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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, December 14, 1929, Image 10

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Pink Ash Chance Cleaned COAL WHI^E PLAINS, H. Y. which encircle, the dining room wall In the Wlldey home and which Mr. Wlldey. who possesses to be ­ ing »t leut 73 year sold, end won't •ay bow much more he U, probably earrlee more knowledge of the his- tory and background of Weetchee- tire time,.\ A m the party will be etrlctly limited to 28 member*, the boy* who Intend going are urged to no ­ tify the Scout office at M Depot Plaxa, either by letter or pbooe as soon mm possible. First class and merit badge Scout* will be given As one enters the Wlldey home, one get, the Impression of perms' lienee and solidity unconsciously realised by the atmosphere created by the old furniture with which It has been furnished ever since Mr. Wlldey can remember, and he ad- | mils that that U a long time. The huge grand piano which stands across the room from the great rough stone fireplace Is one of the oldest In the county. Mr. Wll ­ dey does not know how long hie family has had it but It was made In the days when tha diminutive shops catering to the eccentricities of these persons interested In things which our ancestors are alleged to have owned. Much has. been said about them and a great deal ha, been printed about them, but one 1 of the oldest and moat varied col-! lections of genuine antiques In th* county has, so far as la known, to-1 cclved Utile or no atieotlon. He can reel off the history and connections of the early great fam- iu as. such aa the Fowlers, Huestla. Fishers and Crawfords, as glibly as a history teacher does the dates of tha wars of Alexander tha Great He also knows who built tha first Jail In Whits Plains — Incidentally he has the key to that jail and to the court house which stood where the present a tats armory Is. Thoy ara huge, ponderous Iron keys to fit locks made In the eighteenth century. Ha knows who lived on the cor ­ ner of when tha cut ' s biggest store will.also be eligible. The cost of the firs days and four nights In camp will be $7.00 ex ­ clusive of transportation to the Lake Maho_>ac station. It la sug- anclent trcaaur by crass motlv publicity desire Tha man In question ta Caleb Wlldey of Valhalla, member of one of the famlllee which was among : tha earliest settlers between the | Hudson and the Sound north of Manhattan. The family has llvad I for many years In Wastchester end baa accumulated a large and wide- 1 ly varied collection of the poase,- \ alone of the earlier members of the | family and their neighbors, the Indiana. Among the moat Interesting I things In this collection are the relic# of the American Revolution and the Indian tribes which once ruled this section of the country. Mr. Wlldey has a number of genu ­ ine bows and arrows, flintlocks and ■nuzzle loading rifles, bayonets that were used on the Revolutionary rifles, and three huge solid Iron cannon balls which he says were fired In the Battle of White Plain*. Included In this collection are also sevsrsl long-stemmed Indian pipes which mlghl have been smok ­ ed by the taciturn redaklna at peace councils with the whites who lo- vadad the region. Bars Woodcuts Another Interesting addition to lbs prizes which Mr. Wlldey owns Chief Petty Officer Assigned One Dsy Each Week in White Plain* every Wlldey for many years. The wide variety of the Wlldey collection is shown by the fact that a also Include* a large quantity of old dslft and willow-wars dinner sendee*. Then are two oomptoU ••ta. both of them so large that In order to provide mors space In tha dining and living rooms, moet of It wm p. M c M ullen Ornamental Iron and Hand Ported Hardware of Every Period Alto Porch and Stair Ralls Wroutht Iron Gates and Grills 9 Brookfield Sc Phone W. P. 7086 30 Marline Ave., White Plena N. Y. MLTAL WtAlfftX STRIPS metal sauue THE DAILY PSMS. WHITE PLAINS. N. T- iSTUSQAr. 9200 iiildiag Trade Review Dependability' MAHLSTEDTS GUARANTIED S UlLDING HATEAIAL S. FUEL 4/PAIhT k 5 treet ( Depot Plaza ) White Plain* 576 FRANK HORTON BROWN. ARCHITECT S CHURCH STREET PHONE SM LAH YfcJLa BL tLDLNO j BUILDING MATERIAL — COAL Order your coal at once. Don't wait and pay top price*. The safest, cheapaat fuel reduce J your bill 10 to 15 percent by ordering the peer I of coal, Jtddo-Highland and D. L. A W. Poa- I itively 2000 pounds of the higheat grade to the I ton free from dirt I Blue utone and paving brick, varioua colored I stepping stones for driveway and walk*, Cannel 1 COll and seasoned grade wood for open fire- School Nearing Completion 1 BOY SCOOTS J WILL HAVE WINTER CAMP Will Spend Five Days at Lake Mahopac; Seasonal Sport* — Dr. Sowerby To Be in Charge of Activities The Masters School. Dobbe Ferry, is now being closed in. Levine Iron Works, Inc., Yonkers, handled the steel fabrication, for the Turner Construction Company of New York, general contractors. Treasure House of Antiques Contains Revolutionary Guns, Indian Relics and Delft Ware Caleb Wilde). Valhalla, Ha* urr several woodcut engraving, U V „d Varied ciuaie. 2SAJS55TK 'Sr,£; of „f *r..eh„. «* syssx surra ler s Early Settlers; Bible * not l' fr shows his death, with hi* •>-n v m i family and the leaders of th* Revo- -OO tears Ulu. lutlon gathered around him a* he --------- -- .lay In slate before burial. Theee By Ben U. Carroll pictures have been carefully framed Antique collectors are numerous «ujd bang on th* walls In Mr. Wll- fashionable Westchester and 1 expensive Putnam Valley Lumber and Supply Corporation Lumber, Builders^ Supplies, Mason ’ s Material, Coal Elasford. H. Y. IMI fm th* Mtaid* of yavr bom witUri ir o wswi oBcs to occupants. ESTIMATES VTJXXISHED WITHOUT OBLIGATION Home Insulation Co., Inc. 12I-US Vssteonfaad A t *. Tri. White Plains 5700 ENGINEERS and SURVEYORS We have th* record of your prop erty In Westcbeslsr County carefully mod* and prsaarvsd by J. Horny Carpenter, at (1871-1929) J. HENRY CARPENTER & CO. US Mala Mr***. WMts Ftalaa Tat. W. F. M w M. T. Tsi. Verkfn II A full line of Fireproof Building Mst*rill« c. G. SWACKHAMER 90 Westmoreland Ave. Tel. 565-866 BLUE PRINTS 14 Fisher Lane and Architects E^urpmam Art Maul Stool Oftc. E^uipmoot CORNELIUS HUNT 199-301 Main Street Bor Building T#L W. F. 41M White Plains N. Y t- lArLOfL Pus. 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