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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, December 28, 1929, Image 7

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. •puPMiiKt 9200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., SATURDAY. DECEMBER 2R. 1920. 1^*™°\* 9200 ■I [News in Social Circles, of Whit© Plains and Vicinity Sorority. Enjoys '.mas rrlrMbnwU rk M. Laukli [Mr? Clement Rbrtt. Mr In. Sumner Whitney, Tin Grorgr P p»)wm. Mr. Marrlrl Brady. Mi*., Barb h*r. Miss. Elizabeth Tali Mnhhn Rnbcrtoon. Ml\ A M>» Marion Lc*g»n Mi* WilUani'E. Lynch and Mi K. Bergman The Ml** Walker. tpr-la Brown. I [Dorothy Kruse About Town ^ show the Artie Is Chaifman Of McMahon* Kluti Kveirn jwirhif Jirtie r*ean. M Dance Group and from In hand l - Ncw York Cedar Crest Col ­ lege Club Held Affair Last Night at Biltmore Hotel. Hall Ae*hue H« •C . Mina Loranln Wiilela of U- 1. >• Ralph OiurrMII. letterj Jerome. Cnrinnjtwn. Ray Ottn Spangenherg. Ray I'll' Mr. UrsnWTX. Quinn of I.yi plnee la home for Ihe Chrlaimar ration from Dartmmllb\ Cnllrgr ‘ \Suit. Tkbtea — pi Crompton. . SVUfisn Hn*e. TtinmM Ha Prnuiy. Robert At Wiwi RnHert t , ilton. NormtV ^ John nearfri , Chappell anti 1 Ml: ; Dorothy Kruse. daughter of Jo, ''l ’ h WW* 1 Mr. and Mra. Grorgc Knit\ of 10 ] Beit hold l^.rrnr Whitney street. While Plain-, I* jcartnr/. Ralph -Anders .ihslrrnan of the dance which the I JYAtapn. Heywood Burr i New York Cedar Great College Club .lesson. Nat Abbot. Cai [sponsored at- lhe Hotel Biltmore | er. Eoberl duller. Andr laat tyfelti Larry Hn**clmano, sta . MIM Knur, who graduated from land Jed Newman. : Cedar Great College. Allenlnwn. | ’ — - ----------- ------- ! IVnna.. In 1023, wns prronlem of [Student Government while n senior •there. She wenl 10 White Plain* 1 High School, graduatihg. In the . ela** of 1923 ShA la now rngagnl i In the Chlltl Welfare Department of I the Stale of New York, eituated in 1 Yonkera. i The Cedar Crest College Club of New York I tar a membership . uf iall lhe Ellin who have intended ; Cedar Crenl In Westchester Contnyrj f ew York City. ’ Long Island.'and pper New Jersey. The officers are: president. Mrs J. O, Boyd, •PH Harding avenue, • While' Plalnn; [ treasurer. Gladys Wad'. Maple ­ wood. N. J.: nor responding aerrr- . iso'. Beatrice Underwood, Chslsm. N .1 : and Madeline Raksanyi. Ai • I llngton. N. J. . Miss Wheeler Dance Hostess Last Eyeping Many College Girls Home For Holidays Prominent Members of \ WhitcT ’ lains Younger Set 1 Enjoy Variety of .Holidayj Social Events. v . tartalned the King 1 Ihe King's Dar - * — luncheon vrste lowing Ihe lun changed Mrs was in charge ............ roent. Those attending ■ James - Moran. prerldi Albert Among the college girls home for: Ihtlr Christina* vacation* who ara! •prominent at the local nffalrs^pre ; Miss Ciejely Clark of the Potts- .' dqm Normal, Miss Marjorie Smith \ Mra. K enneth Clark, Mrs. David Swain Hostesses at Dinner Parties Preceding Affair. Go*. Mrs. Daniel \KOTBWS ichard Appel. Mrs Wallare Ml* James Berry. Mrs D ajar. Mm. M S Bnckhee. ' ■' Mrs. Charles; . npop. daughter e Samuel C. Harru Mrs. Lyl' day at a hr!#b party h«d | Searsdale I-vtge. Khe will the bride of Mr Otto.C. Js» of Mr. and Mrs WUUam Ja Merritt pvenue. Dagorntions for (he part carried ouf In pink and Prizes were awarded high holders -and refreshment! I events of the entire year was-spon- cored la*t evening by memhey, of lhe White Plains \University Club' in ihe form of the annual Christ- men. dance held al the Searsdale Golf club. More than 300 members and fittnds were present! The ballroom was beautifully lire- orated with Christmas greens and at midnight .upper was served. Mr. David Swain waa chairman of thV dance committee, while assisting him'were Mr. Richard Apprl and Mr. Frederick H. I-oggett Preceding the affair In .Scars- dole Ml. and Mrs. Swain were h-Ats to a number, of friend* at a dinner parly held at. their home, rlnbller nnd Virginia Cram- Skidmorr College. Saratoga , Si. Y.: Mmusii Marie Louise 1 . Eleanor Lee. of Wellesley rentered «5n giving Instruction to . teachers and recreation leaders st : the classes at White Plains this spring, so that they rrmy carry on the work in the practical arts with ! their charges later In the year. 1 Anyone Is welcome to the Clauses. I Miss Scott, declared, however, and Interested County residents are urg- red to tkre-i Iheir Inqulr**# to her j si t heir earliest possible eonven- A delightful Christmas bridge war- riven yesterday by Miss. Dorothy •Vrstall. daughter of Senator and Hra. Walter W. Westall. at her tome on Boundvlew avenue and iartodala road. Prices' were won , >y Miss Eleanor Walter*. MI m V lnlfred Gaprttv. Mt*« Grace ; IVtwler. Mil\ Jilolw Cltahay. Ml»a! Jerle Jack-on and Ml.-:, Fl — nor Idle* of White Plain*. nnd Mins ntretown. N. J.; - Mies Dorothy] Loyd. Dana Halt. Wellgeley. Mass.: M im Elizabeth Conklin. .Bennett |Srhdbl; Miss Audrey Van'Wlnkle. National Cathedral. Washington, | D. C. Woman ’ s Club ( CharmingJScaradaleAjirl En ­ tertains Friends at Lov€ly Affair Held at Her. Resi ­ dence. Miss Harbison Is Hostess At Brilliant Dance New Rochnllr Others present | Felix Warburg Will Support Musical Event itrlcc Goble, Dorothy Loyd, ret Frchtman. Elizabeth Annual Christmas Affair Held Last Evening Drew More Than One Hundred ! Guests. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ,W. A. Harbison Gives Delightful Affair At Her Home. Prominent White Plains Resident Joins the Music Lovers as Boxholder For Annual Festival The Christmas dance of Ihe ian» Club of Fcarsdale. wan l the club houee |ail evening and beauty. The decoration* were on tile Cliristmon order-of wrealhn and greena — and there were table* for bridge. The committee for the! dance conriwrd of Mrr. Pmil 111-. Elected Music Leader for College of 1930 ( In eponiorlng the coming rguilcal : i event which 1* to be given In May | ! at the new County Center at While ! Plains, Mr. Warburg doe« eo In the I [ double capacity of patron and | : member of the Boeiety ’ e board of 1 |governora on which he oervej, with j , twenty-one other well known West- ehe*terltea under the leadership of . - ! Mrs. Eugene Meyer of Mount Kl*ro. ! r.lng. iThe-festlvol this year - promUe* to! Thcti become a music event of nation- ent wi wide significance, enlisting, a* It people. ! hoe. the able direction of Albert the spi ! Stoezsel, eonduetorpt-the Oratorio ! Ihe dai ; Society of_New'York and the ac-1 ful the : tire participation of twenty-two --------- local choral groups. • ______ professional Spanish entertainer*.; who Bang and played Ilrxt for the: efitlre company In the Large draw- [ Ing room, nnd afterward;, all even-j Inr. In the library. The bridge 1 lablea were laid In the upstair* . rooms.'where those Inclined to con ­ tract spent'a very pleasant eve-; WINTER PRUNING PARKVIEW GARDEN * Apartments 87 North Broadway, White .Plain* An BsprrinMir *« toes* amines r«u OUippfd iisrmmi, In s drilghtful Jolly Qub Giyes Qiristmas Affair Experienced Gardeners (utlc hath many charm* at the Jniversity of Kentuclty, but thte reUy co-ed is one of the least eelsuble: She (s Mis* Istwra Prt- grew. of El Paso, Tezan. and was seently re-elected sponsor of the falverslty of Kentuelty , « ninety: ieee t>gnd. Hhe will lumirh the Troy ’ s Garden Nurseries ! Members of the' Jolly Club Trellis i ;hnlr. annual Christmas party Mon ­ day night In the clubrnoms at 131 Main street. Mis* MUdred AdlSr wo* in charge of arrangement*. About fifty members, attended «l*Tk Many Acquire Proficiency In Thi Practical Arts Under The Direction of Miss Ina Scoll High Tea Is Pleasant Event Of Yesterday Handicraft Department of West­ chester County Recitation Commission Entering Into Second Year of Existence. BjB.lL Rubischon ] Annual Dance Cecil Hoge, Norman Prouty Is Sponsored Co-Hosts Al Dance Held At By Sorority Huge Residence On Thursday j Alphn Phi Theta * Held Charming Chri | mps Party at Chaltcrl I Club Last Evening. Group ' Mis.* Drhm^ly/ Dur Christ- ! lams WilM)inne ceding Dance: Decoration* Carr linter p ” ! Temple Lk ael To Celebrate ALPHA PHI THETA i The above photograph jiu'ludefi the following, deft to right : Miss Elizabeth l al countvr ac i I' 0 ' 1 \' Miss Margaret Callahan, Mrs. William FLLynch, >tis6 Agatha Mr Mahon. Miss Dur- j '' n “ l A I nlkv.ghr*! \1iua tlilrla ITflfthn nnrl MiSvv-Lit SllilTcn. By' l Many Churches - >rd • practical art* continuation Vliss Anita Marcone and «»ooi for aduii. would probably bv I the proper way In which to cla«l- IVlifls Margaret Ward Ln- fy it. But it masquerades, instead. , , . . ~ .i , under the head of the Handicraft tertain at Dfeautirully Ap- Department of the Wostcheatet pointed Ahctnoon Ton. C “ “ ' r c™™u.io» • _____ ThU particular deportment him ; « now been -functioning, under the Miss. Anita Mastnnc* and Ml*a able direction of Mis* Ina ScoM. Uargaret Ward of Hartodalr enter- ! -upervisor of handicraft, for Just alncd yesterday afternoon at a tea one year. And In that time It ha* riven at Vis* Marcone's home. Ill conducted classes, all well attend- Jreenrldge avenue. ed. In basketry, weaving. Jewelry- ! Among the guests were: The making, metalwork, tooled leather Mlsets Raslyn Greene, Gwen work, sewing and numerous other .iieene. DOrothy Loyd. Cicely Clark. ! handicrafts. Although women seem Katherine Lombard. Anita Quinnn. to have found the most time to at-j Ruth LlndrleJt,-Eleanor Lee. Mar-, tend the classes, they are open to ion MaeArthur. Audrey Taintei. 1 men a* well. , t 1, Miss Scoll. WSII. who ’ Virginia Sellar*. Barbara Hou«on. ; ,, raPd the . ; , hrlq< ^r of -Mary: Eleanor Gre/ne. Constance W*»>- ; chmtmaa\ with her work dn roha- ; ion. Bstty llarulng. Sara Hilcli. ; hllitatlng Ihe manv lovs Which' 3aney Bremner. Ivirrklnc 'Collrm.. were collected by Ihe commission iVlnlfred Collin*. Vivian Wheeler. » nd aflcr h „ touching /ara \\ herlrr,' Liana \ heeler, irfhuted lo more than J Hobby Hymen. Dorothy \\ retail, i drt . n ihnraghout the count,- »», Ruth-Grant. Belly Whlbrldge. Polly | Christmas gift*. ' j OthyKhrct, Mldfl H i I c I r .W atSOIl and Ml^S 1 !\• Scott speak. *f herself, as! ----------------------------------- ^ ------ - ------------------------- gSft : «--«•', Watch Night Huhbdrd. Adel* Kcmrr C^rslance ; c ,uing she followed for sev- VpHpflllJpi U.rconc hte.nor TJMmOa. Amy yfBrfc .^chffi,. ,n- m . h ) c JUIIUUUXC lane Wilton, Jeap.-JOeharda.'^JWl, of Dumont , *l« Garrlly. Marjorie Smith. Knlh-1 , nd Hamberg. N. J. trine Bancroft. Jean Leary, Ruth Burke. Marguer.tc Collins. Marie , Sh * look I charge ol Uni lie Houston, Anil. Gabel. Mar- P«WouBd she ye.r^ .go K„ ■SSSo.lSSL. “ . , riaUv 1 tke recreation commlselon. She had s.L d-.i learned traakstry and sewing as a Also Ihe MV- r- Katherine Fal- . . . . . toner,-Mary Mallory. Emily Allen. k course _ Muriel Holsle, Marjorie Singleton. ln J~ m W \ ’ ,1 . nR ' . . W.lchlnc !*•. Ellen Aun.her. Virginia Crowley.) Tbi* latter departure ha* been! Watching I Jladys . anderbilt. Mildred Web-: one of the poinra of greatest inter : ths pew year n ■ter. Virginia Plan. -1*e Keane, :rJt ia ,h ' ’ «crk of the department . cd down ‘ to the present from Betty Davenport. Elizabeth Booth.; during lhe past year. The h* nd| -1 muneniorlal *The i hurchew in Katherine Lee. Virginia Payton. ; \aft dejwrtment poasesaca a num- * ■ neglr.ted Patricia Pavson Gloria Davies b,,r > of looms, capable /if weaving \ \ ,,e * laln ’ ' n *' r n '\ neaiecreo Elsie Hamming. Bedmere tH ll.ru. -•'tuthlng from iim.II corn pur.-c the age-old custom and arc plan- Nancy Hamilton. Vera Marcone. - ,f> ,1JK* or ,0 nn tnche* tn width |ntng prolan.. f<u- -Uvaic Ruth Abbott. Katharine Ruckbee. ««> strongly have the women taking jannual watch servlcoa. From nine Ulai-a Marcone Jeanette Cuff ,h ' > cotrree* offered by the^depart-1 until twelve evening services will Helen Hubba.d. Mis* -Ruth Klrl.ler. r™, ’ ]\' , \ il , rn ,n ru « » “ T 1 1 n «- th ' ” , ’ * k,n S Pl».ce in many of the clt Nancy Bacon, Ml*. Carolyn Kapp. addttlonsU equipment In this line | places of wqrsh.p • Fraud* Cuzxl of ML Vernon. Boh J oukt ’ t J? l»He care of the' The St. Paul's-SJct 1 , 0 , 1 ,. t Pioteal- *U Robertson of Searsdale. Dorothy -cmand which is anticipated fth aht Church. J31 South Lexington - --- the coming year. V j avenue, la planning n special set Classes In all branches of the-vnee to begin at 9 nnd- last until handicraft department will start j Atei* 12. Rev. Neil McIntyre, the immediately after the flr*l,of the [blind evangelist, will preach, the year. Mis* Scott announced. Moth- ! final sermon of the old , 'year — 1 era ’ groups In Whit* Plains and all rwlll- ’ dnng solos. The, • will ' over the county have been organ- social hour during which ' lied, and will begin their hiassion* lea--Auxiliary will serve TJ * J__ A *. TJT lhe Recreallon Commission offl-!ments. During the Isit I5nCS2^ i x OITIC 're* tn the Court House annex ln|of the dying year, new M ,-.. Jr «n .t.ciiain. oi-oweci O White Plain* and elsewhere will be received into the church. | ri „«r College: Virginia: ’ Mis. Grace . “ \J* 1 * ... - Ihroughout the county, on Monday. At 8:45 Tuesday evening. Ihecon- j Fowler of Vlosr Collrce. ihe Miss- ' JL ” .' UaURntCr Ot senator - ancl j an uar>-.6. gregation of the Trinity I.ulhrra:: 1 Marjorie Ludlow. Virginia Plat!. Mrs. Walter Westall En-.; The work of the handicraft dc- Church on Orawaupum street near Muriel Ilolsbe. Margaret Singleton. tertains at Charming So w™*?* \\aj. l.,o par- eSJS*^*>ja , 51 Jj. T gjT “ ‘ 'j JjJ Jj* cial Affair. ', — „»... ........ , u .. .» * .................... *^-l!l bq held .at 11:30 . The Catholic Churches of ihe i College; Mis* Anil* Gabel or Cen- lv will hold IKele anniuil ..-nfrh * ................... Feast ofj-ights Special Services Tomorrow; Film of Jewish - Arab Riot* In Palestine To Be Shown. Miss Westall Holds Holiday ?e At Home ffi.-V- rfun-gT OlAc inukah. ^ ridge. Ralph] 7*T .......... T> 11 T :£ d E: ' Luncheon Given Fof Betrothal Is . King ’ s Messengers AririOUnced at '^(UniversityMena- ' Bridge Party jUoj Sponsor Annual Miss Julia P f-jarrison to Be ­ come Bride of Mr. Otto C. Jaeger In -the Near Fu ­ ture. . » Rolapd F Howe. Mr and Mr*. J. Georg**HoIlerlth, Mis* Mary Reed and Mrs R C. Olhemarf ! Mr. and-Hrm. Kenne ~ of Sound view avenu, with a dinner .party hefor* th< dance. Tho.*« who attended In- --------- — — „ _. elude Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Mehl- Mina Natalie Ad|/h*. Mtaa Ev.lyu bach. Mr and Mr*. Arthur Faubel.i Daugherty. >K*» Edith Crowlay. Mr. and Mr*. RoIan3~Boiworth and| Mis* K,u Collin*. Mr*. Georg* Mr. nnd Mrs. Eugene Blackford [Heine. Mr* Emil N'ordholm. ^Mrs. According to reports received to-[Sherman Smith, Mrs. E»gn» Lyon, day the dance (.loverl to h» rule of i Mua Virgim* lh« most succcastul events ever | garet Parson and Mra held by the University Club. led. Jr. f Mrs. Henry B th SPECIAL w lemonslrdrion on this 1 vNEW tn\pa S TARTING Monday (horning and continuing throughout the week a Domestic Science Expert of the Tappan Stove ' Company, will conduct daily cooking and. baking demotuua- tioiu on this beautiful new Tappan range at our store. Come, see how delightfully easy baking can be on this'new range! See its INSULATED oven that holds the heat in the oven, out of the kitchen ... its new mirror-like chromiutp- lined oveipfbr \>P«ed baking ” ... its beautv and many easy baking feature/! Don ’ t \u * k; - — — ------- c — ------ date ., . and come! 1 this opportunity. Set an early TAPPAN You car secure -your new gns cangc on our budget plan. May we tell you about it > WESTCHESTER LIGHTING CO. 12 DEPOT PLAZA =- t . wi V w . ; ; ______ 0 . a bennett White Plains 404s ‘ Manager IHi

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