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THE DAILY PIE9S. WHITE PLAINS. N. Y„ THURSDAY. DECEMBER It 1*29. Mission Work For Children Is Advocated Legislation Is Needed For The Protection of Women of Industry Speaker Declares Mifs Fried* S. Miller States of the Thorny croft Apartment* Til*. Informed Public Opinio! \ “ ■* Will Brinst About Necessary ,h * of \moving from them . . * any further feellnc of raaponalbillty Revisions. for hear!HR. The bureau feels.\ Correct Diet For Children Is Outlined To Guide M. M. E. Church Heads . Department Mi** Mary DuBoia, Director of Little Helpers I* Speak ­ er at Meeting of Church Guild. Mias Margaret Hutton, Die- Lecture Before C mi * Washington P.T.A. '-'Legislation is needed for the further protection of -women an* children in industry, ” declared Mias Frieda a Miller, director of the Bu ­ reau of Woman in Industry, of the New York State Department of Labor. Miss Miller was tbs speak ­ er at the meeting of the White Plains Section. National Council of Jewish Women, st the Jewish Com ­ munity Center Tuesday afternoon. Regular committee reports ware given end two reeolutlons sponsor' cd'by the National Council were passed. The first was a resolution requesting Congress not to adopt any bill for the simplification of tby calendar which would interfera with the Jewish Sabbath. The other was a resolution concerning the World Oourt. which read as fol ­ lows: \Resolved that the Whit* Plains Section. National Council of Jewish Women, bellevelng that the Prramanent Court of Internationa] Justice Is one . of the fundamental international institutions which make possible the substitution of law for war, and believing that Lie Protocol meets the reservations attached to the Resolution of Ad ­ herence passed by the Senate In IBM. wo do urge that when the Protocol Is presented the Senate will ratify It without delay.\ Mrs. Jacob Mulwits, recording secretary, received a special Tote of thanks for the splendid detailed report of upstate county this provision was placed under a law making it com ­ pulsory where money Is due minors to hava competent guardians ap ­ pointed.' who shall be responsible to the courts.\ The problepia of \tenement or homework\ Is a long way from so ­ lution. the Speaker stated. The bu ­ reau has been studying the sllua- llon for some time. Work et home Is regulated by the State and there is inspection for disease. It was found that there are large groups mostly women, women with large families and small children, whose weekly Income If far below the standard of a mere living wage old ­ er people, unable to compete with the workers In factories; and the crippled and handicapped, who need occupation, and need income, but who cannot go out of the home to work. The nest study will be concerning the types of work done at home, and when all the data is assembled, a compulsory minimum wsge law. such es they have In | several European countries, will be rocqmmrndrd New York Stale. Miss Miller de- j ctared. limits the hours of working | women, but ss It now stands, the law is practically unenforceable. I There ie nominally a 4S-bour week, j but with overtime 10 hours a day Is permitted. No tax payers would stand for the eapense of the book ­ keeping Involved to check up the detailed reports necessary . The bu- Deiir -I — * Pa«.o j Came Upon a Midnight Clear.' aad REV. AND MRS. PHILIP S. WATTERS ,- B — — Who were honored with a dinner at the M. M. E. Church j \Why the Chimes Rang.- by iacrad on Tuesday evening:. Rev. Watters has accepted an invi ­ tation to become pastor of the local chlirch. tained In her mlnutea. Miss Miller pointed out specific Instances where revision of exlst- Mlss Mary Mercer. A fine group of songs was sung by Mrs. Herbert Wolff. They Included -Bora Ie He.* “ Bring a Torch' aad 'Silent Night.\ Piano solos were played by Mr*. Chlltoa Miller aad Mrs. Mark Ful ­ ler. The selections were \March MlUtaire\ and \Wbter Nymph.\ chen committee end she wes assis ­ ted by Mrs- William Weiss. Mrs. 5. F. Tompkins, and Mrs. Thrcasa Jackson The entire luncheon was supervised by Mrs. Frederick Balnea president of the Women's Society. Following the luncheon a meet ­ ing was held. Mrs. Alan Bums led in the devotions. TUo speakers of the afternoon were Mrs. H. C. Young, of the Westchester County Child Association, who Is in charge of the boarding home children of the County, and Mrs. Lindner. Housemother of the Welfare Cot ­ tage. The program was under the leadership of Mrs. H. Ross Clark. Among those present were: Mrs. F A. Baines. Mr*. H C. Young. Mrs G B. Sanford. Mrs A T. Burns, Mre. Howard Clark. Mrs. G W. Vernol, Mrs. Austin D. Will ­ iams. Mr*. Ross Clark. Mrs- W. D. Street. Mrs. C. F. Fsy. Mrs. A. H. Damon. Mrs. W. A. SI ewers. Mrs. R. E Baker. Mrs. J. E. Baker. Mr*. K. F Clark, Mr*. D. W. Swain. Mr*. Lee S. Richards. Mrs. Anal* D. Feyler. Mr*. Harry Schneider. Mr*. A D. Wolff Jr.. Mrs. 8. W. Chsae Mr*. F. A. Reed. Mrs. N. H. Rogers Mrs. H. J. Hill. Also Misses A. Rus ­ sell end Eva L. Cook. Mrs. Young Is Gifcst Speaker M Luncheon reau therefore has been making a study of shops, mills, bakeries, laundries, department storee end other Industries where women are employed In Urge numbers, to de ­ termine what U the common prac ­ tice. and what the conditions they find mssn In actusl living. Herr, too. It feel* compelled to make cer ­ tain recontmendaUons. Miss Miller also mentioned that leglelaUon la needed making the law for occupational diseases gen ­ eral. Only certain occupational dUcases are compensatory at pres- before the next session of the Nsw York State LeglaUture In January, and an Informed public opinion can do much to bring about eucb r*. MRS. F. J. ARNOLD . Who lias been appointed head of the Rooms Registry Department of the White Plains Y. W. C. A. The depart ­ ment; has only just recently been maderan active part of the local institution. Woman ’ s Society of Ridge- view Avenue Congrega ­ tional Church Holds Mis ­ sionary Session. Reports Given and Program Presented By Music Section Of Scarsdale Woman ’ s Club Mi»s Patricia Ryan and Miss Lois Von Haupt Ate the Featured Artists At Meeting Which Is Largely Attended/ women In every community who ere Interested In industrial prob ­ lem* and the betlennant of condi ­ tions for working women and chil ­ dren. can keep Informed of the things the Industrial Commission 1* endeavoring to do. Thsy can 1 keep back of 1U program, sod com- I mlttees representative of group opinion can act as missionaries to other groups In the communities.\ The bureau with whieh Miss Mil ­ ler is connected makes exhaustive surveys and report* IU findings, to ­ gether with recommendations for improvements, to the Industrial Commissioner. One Instance Is - the matter of double compensation paid to children Injured while engaged in illegal empleyment. The Com ­ pensation Law was amended In 1933 making an employer lUble for sn amount equal to the compensation payable to such children. This wsa in order to discourage the employment of children In dangerous occupations, working et night or for longsr hours than the law allows, cleaning machinery, etc. The Bureau made a study of 183 cases of children so injured. It Miss Du Bols said that on* of the ways in which the church helps Its members to realise this relationship Is through the offering of prayer tor others. Another way Is through the offering of money for some spe ­ dal cause. In order that children of this age may enjoy those privileges and ex ­ perience of the ^hrietlon religion ss interpreted by the church, the Department of Religious Educa- | Uon provides the Little Helpers Of- farlng of prayer and money for other Uttle children around the world: Rusaum. Mo. Wayne aad Mrs. J. H. Bentley. Mrs. Joseph Wilding Is forward ­ ing the subscriptions of the Child Welfare Mage line, as the George Washington Parent-Teacher Asso ­ ciation has entered a race to be ­ come a hundred per cent organ ­ isation by getting 18 per coat ot Its membership to subscribe for the magaxlne. They also require a 100 per cent membership which M won found that where certain sub ­ stances hava been banned as being contributory to oecupatlone! din- eases. new substances almost a* dangerous, but not on it* Illegal lists, have been substituted In reply to a question Mlsa Mil­ ler stated that so called ungainful occupation* where the Institution* are not conducted for profit, do not come under the _l*,w ss hsxardou* She stated one instance ss that of caddying, whirs children Injured while so engaged would not be awarded double compensation. En ­ gaging children under the age of 16 le Illegal, but this does not apply to agricultural or domestic service Mre Lewis Michael* was hostess for the afternoon and Introduced the speaker. After the meeting tea The Womans Society of the Rldgevlew avenue Congregational Church held a Missionary luncheon Saturday in the church eocial room*. The Decorations were most attractive On esch table wa» a small cactus plant on either side of which were red candles. Mr*. J W. Resqua us* in charge of thF dining rooms and her help ­ ers were. Mrs. R. B. Daggett. Mrs. Edgar A. Josselyn. Mrs. William P. Brennan. Mr* S E. Requa. snd the Mis/ie* Fanny Weiaman. and A. Ader Mrs. S. A. Steele headed the klt- The music section then took | Waltz _ Brshms charge of the meeting, and Mis. El Concert Etude _ Leschetlszky M. Holden presented Miss Patricia! Lois Von Haupt Ryan of Scarsdale. prima donna on- III — Songs til two years ago with the San la. The Singing of Shan - Carlo Opera'Company, and now so-1 Alice Barnett prano soloist at St. Paul's Church. ] b. Lo! Tls the Hour- New Rochelle, and Min Lois Von! F. Knight Logan I Haupt. pianist, who made her pro-1 c. Spanish Serenade - fesaional debut In Buffalo at 16. i William Reddick Miss Von Haupt makes a specialty 4. Hopak Moussorgsky of work on the spinet, and had a j Patricia Ryan beautiful example of this. Inirtru- Mr*. Wakefield, for the Commit ­ ment at the club house yesterday. I tee of 100 . reported large nimt Mice Ryan *ang first a group of gained and distributed for the var- eonga from many lands, aeeompan- | 0U s philanthropies of her corn- led by Olive Robertson. Miss Ryan mlrtee. Seven hundred dollars was gave a delightful Utile explanatory derived from a bridge at Children's touch for each tong before ringing. House Id eharg* of Mrs. Robert which added to the pleasure of the (joule and the money was seat to very large audience. In her final u, # Scarsdale Cottage at Ike Chll- group »he gave a Chinese song, a dren '« Village. Other aunts of mon- Hindu song, and Spanish serenade ty wue the result of sales and ben- and. by request, selection* from eflts, and were sent on their way. Carmen which magnificently suited j n addition the oommittee had per- her dramatic style. She is well- aonally visited many In the hospl- knnwn K.r* where .h. m*k«. her Christmas plana Of this committee are numerous. The Girl Scouts srill assist In wrapping and distributing ths Christmas offer ­ ings of the committee. It eras announced that the Wsy- slde Player* of Scarsdale will give part of the Important work of the Uttle Helpers Organization, said Miss Du BoD as the leader of the branch should assist with ths get ­ ting started of parents clubs. librar ­ ies In their pariah houses, and if possible Inaugurate e nursing class, so that mothers of young children may be able to attend the church ■services. Every child should be remembered on their birthdays too as children of very tender age re ­ spond quickly to thoughtfulness. A short business meeting was were Injured operating dangerous machines. \PsycbologDt* and phy ­ sicians have proven. ’ ’ Mias Miller stated, \that children must have a change of occupation oftensr than adults, and that thsy tire more easily. Placing children therefore et relentless dangerous machines, takes a deadly toll that U out of all proportion to any gain derived. It Is not worth while for society to tolerate such hazard*.\ The bureau was interested to And out what ths children do with ths money paid them, end how they re-absorb into Industry. It was discovered tbat the money wes often spent casually, on luxur ­ ies or necessities, such es food snd clothing for other children, thus robbing Uu injured child of the ad ­ ditional opportunities for whleh,the benefit* were intended. Naturally introduction Child Study Group Formed In Scarsdale raunity Service, on January A Mrs. Sidney BlUeck will be in charge of the committee which win put on a performance of the Players' recent success. \Aren't We allT\ at Chil ­ dren's House. New Section of Scarsdale Womin ’ i Club Affiliated With National .Child Study Assn In New York. flaf3f»naM «t oftk. n»li sad wfcU- aa d r*W> yeer-lf vitk . delicious Hoot* Cooked Hspyleae* Loscksea. wees oqpksfrem food koegkt ELECTRIC y Irons Clocks A Heaters iV, CONVENIENCE outlet in the wall, a tip Toaster? °* *** ® ngcr “ ** *** cleeTric servants will do Her Exercisers bidding. This year give Her something electrical Wap/tam . ... *e will apptdut ami color *e ddsMd Refrigerators leisure sn Ele ct ric Gift will create. Here are a few Curling Irons .. Vacuum Cbioi WfflOOOM. Washing Machines - . W estchester L ighting C ompany .................. 76* .................. aoc iDlaaer.$l .£0 MUSIC and DANCING AFTSS »!X News in §©ei al .Cit ’ d ©§ of White Plains and Vici nity

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