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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, December 27, 1929, Image 9

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^tSOOiCLVivi ISASIsfeAU. £LUI2 Battle Between Ri.-ko and -Griffiths Expected to. Pro-, vide Sharkev Opponent. The Hooks and 'butted It out to f Yale. , J CTarenre |i»ur>. Jr. of llor e Mann StnwV 6 7. 7 5, ale*? nr Aaron Miller of Baltimore elimi itnl another seeded entrant when ■ triumphed over Ben CMben of e Wtlmlnglnn • Pel i High School hile Nathaniel Thayei Wichrop Bouton ««> put otn in the initial DIVOT DIGGERS--Free Professional Advice Bv DICK DORGAN _____ ------------ — - 1 ----------- i yELEPHONE 9200 TIIE DAILY PK^SS. U HITE PLAINS, N. V.. FRI DAY. DECEMBER 27,1929. T nxnotn 9200 SPORTS Park Hill Players of Yonkers Defeat County Sanitary Commission Local Five Beaten After HEBARD LOSES Leading In First Half TENNIS MATCH BY DEFAULT WEAKENING??? Game Played at Post Road School Yesterday; White Plains Team Desires More Games. T HE Westchester County Siwiilnr> Commission lost close game to the Park iI ill team of Yonkers yesterday at the Post Road school in basketball. 27-o — This local team whs leading at half lime but could not cope with the attack of their opponents later on. The Commission .boys are one of the teams in live city league. They haw losttjvo games and won one in that league so far. They jtutt-organized a DIRECTORS OF GIANTS FIGHT OVER MONEY m \reused uf Dnert- mb I-Jr Hi. Own Be. ilh rhuiinp\ Cn. Thr Nnti-di.U Juliet Indoor ■ i. rhampluitalilp tournament. with I ir.xinl bmif.'infc nuf ’ dici of con eetanie taking pan. inrini at the th Regiment ytnoev -yesterday. it umntoinipte.- titufir i mn Thiriy-two oirvivprs lourney al rh* round ..f \jky Thr tour- I undri uwfy al 10 o'clock r.trrda;. morning and continued T1LDEN ENTERS FRENCH TENNIS Boxing Bits gus uhlmann close Matches Bowled Last Nigh t In League I Miss Five and Bucks Just Manage to Nose Out L-- Opponents By Small Margin in One £ame. T WO close matches were rolled last night in the Reporter bowling league. The Missing Five won two out of three from the Hooks when they took the last game by three pins. The Title Company lost two out of three to .the Elks Bucks when they dropped the first game by one pin. None of the scores were particularly high, but the contests were close, and interesting. Thr Buck* look thing* easy for AADAUAJ DAIIT ! the flr * ‘ two ** m,a and ,btn Vliilll/Ijll DU u I eloped down by rolling the hlgb- r*t acme of the evening. Even at ' TANTALIT M X V tbal theT,u * C6m p»°y not f*r . 1 UJlWn 1 lllfl I I behlnd tor'In that name game they ^**7 I came through l roll the i I highest game and were only a few pin* away from their rivals. ' Bole* rolled 219. which was high. Herb»t had the highest three game e Miaaing Five e last pin. It only because, of the sudden slump of H. Tumure as nnetior , _ _ i man on the Hook* that the Missing Another of Madison Square Gar- p, vo ab ,«. Bu . (h „ den * perennial heavyweight ellml- , Genung fell down Just as badly for nation conleet* will be staged to- the Missing Five, night with Tuffy Griffith* of 8 lou* I • The scores City. la., and Johnny Risko, of] TlUr Company ^ --- 219 171 167 — 551 190 — 543 194 — 531 163-513 J6S-518 902 2662 Pictorial Golf Instruction H> H B, Martin Field Selorted for 600 Yard Race Will Compete in Covered Court — I Championships and Then al Wim- ! | bledon and EUcwhere. Rig Bill Tlldeii, In the midst of | inteone training, for the French covered rotirt* championships npeo- ’ mg »l Paris today, paused long : ' enough to outline his tennis plans • f*-r ..mine campaign* nnd rci'ci- *1 will nn- play Pavia Cup tennis ■ any more but 1 do intend to coin- • pete in the French hard rourt and the Wimbledon Chniriplunehspe. Tihlen fund Tllden served a. ruptain of the American fnrcee m las- year • un- ■ »urcea»ful atrempr h/i the Dane a'up from the French defenders and <vns named for ihe 1! ‘ 30 squad Tllden writ leaVirTfor the n: Monte Carlo Cannes and Nice petition and will pan with Charles Kingsley of England m Ihe dou Cleveland a* headliners. ' | Boles __ Despite the fact that Griffith* I Rena ---------- 159 194 was eliminated rather decisively a I ~\V — * 5 ® year ago through a one-round ’ Rlrauo — N^-I.' m 173 knockout by James J. Braddock. I Sahre -------- — 1168 182 mediocre New Jersey light heavy- , weight and that Risko has been | Totals — 881 879 eliminated. ” the bout Is expected to I Buck* draw a near capacity houae. - Eleh ______ . ,. R laJ , According lo the \ballyhoo ” the Shani 163 . wi liner will be In a position to do- Ba|1 ' _ __ mtnd a bout with Jack Sharkey Brlant , _ ~ 1S1 billed at Miami Beach in February'- uchreeke 133 The Miami bout supposedly will be B(rbat . 196 m the semi-final of the Tunney-Mul- ; •toon trophy tournamea^hdth the ka- winner meeting Max Schtnellng of j _ ___ Germany. „ 1 'Actually the only chance for one I ' of tonight's contender* *to secure ! Maurbach. _ 177 138 .the match with Sharkey Is for Ferris ----- - 173 146 Griffiths to score an early and sen- Rrutschy - 180 142 eat Iona! victory over Risko. Mad!- Gcnung - 167 21 f ; son Square Garden officials realize Bent . . 167 134 Tony . that Risko would not be a good , Demetropo ------- drawing card for their Miami ------ , „ and unless Griffiths turps In s : Totals 884 .. will meet Jose Martinez. -Spa- Kaock „ m violory plan lo build up HrM f-aiherwelght. In the feature . Vittorio Campolo as an opponent round bout at Olympia A. C. for Sharkey. . “ or \ “ ------- }!j r.rrow nighi. Griffiths Is quoted as an 8 to 5 — ~ favorite to defeat Risko tonight. all of hU IS hntlte a. -------- *•. H. Turnure 195 209-539 -163 144— 317 195 — 563 174 — 457 , 205-591 He has won all of hla 13 bouts New Yolk. Dec 27 tUPt — Harry a heavyweight, ten oF t^rgni by Hankev. fcaiticrsdeight champion of knockouts. None of hla kayo vic- 1 he •National Guard, nnd Georgia', tints rate highly and his only out- Gold Derg of Brownsville, meet to- , standing triumph as a heavy 10- round main event at - a 10 -round victory-over Paulino Us- j yurt ago but later met numerous lu 6 th infantry Armory. Brook - ' cudun. _ ' defeat*. Including a knockout at the Risko waa the outstanding sue-1 hand* of Max Sehmellng. and now ------ cess of the •'elimination tourney\ is regarded as a \trial horse\ for r'.agcd by the late Tex Rickard two ! younger fighter*. Pec 27 (UP) Mid- ( lamplcti Mickey Wal)v ' fur Reinstatement of j 1 ■ New York hbxtpc license within I .• next rt-w days, he announced | ••stenlay. Walker hopewxto eeaura I .1 mission lo meet the winner of ' ii. t.irthccimlng taro Lom*kl-Maxle ) nbloom llgh't-hekvywelght eon-' ■ -1 . whcdulod for Madison Square lardnn on January 24. Captain of Pennsy ’ s Ice Team 1 Boy&' High Team . . Is Given Dinner I To,Try to Stretch Winning Streak Adonis oi Kansas iinrverstt v G am pus : I Rnv.' HIoR New York. Dee. 27 (UP)-Charley n of the 102nd Medical Regl- II. won a ten-round decision 1 .Inch Sharkey of the 11th In-, try «if Philadelphia In the manl i n* at the 102nd Regiment Ar- . :y last night Nelson weighed i eleven. * wa« held |n-t night 126 pound* and Sharkey 127. Benny 1 1 Tnnv's Rentaurani. Brooklyn, with Brltl, 120, of the 111 th Infantry of I hb person* prent Dr. Tosnet Philadelphia, outpointed Freddy fanjtl > n.ivi-ei ..f the team pr. Raymond. 120. of the 14th Infantry. | «iile*i a- r hint mar. while pronun In (he eight round semi-final. 1 en* among thr Honored guest* who -poke Were Pr Colllgan, ‘ principal uppy lie* \\* a( llu>* llig.i Buck Freeman, basketball conch at Bt. John's Col- rherever 11 lie. 'lege. Dr. Gordon, of the New York] rlnter we hav • • — — — — — , _ SIatP Boxing Commiwlon; \Tut\ ..■.a. — -hf.i.1,1 hr mure accurate oiiU \5Iaggio of Colgate, leader of the mg up^or im , 4JU|1| . n hll | nni .rl Teiiir liTTSTB.^mnd ' \John — Rutkus, e choo.e. I winter golf ,* \not always ., car-ain for 1929. the course and' pleasuie, hut it ■* good practice and . in making atjteTpF - skf somrtnfopm. w-e even whale away]should u»e il and certainly our 1 another eeaai Capt. EJ. P. O ’ Reilly, of Mount Vernon, N. Y., who beads this year’ s hockey team at the University of a prepare for

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