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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, December 31, 1929, Image 15

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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. X. V.. TUESDAY'. DECEMBER 31. P)Z9. S ’ MATTER POP — Absorbing Public Manners By C. M. PAYNfc .1 above described premise.. by deed •laird Juno J, 1910. by Scared ale | Rstatr* to Scarsdalc Club Corpora- • tlon and trcordod June IN. 1916. t| Utf* 2117 of deed* at page 121. Dated. December 19. 1329 WILLIAM J. SCRWONFKST. CLARK CLOSE * DAVIS. E mjj . Attorneys for Plaintiff. Bar .Building, White Plain*. N. V. 1 ROBERT E. FARLET. E>H . Attorney for Defendant. Scanulalc Estate*. . • — ~ . < |T !Court Street. White' Plains. N. V. « \ J ud Sn?ent tof; su . AH s fLARK. Esq,. 1 rale duly made »n3j A , t<)rn .y f or Dpfepslan!. • b ®T f jconklin-Pflater Building Service, date the l.th day of. , m . 9. I. the undcmpied; rwir H ' uiuln _ white Plains. N T I judgment \ ,m t r “ -!®RANG & TAYl-OR. E*q» . ubllc- au ction In H>e{ At , orneis lor per.kliam Road Cor- i Connty <W a a »Houa»; f White Plsftu. New. D^ndaw! Tth day of *bnury.|£ M .l “ sue... While Ham,. N Y lock in ibe forenoon PIM0N - STEnN . Esq . be premises directed A ,. oro , y f 0 r t*f*ndan*. tent to be rold «»d Bulu .| n Produ.-i* Co.. Inr.A> Ibtd as follows: p, rlt Row >- r w York City, rtaln lot of land Mt- : MAX FREEDMAN. Esq. d being In the Town ( Attorney for Defendant. ;U. County of West- ijuiietie Friedlander. Staid of New York. n.'. Fifth Avenue. .signaled a* and by ] New York City Jt» shown on a eer- ■ STEPHEN R..J. ROACH. E»q. led. Survey of prop-1 Attorney for Defendant. McFadden Hold Ins [ White Plan.' Publishing Co., Inc.-'\ I in the Town of 'Bar Building. White Plain*. N. Y. IVaiitcbesleiL Comity HOWARD 1>. MOSHER. Esq. aade by Denehy * , Alto:nrv for Defendant. Engineers. White! Asbe.«-TIIe Company. Inc- folk and filed In the: 299 Broadway. Register of W«trtr> , Torii CUV. the 23th day of Feb- : PHILIP V. MANNING. Eiq. ► Map No- 32W and/Attorney foi D.-frndant irly bounHWl and de-' Cropary A Mitchell, Itie ling to said-map as to Court Street. Brooklyn. N. Y “ SANDERS A GREEN. E« j - . Attorney* for Defendant. Bert Riokln. A<t£- 'ioo 5u^e.-T4AT I %> tel AtfT/PdP P OUT I n 'P uisLie Too MUC<tf] -I -H e ’ S 'PlCK'iwti /OUli SEAT IN A ' “ -H at '6 < soot >. - 1 A n NET* d Too! f FIRST MORTGAGE GUAR ­ ANTY A TITLE COMPANY. Plaintiff. — a; Inst — M c F adden holding cor ­ poration . Ct ai: ' \ \ • ‘ Defendant*. By GLENN CHAFFIN and HAL FORREST TAILSPIN TOMMY — Against Terrific Odds / dcyj ’ t MNOM AO IV vcis DONE r ER. ' BUT THAT MAS ) SURE SUCK- - ) THOSE BAB/ES 1 / OCNED POOPS } LIKE A COUPLA ) TEXAS LONS- j HORNS' S lOIIOWM • BEGINNING .-Si'S, northerly llntkvif Mr: a* laid.down on can the game Is ’ inleraret* laion line.between Loi 2 on the aforemmlion nlpg thence North : along said division hr land of 8caridilr__i.iL nmg thence alooiT r Srarndale fjdlf Club We»t 125 feel to the Of Lot No 5 »» shown running-thenre along line of Lot No- S »s .< 4&000 BYE TO HOPE ’ . 7*0 SMPS A6NNST A DOZEN! ’ TONNY AND 5KEETER AND COnnWDEO CELEBRO ARE THE TARGETS .Of A MASS ATTACK UHKH MUST SPELL DISASTER-!!! Attorney., for Defend**!. Fred S 'Radford. J 1«T r-roadw*>> New »tk City SIDNEY BlotNHElSr. Esq . Attorney for/JTefendant. Madison Mortgage Corporation. 21 Earn fbth Street. New York City. M c K inley a mckinley . e * o » Attorney* for Defendant. Croelrr Tile Company. THE NEBBS— U Everybody Happy! Fl -XJVJT | MAD AT '•DU A3 Ir /KEPT TCUJhiG l MVSCLF I WASi-t i alwa - cs rtojRBO ^nyflASkir VOUR ’ I MEANIKJE3S-IT i I ujA^.-aOOB jS Bond A Mort HIT AND RUN DRIVER idrew Gardello. Montrose street, it oil to the police Saturday ng Company and New ic ' utility coriKiratloi*-. jperato through »trr«:- (cl possible unpaid nranchise tag of McFt ng Corporation. Jdi lights granted or far a* the same may ind Rathbmt avenue It was by another auto which «ras west on Post road and failed . i after the accidenL By FRANK BECK GAS BUGGIES —Doubt! ^AFTER L03IMQ HIS EVESIGWT ME DEVELOPED MW MINO AND BECAME A GREAT PREACHER , AND MAO ONE OP T.HE FINEST CHURCHES IN ENGLAND . SHE MARRIED A NE ’ ER-DO-WELL AND LIVED s A VERY UNHAPPY LIPE . I SO YOU SEE YOU CAN’ T 1 — , ALWAYS TELL, r — rrf ’ ia.--Entitled. 16. — Units of measure. 10. -Caskets. 20. Stiram. 22. — Annoying children. 13. -Tlicsome persons. 25 -Old possessive Jinsn 1. — A whirlpool, ft. — Soars. 11 —Lake 13 — Palm stem. ITS — Hauls , I 17 — Musical note, 1 if . ftB08N BSI r 19 — Channel werki I 20 — A liquor. 21 — Behold | 22 — Flying rreatm I 23. — To sene with 2< -Parts of menc | 36 — Adored I *T —Dtlficult. I 21 — To engage to ' I 38 — Flies By EDWIN ALGER BOUND TO WIN —Ben Investigate. ; n 7 iHAVEfvr f ePIA«S ‘ P.0L0 FtUOW.THlMGS ' LOOK PRE.TTV BLUE-WE'RE IN gr YOU WATT MERE, “ BRIARSIE' — I ’ M GOING TO ' TAKE A CHANCE AUD SEE IF MR.LAUGENCE WINSMIP ’ S »N - H£ ‘ S ONE OF MV BEST > ANO OLOEST CUSTOMERS' V MAV8E MS ’ LL KNOW A SOMETHING- 'fttMVitBSTER, REALIZING THAT HE HAO i£tTc-MT 0« HIS HANDS, DEODED TO GO AT [ONCE TO HILLSIDE. THE LITTLE TOWN !WHE(3E PRACTICALLY ALL UlS CUSTOMERS LOOK PRETTY BLUE-WE ’ RE IN debt NOW AND WE need money 3j. — Foretcels. <5* — European city. 39 — Musical Instruou WORSE THAN WE EVER D1DJ3EFOP! AHO WE«£ LOSING LOTS 0^ OUR \ CUSTOMERS — WELL PULL Lx THROUGH SOME WAY, y-tT THOUGHT ! OUTFIT IN TOWN THATls/I DON ’ T KNOW jTRYNGTD PUTYOU Xyj.WINSHlP — 3 lour OF BuSiNESSP/THOUuHT MAYBE vou VVOLJLO — n ; Th.-wiYiHU ; ■ wnr- \CAME TO SEE ■i — V YOU — . :FDft EGGS AND BUTTER LIVED X all R ight , ben , i ’ ll f I MAY BE ( gone all day [JONATHAN^ HOLD DOWN THINGS ‘ HERE-GOOD LUCK, v old boy

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