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| fc.UO'ttONIS 9200 92UU THE DAIL\ PRESS, Vk HITE PLAINS, N. Y., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1929. ‘ Coe ’ s Five Loses to Valhalla Big Five Team in Last Second of Play LEAGUE MEETINGS j There waa noth! nj?55Ra startling | nature to be observed In the Junior j ! single* yesterday.- Two more of the needed player* went out of the com ­ petition. namely, W. G. Mundy. of Tale Unlvaralty, and Richard Solo- ! moo, of Brown University. Ralph [G. Wolf, of Evander Child a High ' School, defeated Mundy in straight sets, 7 — 5, 6 — I, while young Hugh \Lynch of Pingry School, took the meaaura of Solomon at 6 — 4. 4 — 6, | 6 — 3. In each case the echoolbdy • proved auperior to the coleglan. The two top-fleavy favorites. Wll- | Uam Jacobs, of Baltimora City Col­ lege. and Sydney Beligson. of New [York University..seeded No. 1 and ! No. 2, respectively, came through | their third-round matches without ; the semblance of trouble. Jacobs. , In the top half, defeated Emanuel j Karber by 6 — 3. 6 — 1, and Sellgson ■ put out H. G. Kelley, of the Bren*.! — - - -------------- - ---- ,, by 6 — 1. 6 — 1. ' at by defeating H. E. R. Donovan, of Ford ham Prep Providence. R. L. at Pictorial Golf Instruction Totals.. Lake Kiilfinali Club and St. | Nicholas Team to Play To ­ day and Tomorrow. DY RESTS ON LEFT FOOT AT FINISH OF CORRECT FOLLOW THROUGH l our Agree to Stipulation in Raft-ball League For Next Spring. There will be no coaching from j , the bench In the Columbla-Prlnr- ton awl Yale-Prlnceton Eastern In-1 tcrcollwltlat* league baseball games ; | nr*t spring. Dr. Charles W. Krn- j ! n*<iy. chairman of the board of ath- j | letlc control of Princeton Unlver- ! l .ally, announced today that both Co-1 Tumbla and Yale had accepted the I l proposal made by Princeton to | members of the league to place |h* ’ players upon their own self-tell- ! he swing; . resting ■ Jim Jeffries ’ Heavyweight Prolegt mouth, Princeton. Clsr Williams and St. Paul. York. Dec. 2* (UP> — WII- 1 icob* of Baltimore and Sid- Ugson of.New York were | a for the championship a* ' irth round of the national Junior tentur championship nem opened today. Jacobs llgson. seeded flrsl and sec- WEiCFT ' nedv said: \Believing that one of ] the great benefits that should corne . ; to an undergraduate from particl-; [patlon In sport. Is the development i ; of Initiative, self-dependence and re- ' i sourcefulness In meeting and solv-1 i Ing the various problems which 1 i arise in the course of an athletic: largely of former The teams will L K. C. _ iSktpton ___ \The reprraentxuvq* of Prince- ( mn on the executive committee of! the Eastern Intercollegiate Base-1 hall League at the June meeting of j that committee extended a formal invitation to all other members off Karfock the league to play their baseball; ••Princeton ’ s Invitation has since [been accepted by Columbia and| .Yale Universities, and their games 'with Princeton In the season of] i 133 0 will be played u nder this pol-1 \Tcy. Other - members ~at~ tTuTTeagur \ i have expressed a sympathetic In-1 possible that one-or njore of- rriav ultimately decide to appl this experiment, and It policy In ThetneAg-.u MV VADITV — l CAkJ'T PASS'A UJHA'rS' ^ VOOf? UHAWVJES?, V PRO ? THAT Aik/r VAkJiT/ THA-rP , IHAGlUATlOw Ml (2 COR i -JITHO u T/ S'!X&PIUG- To ADMIRE - MV ' ) Franco Gwtrgrtti ‘ (left) and Gerard Debaeu, the crack Belg.xr oc mMn a t ion. ai they finished the strenuous ltfi-hour grind to ta tsrnatiosal six-day bicycle race at Madison Sjuaro t;.-.,drn veterans of Use track led lh* whirling ‘ field of the amid 1 , best • T * r tnaet- C /A b, ‘ C rmd. and as the riders entered the final hom Eddie Stipo Shoots Last Goal Just Before Whistle Losers Are Ahead Up to Last Few Minutes But Fail to Net Several Easy Shots for Basket. S TAGING a determined rally in the closing ’ minutes of their game with the Coe Five of White Plaids, the Valhallft Big Five basketball team picked up ten points and won the game in the last second of play. 29-28, when Eddie Stipo emerged from a misup and slipped in the last basket. It was a close, hard-fought game all through with the Coes leading by a slight margin most of the time. The time wan played at the Val *' halls school gym. \ i-iugh than u»ua! Both trams suf- For a urn. it l«.k«d Ud for th. •* Valhalla team a. they let down an., i he Coe's players had several-pasy ahNld _ Then Raven got Info action i ihe basket, wlth.no Big . with two -Hulls.made. Thaevpepped LOMSKI MEETS R0SENBL00M NEXT FRIDAY 1 Fighter Wlm ;Vjmo»l ‘ Defeat ­ ed Lougltrun to Take on Elite hi? Light Heavyweight A WINTER ’ S SUPPLY GUS UHLMANN o go Into a kail toward jtm - ... .... ...... ...... , ihe end of thr game which looked j Valhalla speeded up -the play »afo until Raven staged a rally by , Ackerly made a basket that put sinking two foul*. »S Five_ onlyjne joint behind Only ■\■ISJSK'.SP ’ T *' “ -'•half of the game Campbell had a \« ht “ “ r dear shot at the basket from close ; -Stoughton the most ' range with no Valhalla player near] for the CmJj-trnm though him and mined. -Other, on - the i ben was only one point behind Dim. team did the same (hint. They ’ Campbell rook the most shots but ueff too sun of iharnxclw •: ami .could not make them all good. An- uffered In th* end. '•«» « core ' 1 *«v «» for , » ’ r Coe a while the guards did not maku one. They Plgbt For Baskets were busy keeping the Big Five TnwaValhalla players fought lot . from scoring and worked well moat thalr baskets at the guarding*! the of the tune- They burned most of C, ™ M. *« -n. player* let thtii hard earned pom:* . ?hr ,,|, >inc ; h c forwards which •o by th* board when they left let the game for the Coes, their own basket practically fan- ! Raven aod., Ackerley were the guarded and allowed their rivals to . high scorsr* for the Big Five. They n <!..!. unm.l,»lpJ ..ver.l time. wh#n basket* resulted { „ hol , od m . de nln , pom,* *„ The first half was close sn.l b ft, hfr Fred Stipo was guard dm! The score Was 16-13 »■ 'he end of • wnrkfd we || «„ h th* rest of tV play In favor of-the Coe ’ s There i , rBm bul dld nol lry for an y b as- Leo Lomski. the Aberdee sin. the fellow who almost light heavyweight championship j from Tommy LoughVan about a year ago cornea back to Madison ! Square Garden td display his fistic j wares again. Till? time it will t)V j against .the elusive Maxi* Rosen -I bloom, the man with a -thousand I nehes and pext^ Friday night l* ' ■ nt •- :.. ’ •, \ - It's a mighty close thing between ' Leo and Maxle. They met three j time* before and It ’ s even up with them now. Once Leo got at deci ­ sion and then Max gat one and the third was a draw Maybe not Jus: In tl^l order but that ’ s the way th<- acme stand*, and this ten round Bing should be *n Interesting thing There i* no' one whom Maxtr Roscnbloom leaped* more than the Aberdeen man. He Is' actually train ­ ing for . this mill- believing that it will strengthen his claim to being called the Ugh*, heavyweight cham ­ pion Up at Orupp's the eccentric Maxle >1* going thropgh hi« paces, -harpemr.g hi* punching power* und Is talking about removing that stigma that he Is only a slapper. Ixuuski. too. Is at work, training at Btlllman'i, and by a conclusive victory over Rosenbloom believes (hat he will get Mickey Walker In the latter's tclutn to New York rings- Howie Keegan. Wl football star, played ror me »n Five and was all over tb* floor. H r-.sde no pom'i*bui hi* playltflT wi a big factor In the gam* Die summary Rig rt*e In fad, that Walker match ). the ling which Is the Incentive to the »o battlers They know that It means a rich house and besides Plains High . m.at a victory over the Ritmeon Bulldog woukl make them bigg< • uJ . “ • That started the Coe ’ s dropped a abort one In and a third ! O was, made before the Big Five could • 11 An*en. rf 3 rally. — The Coe's were getting the Campbell If . .._ 4 tump on their rival* and taking the dtoughum. c * ..6 ball away from them all over the Sebor. ig __ _____ _ fi floor. They had much faster par. Meeker, lg . O work when they used It and thr djevens, c ........ . - . 0 latter could rot stop the attack. Total* . ______ 13 When the Bt : Five went duwn to guard their basket, the forwatdi TEAM IN CONTEST Will Play Return Gsme al Ouiniag mam With U* Tea Beat Them Last Week. Which C oe'S If Lead . The third quarter ended Coes atlH one poi nt , a head. Raveoi made a bask.-- while Campbell sed several. The blonde demon from - — — — Valhalla dta rauen to keep hi* uui. Ttur Soccer Club of White TT»iu> in the running. 'rill play a return game with the Stoughtob sank one .la* eevesal u.vlnlns ttxrn tomorrow al Oesin- wsre missed right after that by, * n K Last Sfcndsy the local club both aides. Ackerly had a free to«» “ *» beaten by this same t?am 4 — 1 bul It failed to go through Can$- ! OMimr.g lead* the Uagur and have *-II ahot with no one naar him and [ a \ rrj .. ............ attractions wherever they would Matchmaker Tom McArdle ha., ' too tide! out a supporting card > which should prove attractive. Thr | snml-finat of ten rounds between , , (George Courtney, the Oklahoma hoy ; and Harry Rniith. who won the > i colored middlaWfetglit champion-: ship from Jack McVey a few! week* ago should be a hummer. I Two great hitters are these fellow., and they'll probably be betting that - •he bout dors not go the limit.; ’ Smith lx one of'the greatest punch- - i ers among ihe colored tighter * ; etnee the days of Joe Walcott. The opening ten should be good *bo Just bea( Ana?. Dlvadt anil 8cb< ' ' Reilly. ____ the. beet of the tM Hchoot-pf boxers ’ boy. Marty .lotdman tn a six roun<l bout, whiic four. Rummy Binder meets Sammy FortlitaJ FAVORITES WIN Then Stoughton made an ' otner goal ncht sfirr ft\» i*p off j i ■•■ roccer Few foul* wei* called during Hie! ' The team evening as the refereeing was vetyi Hall n: 12: looae, whloh made the gam* more • :ng from il \tfallauers Drop Qame to Centrals But Keep Lead Bus Bar* Win Two From Bache ’ s in Other Game in Tourney; Campbell RolU 240. W ALLAUERS lost a game to the Centrals last night but they still retained the lead of the Reporter bowling league by a comfortable margin. The Bus Bars topk two from the Baclte team, but dropped one the same way. the Waiiauers did, in the l^st game. The Centrals shot into the lead in the last game when Campbell went wild and rolled a 240 game after having started out with a 143 score. That, and the fair rolling of the other players boosted the {ota! to almost a hundred pojnts above that of their rivals. This game was also the highest of the evening's playT ' * ’ Cooke hit the highest Individual r l with 876 for the three games. rolled an even 200 for'the first and almost as high for the othera. Tho Ba'che team found themselves In the final game against the Bus Bara and tolled a much higher game than they had before. Ul ­ rich started them ofr with a 225 score and Meyers clipped 203 to help along. The Bus Bara were not expecting this and lost by M points. Curiously,enough, the two teams ! which came from behind in th* last play in th? annual Junior and b6y*jgmm eto win. defeated their rival* national Indoor tennis tournament ] by the same number of points. B9. In New York. The Junior* played : It waj not a case of the other the third round of their singles tcams r alumplng but a case of them schedule, nixteca matches In all. (getting better all of a sudden, with eight of the sixteen contestants j Waiiauers still remaining \outsiders.\ that la 'Johnson . ........ 178 172 170 820. u ns ceded players. In/the boys' , Frayer . _ __ 201 176 153 530 singles, with eight player* seeded In ■ Harmon _ ‘ j ____ f 194 163 154 517 the starting field of iixtyflv*. three j Hardy - ----------- 186 207 170 563 of these eight were eliminated be-1 Sharpe ________ 135 168 140 413 for* the third round had been com- j -------------------------- pleted. I — Totals ........ ....... S34 887 817 2598 In spite of ths utmost efforts of! -Centrals the tournament committee yester- Malanev -------- 182 153 158 483 I day,, the schedule was badly ' Campbell -------- 143 165 210 548 [crippled. It had been planned tc? Cooks __ L ___ 200 192 184 576 cut the - Junior singles down to the!Carter ------- ; — 169 166 172 507 [ round of eight and to make eonsld- j Dando — 160 T56 162 478 i erable headway In the double* Ip ------ ------ -- ------- ; — ' order to complete the tournament j Totals ___ — 824 832 916 2572 on Tuesday, aa originally scheduled. | _ But all this went for nought, due | ’ n \* “ * n ‘ »\ to the length, to which the boys ’ ; ------- . *« Jg J»J Jg * Motts ______ _ 159 123 187 441 Sharpsatr ------- - 134 194 139 467 \• ------- 159 187 170 516 k European Bike Stars Who Won the Six-Day Race j The Y. M. C. A. basketball team \ will go to Mount Vernon tonight ’ to try to defeat that team in the county Y. U. C A. league Same. (So far the team lias lost both to Yonkers and Tarry town but they expect to put up a fight tonight and come home on the long end of the PRO HOCKEY RESULTS — ICic.nauunal league -------------- Windsor 6: Toronto 2. Detroit 2: Niagara Fall* 1 Jefiriet of the ttrongett btairyusigbt tr. ring ttill old ring ahhip and fanout punch Ht is giving a Albert M otto . for the heavyweight title. DIVOT DIGGE7.S —Tough on the Pro By DICK DORGAN VA KUCltO bdV ^ coeAMjfer? yalkhjg - Asour hogj G ood mv . v GoLP is» r

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