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son Fry, organist and. choir direct \ ■ tor. All friend* are cordially In- ]. vlted. Instrumental music will be play-j; rd before and after the service by ] j Edwin J. Hiller, cellist. The pro-;, gtarn is as follows: ; 1 have moved amidst the thronging j deration that all Christian* I Hindu pilgrims at Benares and ; not meet on a common leve with the Japanese Shintoist* at the J| ” ,t . b,r * 10 Chri «- A similar 'imperial Shnne of Is*. In »Mny ’ d REV. THOMAS F. WATKINS raator • of the First -Presbyteriar Church, who will deliver the'morn maincd free, as if for a companion whom he wished . to honor. And yet no oae was ever seen walking by his side. At home, at every meal, a special cover was l»(d in the place of honor: it consisted of whit* china and silver, which had always to be bright and dean. The large table was well filled, the father sat at tho top, but the place at-h!s right band remained empty. And yet the Syrian leaned respectfully to that side as if a distinguished gueat aat there. After dinner the food set Ijefore the invisible guest v wo* given to the poor. It was on account of this com- Born Is He. . . | yet bows low in adoration, are two Sleep pf the Child Jesus. | 0 f [he first fact* about man. The Bring a Torch. Jeannette Isabella. Itr(unl n f worshippers on the way Old French Folk. Tune and carols church upon any given Sunday collected by Gcvaert by the Jun-i-_ and | t j, Wonder that none of lor Choir. j our statlsties-ifiad moderns have e»- Carols — Umnlcd their aggregate' length! — There was a Knight of Bethlsham but part of the oldest and long- — Grnnt-SchAefrr. • est procession of the ages. He who Tiie Holly and the Ivy (Old Eng- has set eternity in the heart of list!I arr. by Norman Dcmuth. every mortal hi* thereby made him : The Little Door — J. S. Matthews. homesick for God. .Carol of the Russian Children . .... ... - : he Reverend Herbert W. Han- wlU preach a New Year s ser- 9 . • ’ Tomorrow.\ at the 11 o'clock rice of the Scarsdale Common- Baptist Church Sunday morn- Mrs. Louise Scott Tern- every shining brilliantly in the sun. There Is a cairn. “fclbsrt ’ is He than breathing. Nearer than hands or feet.\ ilnstrel the eve- - -vrhere The Mystic Fellowship fellowship Thai companionship portrayed In .tho Syrian-tale represents the.su- by faith 1 preme reality of millions of human • ltyes today, whose fellowship with mercy-seat.\ | Christ is more vital than assocla- nlng there was another entertain- j ment In the form of moving pic ­ tures consisting nf new* reels, » comic picture and the “ Flying' blend Where friend hold* ' friend, Though sundered far: they fneef Around the WILL ENTERTAIN Mr. and Mr*. Waldo fi-Barlow of j -firewater rood. Scarsdale. will en- ' teraain at tea tomorrow in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Sweet of j ltye, N. Y. and their son,'Waldo,; ; a student at Phillips Exeter, where , Hitchcock Memorial Church. Walworth and Greenacres avenue, Greenacres Section. The Rev. George H. Smyth, minister. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9:45 a. m : morning service and Blsliop Manning's Blander In worship of the one God and Saviour nil Christians know thetrf- . selves children of the same Father, ! members of the same Family , 1 ' parts of the same Church. The modern mood, especially in religious rth League will meet 1 the Rev. William C. Rourke; n.v- , under the direction sutant. thr Rev Gcral'd A. Cahlii. r ■ son. Donald H Sunday Services: Five Masses: 7 1 a. m„ 8 a. m, 9 a. m. rCblldjen ’ s Masai. 10 a. m.. and the last Mass. St. Bernard's. South a High Mass at U a. m. i venue unci Prospect -Vespers (Rosary, Instruction! John E. Murphy, pas-j and Benediction).* m.. hn Corrigan, assistant. Baptisms: Sunday afternoons sc* at 7. R. 9 tChll-'Jrom 3 to 4 o'clock. ,10 a.m. Evening de-l Weekday Masses: 7:Sp and 8 i p. -m. Holy Rosary m Holy Communion first Sunday of October. December, February. April and June. STORIES BT REV H.R- COLO i. m. sen, minister, i Wednesday Sunday Schor of St. Theresa. Morning serf of Jesus, at K Young People t 6:30. 8 . 9 and Special Devoi log the alnging organist and L Some say that the name Naxar- dt A WWVj * fkiwcrx- Whether that is K plr In' the church parlori wrt Wright is to lead a disco- .-.On Nw-Vrin night, thTcongi. cation will gather for a regular a Sembly at 8 o'clock. The purpov at this meeting is to heat from tli r iple their hop-s for the churr 19301 In the forms of constructh. ttggrstions. A number of n* .members will be received *«ra\rv . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - correct or not we know that the little town was located on the side of a hill and that nil about It were flowers In abundance of these lov ­ ely gift* which God gave so plenti ­ fully to the land Qf his chosen ,pe<fc \Oiwrtd.'' 6 Sen nubile Congregational Church. ' Healhcotc and Pont roads. Scars- j dale. Mr. Richard T. Gore, organ - 1 1 st. Mr. Writer Leary, soloist. Sunday ScJtpol 9:45 a. m, Sunday Worship with Sermon: 10:55 a. m. Young People ’ s Society, 7-8 p. m. The town was. hidden away from the busy highway that extended from east to west and was the scene of many camel trains Thty brought valuable cloth, sptoe* and other merchandise rrom the east and car ­ ried back equally valuahle goods from the west- Cut tho village life was quite undisturbed by this traf ­ fic. Men end woman went about their Bfmple duties living n quiet life where the peaco of Ood might come an<3 abide. ] One of th« men of Nazareth was Jossph whose' forefathers h«d been men of worth. One of them wad the great King David. But Joseph himself was a plain carpenter. Ev ­ ery working day he might be seen In hts p)top really a shed open to ­ wards the .street where he work ­ ed at hts chosen trad*. He \was a useful man tn his village Making i furniture for the neighbor*. flWSl j yokes to the patient ox's neck x»J The Presbyterian Church, r , North Broadway lind Barker Due. Thomas F. Watkins, ps 9:45 — Bible School.' Dor run Conncl. superintendent. The evening prayer and Chatterton lllli Church, m, regular ifiuilr.n of th( School. Mr. D. O, Lively, :30 p. m. All are welcome. Rev. Edward T. Mabley. rector. Holy Communion, to Be Celc- ; b rated on Wednesday ] Morning ut 10 On Sunday afternoon at4 o ’ clock, the Junior Choir of the CTlTirch of , umr\ meet-ju. J am e ( thr Less In* Scarsdale. I nu will be win jjtve a carol service 4nd a ®1>1* The ! Christmas pageant will be present- ! Addison Vd by th- young people. The pag- leant isrerijed \The First- Chrisl- .f thr Sun- 1 mas 1 i-rrd uTere will be four tab- on. Friday . Isaux. \The Annunciation. ” \The he church .; Stable,\ \The Shepherds\ and “ The ra ami do- j Adoration ” — -------- ---------- r — — 'heard, and The Communicants ’ Guild will util mi yrsc meet on Sunday evening at 6 o ’ clock. -Wednesday, January J, being the M. Matthews Lutheran f hup-h. { of -the Clrcumcl*JoiC there C.hy. Evangel leal Lutheran Church of 1 the Redeemer, of the United Luth - 1 ernn Church In America. Rev. : Russell F. 'Auman. B. D, pastor. Residence, 64 Sprague road. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Divine Worship at 11 a. ra. Services held each Sunday In the Masonic Hail. Harwood , Building. Scarsdale. lei H.’ Cuff, teacher. -Morning service. The pastor trench on “ The Measuring Rod me. ” By urgent request, the will repeat part of the music i last S unday morning. Spencer pit First Church of Christ. Scientist. I servl< southeast corner of Drake and Post days, 11 roads. Sunday. 11 a. m : Suftday • p Mt p School. 8:30 p. ret- Wc n roday-Cve- 3 ^ 1 *, nlng Testimonial Meeting each week at 8:15 p. m. All are cordial* Ht. £ ly Invited to attend j - ‘ hutch. First Church of thr»*t. Scientist. HpenJ.rr Scarsdale. N. Y . also maintains *,030 a. . I™ -j'cLtntovc 9200 mm the daily tress . wHrrr pluns , w. y , S aturday , D ecember 2a. vn 9. ■JUM — »MH II. JTOJSBOS* 9200 Ell RELIGIOUS NEWS OF WHITE PLAINS AND VICINITY CITY SERVICES TOMORROW it Sunday. Sunday — 9:45 n. ra, school meets by departments. Mi A. T. Jolley, superintendent 9:4.\ a. m. Woman ’ s class. Mr. AY- E Alblg. teacher. Mr*. M. J. Eisner, '• president. 9:45 a. m . Woman': class. Rev. A- C. Goddard, teacher Mr*. J. Hens*. president- 9:45 am, Philo men * claw. Rev. S. IV. Oral day Bln. leader. H. C. Hardy, president lb*l. 9:45 a. nu. Young Pcoplr ’r. Organ.- ar: Whit*, assistant suprrlni. ' zation meets tn the Young People - Morning worship at 11 o ’ clock. M ■ Chapel. 275 Main street-. 11 a. m Pnyson w\! preach. Sermon top: Morning worship sermon by Dt “ IN .............. Wallace MacMullen. Repetition of k't 1 ' Christmas music. 4:30 p. ro. Young Mu People ’ s Organization hold a Home lur. Coming Meeting in the Young Pro- Mu pie ’ s Chapel. 275 Main street, nest •* “ /to the church. Refreshments will ■ \be served. 8 p. m„ Evening serv- . tee. Sermon by Dr. G. W. Downs. Repetition of Christmas music. Tuesday — 9:30 p. m . Watch Night sstvlce In the Y. if. C. A. Mamar \ - oneck avenue. # Friday — 2:30 p. m, thr Januaiy group meets In the Social Room- of the church tc |iol<i a huslne — meeting and to discuss |dsns foi the auppei be Church House.* The pnslor will \The Christmas Postlude\ « in ehargr. Thr session will meet topic for the sermon to hr t the close of thenervlc* to greet ci'cd by the Rev. Sir, Mclvilli iew members. o ’ clock tomorrow morning. Ted Mercer will be the speaker Sehlllei* will i' ..id Credits 1 Talk. VMailing a Record- ’ Ir. John C. Ollltrs. dlree- i. A. K- Eowes. librarian, •lyn Glimors. pianist. An- the choir: \O Come to My Heart laird Jesus \ Mr. Payson will he at the church Sunday afternoon from 4 o ’ clock to 5. to speak with any wishing ro unite In th. membership of Oret-n ridge, the first Sunday of the New . Eventyg.j)rn NEW PASTOR INGHARGE NEXT SUNDAY; *,liiny Arlivilife Planned For Coniini: Week at Memo ­ rial M. E. Church Rev. Philip S. Watters, newly ap ­ pointed pastor of the Memorial Methodist Episcopal -Church will take his place as head of the local church next Sunday. January 5. He will officiate at the communion service which takes place at II o ’ clock. Dr. Wallace MacMullen will de ­ liver the morning sermon at the M. M. E. Church tomorrow morn- Dr. George W. Downs will be the speaker At the evening hour. Throughout the coming week a number odf varied activities arc scheduled : 10 lake place MRS. FRY TO TAKE CHARGE | OF SERVICE “ SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON HEART-HUNGRY FOR. HEAVEN IS HUMANITY'S OLDEST HERITAGE v B y WILLIAM T.' ELLIS have gone' with multitudes of j education, is to stress the Import ­ er* of all Christian commtin- j once of worship In all Christian ao- ’ ’ . /i , w; .„ „ , , ' Iona to celebrate Easter and Christ- tivlty. Before the Church c& be a Rldgeview Lburcll Will Hold L,, (n Jerusalem; I have shared working Church She must be a ■ Annual Candle Ligljjt J In blgfc days in Westminster Abbey ! worshipping Church; her center T . ... in London and In St. Peter ’ s Ir. and spring is the loving God whom Program T ..morrow ;tali;lM(WI , lh , of ^ ^ wh ° “ ^ ^ ! Christian Endeavorera who once' By no ifaeass have we heard the The Rldgeview Church, cornet of j ttLroDXed jjojtQo t0 th e number of , *nd of a recent incident in Uir fifty thousand, and 1 was j Movement for Christian unity, when also with the multitudes of Sunday forbade onV'ot'^r ci-t it'JirfZ Humlay afternoon j School workers in their great Wash- , diocese to hold a union celebra* Convention. I have 'also gone ‘ don of the holy Communion, prr- Iium. me program wiu oe uooeri pu fr tm Road to klccca I ‘ Wed ov * r b T ■ Freebylertan'cterg;.-- ! the rilreelinn of Mr*. Caroline Bee- : ... .. . ___ . ., ....... .. ! man. The whole Christian world Off Monday. December 30, a ape- »>urch. One .d the most important rial Christmas party for the Kin- meeting* of the weeks will Ink. dergarten children of thr Church place on Friday when the January Srinyii. nt 2.30 p. tn. tn tt)* Parish Group wilf gath( Goddard of L -1 arid of Expression. Boston. Goddard will give a nu ccllaneous reeling.- Thi *0 be musical selections, offering will Maes Mi ,< 1 Tiber of nu/S ,w her* will al-f ne .Lurch. Ora- a qupprr to take place In the n Waupum \eVerl near Post road, future. Evald B. Lawson, pastor. Miss Ruth Goddard, of Leland Morning worship «U1 be held at Powcril School of Expression of -11 n. nt. the Sunday School meet-. jj„ B ( on- Mass, will give a recital at tug at Ida. m. In the evening at H 0 - c |ock Friday night. She will 7:30 the Sunday School prqgram. kive ’ a ntunber of miscellaneous rccl- in the form of « “ Whit* Gifts for unions. She will also give several the King Service. ’ will be ceie- ; mu *i C at aelectlons. The- program lirateri. New Year ’ s U'aKe will be • w j|| be under the auspice* of the rrved Tuesday. December 31, nt February-■Group-of the church. Mrs The upcnker .fill be-Wtl- IlneV-Fenn. D. D, Profes- heolngy In the Divinity . T. Otis Is in charge of a TRUE SPIRIT OF XMAS SHOWN BY CHILDREN ■ ’ \-Kgs iirj a K.l-d, lo. e.llnr .»d „.n _ CS S SSlKiSl O. tomorrow 1 Afiso — Bach. (of worship la one of the deepest! ' »- l Processional HVrnn — \I Heard;jhe !»n^ mo « l ineradicable^ Instincts of- A Syrian Story of \The Pair\ ------------------ ------------- T kc II s on ChrMUna* Day.\ j th * human heart. In an old magazine article by an m il I ITftniT Prayer service. | Long before the days of the sing- EngUshmlnlster, Rev. James L**r- U A 111VUTli , ling Hebrews who hymned immor- mount. I foundaetrangeandbeau- , flrt llUr/il Carols — I tal praise to Jehovah, tho incense . tlful story of , \The Pair\. Accord- ■ IWllIWUli in.How a Rose--Praetorius 0609) ; of worship was rising to many ■ log to th* tale, there once lived In m r\ n JY ri I nil 'Neighbors of Bethlehem — err. by I strange gods, all over the earth. ! the Syrian highlands a man who III K K H A I . H Gevaert. As I have travelled in savage lands. I was nicknamed ThePxir. ’ ’ 1 V 1 IljJliVJIl Away In a Manger-Scheillng an<1 no <' <1 ‘ he'heap* of carefully) «• was a well-to-doNmidowner. Away in . a Manger ficneinng pHrf ,. QnM u , c ,q lderne „. the ' had a family, a large mhpber of AkT fl TT XT T\ 1 \T - ..... „ , fluttering rags on sacred treeZ.aftd servants, numerous friends, and y*t (IN \ II N II A Y ' • “ „.u. t„. U u to- : b. — . .... »,n ,i vit U U 1) 1/ ll I Gevaret. w ! ages, It has been borne in upon me'He always went about alone, and • lire* Kings-Air by'Frter Cornel- [hal when | lflJ hls Jacc ln ' yot not alone. When he walked ♦ I lua ,an olct c » ro1 hasmonlzcd by : wq „ hlp l0 any Higher Being, he - Is | “ long tho road, he always took the Tomorrow ” Will Hr Topiltl 5?, ch !' fulfilling the funtfunenU! Uw.of lUs{»®rst. the wet or rough path. of New Year's Address | ,!orn He. . - | Sleep pf the Child Jt at Scarsdale Church ; Bring a Torch. Wild 8 ky.\ Tho Cfiurch School meets at 9:45 ' • * preceding the morning worship. , The subject for/discussion In the (iifla of Young People of Ke- Adult Forum vstli be -What would happen If we put Into practice the ilrenirr i-4 Hhcra i) Lhurcll The Junior Forum will mi rim^ch of M John the gelist. 31 Hamilton avenue. John F. Tamer, pastor: aasi R*v. F. X. Scott and Rev. Ji McGowan Sunday maarr- t 9 tChlldre n's% Mass I 10 a. a. m. and 12 a m. Evening Uan. 7:30 p. D*r Vespers and Presented lo Orphahs Christian Scientists To Hear Lecture The chiklfcn of the Sunday School of the Evangelical Luther-. an Church of tho Redeemer of . _______ ; Scarsdale, kept the true spirit oY : Ch ^ gUan Science ” is Christmas last Sunday by bringing uf Ul0 lc , (on>Krrmon , n ■i gifts to the school to be presented „ „ f chrUt scientist, children of the Wartburg Or- December 29. '. by Harvey B. Gaul. 1 Folk Song of White Russia) Prayer and benediction. Response: Silent Night. Postlude for cello and organ Air ' < f:om “ Orpheus\ — Gluck. CHRISTMAS IN MASONIC HOMES- Hie subject all Church- 3 n Sunday. Bene- , 9 han ’ » Hon Sacra- largeJjjjx was filled litter. Mr. B. ll. Woodward, acting ttttperintendent. Th- church organ ­ ist. Mm.'Elizabeth C*o — . opens and 1 the morning service by play ­ ing Dickinson* Scotch Carol as prelud*. and Fount:' Grand Chor- ‘ is poftludr. A new feature Is : presented by the choir, a trio, at ’ Miss Helen Wagner, a soprano. They arc to present \The Song\ of 7 E ’ the Angels,\ a traditional melody, the posh M{. Stamm will ting Yon ’ s \Ji Bambino. ’’ Mr. Shirk will pres the-subject \Til Chnllenge An Ideal \ e evening service wll! t» 1 at 8 o'clock. Miss Hr Wagner will ring for us \Glory God on High. ” by'/\ ’ Cross will play \Mon: of Cboptn and \March* Ml Of Schubert. The -venlng s by Mr. Shirk will b* entitled nurd on hls Fltal Clinrch of Christ, Scientist, uch Inlereit Maple ami Mnmaroncck avenues, in Chinn Sunday fcrvlees_»t 11 • Why Wo Look Up Man I# most man when he Is lift ­ ing up hls aoul in adoration of t Moat High. \Thou has made for Thyself. O Lord.\ cried SL. Au- j . __________ guatlnc. \and our hearts will never that the maiwwas called- \The Pair\ be at rent until they rest in Thee. ’ ’ If be was asked what it meant, he To moat thoughtless of-us either made no reply, or said mys- 1 therc~ornes moments when we . terioualy \But He Is there \ It was I know ourselves to be but sojourners 1 well known whom \He\ meant — the earth: aOd that our real home is I Lord Jesus. The man took the bod Him Who made ua and planted or dirty path out of love and honor ur deepest being desires and 1 to Him; out of love and honor to ' motions which nothing on .earth j Htm a place was set at the table ----------- can satisfy The riper wo are In ; WhMi he was nt work or taking hls ,, . , n , tainthood. the more constantly our rest, he was always calip and cheer- r.lilfrly Mflinherfi ailH Lilli- heart* look up in worship of tHim. |f a |, and brhaved os if he weri hT 1 „„ ,.r f Mai. Whom having noT seen, we love. ” | company with another Person . of tlron Ol r ratermu Yl.lkc Qur practical generation has 1 distinction, whom no one ever saw. Merry Ut Institution ; raad* much & mlnUto-, and of a , Before he had attained a great the pastor will preach Sunday'sfchoLl convrfies at » - ’ •\mnn appropriate to the occur- ' 30 a. m. The Wednesday evening | ln \ ,r ?. m subject. LUe * icrttng. ’ at which testimonials of * Library. bristian Science healing are given : Special music for the services 1 nt 8:15 p. ra. The reading room ! Inst Sunday was furnished by Fred ; open dally (except Sundays and Scarsdale Churches Hr St JUNIOR CHOIR WILL PRESENT CAROLSERVICEl^r:! Church nf St. ’ .otestant Episcopal), n*. ScarsuaU . Rector. Ian R. Chalmers: assistant, the ev. J. H. Price. Sunday Services: Holy Commun- 7:30 a. m.: Sunday School. 9:43. __ _ , _ . morning service and sermon. bt. Andrews F.plscopal Chnreh. prayer and ser- Central avenue. Hartsdale Q.mil.v H.rvi...\ Yln(v X*.

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