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THEDA11.Y I'tAINS, K Y.. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2B. 1929. THE COMMUNITY WANTS AND OFFERS THIS AD SERVICE IS AS CONVENIENT AS YOUR PHONE^CALL WHITE PLAINS 9200 Sacrifice Upright Player Piano — - Classification 60. inu 73 i Farms and Land for Sale 9Q | respectable | FOR SALE — Lot 50x1 W. on Clinton '. - ---------------- 8U off North Broadway. Will! sacrifice for amount of mortgage i standing. Phone W. P. 3532-J. ! —32 . FOR SALE; — Lot 50x1115, on Clinton ; St., off orth Broadway. Will 1 r. criflce for amount of mortgage •tandlng. Phone W. P. 1M2-J. • Help Wanted — Wale 39 — j0axls }3«5S “ = 107 Mamaroneck Avenue WHITE PLAINS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS The People of the State of New York, by the Groce of God Free and Independent. To: John Watson Angel!, Yvon ­ ne Helene Angel!. Gertrude. Vlcto.\ la Ingersoll. Julia Gladys Fry. Mor ­ ton Allan Harrison Fry. George Thomas Clark Fry. CoUn Macrae Ingeraoll. Thereat Van Den Heuvel Cunningham. John Henry Cunning ­ ham. Jr, Colin McAllister Cunnlnr ham. Ingersoll Cunningham, Coilne Macrae Woodworth. Stewart Can.jv bell Woodworth. Jr, Colin Macrae Woodworth. Ralph McAllister In- rrrsoll. Jennie R. Vollmer.. John Watson Vollinc . Henry Clark Sear*. Annette Graham Smith, Eleanor Watson Graham Drivei. John Watson Dwight. Jeon ft Dwight. Lucia King Dwight. Har- rlotte D. Batley. Eleanor H. Marl- hugh. Carolyn B Marlhugh. Lucia D. Marlhugh, James Henry Marl- hugh. J*, David Hatborne Mori- •'Ufife. Mary Dwight- A. Slnltb. Ly Unlli-y. Dr. Adams B ley. ^hedlinr AU jii VI i Bailey, Harrlette HftAmutn. Cnrllnn J Austin. Jr, ■Hnih W. Bailey. Herbert O. Bailey, JH*Comte*/e Vlctplre Louise Nlel. iltfnrl Dn Libran, Cliunteae Pauline Andre De Gaaquet James De La Mettrlr. Count George Watson Pratt De Gasqust James. Send-Greeting: Upon the- petition of United States Trust Company of New York har ­ ing Its principal placo .of business at 45 Wall street. Borough of Man ­ hattan, tn the City and County of New York.\ State of New York. ' You and each of you are hereby cited to show'cause hfofr our said Surrogate ’ s Court ot the County Of JVestchraler at dhe Surrogate ’ s Of- fl - In the City of White Plains on the Hth day of January 1 / 1930. at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of that day. Why a judicial settlyment. | WOULD I 'gentlemen ------------- ----------- --------- ' beds. Parking space. 19 Davis Are. I Three alert, ambitious men ore required for Immediate employment | at H.VJP0 vyeekly to start. No | specialized rxper'enee required but i those accepted must be capable.of I rapid advancement In an organiia- i tlon national In scope whose watch- ! | word is progress. These vacancies' | have been caused by promotions to _ ! highly paid executive position.-, on opportunity that always exists for the willing worker In this organiza ­ tion. Give prcviohi experience and BOX C-38, DAILY PRESS MATTEO NEGRJNI. * Plaintiff, against -» JAMES ATKINSON. MARY ATKINSON, hi* wife. WIL- L IA M J. HEGENAUER. FRANK H. CRANWFLL. ! EMIL MANNINEN. J. A. MAHLSTEDT LUTEER A COAL COMPANY. C. WES ­ LEY DONNELLY, CHARLES HENRY SMITH. OTTO A. WIESE and EUGENE KU- GEL,. composing co-partner ­ ship doing business as TIN A TAR PRODUCTS COM- PANT, Defendants. EXCEPTIONAL Private family. TcL S6-R. TWO warm furmshrd rooms, one ■ single, one double. 200 Mamarn- neck Ave. Tel. 3J16. —32 FURNISHED nousekeeplng apart ­ ment. All conveniences. 'Gcnur.g'o Annex. 22 BrookilclJ St. — 18 WE HAVE LOTS OF SECOND MORTGAGE MONEY FOB G«OD APPLICATIONS LET US SOLVE YODR PROBLEMS AND END 1 YOUR WORRIES STANDARD MORTGAGE CO. 171 MAIN STREET WHITE PLAINS 483S For your convenience ads are accepted over tbs phone, with the understanding that they will pay when hill la presented or before Ads ordered for ala times get the lowest ate and may he stopped before expiration, charge being made only for insertions used et the rate earned. Non-consecutlve insertions get one-time rate. Classified ad In bold face type, double regular rate#. PHONE YOUR AD — CALL 9200 Closing Time:. 11 A. M- —9 A. M. Saturdays Answers to \Keyed' ads dejjvered only on [toper identification. a Line Cash a-Line Cash a Line Cash Houses For Sale 91 Situations Wantec — Male 43 5 rooms and bath. 2-car garage. All conveniences. Phone 2184-J. Apartments, Umuraished 80 Business Opportunities 99 \W FISHER AVE.. 9 room., all improvements, detached garage. $75 a month !o[ winter months. $125 a month thereafter. HOUSE — 6 rooms. J 10.500. Small payment- Box 602. City Hall Sta ­ tion. New_ York City. — 30 A newly decorated B-room house. 33 Lake St. H. J. Hoffman. Tel. One Insertion Three Consecutive Insi ‘ t S uk Consecutive Insert . .( hit u-r\ ' fBiiitiff'a attorney; wjtliln 20 days] altar thp service of this summons, exclusive of the day of aervtce. In case of your (allure to hhpear at answer. Judgment will be taken against yo'u by default for the re ­ lief demanded in the complaint. Dated, October X9lh. 1029. JOSEPH A. KENNEDY. Attorney for Plaintiff. Of flee A P. O. Address. • ’ 45 W ’ arburton Avenue. Yonlfcrs^New York. To James Atkinson. Mary Atkin ­ son, his ’ wife, and Emil Mhnnlnrn. tbree-pf-the abovo' named defen- , The faregoing s ummo ns la served upon you by publication, pursuant to an order of the Hon. Joseph Morschauser. one.nf the Justices of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, dated November Slat. 1929, v filcd with the complaint In'the office of the Clerk of Weatcheyter County on the 21/0 day of Novem ­ ber. 1929. ..The object of this ac ­ tion Is tn foreclose a mortgage made and executed by James At ­ kinson and Mary AtklnsOn. his wire, to Mattco Ncgrlnl, to secure 100 WESTMORELAND AVE- *9' room*, *11 improvement-, de- • .farhed gatage. £60 a montfTtor winter months. $95 a month ' thereafter. DISPLAY jfteSIFIED RATES WESTCHESTER EMPLOYMENT BUREAU 102 WESTMORELAND AVE.. 10 looms. 2 baths, all improve ­ ments. $75 sAnonlh for winter months. $115 a month there- feARPETS^fl^WJGS Home Savings Bank. -Plains. N. Y. Iby-mem Return to bank within Date December 28. 1929 Domestic and Commercial Placements Scouring - Dust Cleaning Repairing — Binding Altering Jiiciital Shampooing . In pursuance _of A Judgment. Of ‘ foreclosure and sale, duly Tuadc and entered in the above-entitled action ; ; and bearing-list/) the Qth day of Be- i cember.. 1929. I. the undersigned, i the referee In said Judgment named, will sell lit public auction, at the Rotunda. Court House, in the City of White Plains, County of West ­ chester, on the 10th day of January, 1930. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon on that day, the premise* uliroctod by said Judgment to bo sold and therein described n* follows: ALL that certain lot, piece or par- erjoflnnd. situated lying and bc- Large plot, exceptionally One view. Within 10 .minutes walk to sta ­ tion nnd one block from good LOST-Bank Book No , 34928 Home Savings Rank. \ Plains. N. Y Payment *lo Return to bap it within Date December 28, 1929. Specialty* CARPENTER STORAGE, Inc. 107-121 Brookfield SL cLphone 475 While Plains ! All Domestic Kniploymrnt Service 13 Day Worker* to Employers Free 55 BANK .'iT, 9 ropim. COLEMAN SERVICE BUREAU 123 llrooktlrld Street Telephone White Plain* 9238 - of United States Trust Company of New York the above named peti ­ tioner' ns trustee of the trusts cre ­ ated by the liiYt will and,testament of Emily A. Watson, dcceascd/who at tho time of her death resided at the City of White Plains in the County of Westchester and Stat* of New York. , In Testimony Whereof, the seal of the Surrogate ’ s Court of our said Very Reasonable Terms -provemenli Change of Address h $13,500.00 ROBERT E. FARLEY ORGANIZATION MR. F. TIRING of 6« Mnrtlr PHONE 5331 of nle bakery and grocery busine**- to 71 Lexington Ave _ -*-35 D. DIAFKfilA. tailor amf clean,'i has removed from 60 to 41 Lal.< Dancing I loin ratio and ’ Jomiurrcl*l REASONABLE RENTALS • i.ilccs — New York City Ryr -unlrally located. 3 rooms, 355 up; siamlord and Greenwich l rooms. 170. 379. 3*0 and 185 Jre« BRENNAN EMPLOYMENT Electric Refrigeration: 6 rooms. 375 Agency “ PI ,lso aoma reasonable bouses 1 47 MamoroneeL Ave. available Room 107 ,TeL W. P. 7770 BARNEY GERARD — if Gerard Guiding COMMERCIAL EMPLOYMENT l*o»t Road A South Lexington Ave. EXClxANQE — First class office and T.L 254A-Sut. A Eve. 2125 A 8443 domestic help. 185 Main SL Tel. 6664 /* — 39 WONG feasor Lehman, former dancing ter of Florenz Ztegtlrld. Mon and Thursday evenings. Pop- e's Stpdio. 112-114 Main Street 2 Marline AVe.' In the office of I Witness: Honorable George A. Slater, .Surrogate of our said County, at the City of White Plains, this third day of December In tbe year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine. WILLIAM O. CLARK. Clerk of tbe Surrogate's Court, taeal) STEWART * SHEARER. ____ Wtatchester County on. the third day of July. 1929. In Liber. SOSarff mortgages. At page 437; the premis ­ es covered by said mortgage are known by the street No. 146 Cat- skill Avrtiur. Yonkers, New York. Dated. Yonkers. N. Y. November 21. 1929. JOSEPH A. KENNEDY, Attorney for-PlaintIff. Office * P . O. A i idi psv , ---------------- 43 Warburton Avenue. ^ — . Yonker*. New York. * Nov. 23 30 Dec 714 Sl.Sg-4S. W. JUDD GREEN has moved III* restaurant from 91 to 11 Martine Autos I oi Sale ' ' I BUICKS. CHRYSLERS. HUD . SONS. GRAHAM PAIGE'S. Help Wanted — female 38 .M 1'lltE VOCATIONAL BUREAl 51 E Post ltd at Mamaroneck Av. DC LANrtY-.ua smn-H T w u ro om apabtaismx ^ w 1 100 abutGng New Wcstches-/_ T hr aannali OTON a \\E. TEL. 16W> “ • 1 ier TCHtway. Good restdentlal 1 Urn or charge. — 33 j N>wly decorated. Cood location. ltcllon , flne RbooL railroad i Employment. CffH-3163 , _ . !? station and shopping center. ^ from the 27 iable cooks, couples, gen- iV* 0 * Cho ‘ “ >~nt Office W^T - chauffer*. Day workers ! RcccpUon Room. Fit ed For . Asking 312,300. . B. Fitch, manager. | 6r —29 A. 11. ATWOOD t CO. Wjprb Wanted ____ 46 m Mal \ *• W Wu , uu * \ l^R tM general uUUiy UP-TO-DATE APARTMENT 2J l \ph}'nTnrrhIrt ba TRAI-V 1 \ ,om * bath, walking distance Ph0 ?-® Herbert — 786J (torn) „ taUon , .g Lafayette St. I ~ . i Apply to H- E. Houle. Tel 4932-M. 178 Martine Ave. Everythin g 1 tcrest from December 9th, 1929, to ­ gether with the expenses ot the HOUSEWORK Ell igg.i. Let. H» < •If buying. Newspaper Advertising Tested ♦ . . The approximate amount of the taxes, aanesxments and water rates, or other liens, which are to bo cl- lowed to- tho purchaser out of the purchase money, or paid by the ref ­ eree. la 3218.83 and penalty and In- Doled. New York. December 17. 1929. . WALTER H. YOUNi Uicht ’ cnberg. Pbc WILLIAM G. BARRETT BROWN ’ S BUICK CO.. Inc. White Plaint 5330-5331 Ve Make It Easy tor Yc To Own a Car ” GRlZZLkY and Polar Bear also Leaparfl akin rug. Good condl- inn j U» o Plano, 350. Phone W. P i . . ELECTRIC sewing machine. White cabinet style Price 373. Beam- dale 2695 1 — 32 FOR SA — E Aeolian vocallan; rea ­ sonable : tuxedo, sue 36-37. Tel TkL'-M. ______ —26 __ Antique* 49 ANTIQUES reduced for Chrtitmas. ljimp*'nnd small pieces. Tel. 154 Scar *d ale. —38 you nrc Interested In earning tegular check, building up ■ rilieis education which will FOUR JACQUES D. DEL UO! Attorney for Plaintiff. P?>' you to invwlfwife tin.' proposition THE JA1LY PRESS will have several newspaper rauiea open in varlour seCUens of the cuy Hiesf rcjte* will only require from forty-Ove minutes to an nour of ycur time each evening otter school, and pay from Jt to 36 per week. Roys do not have to go out of ihrl. own immediate neighbor ­ hood. and papers ire delivered to you on a- convenient corner near your home. THE DAILY PRESS baa on* at the flneat boy organizations tn the City of While 1 ,Mtu delivering paper* direct to the homes You delivc- THE DAILY PRESS six days a week to the subscribers on ydur route and collect each Saturday. Ptoce your application now for one of these route* in your neighbo r hood . o%l| office and lei us exp aln the matter In detail. We will be glad •« have one of our men call at your nome and go over CHRYSLER 65. reach sprclH JCt Run only few miles, bargain :;t 3750 Pickwick- Motor.*, 55 West chester-Ave. Phone 7620. \He Bought a Chrysler\ Borough of Manhattan. City of New York. Dec 19-21-26-28 Jan 2-4-9- Direct Mail Experiment A Failure v BOARD OF APPEALS The Undersigned having petition ­ ed the Board of Appeals of the City of White Plains, New York, for per ­ mission to erect a motor fuel filling station at the northwest corner of Westchester Avenue ami Kenslco Avenue, shown \on the City Assess ­ ment map n* Lot 40 In Block 78-L. Section 5. hereby gives notice- tha\ hearing upon said petition will bir held by said Board of Appeals at the Municipal Building, at 4 o ’ clock P. M. on the *th day of January. GRAHAM-PAGE Sedan, tike ucu New rubber. Perfect condtiun Drive 1L Pickwick Motor. 55 Ws»i Chester Ave. Phon- 7620. \He Bought a'Chrysler.N Household Goodi 58 HOOVER V« ------- - Cleaner, 3 .. 335. Singer electric swing machine. 330. :-51, Slander I Slur. FURNISHED apY. to a tbleL Occu- (. pancy January 8 for several; SACRIFICE Sir.,.VI Electric Port- month*: three rooms. .-Shapham j able SeWfng Machine, like' new. ! Court. Tel. 9684 ' — 25 1 330; also .lrj, *wick Vietrola. 310. j ------------------- -- - 1 1 Box No c-n. Daily Pre»> 25 BqxineM Places for Rent 82 ! Musical instruments 60 STORES nnd second floor connect- j I ~~ — — -------------------------- -- — . i ’ -g suitable for dry goods. 5 and !, L- atu it-ci -wot*, -u -Ttumpet. -v — to cenr a t onu r o r any othfr BiumMfl vioUn^ outfit. Mr Nlpert, Vol- requiring large space. O - will rent j . separately. Corner Mamaroneck [ Avenue wnd-Court Street Slawreun •. D IRECT-BY-M AIL advertising is of little value to retail merchants, and.most of it.is prepared for a “ free ride into the waste basket, ” Kenneth Collins, ex ­ ecutive vice-president atui director of publicity of R. H. Macy &. Co., New Yorft*department store, declared in an address Thursday, Oct. 10, 1929, at the Con ­ vention of the Direct Mail Advertising Association, held at the Cleveland Public Auditorium. Mr. Collins spoke on “ What Is the Matter With Direct Mail Ad- 1928 HUDSON 7 pasa. »cdan. Goc condition and price. See , Pickwick Motor. 55 Westchca:- Ave. Phono 8620 “ H« Bough! a Chrysler\ Apartmentj. Furnished 81 Write r Independent vertising' Asserting that approximately $1,500,000,000 was .spent on advertising in the United States last year and that one-third of that stan was expe nded on direct mail advertising, Mr. Collins said : “ Retailers floundered about with this form of ad ­ vertising and then threw away more than their share of the millions. I am convinced that it was thrown away, not only in the wrong use of direct-by-mail. advertising, but also in many cases in the use of this form of advertising, when the equivalent amount of money spept in the newspapers would have been far Engineer and Agent. Auto Repairing — Painting 9 SAVE nuftuy. 'H&v* ysur wjuror Wanted- lUfFeitTof New York. State of New York — hid . You and each of you are hereby Good lo-1 cited to show cause before our said cnlessen ! Surrogate's Court of the County of • — 34 | Westchester at the Surrogate ’ s ot- ’ , fiee In the City of White. Plain.* on nd Win- • the 31*t day of January. 1930. at 10 46; ! o ’ clock In the forenoon of that day. — 33 ! why a .udlclal settlement should . not be hod of the accounts of Unit- Apply THE DAILY J07 Mamaroneck Aven Higgar. Circulation CANARIES — Harts' Mngem — Guaranteei chopper* and rollers. 3438 Original 8. Lexington At Trl. 7153-W CANARIES, while can; Ilsh. love nirds; talltli hionkey; bird cagcs^o* Sohoen ’ s PeUhrrjC'Tl . WORE shop WHITE PLAINS PHOTO ENGRAVING CO. H\-cs A G ood TH ing CHR js ' mu 5^A in ' come I 15 UT JEj' ONCET A • YfeAH, GA'SE DEV ; A im ' NOTHIM 1 LEF' F u H I If TO COME BACK ’ --------------- more effective; “ It is not particularly kind of me to make this re ­ mark before a convention of men whose energies are primarily directed toward the furtherance of this form of advertising. Yet the facts all point in the other direction so far as retail stores are concerned. And, Ttakejt( we are all anxious to discuss facts and not fancies. . * “ I may say without reservation that every experi ­ ment I pave ever heard of in Which the retailer has ^suddenly decided to displant newspaper and mag ­ azine advertising entirely by direct-mail advertising hns resulted in complete failure. It is too costly per uiiR, and too selective to meet tho needs of any large size, growing eftSblishnienti “ 1 am led to the conclusion that newspaper adver ­ tising is still by far therbest bjjyJn the-departroent storv^anij.xnAcinllv Khno.tiAW-\ manufacturers. This P- 335 to 345 weekly hoUls unlimited future Previous expenener n 7„ , time of her death resided ot the ,m- City of White Plains in the County !•*!. of Westchester, and State of New -US'! York. In Testimony Whereof, thn seal 88 ol the Surrogate's Court of our said County of Westchester has been hereunto affixed. Witness: Honorable George A Slater. Surrogate at our said Coun ­ ty. at the City of White Plains, this •-* 27lh day of December, In the year J of our Lord or.c thousand filne hun JOSTON TERRIERS - Perfectly marked puppies;- Highly pedl- giccd. 318 Hutchinson Blvdy Mt. Vernon near East Ltacoln Avf. Tel. Oakwood 2773. — JO average lnlrRi;;cribe . lo rapidly a position of trust' Write at. < rjityjg past experience and BOX C-38. DAI^.Y PRESS. JOHN HYMAN Bookbinding of Every Description Maps Mounted-Map. Rebound Old Valuable Books, Drawings and Paintings Repaired Bumping In Gold and Colors, on Leather. Cloth and Silk Reii Estate Agents LIST OR BUY Through Famished Rooms EARN $16 to SIS dm ^Patented safety g necfitly* for auto a ers. Ballis Brat, 3 Mount Vernon. Y. Uv-- — . hot w * ter - separate entrance. 58 i Battle Ave.. teq, Boor. -» i 338 Locust St.; ONE >*■? comfortable roams. 48 i. — 30. t^utb Bnrtdway and U North - -------------------- i Broadway Parking space. — 80 | FURNISH Bn yuonuu.U.No. Broad-. MS WANT Alls i ... _____ _ _____ -» ?W.T«e'i\7 — ■• ’ NICEET. furnUhrd room, private \Honwrt. Skillful Service\ 23 ORAWAUPUM ST. WhU*k Plain?. New Tprk f

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