposing to deny a seat to Joseph R- Grundy, new Wellington. Dec. 13 (UP) — The \When you take hope away from a man you make him desperate,\ Dr. Hart said. \It U a notorious tact that when they were hanging men for the minor theft of pocket ­ picking years ago, the pick-pockets were most active among the crowds which gathered to witness the speo- tacle. Severity and rough treat ­ ment breeds rebellion.\ The recent outbreak at Auburn, when tho shops and some of the cell blocks were burned, was a con ­ tributing causa to the present trou ­ ble, Dr. Hart stated. The men ' AUBURN QUIET AFTER BLOODY CONVICT RIOT Mutineer*, Still Alive at End of Sangine Hand-to-Hand Hattie. Will Face Murder Charge* PRIEST PROVES A HERO Tried to Parley With Band— Militiamen Ordered to Home* Auburn. N. Y. Dec. 13 (UP) The bloodiest prison riot tbs state of New York ever- has known was dtflnlttly at an end today, with the death penalty hanging over the con ­ vict mutineers who were still alive after the desperate hand-to-hand fighting which put the revolt un- Th* band of criminals who gam ­ bled with thalr lives for freedom. *nd lost, was routed laat night when nearly 200 national guards ­ men stormed across the prison yard their shouts mingling with the sounds of machine-gun and pistol firing, Us* crash of bullets against the walls and the cries of and have had too much Idlem \The one mltigsUng circum ­ stance surrounding the thing,\ ho declared, “ lo that these riots art not partlclpsded In by the (Continued on Page Two) CITY IS UPHELD IN TRICARICO ZONE DISPUTE Jury After an Hour's Consid­ eration of Evidence Sus ­ tains Cooper's Refusal to Grant Permit A two and a half year batUe force the Issuance of a permit for the erection of a multi-family dwell ­ ing in the exclusive Jefferson nue section of this city was today, ending in defeat for Damin- leo Tricar!CO, 6 Eastview avenue, this city, here yesterday when a Jury's verdict, considered for an hour and fifteen minutes, uphaid Commissioner of Public Safety Cooper in his refusal to grant Tricsrico the permit As the Jury, the third in a and a half to sit through hours of tedious technical testimony In pass ­ ing on the Tricsrico case, filed Into the room, the courtroom, filled with residents of the sector, tingled with Something as near .as a v« smonatraUon as could be permit ­ ted In tho courtroom at the time, u precipitated by the member* of (Continued on Page Three.) Sub \Chaser Pa River — Machine] Guns Are ] Guards Au — Troopers Ready to] Mobilize Sing Sing Prison was armed camp today, machine guna and __ rounda of ammunition were ruahed to Ossining by motor * truck from a New York i ory laat night. Today a i marine chaser with two chine guns mounted fore aft aped up the Hudson at noon took up patrol i guna trained on the grim walla. The walls fairly brtstlad w guna. Most of the 2030 coqvl were restricted today to their ca Desperate men. previously lnvol In attempts at mutiny were fast the death house. Guards were a men ted and keeper* moved In pa through every • corner of the * house.\ _ Warden Lewis E. Lewes at the 1 prison today said he anticipated f no trouble but wee fully prepared ’ ! to meet any eventuality. ■ \We have taken pret _____ said Lewes. \We have to In t business. A prison warden's Jot not a pleasant task. We have b the largest body of pi state and w* \mag be ready at E At 9:20 a. m. today conditions were so quiet within the prison that the 423 guardsmen from the 106th Infantry were relieved of their du- . ties and ordered to their homes. Five flag leader* of the rebellion died In that last assault. Another mutineer died later of wounds, bringing the death list to nine, for two other convict* and the bead keeper, George A. Dumford, had bean killed In the fighting earlier Warden Edgar S. score of guards and convicts As eye-witness accounts of the uprising and the subsequent fight ­ ing were assembled today the hope ­ lessness of the attempt to ei became apparent. It was only for a few minutes, while the convict* held Warden Jennings hostage that the break ap ­ peared to have the least chance tancy on the part of prison offi ­ cials, despite a message purporting to be from the warden In which capitulation was urged. Once It decided that the warden must his risks and the mutiny be curbed It was a foregone conclusion that the rebellion would be crushed, al ­ though In bloody fashion. Face Murder Charge All convicts who took part 1: uprising, even in a minor d«_ will be charged with first degree ST, It W bony by Raymond Kisb. commie- \By the terms of the statutes.' Kleb said, \anybody who commits a murder while engaged In commission of any crime, and any of hi* accomplices, although they may not actually have committed the murder themselves, at* guilty of first degree murder.' Even though the rioters may have been In some other part of the prison when Chief Keeper Dumford killed, they are guilty of murder, and may be sent to the eha; From the scenes of via which broke, with sudden fury. In the greynses of a cold winter day. Coyne Leads Raids Directs Clean Up of Slot Machines in Yonkers; Police Arrest 14 Alleged Operators; All Remanded For Jury Trials ~ Swooping In under the direction t District Attorney Frank Coyne and Chief of Police Edward J. Quirk police simultaneously yes ­ terday raided 14 Yonkers stores. guilty In Yonkas* City Court to-day 1 were remanded for Jury trials .. 4 p. « esses were set down ___ month in the cxpecatlon that the Court of Appeals will have ruled by then on the Yonkers now before It in which an 01 ----- tor wee fined SOS in city court for eurty Jafl sen- Tbe district attorney Is bis resolve to rid the c ty of the alleged gambling devices. ORDER YOUR XMAS TREES NOW ■atee' ' at ' Le znefteaT unf PeJSS f ZOS aS — SStsS?- and we must b me*. In pridp yo tsk of ever being *; but that they had b the bloody Auburn riot*. They w allowed to read I night and others s them at the rscras afternoon. The warden said s newspapers las i were available fa WIN $100,000 DAMAGECLAIJ Survivor* of Two Killed ini Auto Crash in New York : Awarded Verdict With the reading at a sealed v diet in Supreme Court here tod Mrs. Iren# Degensteln. 43 CtlfT a: and John F. McCormack, b onkerz. and adrnl: the estate* of lamia D* William B HutchlnL . Place. Tonka re. wars awarded £ damages for the deaths inateln and Hutchings in 4 automobile accident In Now Ya City Just a year ago tomorrow.' By It* verdict, tha f Mrs Degensteln ISSj nd the estate of Hulc Albert Bailey, com bmtiaantal R*iriny New York City, defendant* In t mads the u s u a l motions to l i the verdict and moved for trial on the grounds that t CONSERVE YOUR ENERGY VOU can do your < •hopping In a Idas by consulting the SHOP SCOPE in the rta a el flei j-JERE you wUl and gift aug-T nation* galore-| will please the most tm The Daily Plot 107 Manwrooeck *

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