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The Katonah Times, (ESTABLISHED IN 1878 > , Desist of Justice Barnard Against thd Property Uwners. P. KNAPP, Editor and Proprietor!. pn-hllshed Every Friday Afternoon Hupremc Court Justie. J-iuts made'-his- -decisiu ••l.iiyiim's for damages where '^SUBSCRIPTIONS : YCAK'LSO. v, 3 MONTHS, 40 CTS. 6 MO./IT5 OTS.^INCLCCOPr. 5 CT3 . IN wOVANOCr •— To all the suvcossful' candidates in tho ree-nt election wo extend our con­ gratulations and wish tin-in nvery sue oess in offl.-6. - i Kainy 'lays slit-uld not ngitin he at tributi-il :m lU'innrriiUi' weather I he last election knocked the old thcon «ky high. Tlic weather is gradually getting in those where Uie awards have tTtnrli', , • , Judge Barnard says iu his <!• eision -Tney aiale.tlint.awa.rds mode- on tti'e c.ia a m.u very iiiadtup'nlu and aw less liian half the compensation other oimniissioneis have-'ivp. tiled in similar cases, that tin- Commission did run vii'W tin: land to be appraised and tha< tlif ili J.iy is extremely burdi nsonn and iifij.ist to tin.' owners and for ihi'Mi* rniB {ns tln-y ask I'or u now Com mission for tln-ir cases.'' \A o iiipatison with tli'i' awards ol otIn i commissions is a difficult one to make. There never Is sueh a simi luiiiy of ciiiiditioim as to make such a -^o-ctnrttrti.ui UIIIIJ.IBT.I1.-B .lu--..^..-Ri.. 1 n|1 u u in lruatWorUl ,. jowitioiw. that one ol these .lu.Vs pvlhaps then- i ^.j ljl)IMINGSI VAL(10 OF THO I^J /.nay i^aihly come-auiwaJmiB ^yj lls ,. n a|li , lho flljlB? , ( , , iffl<1 uril ^ Ukospn- g . I nut .-in \IT fr.-m kind taken, would n itiually be somewhat difilcultso as to tend -i a comparison dilll.'Ult The i>e..j.le of tin. t<mn of N oi-th Castle and M< unt 1 l.-nsnnt liave ehos- ong -ml IIH-II to ii-|i.nsi-iit tin ir towns •Tiie <uso showing a failuro to view In tin, ii, ui 1.1 ,,f SujiiuviHoiH . Chun yUlL' L'l'-'Uiisia.Ja l '»tub!i8i!0 .L I t is Italic and .1. scph IJ See lire both Of wuight in Urn Hurtril The disi ussion is now mi as to who will ufM.4lenKMt-i-lifflnnnnTjfllliiJiijaJ , il J of Sup. r\isor Among tin! names miiiili\ijiTl ns {inKitbllUii-s are Jos. fiT? 15. See, of North Castle, ('has M. Lain- of Motint rieiiHiilit, and Edgar K n, Brown of Mount Vernon. It Will l Ul.lll l-misjil. nibi: i .vpi'Nm VJ»'isome.cities, in- d \''XuiJil_. \'\p pouring their hi-wuge into thc^ivi-r and tUspo.sc of It otherwise But the foul­ ing of the rivets is entailing a heavy cxpvnse or u heavy loss upon the peo plo who live along tne livers Tne Jattor haw-eerinilily Osgood li I iglrt TO prnl, rllim u-j til\ bttM* t-* escape expense The nmnitMpnl elceli.iii \of Brons(>n Kan , has Just .gone by default, ulnl a unique condition of inuiiK'piil \govern- aii'iit wib lollow. Throe political or gaiii'/.iiiiiiiis i xlst in tliu-Uu«i,-Uot_thi poojilu wx-cc so buny digging for naluiul gua m A zinc that they neglect­ ed to call uconvention aud make nom­ inations No bullots were piinted, (ind \vheu_uuileiM.iie law' they had to open tho polls tho Election Commissioners telephoned to tho County Attorney for ftdvicu. They were instructetl tbftt no .J<^iil-eloctionbould-bi}-'JielU,\iind' i L uhlesa' the presoui Mayor and other ofllcors can hold over, the town will be with out government for two- yeurs. Assemblyman Apgwr, of Poeksklll, lias iutroduced a bill in tho Legislature for tho relief of tho village of' Pleos- antvlllu. It provides that the High­ way Commissioners of Mount Pleas­ ant Township shall Includo iu tho ( »«xt annual levy $500, to bu paid to the Tro .isurer of flcasautviilo to compen­ sate that **w:pi>rntlon for its loss two yearn ago. Tho loss wis Incurred bj Pleasantville becoming incorporated soon alter tli-o town assessment had bee.i u a 'e a id uudef^tho law it could not receive the benefit intended, us tin moin-j wash-vied fur that part: of thy town • ut^hli the itntirpo ad-d \ill«.'i- l.ln- Uidg. Held Press tiftys, \Tlint LIJVI 1 \ I. lii.^sii, ljue jeweler ,-Uid i^\ele de^d I llnniii ially eiiiluu'iassed, Iu.'- liul.il-tii. i iUf In ing in the iii'iglibnrtmml uf $l ,r .tlu, while his assets iue ]>iobleinat leal, thougli his attorney's, Messrs Hurlburl t S: (-In-gory, of Xorwalk, find on his ^joiJcs__and_l4y—htH iiivelitoiy what ni'in-aiK to he$r)00 to §800, and they have notified llidgelli'Id, Now York and other creditors tlint expen­ ses \vlll be saved if tho creditors will decide to lmvo some IUdgeileld man eJoflo out the business nnd divida tlui procrds proportionately thus saving tho expense <>f nn assignment. The plae<> is now atthehed with Deputy Sheriff Powers in charge. \ Vincent Boesa, the father, of Now Canaan, Ct. i« also Involved by tho ejmbn_rfpsTOErut:| .itat-l that live days wero taken to .view the property and tLju.jtcouldn_o« U • properly d me in that t|uic-, .What is liiiiu led iu the wvrd ^view\ in tin Hi'-v-enri-curKlcmmitiurr'lawg-ls Utit >de-\ lined Tin- Cjiumissioueis may in tin- aos'-nc' ofevid-nee rep >rt ti value on • tho vt w alouo. Nothiug iu this cftSi- sli.<ws that the Commissi .tiers did not mak'' a view, aud a strip of land ou hnt4) HI.IPs i. a creek extending soon IiiUiiei.44 milus wuUl-easil-y -bt* -vimvu^ 4u-tli,iUliiU4^—L|li4n-ti-l}(.|fi^4t^Hjl!-soine-of tin-l>..tiiioiiers that they knew of no view having been taken proves noth­ ing as a fact upon which to reinovo a coininrssion of appraisal. - • One petitioner- states that these roTnints.-1'.nefs'Tii niost cases have -nAMiided \iiothlhg abovo tiio iultlusle value of the iiropei-tjnakeu,\ anothei suites tlmt otheivcommissioners have lukvii idto OLmsideration.all the inoi- di-nts qf a' forcod eviclioffi fiothei liiat tne late of compensation to be siu-h as to permit him to acquire -upuilly dcslKiblo land, It would not bo right to remove a cuiumission for a failuio to.give ade­ quate damages in cuses other than those ol tho petitioners on tho case provon hero. Tho consideration giv­ en to tho nrgumont bused upon tho allega'ion ( tkut other Commwsioners havo._glvcn_iarger- awardH-thaur-tlit's Oorqell-eommlssionT\ shows\ tuu't the Inadequacy rest-i upon no snro foun- duttou. -It has no othor basis than a body of affl Uylte..or owaora whoso, -eases-have—no fe-e©nsiderod-tliatr the-a— wards of othor owners whoso cases have been considerod are too amall. To apply such; 'a I'riticiplo to ^Courts of Justico would give no good resulj. Tho case of each- o\jner should bo heard in tho usual .way, that is tho way provided by law. The remaining ground for tho re­ moval of tho Board states a real griev­ ance: A body of between two and threo hundred owners an' by tho filing of.un oath deprived, of tlreir land with­ out their consent and no one ha s bueri no far p.iivl, and it will be throe, four or the years before the remainder will all I\ p.u I. a i I if-the O.mmisspmer R wen; li-M. ttlMlll ' for Slli'll .1 f- lit it W-till I l»-g'to.l gii'iind to ivpla.-e -them ti}' •T1. • IS Is it tln'ir fauit ? A.Reconneissance by Mouhi |J En tween- Caloocan and Malolo'sf Dotted With White Flags. * f Osnorol MncArthar K<tlinnto< 71mt\Onr llu.lllro d TliJjLU^iii.il KlUllllK S left 1 liolr ll.iiiioi ami An Noir Anxlout t o lintur n —.4tl ulru l D«w»y W|/^» Congrtttulatlon - t o tllHj^iJeltn.'al K . S O.in . -~7- Kew York, April 5.—The following cablegram embodies the latest uc»> from Manila: ~' A reconnolssance made yesterdiii hv tiie envnlrv under. MIIIQI- nuoker dovel.oped Into a sharp' skirmish \witli 1.QQ0 natives Intrenched nt-Quihgtai ilve miles nortlicnv-t of, Malolos,_-thi: mnln boxly-af-the l'illplnoarmy beln^ np'parently between Qulngua aTRlTiil Itam Other diitnchcd forces of the en omy rctrcnted to Xl-.c eastward anih'en tered the Mateo ^ alley, where -thty were repulsed by Gen. Hall's troops \MAl5mi Attaining and/Retaining nre two, very cTiiToreiit things — Many men attain wealth Mn'ny hieii tiiake a fort unt in ftTew yeaTs—and then los it till duri'iig the next few yeaii- ^Mauv nu n iiuiko-liugi 1 —lii: conu-8 ntjd'gn-tf their'faniilli' Every luxury —and then di. without leavii-g a i-eut behin- them to jiroxilo even neces sariee for their families. One of the best waxS of vt tahting wenl'h is by iii'eans . an Endowment, p- licy—¥• • cantspend it—and it provi'kv for your family if you di< - Helps to provide for your ow. maturer years if yorriive. . THE EQUITABLE -t!PE- ASSURANGE:-50GIET-¥— OF THE UNITED STATES, \Strongest m llio WoilU. \ Obtained, of LEWIS H. MILLER, SpecfaF .Agent, Katonah, N Y. William Moore, _CuitojiL cross—SRoe: River, N.Y. and flaking Repairing, MAP SHOWING LOCATION O F FIGHT Scouts penetrating close to Cnl uniplt found a small group of mui slnklug-ln-a-soft spot- in—the -road Tills led to the discovery of - tV\ \brcwii-loaulug coast guns ourieajui the cross roads. The presence of- tli gnus there is a mystery. The troop* will make a thorough search for an. additional arms that may he hid Major Kobbe, of the 3d Artillery, been appointed Provost Marshall. The twenty miles of country} tw_een Caloocan nnd.Malblos is do with white, flags dlsplnyed by d.red8 of Filipinos who are retur; to their homes.. The better cla^j the Filipinos, who. fled atthe ( appn of _the American'troops^aj;c„tpo.w:x,_-,, Ingifia^-o^rerlnrrd or'In boats to'-MMb^ ^oS7~~a. priesr'enfefed^'UiF^ineHcan lines.asking.for permission .to re'turii |/to his clerical, duties. • > „ ..2 Prisoners captured by-the American troops report that there IS a scarcity of food among the : natiWtroops.'' Gen .MacArthur estimates that 100,-- P rnSUANl TO AN ORnEB OP -HON. THE- . O.DOBB- H. SILKMAN; SurrOKUto of tlic • fiiitV of Wi-Bti-.taentrr—•% * • - ' \ :'NQT»)I!IS HRnitD^arvEN, according .to law, in ^ U 'ttl - penidDB r'liavnig clul^H .Mjii.li»^l\ Slt'liROiii. X)*.. -^FifSaior, Ik to of {lie tbwu>;i)f \'l'!'iiudfTdKi:'ln' Miii' .1 'oniity. dMfa>nd . In' J pww.it'lli«7i»m<.,^mlth:jtli.i- By the law th 0HU Klll|)IHus ilvWl'l.-d llmh and believes that their'de^ .. turn Is a most fiu.irnjilcjinl. Tiie situation In the Snui.. imnfi i-uiitii Men's Slibes from S?.5Q to S8- Rubber Boots Soled With • Eubber, -' C5e. Shoes Half Solo and Heel, 75c. \ and\ - -\ -\ - sn.jio. —Ladies-' Half-Sole wind- Hoelj 45c and 55c. JBest \Work Stock. Unexcelled. volu-liera theroof, to the undersigned, Exot-utori ot^ tSm lust Will and TlsluuiPht of K»ld decease\' l.i.- htui at his place Qf ro-idenco at Qk-it Cov», NUNH !Jiiunty,\N.\ Y, on\ o r bt-fora -tiie 10th day October, A. D . Ifc99. - Dated tills 3d day of April A . D. 1899. UH-4UII or WAKD J r *vniiTR. Eieculor. QUPR.EME _ COURT. WESTqttESTEB Albert Q. Weed and William N. Travis, as Ex. ocutora, ho. of John P . Hamilton, doceaacd,' Plain­ tiffs agalndt -Samuel A . Woo d and otbers, defendants, — v In- 1 !!!^^!^!!^ of a Judgment of foroc.losnrrr undeale made in tbn above cntillod action, and it ercil l III uUlu il I . e Oit-rlc l'l u.w I uuulj (if \TWirrietter mi 01^7111 \diry of ATtrlt, ISM, \i tin? t-rBlgut-d, tiie Hefi?r, o in Kiid iuilt.'m--\t liuu.oil, II R 11 at .pub.ili: anctlnii at tlic 0on> t U.tiiHe in lit «n nf WliHe-t'luitiH. in tin- Cmintv of w picliPnrt.-' • I \tale or Nuw Ynrlt. mi Um2.ld DA V O F .MAY iltil, ai ten o'clock In Uie forenoon nf Unit .lav.\ tin * mift< R dt-scrll). d iu>ai(l jiltljtniot.t I.B follnvvs; A 1 t'>ut crtliln-tini t or ttuic-l of litlid \v th lli< illrtliir;B tlic .oil located Hint. l.vlu(! ill . ii oi Pn.ilnlfidi/o i-Hichi K-et-*Coont> ntid Smi. f Ne w York mill 1 oljiid. .1 Mid depoiittp . a- . t..l IVH. to wit c ll.-«it.iilii[i-ut (lit- \oiiliwoHt corn, i -lie-ltltfl *«ipy It^tiUt^^ |v»-1-41+*- piv^ftRrr rirt-r .Ij-i'liin-i-li. and 1H.II tl.-*il w.eKti rly 1. IMIH . lui-B .-r .lollii M< rr a <1 li.ndw « f At* I..-1 s • •yi al'd lu.-d« '-r l In ll.- II rlcn. die. umtl tllhcrly In. lilt (N o iloiliiM W A . r % .1 t <-^ • \~a»^Ttf-Mnolit-n-tt-.ittt.t •)••!••. U--P......-1. -l—^ LtihiiU at d Ocoi- e'H I'oii-, K.-t ri.> 0. 1 d. . t- suld Ot-ort'O II l'j.titi. liit.tiH of G.-otyp .\ SPRIHG 4 say Y oia P ••• Garden Tools, and f :— --' —• -• ' • 1 ^5 H. W- Kellogg's Katonah, N. Y.-^ 55 ^^ ^ SPBIN&COQDS Deparlment. DRY GOODS. Memniath Prints (fust colore), 5 nts. pr-r yd. Dress and Apron Ginghams, staple and fancy checks, best goods, 7c. yd. Fancy, ^—2lnuhyrs for Shirt W-aists r 1nn 3 ri, Coverr nintji for Suits and Skirts; 1.2c. yd. . _ BOOTS & SHOES. ^ Our line of ladies', gentlemen's nnd_ children's Boots and Shoes is full .»and complete Yuu can't afford to pass this deparjrndnl. ' . —— _—... Gents'. Furnishing Goods. Nevrgtyleg irr\HatsrCaTJ3\aTKl NJalcwear. * OirrblackrBcrbys- at $2.25 are unxld.\ $2 will buy tho. best Alpine over offered for tho money, black, brown and pearl. Pants and Overalls, all sizes.. Fishing Tackle. ,u Everybody goesflshing, but» r everybody <lon'-t:knuw that we, \\have the best lino of Fishing Tackle evor offerod.^'All DOW goods. ; Give us a call~ \ *~ \ . ' - ••- -. - \ Full lino of Staplo and Fancy Grocorles,\F16\ur, Foed and geods. ' '—. ' * • AV. B. Adams & Son, BEDFOKD OTATION7 N: X una. r.r:ntniiJui.iui„l,uili..i | lA iii'.,uii. :.'i.. in 1 mil y nui-yh it Ot-oin .1, lo Uie abovo nymc l h i>; ts'nrtlierl.t by nnd \lon« wrld iiiiilitin i • i < ino of bci;li ninit nml' colttitiiiJuj (---lloat. _ ' \ ^Tbu .^u^e^rtioi Da led Apr!. 7th, lti'«. P HE.Nitv^ n. n\itui:jT ltelertu-. ^.VIL^ON BIIOWN, 3r , «;— Pluii.Ofr'n MlMiniy, Winn: riii.iR. s T. Short Pleasure sf a a a a i LOUIS W. ELLIOTT, f l«w\ DEALER IN Briek, - Hay, Fer-tilizer,_Etc Spain's Greatest Need, Mr R p Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain, .pends Ins winters at A.l-r-t, s r \ir„,i. U\M ves'ns c „used sevi-Ve ,lain back of Ins head Ian.Is o.'ll.l tin- Su •' i«'L Uiki'n < are to be appraLsed bj a threo persons appoiuted bj 'ri'ine y-tui-t of the .Second Dis Hiu_Jitw- ^i-pprttt-trtry TTtnteni- \plates that.all tho cuses shi.uld^ro t<. •ine B-.-ird, ;it all events thhj was tin apiAieation. The Board was properh appoliited; has it been dilatory? Then is no proof of this, the evidence taken shows that the Board at the coin- imiuceuie.nt of the proceedings an nounced tint it would sit \day an i night so long as tho Attorneys for the property oWtieFs ttro ready to proceed.\ Fiyo largo volume's of testimony in the sixty-six cases havojbeen taken, bo skies-other testimony in cases KOtTyeT fully fliiislicd. . I To remove thfi Commissioners fan delay would] b e most unjust to tlicin when tho only .fault, is one of the law. iiomi's, lo iv - :< Jll. hilt'st extili- U-ys. nf the blent. uncertain- 1 move of the natives there K ^tiislr the lights In tlic litrlu The bodies of Cul. Kgim. Twenty-second lnftuiti-.v. uu-i .'lohn Gregg, of- the i-'iuirtlt Infantry, were put on hoard .no tvans|t> n Shov- man yoslerdny to ha convtKui i to the TJnlted States. Admiral Dewey has wired I., Major- Gen. Otis his hearty congi-ntulntlouM upon the ningnlficcnt work whl ( -h has been done by the army. ALSO PROPRIETOR OF A 0 •CM fk CARRIAGE REPOSITORY,^ M Livery & Boardiiig Stable,- & Storage Warehouse. g THREE OFFICERS WOUNDED. :CenBr»l-OtU's-Bepj^t-T 0 ^CaaualUei\Trr^)HT Amerlout i Ariny. Washington, April D.—The following report of casualties in the American army in tiie Phllljrpines tins hi-en re­ ceived at the War Dc\pnrum>iu from | KATONAH, Y\ii will find attractive resprts.at' N.Y. ire On pains in the nsnij; Ktcctric Bitters. America's gri-:iTvsT. lrictod aiTTl\ Nctvc Keuiiiis all pain soon left him He s.m<this jtraiul liuihciitc is what bis countr\ needs All America knows that it runs tiver ami kidney troubK-. puiifusthi til..ii.l t mi s up the stomach _ strcii^lluiis Ui<; ncivt-t. rrnT<r«rjiii vigor and tun .il i into e\err TmisiU m-rii and ov in \1 I'K Ix.ili If weak tired or^ih ty t >i ntid it )Cvi'r\ bottle jrniiran'ei-'l n iK t f t , tits Sold hv 1'*' r.: on. K i ntiali and It \V * i.. '.ii l-.i\.- Uni ei-t W (, Abr mi DR. DAVID f^VOFgtc which puts too ,mueh ou ono commis­ sion fur a very-^ap^Jy- Uotonnlnation of all tho eases.\ The motion should bo denied with' costs. * '.T. P. BAIIN.IUD, ^ -J-usUw °^m' Supreme Court. I.ouis M'uller, of New York, a pnssen- gir. committed sulolile on the Allen Line steamship Allegheny on her way tc JaiJialca from.• l'ort Limou. He uas bound for Kew. York. ' . \''I ho estates of '<he Knrl of AVarwlck have been turned over to a stock Com- 1 MIX \The r .ofd and Lady \Vnrwlck ( ( ouijinny,\\ for the purpose of 'devel-' • ping the collieries and othe- proper- tt.ptnln W. A.'PAindrews Is building a -i-pventeen-foot aluminum, canvas-, CM nd . folding, cockleshell boat, with' v h'rh he expects to make his seventh ..ml last voyage across tire Atlantic Ik- will leave on Jgne 17. 'Casualties not heretofore reported: Slnrcfa 25, 22d Infantry, wounded— Company Bf, Private Fritz Iierter, wrist, moderate. \April 1—1st North Dakota, H, Soc'- ond Lieut. Dorman Baldwin, leg, se- vofe; D, Corporal J. C. Bryen* Xore­ arm, arodcrate; Private K. Morgan, eyebrow, Blight; 3d Infantry, Second Lieut Chauncey B. Humphrey, fore- nrm, Slight: 1st Nebraska, li, Cnpt. Martin 'Herpolshelmer, forearm, mod­ erate, accidental. \Cable Feb. 7 reporting Kgger, 1st Nebraska, killed, Is error. No such man.\ Guards Pleht in BnlRitrlii. Vienna, April .5.—Turkish and Bul­ garian frontier guards have becn_in collision at .Klzyl-Agaeh, the Sultan's troops hnvlngjjtried to seize*the Bul­ garian -position. The light lasted four hours, .nnd several Were killed or wounded . Victory came to the Bul­ garians through thC>ald of the towns­ people. Old Point Comfort, J. .Virginia Beach Richmondi Va. All \f these places offer id-al b'\t acqomodations t and greatuatural attrac­ tions. - ' They aro reached by a daily service of the , . OldiBpniir^iDn tirie ATh'kets, include ono and orie-qiiarter- day's, stay at Old Point Comfort or' lyjrgihla Beach, with accommpdations-l atdeadint hotels, ^17700.\ \I For full information, apply to 0tD~D*OMINIOW STEAMSHIP CO., •Pier 26, North Eiver, New York TO CONSUMPTIVES. The .undersigned having been restored to hea in ltv simple means, after suffer-' illgfbr several years with a severe lung affectjo t ti'i.l tn i ' d'-ead disease CON­ SUMPTION, is anxiouj to make known to his fellow sufferers' the meal's of ciire To those who desire it, he will cheerfully send (free of charge) a copy of the pre- -•• not ud, which thev will find a sure .cure cure 'for CO^fSTJMPTIOfiS ASTHMA, CATARRH, BRONCHITIS and all throat and lung MALADIES. He - hopes all sufferers 'will try—his'- re'medy.Qsit is invaluable^ Those de­ siring tlic prescription, wllich will cost them nothing, and'uiay proje a blessing, will please address, --REV EDWARD A. WILSON; , Brooklyn. jNew York. 1 \V. I h GUILLATJPEU, Tlcc-Prca. k Trafflo .Mgr. Wanted-An IdeaSSS Protect your Ideas: the-y may ortntr. you wealth. Writo JOH N WJJUDEKBORN i CO, laten t Atto£ nays, •vyashIngton,.D. C.-,for their «l,80O prlxe otr«; and list ot tw o hundred Inventions Ranted- IT CLIN0HES ifl\*-*'=••* . \What clinches it? Bobusto's tiair Grower clinches, (in effect) each hair and prevents tho hair from fnlliug out. This new remedy is meeting ,with re­ markable success and. is guaranteed to stop the, hair from falling out, and ,to produce n now growth on batd- ; heads, in all enscs where tho roots aro not absolutely dead. Your money back- if—- It fails to—aecompH9lr-ntll--vvtHclaimT-^— Prico $1. for a sho\rt timo.ouly to' ad-*f vertise our remedy in your locality. Mr. Anson \Travis is. our ngeht in Katonah. Give us a trial. 'Wp aesuro' you- of-ono result—success I How to send money: §1 per bottle. In sending more, ahvays register -the— letter, or send post oillco or express money drdor to, tho Kobusto Hair Grower Company, Croton Falls, N. Y. , TJ. S. A.

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