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TWO DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS. N. V.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 28, 1929. 9200 S TART 1930 with the resolu ­ tion that you will'have your in ­ surance policies re ­ vised to mefet the adequate amount needed. K nox . iENTfr 5TEVEN S varence Nothing else Telephone 3520 | $ 55 , 850,000 • NEEDED FOR SEWER WORK .rt^ratlnuid from page one> (.Trow. Milton Point. Rye. vlce-chait- 1 mint, and Henry H. Law. Brlarcllff. and Eugene S. Martin. White 1 Plains. -secretary, and W. W. I Yount. White Plain*, consulting j engineer Health Menace | According to Ihe report, the con- i Qilulon began It* origlnal v HUdlrj of the sanitary eomml**ion to fln.l two *alient 'point#. - The>» weir First. that the interior of the couri I ty, « xcept .for .thirty square mile ! In the Prong Valley. «■> not only : without adequate sewage disposal faclhtlea but wa* n-tthout any drt- ; the aanitaty commliudon; and |scarcely an exception. Uncharged law *ewage into the Hudson Rlv.i ' or Into Long Inland Sound rtthei FEW SERIOUS DISEASES IN WESTCHESTER Slate Health Data Show* Ab ­ sence of Typhoid and Smallpox f Measles. »carlet fever and dlpb- Iherta are-the principal communi ­ cable diseases In Weatcheater Conns ty. with a freedom from the more serious typhoid and smalpox. ac ­ cording to the latest report Issued today by Stale Commission! a Matthias Nicoll in t; t Isaue of “ H im \ ' the health organization bulletin. Twenty-five case* of measles ar ■ported In New Rochelle arc plants o'{-e#ry limited r • Either uf these cnr.d nnued would have had lllllflllllllllllllll LADS WRECK FIELD OFFICE S-H ounty.\ the rep< cd not only a p •alth. through ci r rupplles ai llthed I no territory can reactnc* maxtmnm growth without complete facilities for the collection end sanitary die- ^° “The commission «1 once adopted the general policy that no raw • age would be allowed to go Into ihr Hudson River or I-ong Islapd Sound. .Thl* program whlrh h^i» ■loped by the comtrtlsH — FRANCIS A. STRATTON Chairman of the Westchi County Sanitary 5?ewef Com i.ion which today made It* 1921 |Kirt and outlined improvem sPOSTPONE CEREMONIES • BOGLE WINS 'ASSOCIATION FIGHTEASILY SUSPENDED Ua Lena Wag Charfd With S.g. tag Husband'i Name; Family URGES WIDER STREETS FOR TRAFFIC AID I •! (Continu'd '.-om page one) j note*, wa* given a suspended ha* coat the association nearly *75 j tence by Judge Close yeeterday. 1 block* long, where the lame < in printing and postage. The mem-1 a.ncc the h sband complained to ; ditior. prevail*. 1 -r* of tho committee were Fraser j the district attorney'* office, the j -j pdgbt point out other tM I ‘ . Price. Edward E. Breretoii. W*l-[ family ha* been re-unltad and the; but time will not permit. Wfcj lace G. Gro*»man. Alfred L. Taylor. ; ch srgc. dropped, the dlatrlct aUor- have pointed out » *elf-svld«nt. J, Harold Young, and Frank M n ,j accept'd'a jile* of guilty to a -j wish one o: tally. : charge of forkjry third degree. j w Bogle received 123 vote* on „ ' straight ballots. 39 on spill. . total I I WH A T? A T 123; PlUker 50 atralght. , » «>_>»■ L A IN U LUjAL tote I 55. A total of 251 ballot* were 'east. of which only two were thrown out by* the committee. No vote* were contested. Other .Officer* elected were: __ __ verify thl* l I and just aee for your*elf If enough | space l* lying dormant which would , permit of parking several hundred I car* or not, la the heart of the PROBEMAY END BY JAN. 6| city.' for the » k.lp toil Legion ’ R ill Plan January 2nd in lira Clinn'li Yanl The diphtheria ca**i credited to the rounty are live, all In Harrison. No rases of the eight typhoid, thr 312 whooping cough or the seven ...-nallpox In the tsatr. are In West ­ chester. The state report alto praise* the rindent results obtained by careful operation of sewage treatment plants at the- Institution of the He „• Sheltering Guardian Society •ieaaantvtUe. .-(pace is also fey former Mayi n J. wal WILLIAM C. GODSEN New Rochelle resident who has been named by Judge Smith as chief clerk of the Children's Court. HUNDREDS JAM AUTO BUREAU led from page one confusion whlrh ( e office dnd from split, total 156: Eugene W. Sandi ion. 50 qtralght, 38 split, total 88: | Grossman's majority; 88. For second vice president: Claude , . . k HWMA. «?#!!: iSSB/SdlSS. ' Yonker x set grimly and ; To the probable objection which will be offered to hi*v*n to save the trees which are planted along the terrace* In nearly every street In the city. Mr. Birch pointed out that In those streets which he 1 name* many of the trees are head i£3a?*,?s? ajss lity and offered to appear vol- b e preserved could be transplanted C McCarthy' 50 Luntarily and testify. ln the adjacent lawn* near the ■ straight. 39 split, toul S9; JUtcb- Following thl* phase of the In- sidewalk. - ! cock-, majority 68. qulry. Syma will present the second ; To date, the effort, of th* eil> v ecretaiv Lawrence C Freer ' matUr Involving Washburn, a re- ; official* and the special traffic eoro- I .-L , 5 Ta ’ VoHL total - ms ! Port by Samuil Unierroyer last fall mittce which the Chamber of Com- 1.3 -traight »*£«■. “ V 1 \ <B - : after aiv unoffoclal Investigation or- merce voluntarily named to atudy I Nominated bj both lacuon*. . ( , cred by Gov , rnor Roosevelt, to the ..traffic conditions and make r acorn - For treasurer. J. Lynn Eddy, in ,<fect that Washburn owned one- mendalion*. have resulted In little straight. 71 split, total *14.• .Nora'.-; quarter Interest- In land sold to the tl „ b ut report* and conference* nated by both faction*. ‘ i Castle town beard for general j whlch have not materially epeeded j For recording secretary. Alfred L. j t0 wn uses. He declared he had dla- up , ra nic in Main street and other j Taylor. 173 straight, 88 split, total I po.ed or It to David M. Kipp, prior!, trMU , n tffc business district. Mr. Ign-1 241. Nominated .by both factions, j to Hie sale to the town. Birch declared, and addsd^that lh This woul£ conclude the major | hit opinion It would not. Be a wa*te -■ ----------- ------------------- — 1 for city officials l • le commission to compJpOon' e all objection- Nine-5 eur-Old Buu l.Iiargnl ■W ith Alleniplraf V > \non ' have a preUmlnary hrarlng tn po ­ lice court In lh»( town Monday night before Judge McLaughlin on charge* of attempted arson and. petty larceny, before efhelr casts ar* referred to the children's court. It wa* announced today Tfet pair, both nine years old. and botn^alde with their parents st> the Cragswold Apartments. Belrooy road. Eastchestcr. were discovered as the culprits who sacked the tleld office of Tier. Fallon A Kyle. Corporation of New York City, lo- ' cited on Buckingham road. Ea-'- chester. on Thursday, according to] the Eaatchi ily eliminate from; both- -Lfirtr Cr and ihe Hudson any direct cauee j. Sl from the enunt>'Ttdelf1» eonceriuiT : “ Ther ~ ! mission, outlining the needs , rounty health district just cd by the supervisor*, nthe rcommendatlon r itrol of diphtheria It ’ 1 Plains. In which city.* says I port, a list of babies born i< j cd and special effort mad. approv dedication of the cotnmffnl lr tmas nee. presented to tl of Whit* Plains by the Whl ns Post No 131. American L*- ^ ^ six month* to r I mm uni — .\ i “ j-,™* .www 1 *. A8 ' Thurxlav morning. January 2 nr ' lu * ni ' - FAIL TO LINK nnniler of the post. whlch development been seriously retarded beesua the lark of sewtge disposal fi ties. Owners of large tracts I hern unable to opsf them for de ­ velopment for this reason, creating On able to the county nor lo the own- , m »ert As toon a* the various trunk ! H< lines have been . completed the | up value* or these areas win be grei^U m me I. Increased. The trunk line.-. wiTl | would no: ne ngnt in rapm w. permit the construction of homesl various city and Legion officials with proper sanitary' conveniences.'] Including Mavor Frederick O- Me-. With the result that the genera] a*. | LaughUn and the Bev. Father sessmenl rolls of Ihe individual\] Frank communities and ihe county ( large will be Benefited, Long Island bound Plans ] that'many people who would dr*li ■ For Long Island Sound the pic- \ to attend the function might al»o ,iulions against pbnutlon'-'are Com- : he prevented from doing so. adequate. The treatment I The tree is to be planted ....... ! said, the new dal yn It was the opinion of • of thee affair th church, who would take part n the dedication, to brave the vrKtger. U was further bellevni __ ... , h phaaeff of the extraordinary Inquiry'of time foe city official* lo a ..... T?' a,na *^. andl?wa» reliably reported h.re to- ’ , urv'ey o? rtreeis.aHJacent t ------- off.c «»>* “ • Mad business vwtlon snd consular hu. like that In the Stock -Ev- ‘ he repreaentatlva board. Jim- 1* possible on January 6- suggestion lo utilize space which . nge . n the t*> of a mark-- E. H. Frothingham. Robert K .. .. ----------- now serves no useful purpose * ,-xV ■ Mercer. Herbert L. Smith. J. Harold _ - „ n p. r\ j cepttosddtothesc.niewhazilub!- At noon whenlhe office wa* closed . Young. Fr»ser P. Prlc }' QQ/l (||||| ous quality of the beauty of the t.oonen, horded nil th..»c waiting In Judson. A. Y. Kegelman. William A. . ^M Ml HI I Mil I OU * ’ • the street Into the building and : llergln. Nelson M. Mnrshman. Bert ] clo.cd the doors. Persons who cam< i H. Grenier. J. Rnynold Pltsker. for plates after 12 o'clock were no! Philip Diehl. Paul H. Lamm, and ! admitted on any excuse. ^Arthur-H.-.Hatch. iir» ported and (he l.n- j Two of the other-four candidates, •' ____ , _ -awled forward a spirit al- p- re j p. Stafford and Edward K. | moot of pnnle swept the throng | Hrerclon were defeated for election I p u l,|j c an d Private Agencies ! aVnmen opportuned the trooper# to lD board and the renialntng^two . . allow them to stand Inside th. candidates. Bogle and Hitchcock of American Cities Spent building but were told there wa- who were nominated by the oppoai-1 _____ ... . ---------- ; no room and flutt the police hail i t | on Withdrew In view of the fact j > wl.gUllOlini . ... - . /- ’ „lf-' order* to keep ihe ln*ldc corridor*. lhll t (hey were nominated for office] ------------ Player of African 1*011. io J., x^;; k ,br. .J ,.««..«« «.«.->» pi „ j . cuiu. ‘ mur ’ s wan In the rain, telling their Commenting upon the resuji^oFy xmhrlckn cities spent more than I iclghbor*. they-feared to wait for . the .election for officer* and rtnem- j gjoooo.djo, for, outdoor relief werk ; plate# at the expense oPpntumonlk here of Die repreaentatlv* Bokfd of 1 ks j L tfpor t showed today I More iRan 1.1.000 .appllcanu In The North Broadway Citizen* As y*“ : ----------- -' xpr county have only iwo days after 11relation. President J. Norrla Bogle, Ttarireport was submitted ty • ^ — ......... ....... A ll \K I,.. Mlcccdl' Heal Ln Jodey In which to obtain plates jsald: Rajth.G. Hurlln. director of the ; ( >n<1 anK j jj5 by JudgeA 11 ' t ' K„rs measures m handle, the 1 \It la a sourca of great gratfSebsLdipartmsnl of statistic* of the Rus- Seely last. Bight In Green- Partner of LaMchfffitcr crow a, Monday and Tuesday were' Hon to me that the entire admin- sell Sage Foundation at the meeting burgh ^hce court when he pleaded being made todav. j l-lration ticket was returned by a of the American Statistical Aasoc- ..... a charge of being a c .. . .. .... I __ , ___ ___ _ ■ _ i... n-v.1. la ...u, Tl.» Snlmwlne rifles were I ■ J .... ... $ 30 , 000,000 FOR RELIEF s jx MONTHS FOR GAMBLER ICE DEALERS WITH BOMBING \ Lloyd Holt. 26 North Lejnngton avenue, thl* city, wa* sentenced to ! six month* In the coiinty penmen- - | — • — -- *udge/w H- ManJ Not Guilty ^\hK tree, which was p Yorktown Post t The alleged vandalism was not i plant for the Blind Brook project church yard reported until yesterday and Ser- | a . Rye ha* a submarine outfall r-s-^c.l a bronze plat* bearing the -earn Romano, who a a* detailed ] tending a mile and a quarter from | rcrlplion: \Community Tree pro ­ to the case, through some clever 1 the nearest- shore. A similar plant sented by the White Plain* Amsr- Investlgailng, found the boy* and. Mamaroneck. yrt t6 be eonstruci- lean Legion. Post \No. 135. through according to the police, elicited I, j f or (he ilamaroneck Valled| thR courtesy of the Yorktown confessions Itotr. them. trunk sawet. wHI be connected wltft Heights American Legion and the According to.Romano, the t»o!» n outlet which will ejetsna ' moreAjiawalk Nurserli boy* admitted breaking a snndow !h an two mile* out Into the Sound, to enter the office and then stuff-] And will empty Into deep, mg papers In the desk drawers and ' more t han a setting fire to them. Maps and-pic- j nearest ahori lure* on the wall were also fired -The sterlllzaui... - -------- by a torch held by one of the lads, which the effluent' l# subjected Is , mid fo the The telephone connection was at- ,he most modern.which ha* been ']<# region .*n rertd by a piece of glass and the - devised and when it Is discharged County Csnter lnstrument and afounUln pen desk ; mto deep water the possibility ' set were taken by the bov*. When any further pollution Is obvt- ‘ Romano lnter«f»«l (he boy*, each The protection whlc I and outfall* afford to tne.snore, with It* innumerable bathing New York. Deq. 28 — Effort* of | euUy m comrollm auDiorlUc* to link an alleged at- 0nlv windoi : lack on the treasurer of a New m , hc o{fl „ f or tIlr , r „„„„ cr ‘ . ‘ ' Yopir-icg_£oncrrn on December 1. p | R ,„ nnd Koch could not be reach- with th- horShlng of Ihe Bronxvllle (1 , l() determine.If he planned ad- facilities for giving out the . ................. .......ng of the Bronxvllle home at Felix D ’ Alessandro, presl- tleni of I h* oancern. two day* laler. met at least a temporary' impasse here yesterday. Six Ice dealers accused of-as*«ul' • Ing the treasurer were found not guilty of Ihe charge by Magistrate Edward J. Walsh ' - If It rains next'week state police ] very large majority. This should . diffi- 1 demonstrate that the policies of crowds. J the administration meet *ith the -being used . approve! of the members a* a , •' • r despite the strenuous ef- < . . Die opposition they couldjl influence any considerable numj j: S'l i gambler. Hnlt. r negroes. \ i twelve >M< „ .... ___ ..._. abrested early Sunday morr.'.nq by two Greec- vehlcle RE-ORGANIZE ber of Ihe members of the nt ion. It also demonstrate* .. v , the great majority of *\*-f T h -■h.n resents the attemnt office and I lation. Tho following among those- cited: Bridgeport Families alded-755; Yonker*-3lT; | Albany-523; Amount of Relief giv- hu_w- noUremm In _ cn: BrUlgeportjll.752; Yonker»-ll,- . m -pool room managed 0TB5 'by ^it on Lincoln avenue. Fair- votes of the member* of the assort-1 * The other men arrested alli plead- etnpty Into deep.*aler ; thr yorktown Fost oy tne . ( . ourI , , hf Bronx, I n a mile distant from the ; walk Nurseries througtj »w ,u^ i charged. Attempt* sore. *'■\ \ • \'\th. t* a stater tree to e coreernlng >\ M-: 1 \\--'. ‘- , ™ ’ “ Mff.jT.: ! MUSM «• • admitted hi* part turned j the affair o Tree. _ ____ l-ftdes who i these plant* ] World Wa M*n U 'or tb»- \The Client memory ’ uf the their live* Ir * today. The i ip resent* the attempt employee of a public utility o.-.c.fc a* ■'» sr ::: x.S.lK.'.'iUS ver Use to Hold Meeting n( ltJ| mrrobH , to improve the Tomorrow j — rvlce rendere.1 to th* community — ------ ... . thy Ihe company with which he I* Ilf organization of the \\ Oman * * connec! - t i. • with Democratic Club of Silver Lake I*: -The a*#oqJatlon,wlll co'ntlnuc to Chief Scanlon or Eastehfv being mode nnd hereafter the club, tunct | on („ r the Impugement of ‘ — and women ; , hc community. notwith»t*ndlnp Silver Lake , h( . a , temptll ol onc or two peraona ■UnR Bchwd- w |,h pereonnl nxea to grind, bombtkg ■ t *u continuing his Investigation will include for 1 c n removed from ] ed guilty and were fined *5 i it'the community They were William. Mathew*. ,1 always worked Minerva place, and ^ vlUi Mn_ c ««*' ' and essential Hudson River Condition* __ ___ developer lh* Tin the Hudson River condition* Westchester County, died yesterday hAve been In hi* home. V) West 66th street, j for*. •« ha New York City. Death was due in I>epanni»r heart trouble. He was 79 years old ' pealed.wsi He wa* president or H. A S. Sonn. dlste relle Inc., and vice-president of the Sonn #'cp ln '*0 Bros. Holding Company. The \Sonn ' li»elf The commission is glad realty^developmems In Westchester report, however, that Its plan* hi County Included the Bunny Ridge received the complete approval and Glen Oak properties al Harn- the State Department of Health son and Rye- The Kelth-Albee The ­ ater In thl* city wa* bull! by H. A ponc.l nt Yonkers, one ol S. Sonn. Inc. He Is survived by a your board ha. authorized son. Sidney, associated with his to be built Just nor:h of l father In bustnees; a daughter, Mrs | York City Sidney H. Rhode., and a broth' Henry'- Funeral held tomorrow tnorplng s' o'clock In the late hi.ne ' JUrry J. Schley Harry J. Schley, a distant relative plants of the late Read Admriat Winfield ment Scott Schley, died Wednesday In his ] along borne In Wykagy! Gardens. Rochelle. He was an Insiaanc' »n qWv. .i New Rochelle fn year*. Ha js Florence Schl»v. a dau.l Harold Coatr. _ Georgi the tree Is standing „ jolored Christmas light, having ,nd operated by the county it-1 *«ri erected and Illuminated by the! Including Play-land with an es- Ktiu .ted maximum population of | - -v-v> oon' persons ___ Tyndall .'.reasurer of the U-N« I Amsterdam a i-lce |ilsc Keith AJbee TJiea L'SED MOTOR CAB .held tnnjyht will tomorrow night Instead and ipany 2050 Amsterdam avenue, wu. aa held In the home of Mrs. Manhattan. J George Danner. 15 Oakls^nvenue. The defendants were Michael Dl East White Plain*. Both men and Gennaro. 45. of 1639 Sedgewlck ave- , women of the Democratic party Bronx, and Ralph Zampi- will discuss plans, by-law* will be >f 122 Weal 167lh at red, drawn and npw officers elected. Frank D. Clapp. 7 Underhill ave- partner. In the wholesale and -re- After January L the members cx- nuc. East White Plains, reported tall Park lee Company; Maurmau pecs to h “ >- - to the police yesterday afternoon ro Pelllgrlno. 21. Phlllp DI Gennaro. quarter* that hla automobilr * — * ' \ -- ^ TO ADIIEK-S KOTA] While Plains Rolarlani their final meeting for 1P29 when ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED ] they gather on 'the last day of Ihr- Mr. and Mr*. Davl.1 Carlock. of year. Tuesday. December 31. for -attempt lo force Improvement* ] Evarts avenue. North Elmsford, an-] thetr regular weekly luncheon merl ­ on ’ on districts which either have ade- j nounce the engagement of their) Inc at tho White Plains Belmont lojquatr facilities for some year* in daughter. Miss Mabel Carlock to ; Hotel. The speaker for Ihe occasion ve | the future *-r those which are not 1 Arthur J. Mathew*, of Mount Kl*- ]wtll be M. T. Yamamoto at Toklo. of I financially able tc bear the ro.i ! «o. formerly of this city. No d.ate] Japan. Mr. Yamamoto will wedding. stronger for thl* unwarranted at ­ tack upon It. -T feel that the representative board ha* been strengthened by the addUUon of the new members elected last night, whoie interest ln civic work and whose standing In th* community Is a guaranty of their future tuefulnr** to their neighborhood, and Incidentally ford. 57 Ferris «- ----- -- - Thomas Nabors. Jr.. Ossining, Robert ilepglnson. Fair street: George Hunt. 13 Washington avw BUT Jam* Le-ks. IV*bh# Ferry- road: Robert Mebar.e. 11 Manhat ­ tan avenue; John Glover, Longdale avenue: Harold Martlne. 3 Dobba Ferry road.^and Otarnnce Thomp ­ son. 3 Orand vrtree'. all of Fair ­ grounds. and neiose-TWItty.- North Tarrytown. _ ____ n used 19. Frank Dl Gennaro. 1 permission while he had Sen Tomaso. 34. all of 1839 Sedge- worse than hereto- “ park'd In Feeri* IW*e<.*«r wick arsnus the Bronx, and all mo- f*C! that the State Bulge atrrel. Th- gasoline tank ployed by the Park Ire Company, lealth has given re- ' 'v* ’ empty, according to Clapp r Walter ol Lake. / : ahja NK Uts Jl+KllOl' discord. V?ry fortunately, by the the City of White Plains.\ Today ’ s Newsboy ^ Tomorrow ’ s Executive ■The for eastern situation\ OllPTnewsboy's service^to you is an enterprise^of his own. With lections. His reward for fiis work depends upon your regularity in paying him. Delay in meeting his small bills deprives him -ot urgent need*. He deserves your consideration for he is dependable, he The Daily PrMS auth oru^ rn1i^<-rnr . Pay him every week and help him get thp right start.

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