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■ •JUJCPHON* 9200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1929. T EUCPHON * 9200 She Jailg Press ' ir ‘ r'£,h r ; •SATURDAY. DECEMBER 28 ’ Failu mamrm u rrertth.ag ft ■:* gvriu mpniu meiAjng in tut: wiMoei u Bpihiug l« nKiirJ. Catujunilr it .-Mi wiii r»H« .ritn-f«i r*i OUR PLATFORM FOR WHITE PLAINS Make While Plain < the First City in IT estchrslrr ( mints. Support the City Plan. A school survey to determine the 1 facilities needed. Purchase of needed parks and playgrounds. FOR WESTCHESTER COI NTY the least consideration for wear and tear. Of course she keeps friegd husband locked up at night, thereby breaking the cardinal principle of economics', that capital should be kept in circulation. What a happy world this would he for husbands if wives could he made to understand that when they send their nhshands into the cellar to tend the furnace they are risking the loss of an investment of some thousands of dollars. THE LITTLE THEATER ■AdoptihrTof unifoim traffic rode. Completion of Parkway program. Elimination of grade crossings. . Extension of trunk sewtr system. Lrtifnrm system of assessment. IF EVERYONE BOUGHT HERE What would be the dividend: able to White Ptyi nds pjuf* i- cilizfn if ev i Dccemiier i'll 193\ could truth fully say he or she had not violated — a community resolution for 1939 to “ buy at home.\ The increased business which would obtain for home tn» ii incr- chants .from such a cqpimuuity Reso ­ lution might seem inconsiderable to those who buy seldom if ever through the mails. but-tm that person ac ­ quainted with postal money order statistics and the number of mail order catalogues annually pnurilB? in to the community, the resulting loss ^to the community is staggering. At this time, when community cn-' operation and loyalty are doing so much for community growth and prosperity, it seems that an intensive and concerted campaign for one solid year for 100 percent inculcation of the \buying .at home\ habit would discover for every community the hidden “ fountain of prosperity.\ Presupposing that the mail order catalogue cover has- been-c!nm|vrd down tightly for one year by the whole community the probable bene ­ fits which would accrue to the com ­ munity are amazing. Firstly, thou ­ sands of dollars annuajlv shipped out of town wguld pour into home town stores. The increased business would encourage the merchants to tnake store improvement!;, the pur ­ chase of larger stocks, the lowering of prices and to otherwise improving service. The benefit to the public of . better stores, larger stocks, lower prices and better service is-obvious. Business begets business. It is the busy town which attracts new indus ­ trial. ncu- business. uc\v citizen*.,and new buildings. Population increases and building improvements distribute the tax burden over a larger area, lightening it. for tly: individual. Is there anyone who doubt* that White Plains would he a bigger and better town to live in in 19:; | if every ­ body bough*, at home .in 193ft? In the new million-dollar West ­ chester Uounfy Cninmuuity.fenter in White Plains, to tie' opened to the public around April I of next year, is one distinctly novel .arrangement which will attract public inler»«i. It is the little theater, available fm amateur theatrical productions, with a sealing capacity of Soft, comfort ­ able dressing rooms and ample stor ­ age space. • The little theater is equipped with a permanent plaster rv-clorama- and the fiiiost modern stage iigljgmg facilities, and affords an ideal place (■> present 111* West- chestercontests next year in the little, theater group. The central location of llie new building is particularly an advantage to encourage county ­ wide patronage. The large jjtagr ituihc auditorium is. of ronrsc, more elaborate. There is a fully equipped lighting system, with spaces and.-aftpgc&lu.s behind the wings for I he. 'jtresent^tion of everything from large choruses and\ •pageants.to grailAjiper.i. With the new ^ninty rente? Build ­ ing thus meeting the hcedfpfof both large and small groups, every effort should be marie by those sponsoring such movements to center their ac ­ tivities in ,tlie new building, easily reached m-shorl time from the more populous sections of Westchester and still Hose enough to attract crowds from the northern tier. It is to be hopod that the little theater groups of the county will particularly avail themselves of this priv ilege for this is an amateur niovc- nicht which deserves the public en ­ couragement which publicltv and central location of the new ccutcr must perforce give. The Powerful Katrinka the P owerful . K atrinjka simply won ’ t stand for any ONE MAKING FUN OF UER SWEETHEART,THE DWARF. Our Inquiring Reporter DISCREDITING MOON FARMIN' To question confidence in the alma . nac when it comes to plant ing is still' regarded as almost sacrilege by many an old-fashioned farmer. Unless the “ sign\ is right, he is sure that it will j . ’ be useless for him to attempt to get p, ” ™ 0 fhiniT’moii a crop. I fcnatonill shop lifter*. The. federal department of agri- tin- hiecrr-ymr, .im culture has issued an almaiud- fOr *n ' 1 farmers, and this almanac contains : the* mnn ui of a somewhat serious attack on the,| wuiiam Hamilton, ideas of persons who ndh.qrc to the h :h ' r » rl lhn .! ,hr P\' 1 THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS We bout no frequently In rr this column of the greatnesi and progress And beauty of Westchester County that It ilua! relief «o *our»c|vr* and to rlicn we nnd something wrong. JUST FOLKS By EDGAR A. GUEST your .ion i f Id h!» money I she wiser, happier man ■ llh all hi* wraith. ! I d do the things he doesn't do. r I hi his place 1 derive >e a flrst-elara millionaire. .*ru rwlac almost perfec \Westchester. And our dr ­ ifter up automobile ride : large part of the county after y snowfall of the aetson. ester County. In our opinion, neilhrr ipalttles nor tn the county at large, fel; p tot cried against snow stnrm* or >ed of a Comprehensive system of re- and hlgh- \lt * Just as plain as it can be. His money should have come to mi I have eu many'whims which I Now lack the mranjelo gratify. 1 knew an endless list of cares Unnotlctd by our millionaires. - If I e rich, which I a how to spend and really ought to live This almanac will hav e the ap- i jinual of the modern farmciLw ho hax- adopted husiiYesjdikc mcthod.s in his farming operations. “ Don ’ t plant by the niooon.\ > JJic almanac says, \but get tin- best seed . m Hitd prepare tho seed bed, I hen plant j phiiathea 'ciur. pun n,,„ ; , w lmi soil and moisture conditions are 'cnurcit meet right. ” Good sense, ccrtainlv. but ’ wn:e I'tam* ivm . a . l . d*di how “ arc you, going to convince Yhe TonZr's man who has a moon almanac hang- : Hiwam* taut. meei*. 1 illg ill the kitchen? ' SI. Johns Alumnae Associataui Tho department of agriculture in- ,, lr Th , r Br ,, • sists that the preparation of Hie seed common m -on vvimthi show bed and planting at a time when con- ( Keith Aihcr Theater. Buddy Roe . Hit ions of heal and moisture arc the I . ait way to Heaven j must favorable, with proper Cttltivfl- * ’ \*•* ’ ’ KUsr l Theater. Conrad • |i»H,-will iositcc good crops, regarjt-- : less itf wliat the moon almanac mav i sav. Students in agricultural schools I , and sonic farmers may-believe that. I but it is too much In expect that j : many farmers w ill not'continue skop- I of the assurance of the ; ind t ids tor * county whose roods c world over? Is it «n Indies'! * in « county of SftO.OOn.psriions experts. THE HARDF.ST WEEK CASH VALUE OF HUSBANDS The An estimable Roman matron bv the naofie.of Cornelia has been noted in history for having pointed to her sons and remarked : “ These arc my jewels.\ What she thought, if •any­ thing. of Mr. Gracchus, father of the boys, history fails to record. Yet the Gracchus family moved in the best of Roman social circles and somebody - had to pay-l Hr — -Cornelia's attitude has been share.d by wives since the beginning »f the . auu-rmge etiM«m. No more startling illustration- of woman's lack of busi- ne*v acumen could In found than her failure to discover in her husband a cash asset. If you stop to consider it. even ' man who works at all uiav br regard ­ ed by his wife as so. much capital. If he is making $3<i a week his cash value is $78. mm plus tnferest if ho lives to his fiftieth wedding ann^er- sary. Even the parson and professor laboring for a- mere $3.li(l(i a year, when viewed in this light, constitute a surprisingly iniptfrtant investment. In other words, a husband is the phy ­ sical embodiment of his earning caDacitv. presents have been gi turkey lias beengfuiished. eve hash : toys mnnnenrc t«> brea 'taniishes a bit and gold nr green: Christmas candies b cloy: and bills commence m « It ’ s the week after Christ! ail through the bouse.,not a < is stirring — except perhaps I On the eteanmic ndr of I hr tItrn* t.uu mouv to luolorLlo onO -lo P u I mm inter#*'-* tf we hulW road# on which »pce.t ' neighbor ought i » nomeonr rUi d keep > mi Your Job I# you > the millionaire »n ll(e In repair. Clerk per »dvertl»mg Irvine Clark* in »1 director of n church of the • of artvrrlltlng NErfcOUNTY OFFICIALS TAK-EOATH arted • lie doc- RELATIVESGET LARGE ESTATE new* Bhl f paid ill Fi»e Elected Last So vember Are Sworn in; Su ­ pervisors Qualify Remember That Our Banking Department and Interest Departmaot are open between the hours of 6 :30 and 8 :30 every .Saturday evening. And as a farther accommodation our Night Deposit Vault is ALWAYS OPEN to a depositor who cannot come to ihe Bank during regular banking hours. THE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY White Plains, N. Y. MiMBia riDiiAi usiir 4 Community Bank Rendering A Metropolitan Serrica Wa Solicit Applications For Eirit . Mortgages on Improved Real Estate in Westchester County New York-Westchester Investors DiCORrO KATEI) JOHN MARBACH. Preaident (Mortgage Corrcspftndente in Westchester o^The Prudential Insurance Company of America) BAR BUILDING WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. TELEPHONE 9210 BANDIT SENT TO PRISON FOR 5 TOfO-YEARS Jocrpli Heal. One of Gang That Shot Up Inn, Sentenced Joseph Hri«l. 00' Of th» four K«M ■vmeton Inn t»an'lt!'*who last »»m- icr wound'd th' innk'p'r during n argument among OicmsHves. to-, ay was urnt'nrrd to s'rv* from vr to 10 yraia in Sing Ring l ‘ n*- n. Dominick C.tawaho. gnolh'r or th# quartette, '..ill b* sentenc'd on January 6 John R'lly and Frank O'Reilly, the other Iwo will h* tried rsl w»ck of January - to detcr- if they arn fourth offender* subject to life imprtaonm'nt. ' The wlndbp of the case which broke with a fight at the inn and wild automobile, chase ending in wounding of a Yonkers motor ­ cycle policeman last AUS\*'- began yesterday khen Heal — - h\»\h' __ . ....... brought County Judge Frederick F. Close. ~ne h»d pleaded guilty on the fit\' da? of the trial of the four men Judge rinse promptly sen'anred the five year stretch after hearing hl». attorney Charles Wal- Yonker*. ...udano who pjeadeil gutlly on the second day of the irtal succeed ­ ed in having sentence withheld un ­ month. The other two dtood trial and were convict I. Under , law a trtal . mini- he had to irch their records*and see If they are fmrrth,offender-. Alt four New York City. VVifh the,swearing In yesterdi of Children* Court \Judge-elect George VV. Rmyth. all live rouply ofilrers elected nt the November polls have .stsn tlielr oaths of of ­ fice, as well as a number of the forty-two supervisor* of the coun- I Judge Cloaca Hia Nuptial Bureau herlff-elec Louts Oh. -Wall. 11. cmw ca — btH — I i r rr e — it tear. And the youngsters did have a good time, didn't they? Aijd jijfi.Lahcad is-Yew Ytuu'x. O m » more year added to the count, bruis ­ ing with it just the least bit of a feeling that perhaps that was a grey hair v< e milled out Iasi year and mm be the old joints are a bit rheumatic after all. What will the new year bring\ Forebodings have a habit of ns mg after a surfeit of pleasure. Pessimism Tnids the weakest armor after a i gorge of optimism. Yes. there ’ s no doubt_of it. The i week after ('hjjalwns^sthe hardest •f tho fifty-two. If we can make it of Trim it . rar,?; \ oiikcr. Ilequraths Ihrm * ttm.onn - e h c ir-« t*mntrHi.*\ “ On\ slngle-bm brands »dyertlsn Inr III of John »vei C niskloK the will c VV sllncr capacity. Woman, ordinarily, is lint careless Of her poaaeaaionK. She keeps Iter jewels in a strong box and her furs and finery in a fedar chest. Such tangible assets as sewing machines. waAhing machines, lawn mowers and ‘ either domestic appliances she guard! with -a scrupulous care. Yet she prr- . miU the highest priced machine m > -bouse . to work Jinrl :i.y- r U ,• I. through tliesc seven davs ' survive after all. ................. ............... — ---- ------ ulrlx. The hulk of Ihr cjUlr I* left to her. Another nimer.' Minnie Wallace Pirkhnrrlt. of the came addrem I* heniic»th«l *10.00\. Charle* Mai Pickhardl. New Yo-' City. Edwin Wallace Pickhardl. New City. Paul Plekliardl. St l^ndecape avenue. SI-phi . Plrk- IIf* nf Ihc United r fiT pubhciiy to I'aplou .m I of office yreierday nnd before him .f Clgarcile. of ihc many I Cnunty ne K lntr t -c|ect Arthur S. appropriated . .«•.•»») ■ Maudlin, Yorikere. had been aworn lo cAffy oln ine'duii#* oV ma olHct. ’ tapapera alo'ie The comln- _ • regular adc tt.er* demon- I *»« ?*a\ munly officer, itratre ihal new.papei* offer the Ive medium of appeal. PloneFr* •f the radio appeal apportion the ng accordingly. ‘ The Prrabyierlnn publicity d partmehl haa lailh that aome day religion will be a» aih,- lualely adverttaed and will reap va*l reward* *• are now accumulated by le*a worth- *n Ran Franclaco. Dec. _* (UP). — Ruperlor Judge Thoma* ■ Graham ha* retired fmmUhe matrimonial agency buslne*:' Recently the Jurist became bus- , carted when he received a letter COUNTY MEN RECEIVE-LONG' PRISON TERMS Dc Guikto and >lawin*k^ .''cntcn^Fs \ggrcgatc 60 J Y«*ar* Maximum j Two men. recently eentenced ij Sing Ring for A\e yaar* and twj and a half years, respectively, fo their pari* in armed robberies^ the county. ye»\t>fday ar relumed '•eentenced Judge Close, one In from 171* lo year* and the other to from 74 They ace alii ward de Gui.to Rochelle and Walter RlawU sky of Rye. -MMt Dc Gul.lo *bad been eentenced b Judge Cloae to a ‘ term of from flv to ten yrars in Ring Sing prl to; wlihjm additional live yearaYorth poaaeMiinn of a loaded weapon. Ht sentence wa* changed to read Jt nve to fifteen year*, with five rr i another count he waa given ntenee.of from 54 Jo » y*at id live for pom^aalon railroad station* in th rn part of the county with rol * last summer, fleky h. iver. lie wa* given a S*« ,t from S»i to lh years bn , H wa* ch--ng*d today 1 ( l* and five year* to from a widow who sought hi* g! tn meeting eligible nun. Then came another applicant. Several ’ days ago Judge Grata turned qver SO applications from- counties to applicant No. 1. -«kl her to help herself and gtvs t rest to applicant No. S. \ What this particular winter has created a demand for is a thermome ­ ter-that 'cull* take a.drop or trKil . ’ H ip only reason boys fare, better than girls is bemuse nobody vxpects them to be perfect. Woiri P'-Pirkhardt, M Landscspe avenue# Florence Elkin*. Elmer El kin*, ol Greenwich. Conn , and Wal ­ lace Elkin-. GlrnvIHe, Coniu all nephew* and niece* of the deceased ai« each left fl.noo hy th- term* of Th f ' Marguerite Piekhardt. New York ‘ llv. Edith Pickhanl-, New'York Jlty. Iiher 1'irkhatdt. Itl Wolfs •' \ . Miriam Elkin*. Greim' Peekakill riiurrhea should adveriiee mor*P Now an' then they have a «p**m round Chrislmaa or Easter time. As iu)s they depend for tlielr publicity, both spiritual af ­ fairs and aoctal and commercial functions, on the generosity of the publishers of the local newspaper. Without question the Peekakill papers give to the churches hundreds of dol ­ lars of free publicity on cake rvlea. aociables. lectures, concert*, baxaars. suppers ad InBna- ■ium- Tho churches cannot be blamed for taking advantage .of thla condition, ft the paper* are willing to give away their valuable The Sunday service*, hour*, subjects spe ­ cial features of music, etc, are carried along as new*. In Ihc larger cities almost every church of con*eqffenc« carries a paid card In a Saturday or Rundky edition giving It* program for the day or the week. Might not The Highland Democrat suggest to the offtcl I inr mir vif P j'i?| 1 ^ I 1 ' 1 ' 1 ,' iri | mrh. Cumv- m - -K motion tn spend s Tew onnsrs nimng >nr ysar -i n* iwumon «>■ in* »ui~i«,*ui» ifi f f i f inri r# 11, ii ij tiii iiffir# m hniBatwwevt!: . Peejtsklli churchA that among ms fir 1IL . they a '' william idurihg the . I elected lai.t November, each , second term* of offlcei for three year*. County Trea*urer Charle* H I Miller. Mount Vernon, and County Coropiroller Jere Mllleman. New Rochelle, had link lltetr oatha of ofllce previously. Supervisor* who havp lo dal* takrn Ih* oath for th* coming two- year term of office Include: William J. Sherry'. Yonkers: Benjamin f. Taylor. Harrison; Ge, -g* W. Bur- Ion. Matnamneck: Joseph B. ! Carthy. While Plains Herbert Gerlach. Osslnlnr. the majority leader of the board; George Turner. Romers; Herbeqj L. Hpttscr. the new supervisor from •* — =* — * Ward of Yonksrs. Also, Richard Bennett, Eaolches-\ r; David Lyon, Pelham; K. H. Smith. Lewlsboro: Thomaa C. Gard­ ner. the new supervlso' from Cort ­ land! ; William H, Livingstone, New Rochelle: Charles fawner, Yonkers, and David T. Campion, the nsw supervisor from New Rochelle Juo- ceeding Supervisor^Edwafd'Carson. Campion wa* the hurt fo sign the oath book In County-Clerk Deck ­ er* oftic* late }**irT« *y aUernpon, -The rernalmiler of the aupervjaor* COMPUTt riNANCJAl ««V1C* Ise WISTCMtSTt*. T. __ 4- January Dividends Safe place for the Investment . of January funds. Our Guar ­ anteed First Mortgage Certifi ­ cates are safe and net \) to- $5000. Denominations 3100 .' .•: I

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