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IHE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27.1929. I FINANCIAL NEWS — STOCK MARKET REVIEW ' ■ ■ ■ ■ -------- — ........ ................. .... ■ — -*y-~ - - - .............. ...... ................................. — — ■ Dealings Newark Stocks BUSINESS RECORDS OF WESTCHESTER COUNTY Gen Mot ..... _ Gen Outdoor Adv. CU r.lmhfl Rrm 47 | Reyn Tob R 17 \i |Rtc Grand* Oil 14 -I Rears Roebuck 39<j | Shell Un Oil HO STATUS 1NDUSTRIAB .AU'Olini. COMPANY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL 6.7 Sinclair Oil 95 South Pac . ID | South Rail B y WAT, ’ TUT7 A HAX.LGRTM Gl North pf 87^ ]Gt .North Ore Cts 100'i Howe Sound . - Berlin 'Ur» — Thrre Is n land ­ lord in Berlin who absolutely re- fueee to let tenant* bring cheat* with them Into hi* apartment*. Hr ha* gone to court to a*k (or per ­ mission do eject a (amity that, be allege*, ha* hem harboring an all too qctlv* eplrlt in their room*. According to popular report, not only undented by the (amlly but actually confirmed by the (amlly paator. the ghost I* that n( an unci* of. eleven-year-old Lucy Re- gulskl, the only person now alive to whom the apparition ha* ap ­ peared. Other member* of the family, however, have heard Ibe noises made by the unearthly fel ­ low during hi* nocturnal call* upon • hi* niece, and year* ago. it i* aaid. Lucy* grandmpth* recently deceased * Family ghost* re building Inspiration 77S jStudebaker And** Copr __ Alch Top A San 71 >4 | Timk« Kr**ge R S' -113W M*ek motor fur * k nnd eo! r». The company '■pc eJ»rh P )n Tlll- rallfornla. New It aleo ha* point* and. Calumet Mo Par Monty Wi «AH i nils Pow A Lt A 54 | Warner Bro* net 17J ’ i I We*tinghou*» Air 74 U : Westing house EJ : 47 Wjllv* fever 3d>9 , 77>oIworth F 'V 23'»; Vefo Truck A Ch Nat Cash Reg | Nat dairy Trod Nat_Pow. N«i rims\ ___ ; IN X. Central . N 7\ N HAH. HELD UP about 4d- r*r rent of th* total in ­ state*. Net income for 11*7$ amounted to L3.703.lft6 Thl* compared with J3.iril.98n in 1937 nnd $976,193 In 1936 The gain wu due to higher ! alcohol price* There t* no funded deht. Capital I clock outstanding consl*'* of 371.- Whctb of Justice in City Court Retarded By Voluble Valhalla pel !l Ion possessing ; Pan AfhB _ ..._. Para F»m Laaky Tenn R R . ........... Phillip* Pet ___ Georgia Cram. Maple street, Vai- . hall*, seriously reduced the spyed of the wheels pf justice In Ofy N Owrt this morning, when she appeareiCto Corn Prod ---------- ; Curtis* Wright Til Pont De Nems El Bnr ---------- 74S! Goldman Sachs Tdg 77 S I Niagara A Hlidson row . ’ \■npieyr >»ej ran n- very disturbing a* apparently they have been in the case of Uncle P.r- gulskl. The landloM argue* thi\t the ReguLkl* must have known of the existence of this ghost before they moved In because It had once called upon the grandmother. It la hi* contention lhat II* occasional presence In Lucy* bedroom, hip more especially the effect that, It* presence there hn» had on neigh ­ borhood opinton.'will result In d*. aniwrr r bargee of driving without an operator ’ slicense and of pawing a 'ruffle light eet red against, her. After much voluble and lengthy ex ­ planations she produced a llrensa nmf 'that charge wu dismissed. After mtlch Involved and detailed explanation she pleaded guilty to the charge-of passing the light and tha Judge suspended sentence. She j was urged out. of th* court morn hy ! court attaches In order ttfta lb* ses ­ sion might be resumed. 1. 1939. total M3J37.M3, Reading , Stan OH lnd Unld Lt * Pew ' Utilities -Pow & Appraisals Of County Estates A motion to vacate a, notice of examination before trial In the libel action brought against. PeUr V. j Hatpin and Hsnry iJonnrlly K*r- «*y,tif Ossining. |jy Joseph Barrett, [ also of Ossining, was heard before j Supreme Court Justice Frank L. ; Young lodsy. He reserved decision. I amounted Her Husband La Official Advisor to King of England LAWYER FINDS 'PORTRAIT OF WIFE AT 16 The following report* were filed today by James J. Firming, ap ­ praiser for WestHiVster County In the Surrogate's office in White : Plains: Annie K. Noyes. Port Ch**tsr. dlfdvOclober 34. 1939. estate ap- praleed at $14,732.40 Marie J. Walters, rurena**. .lied July 9. 1938. estate appraised at I $4,366.33. I Rose Snyder. Hastings, died I Augur' 8. 1939. estate appraised at desirability of his apartment* ns living quarter* and thus also even ­ tually lower the maskel value of the building. Ju*t to play safe, in th* event that there really are no such things as ghdst*. h*.included in-hls petition another plea in which he' assert* that the entire affair is < probably a hoax upon th\ part of tha Family Regtilskl. jhat the ghost ha* been invented by them for unexplained but 'nevertheless feel* he 7s being damaged ami he want* to (lump ' the BeguUkls, (hoat and all.' out Into the street. Meanwhile spiritualist* and other persona learned In the ways of manes and wraiihs have been co ­ operating with the Kegulskl* in trying to lay low the secret of thl* WILLS FILED IN WESTCHESTER DiiuvMMnu-njutt.vn mil W>'K.-TW,ST-Tmi W UUl ‘WCWfiECrWNffSTOaS — JMQUOUU INVITED — T». Ttrrl.i baby this afternoon Michel ­ le Plains. Trial of the rhaige* of ^jductlon brought against Nicholas Lurks. 2.7. .76 Cedar place. Rye. by the father or 16-year-ottf-Dorothy M Hyler. 37 ’ » :I iiiu *U s ui av em city. Was' adjourned uniTp* ber SO, when I.usita war. ari •before Judge William Grog Court this.morning. According lo the complaint Lu- elta is charg.d with having enticed the girl to run away with him. last. August. Police sal' this morning lh at they were married hut that report could not b- verified W Idle .Glance in Shop Winili Reveals Picture ; Where ­ abouts Was Unknown County Court Order* rle- Chukx.dfl North Division Pceksklll. authorized to act ­ ion for .$150 against William j ad'lree* not given, signed 'by I lek P. Close. Counly Judge. ! Sarah T. Ilogan b T. Hogan. 1.7 Woodbine - I.archmont : died Jjbptem- VWHnteg a Cherry.- • Jo _A Christmas present which he ( purchased for himself And which he prite* far above any other re- ! j ceived this year la today In the I home of. former District Attorney ! Arthur Rowland in Yonker*. It began C.hri*!mas l^v# when i the former counly official was [ ■hopping-In New York City.' At! 46th street and Sixth avenue he' paused Idly to glance Into a win-1 dow. Thjtn he gasped at' a por- : Irak of hi* wife, done when she was ' 16 years old. He went and bough! 1 FINANCE YOUR RADIO THRU US A Real Financial Service Fdr^The Customer I'oodblt In 1921 the cily fathers or Ihe municipality of Garts decided they wanted a new bridge to span the River Oder. They let out the con ­ tracts for erection of n modern and substantial span -that wan lo stand the fixing of hall hy the Supreme Court APPOINT TEMPLETON Town Clerk Norman <5. Temple ­ ton wu appointed seglstrar of vital i slut 1st Ir* for the (own of Green- j burgh for 1930 at tho meeting of ! the town hoard yesterday. Miss j Gertrude Rhean was appointed dep- uly registrar. WHITE PLAINS DISCOUNT CO.. Inc. Larehmont. \Thu. picture Is now mlne. isn It?\ he asked the shop keeper. \Certainly?* - ■Then I'll tell you.\ said Ro» land, \that it-4* a portrait of m wife and I would have /paid le times ” what yoITaSKM “ — — “ — \If 1 had known It was yoi wife 1 would have been happy t present you with the jiiclurc. ' ri torted the shopkeeper. The whereabouts since It wr ' painted remain a mystery to th Tlsu laud family since this 1* th first time It ha* been In their fin \ton. Th* former .district attorne town It *111 remain a family hell construction was begun and in April, 1936. the tnsV. was complet ­ ed. Six months ’ later the bridge, with a fearful sound appropriate to tha crashing of timbers a nd steel. collapsed. Thereupon the city fathers surd the builders and now lha builtftro are trying to defend themselves by blaming th>- fish that once swam the River Oder. Numerous expert witnesses have -b**n assembled lo testify In beholf! of the defense. Ifl a preiimlnafy | hearing these engineers and chem ­ ist* asserted that tha collapse’ was : attributahl- to the weakening of! some of th* piles upon which the I bridge rested. Th* piles, they con-j tlnued. had been materially affect ­ ed by a change In the chemical elr- J roents in the water and thlaehAngej had In turn been brought about by the death and decaying of a greni ] number of fish that had been killed j during the flood of 1926 [ dresa-unknoi r£r deceased and members Asking $390 a week alimony and ■ 52.500 rounse] fees. Mrs Mary C. . Ga Nun. 1440 Midland avenu*. ! Yonkers, entered suit for separation from ller husband. 'l>r. Gordon <!a j Nun, prominent Yonkers nnd Bronx- ! vlHr dentist, before Justice PreniU 1. Young, who reserved (leclslop. ' Th* young wife alleges cruelty, which began about two iionthaj after their marnage and lhat dur ­ ing th* honeyptoon he repeatedly 1 raid h* did not love her. Mrs. Gai Nun left her husband October 38.' returning Roller father, a prominent j Jamaica L. I.lphyslclan and lias not ; Viscountess Dunedin, wife of Vis­ count Dunedin. King George's moit trusted advisor in official and'pri ­ vate matters. Her husband has served as Solicitor-General, Secre ­ tary and Lord Advocate of Scotland. KjiKtc.lu personal Northrup. I venue ~~Mt.| ; property, bmmests: May daughter. .7 fkiutll Ifi ’ .h i Vernon $IW; Irene Dl___ ... White Plains road. Eastcnestea, niccr..$lflO. Caile Dlosend, sam*. nice*. $100. Albert and Georg* Nor- thrnp, South Kill avenue, grand- MR8. MILLER ENTERTAINS !. Harold J. Whalen. New | City, forfeited $10 bell for a; ranee In City Court here thl* i Ing on a charge of speeding. Flor- Park For Apartments Are Constantly ( Scanning The Classified Columns For The Apartment They Want To Rent . . . . . [HE WORLD AT Bv GLUYAS Lillian Hlrech. Mount Vernon. Late News Dispatch Victim Choked. Slabbed anti . Burned; VO Dave For PayRlTTC — Jsxfwr. — tu tored . Afr Westmoreland avenue, was sent ­ enced lo serve 30 days In tha coun ­ ty penitentiary by Judge William Gray In City Court thla morning, on conviction of a charge of aasault In the third degree. According lo the complainant. Dudley Terry-; also colored, 7 Water street. Jasper had choked him. stabbed him In the neck and pany t 256 them up ai Your Advertisement There Will Reach a Large and Responsive Audience . . 1 Toklo. Dec. 37 (UP) — Afler ,* j meeting of th* cabinet council I Baron Rhidehaia announced • that Great Britain and the United Staler had not accepted Japan ’ * proposal of a 10-10-7 naval ratio and- Its rerommandatlona In collection with the undersea fleet. flttlra during altercation yesler- Buffalo, day, Terry was Derated at the While Plain* Hospital for bis In ­ juries and released. John Johnson. 26 Grove street •** given a suspended sentence of *1 d*y* lw the penitentiary on con ­ viction of a chajjtr of disorderly- conduct .brought against him by Frank Oraon. 158 Central nvenu*. Orson, who Is a cab driver, said that he took Johnson as a passeng ­ er In- his cab and that- Johnson re ­ fused to pay the fare of onn dollar. BELL ’ S LABORATORY BURNS Two coast guardsmen stood Idle in] front of a barge terminal building while Eugene F. Downey. Jr. eus- pected rum runner, was -alowly dying from lo*a of hlood. Stephen Corotty, Buffalo city police lieu ­ tenant testified today at the In ­ quest Into Downey s death. Smith ’ * Grove. Ky . ’ Dec. 27 iUP> Ah airplane was 'summoned from Louisville today to augment the search for three ballditji who con ­ cealed themselves In a woods nenr IMy-s after robbing a bank at Oak ­ land, aiwf killing a local bank pres ­ ident when, he If led to intercept! the«V...|W* ' 1 'fttEAKURY BALANCE Washington. Dec. 27 (UP) Trass-1 Jirx.mJaUn«j» JfcgBhgrj* PHONE THAT DPEADED TIME WHEN YOU CAN'T THINK UP ANY MORE EXCUSES AND HAVE TO SIT pOWN AND WRITE TO ALL YOUR RELATIVES TO THANK THEM \TOR YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS- WHITE PLAINS 9200 Haverhill. Mas*.. Dec. *7 (UPl- Alexander Graham Bella first tele ­ phone laboratory, a barn, was d* s ’ royed last night In a $50.1*90 flrr • r - m?5 •?« •27 ‘ 20 15 .9*5% /] i IL ' ,vi *»

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