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TH K L() R D If A TH NEED the vor,d « ,lc won]<b havc m ** e fce«i«> 1JW aA ' iiA 1 n ^TOTrtniiious rather than disease Health - ^ ejs contagious. To live with a-robust, Senium Prc-ached By the RewA. C healthy person is h.-tter than niodlcliie. R . , D ,, M v S° faith, hope..nnil love are contagious. Dixon, of Brooklyn, N . Y. The man of faith produces faith, the man of love lends others to love, and [AM. moflW HKS^nrED.-] the man g%»Mfe» fepefor 1 ' ' At an exuiUTttoTr hr -England some Thi\ Lord hath tiei'it of them.\ time ago the prize was awarded for ft ithermos t-ai'ttsj-Ie-book-covoi In the previous chapter the mother Matthews.\ The judges \vh:> i.warded of ZelJPdcP's children-came t.\> Christ, Uie prize-did Dot.know'thftt Wa s Mat- T>-xt —MTitfbnv ••worshiping 111m and dcslrli's a eer- —tiiin-iiiiiif nf jTln..\ in worship w e give to God what lie Is wortl.y oli In prnyer we m.iy Rliiiply lit't:, and some- tlnu'8 the desire to f,et It In the way of i>ui\ giving. This mother seemed to worship with a vii \v to getting from rhrlst what she m-shod, .which was that her two sons might Jw» a hlgli f.nslllon In the cquniiR klu'gdun. Thus It Is that dc-clre^so'.-ii'tinii's mars wor-. ship. H e (live to Uml oulv that we iui>.\ get from ITlui KelllslilU'.ss Is'the tinrpy that comes in to tlefll,' the feast tit • • ir wor-hip. \\V need so much from Chiisl that wi are apt to forget Hint In- needs, iiiiythiuj; of us. lint the Lircl Jesus, the King of tllory. fciis put IJijuself ii»- (iiun'ik I'elililuii lo us as to—htv-for-onr- Koml, dependent on us. After we have thews was really Trincess Victoria, the daughter of the-i'riiice of Wales. -*in enrly llfr \\'-•\i '\ r mother for permission to become :i trained tiurse, lu order that she might make herself useful to somebody. Iler par­ ents refused this request, but she de­ termined that In some way she would be useful, aTTdTjIierefore gave her at-- teullon to art. You may be ture that the art of decoratluff book lowers re­ ceived an Impetus when It WIM learned that the I'r+nccss was engngfi' iu such work It lieiame a fad union.' (he tt'p- per classes. Doing good leadtt others to do uood. | A step further In supplying Christ's i need we are always fullilllny the pur- _pose l)f Hod This man J,lttl,e,.iIiought, >. \vli»-n he consented to ullow-'thV use of he expressed adeslretomeetMarla body, thiit.hc niiglit tell her how mi good her money had accomplished;'* it meeting In New Hampshire he;:: quested the audience toJnfoun_hlm/j to the whereabouts of Maria I'oabo If any .one know wbejre._shje_Ji5 \The close <jf the Introduced -herself. And. Iir._JiOQiL.cpn- .gratulatcd her on the good that .'she Jia4^ono-_Ul_nm^oiagf_±o_}a^WeplI«fe Mrs. Peabody, \that 1 am not the one who gave the money; It had' been'i\e_£t in riiy name; but the\donor was my black: cook, Louisa Osborh, who now lives In Massachusetts.\ Sl\a said thai] MODERN CAUSES OF WAR. The Samokn incident has become teworthy.as a lesson In the modern causes' of- war. The- nations Involved have apparently _ecided that the ma- ertai-tatefetit^i^njHoTUii^tMiot-AvotUi-; fighting over, while the matter of prin­ ciple \at stake can u'e adjusted without resort ^.tor^rms;—Their—governments have taken steps £Q~ arrive/tit a better understanding, and the quarrel -at'Apia his ass. that-lie was becoming a IIUK; goo., dependent on us Alter w ( .w., beuvmr tw? - nQ g npilinont. J a I the rc.hed from Hlin what w neetrin | m .,..| W . ],>,„ rending th'-i-chapter bio Clir the way of forgiveness, clean? ug and Ju Ml|ltm , w ,, oforo hP dled . .,„_ with announ Mihatlou. the purpose of our lives whnl astH „ IsJlI1K . nt U e learns that by nn audi Mwuld be lo give to him what H e needs. ^ And he needs our faith . lie could (.<• no mighty works hrratisc uf their unli'llef, and He may statu! nmong Ills people to-day- unable, lo work he- (IHIM' they will not slipply il m with Hn-ir faith lie needs our l\ie. He would love men through us. A wicked world l>; npt to be convened thnt 1'ln-ixt loves them 111 proport on as It M'CS the love of-CJhi'Isl III H'i peoplo. Me needs our hope (Jo'l cannot use a Inquiring mini He works through he optimist He needs His truth lh- •iiiii.ite In our llv<>s. The truth In the lilMc Is His revelation, the truth in IniMiaiis Is Ills manifestation The M M rrnuslatlon of the Scriptures Is I'IC translation Into huninu life. The ruth printed Is important, nud we •honlii scatter It far aud wld 1 ?, but the rrntTVlived Is more Tiiipor\lDT ' JfOTT n ho reject the printed truth will be .on\jiaiiied to accept the livl truth. Christ needs a Chrlally character. The Virgin MnTy gave-Hlm a-human aody, with hands, feet, eyes and lips, with which to do the will of God. That auman body, glorjlled, ascendtd from Tie topor ulivet, ana wjll come ngalir n glory. The need of the pren-nt age •s a re-Incarnation, not -In ore nut in many, the whole churth t - '\>? \P the body of Christ -JJc You for your feet \wTlB \w-TiIch to vour eyes with which to sciv ypur ; neart with *blch.. lo_ioifi,_ voiu Juinda with which to work, and your lips .vlth which to speak. But th^ effectlve- aess of all our activities depends upon nir r.hrlstly chnrnctcr. It Is estimated ihut every cannon must bo one huh- 1rod times heavier than' the ball it . throws. If the ennnoh should be ftiflT .irmplr net he wa s uddl'ig n proof to the claim that Jesus Ch'Ist was Divine, for'one argument In favor of T31s DiViulty is His fulfilment of prophecy. . lie may have re. d' in the Old Testament Scriptures, \Pt hold thy King cometh to thee meek, ai <• sitting upon nn ass-,\- and—he- -mey- have- thought of the,.Scripture whll> he saw the Lord riding at the head of-lhe pro­ cession. I f .so, to educate that girl?\ inquired Dr Poor. \It was the Lord tiial. led jnf seems to have degenerated into' a sort of squabble over personal iiud trade Loulsn, though she received bill ll UOl- P*^ 81 ^: lar and a half a week as wages, gave DO cents a month to foreign missions, and oh her return from- missionary meeting one night she said to her mis­ tress, ''Wo were told at th'j meeting thnt $20 a year would educate-a native girl, and I want to give It\ Mrs. Pea- body told her Ufat was- too much to give out of her small wtfges. UiatjsVie could'.not liiy ; uslde anything for a rainy day, and for old sago\. 'Louisa thoughT-a moment, and pplled, \T/h( Lord will take care of me; if 1 cannot do better I can go to the poorhouse. aud you know In heathen countries there are no lioorhougea; only Ghrls- 1inris~nTjrp'ln\eTn5o\y?' 'DrTPoor .became all Uie more anxious to. see r tlils«hum ' 'Istlan. aud iipLoweli,\ Mass., he announced, after telling the story to dlenee, that he hud heard Loulsn rtniinrn liveri jjomewhcraJn tliat_vlcln- Ityv and he \vmdd like very much to ace her. As he was' leaving the church a black woman In the vestlbule_ap- proached him with extended hand. JBt said, \TlTls I suppose. Is Louisa \Os born?\ \Yes. sir. th.Tt Is uiy name.' , •ITn^v did yo'l epm». tn JT I VP tlio mmiM .sltlefllttQn^ _ = ClXlilZlilL JiltlPDS..JYOUia _ inotriel - to Two hundred years ago, or even one hundred years.'ago, nations fought on slighter provocation than has arisen at Apia, A small quarrel beweeJi two am­ bassadors or princes or prominent sub­ jects would often be the beginning of protracted strife. The character of the cause used to be different. Wars were not more frequent ,lhen thuu now. But they were mote 4}£.l.a arise out of the petty quarrels of Indi­ viduals In power and .over souie trifling matter like a bow of ribbon oi-_a_coarse joke, or some fancied persouai\slIght •T-hoy—depended—on tlho rule?%-eai>rk;e- und .were often waged to vindicate his persoiial lio'noi\ ~Tlie*lnterest; of the pt>ople_were not considered, though the people had to stop the bullets and pay thu-uxpenses-just as-tho.ugU-U,ey were.*. The sovereign owned them and they did what he told them to. Willi the\decline or absolutism'and the rise of constitutional government p»l+U<! policy lias become the main con- not think of fighting oue soothe tile ruffled feelings of some fn- it must have born; a J to do it,\ she answered. And thus this j y01 . lte 0 f ^ sovereign, aud hardly for , .^,v-_-..^= poor-black--woinnn. bj^'supTJiyingTlie I |oy inexpressible lo knowth\n\r - Be\ was\ ivorking with t!od In this great event, fie gave the animal to Christ just be- ;aus\ he needed It, and such f l.ould al­ ways be our motive,. We glv> to Christ iot for a seat In glory, but to please Uimjyho gave himself for us. To be all the time seeking personal salvation without striving t 0 help others, Is a refined sort of selfishness. ead-the-othor-dny—of—a—eatt le shl: wrecked off the coast of Wat.»c The jailors on hoard noticed that 1he pigs were, good swimmers, and Ptcmed to »c making their wny toward tee shore; »o tBpy Ued cords To the legs of the pigs, Tioplug that the people on shore night rescue Item by means ot cables tttftgliert to tlie.epydR Tliey w^rn. tint aeeds of Christ in Ceylon beenmereal- ! iy the mother of the church, which has ?o|ie on for -years glorifying -her Mas­ ter! Her crown in glory may be Drighter than the crowns of some who I have glveu' their millions, lor . God 1 counts no* -the amount w e give,' but. the sacrifice we make. .Testi* Christ is worthy that wo should siDbply all BUS, needs, ^and the results In time 'an'?! ilglm-r than the bait there would be wore danger liebincl/It than before it A man should be/ a hund-ed times more, than whayhe says or dots. Christ nccdgvQttt money ind • prbp- >'• The .doiflkey was aivegy humble otuH 'xpt its inslgnlfleance-and ^fi-fcrnneBS^It-hadJo.plflCsJnjEai. cap horse only wns used in battle, •I yet Christ had need ft It If in-IM, c«P t»\c n donkey FTe cnn tiff | i^u\ i^-^ g^grtd^t^ woman, however inslgnifi- t man or . niu iind unworthyr Herenf'of, there- r ore do not give ns an CXC'UKO forrcF - ] 'us|ti_t to work for'Jesus that you are not equal to the emergency Our re- nlv Is that unless you are-lo\.cr In the ti'ilc of being than the doukey him- «eir the Lord Jesus can use you. Our business is to supply the needs it Christ, nnd there are two ways of lolim It. by giving directly, iind by isklng others to give. The owner of Oils ln-nst loaned It to the-Loid wlth- »ut In sitation. It was doubtltss Incon-- venlfiit for hlin to do so. He may have 1 Seen .a long wny from liom2._and. .to live up his animal may have .disturbed a1« plans for the day, but he did not think of his own convenience. The c<eed of the -Lord was the argument that pn«\ailed with him. So It may bo incou\enlent for us to g'va what r.hrlst needs of time, effort and money,, nut let ns remember the value of the flf-t is enhanced when there gi.es with t the spirit of sacrlilco. Th\ mission .at. the dlscloles.on the other hand., was to nsk from this man the-use ol bis beast for the Lord, and It may be our tuTssIon to ask\ others to give to Christ that which wo have not. It Is & trial for some of us to ask for money It Is more blessed to make it »nd give it. If'the disciples 1ml owned * donkey they woidd donbt'i FS have -fhjsjly sJiCli It to the Lord rather than isk auother for Itsuse, nnd yet asking\ for money which the Lord needs •hould be ns ilellglltftrHo us a. giving ,be money, because in Inducing others lo ulio we are bringing *.o them .a. irreatei blessing than they Jmpart. Nothing this man ever did moy have clven him anil his family so much pleasure as the thought thnt ho had wllllncly yielded, at Inconvenience to himself, the use of his propeny-to-.the Lord I can imagine him saying to bis wife as he ^returned home that olghf. \I bad a part to-day in tho tri- omphal procession of Jesus.' I can Imagine that he would -sot—BTOlI—a\ ^pointed. When tho people on ire nattcfid that the sm:dl cords Ued to the pigs, they began to ..them In, nnd soon the end of the Itorjljoared, and b y mean? of the' fo*\th'er v *' sailors on bo.ircl were brought Ho safety. Well, what appll- -Dntloii- can -be 1 - made • of- -such- -a- pig story? I thought as I J cad it. There ire some people who are simply Intent jn saving thdjr bwu necks, they are swimming just for their own lives, they are careless about everything >lse, and yet -their earnestness in try- ug-to-sav^thefflBelves'may-be-used-of^+iveiH Sod in saving others. Such plggi^h- oess Is not tb be commended, l>ut God oiay make\ evetf the selfishness o,f men co pralsa Him,- Another \-\.'principal underlying this 4extV wh| cl»-conies^outiclea - . - Iy'— ln-xtie-i \ontexi 'Is' Itiai \our giving to Christ' -whnt-He~nebd8^.bo.Jt^uiuc)i. or„little, tvlll sooner or later result In glorifying Him-. When* the'p'eople paw Cbrjstrrld- , —^—L_- ^ — u, ^inr~gay~ lothing, some of them nn'bt' have Jhought of 'the prophecy.'.and cried •'Hos'nnna to the Son-of David, bless- »d Is He that comes In the.naioe of the Lord, hosanna in the highest\ The whole multitude- take's up-the strain ind the\ air is filled with Hl<5 praises. The man who gave his beast struck the keynote which thus swel.ed Into »n oratorio of praise. The whole city was inovo'l with a jpirlt of inquiry^ -\-Who-is-th*?' 1 thejr| isk, and If all .Christians- should glvo onto Jesus >vhat ]He needs, a\ the cit­ ies of all the earth - would soon be jtlrred-by-siich-a—spirit—of— inquiry^] I rhey could. no.t.Belp_tis,ltlngJlni reason it such a commotion. .As a Wsulf of this Inquiring', spirit many of the peo­ ple confessed-Hl'm in the words, \This (s Jesus of Tuazareth.' 1 Anc when what Christ needs in the way of faith, ove, hope, iri^th,,character nnd money has been supplied, the nuinber of ;onvertB will ,,be multiplied by the thousand. God-Is waiting upon us to ripply tlin Annuel ^.rniigl. which TT|s_ yalue unon oould buy ft after it had become asso-^ riated with the Lord of -glory. And whatever Christ uses becomes- the more valuable, by such use. We hear of stocks doubting in value Ir one day, nnd the money that we'inves* in the 3lc8slii[pni ay-flow. Great—results-often come f: parently little things. The son of a spectacle maker was playing with *omo lenses, and -jh'eSnotlced 7 thnt. the weathercock- on the church steeple was turned upside'.dowB ash,e'looked at i t The father caught the' Idea' and that Jay was born' the telescPpe. The fall 9f ail apple led toThe-'disco.^TJTOfthe- jrea't law of gravitation. Carving with i. penknife on a tree suggosted mov­ able type, and from' that came the rrintlng press and the clylllzVtlpn that, followed. Matthias; Joyce'w'as a Svlck- »d drinking; 'gambling wretch who .vent to one of'Mr. Wesley's meetings, \Jrawn by curiosity anjd iht tplrit of irlticls'm. The sermon^dloLjidt_nipye_ blm, but wWn' he saw the old man af­ ter tlie-scrmon so gentle and loving with the childreni'that flocked aboutHLTIm, the heart of the wicked wretch was nrqken; Christ, entered—anTd^Malthla9 : Joyce became one of •W\° l -,' , ' ° moot- SH-tatflcstV-tSva'dBellsts. Wc3ley doubt- tcss thought the great event of that meeting was 'the 'sermon,- but his 3penklng to the children—may have been used of_God to. do more than the SPrmon,, A mcetlng.whlch J. hcld f in a Southern town yenrs ago seemed 'to be In some way, oomc, back to u^ multi­ plied Again, If w e give to Christ what He needs, others will he led to do the game, and more. The multitude brought their bright oriental garments and placed them upon the nss that Christ might sit upon It. fi* many garments were-brought thnt the colt, though no one rode upon It. was also decorated with them and then they were spread 111 the road before them iThe people took palm h aves. Hie ftytn \\BoTff\6Tf\EfTumpB7\Snd\ spren i them In the wey. The example of the man who gave tbe use of the nss to Christ contaglotlB; others caught the Spirit; and ao a good deed today Ea eontagfons, A blaspheming IB l§del has said that if bo bad created FnS ^w^fi-^T'Vn 11 ya 'V ^brOT-rainrr5. There was no splrit- ^ J™ '^1? ? 1 .° H,m W ,\ ' nal movement among the people. I reared that It was time wasted, and rot five yenrs ago I learned that one )f the most useful evangelistic pastors In the South wns converted ' during ihat meeting- r The -failure mny have Deen the\ g?eatest- success-of-Ilfe.—In Ceylon tile little tmureh needed- a' •house In . which to worship, and a young native convert by the uame of Maria Peabody offered to give a lot •Vvhlcli \yas_to bo her marriage dp\yry.-j The (\'ey'lonese know what that meant, acd unged. her not to act so foolishly, out she persisted In making the sacrl- Sce and the church was built This ronne Ce^slnnese woman \w«< nnmed Miirln PoaUody, because- she had been , iducaied with money sent from Amer- : Jca ilirougli a Mrs.- Maria Teabody. | When Pr. Toor came to this \ountry eternity will justify any sacrifice we mny make. those of the sovereign himself. Th. country's Interests must be considered Qrst. The people who must pay the expenses demand a voice in determin­ ing whether they shall or shall not 5ght It makes a great difference whether the government owns tbe pt-ople or the .leople own the government The dlf- ferenr<*- m Iron Qre. It is not generally known, e^copt-to .the initiated in metallurgical details, that iron 'chemically pure is too 'Soft for mechanical purposes. It is, in fact. rarely found in native masses, but mineralized' in ores with different ele­ ments, metals - and substances. In the form of-o'Xid.usi.chlorides and.fluprldes, jind/i^QieoH^duced- to JI metallic state, thcsslnntfyatji'd cotp4jlne - L unon such al loys or combinations depends the com­ mercial—vniue-of- the—ore, - -T-liuSri-tba mineralized' ores of Iron are brought through th£ agency of the blast fur- aace to the wen-known metal designa­ ted \pig iron/'.'the constltuentelementi >f which are of the utmost importance to the foundry man, as upon these'iae- f will do this when everything i else fails. .There is no doubt I about it.' It nourishes, | strengthens, builds up and | J makes the body strong and wn tbe government The dir- , f ^ihy, not Only to throw | ln-not-tn-the-nu'mber-of-wars, | I Oil thlS hard COtlgD, but tO .I. ' fortify 4he system against | further attacks. „ If you are „ rundown or emaciated you occome more-elearly-definedr-wai^may -(-|-should \certainly \taktf this tend to disappear,_then>unishment-lt f „„„r5..|,i 1 «r f™A ™*Ai*i~m • inMis_on.yjctor_as w^^aujiuisiieii • nou nsning food medicine. jut'in the results and in tlie principles they settle. . As time gdes on and the thlnjjs for which nations will and will i'ot fight ast -metal. Now, the nll.led metals ivltla which Iron will combine equauy Chemically, and mechanicallyrwheh he- Suc'ed In asblnst furnace,, arp thirteen, alt; of ..these being, electro negative W} Lt.and.Be-V-enlelectt'dipnslt.lvA.^*.*i'liei$?BK; trb. positive'.' are ''calcium; maguesjam,'' Lnprylliutri* zirconium, alumIr.um, - nian- Saneseand zinc; copper niul zinc are; pyro-electro, and change polarities With iron at cutierent temperatures, The electro-negative metiils p. re chror aalum, vanadium, copiier, cadmium, co.- balt,and nickel. » For tfc? Preiftrra*Ion of Klnphnntii. ~l If ajl the powers and Stales holding* territory in Afrlrn Would agree to strictly prohibit' the export of tusks •und^r a certain weight, say fourteen pounds (or portion of such tusksl. and. would faJtMully caixy -out sueh-agree^ ment all small ivory would become valueless to the owners. The African ioes not like to waste his powder—he tvould soon ceaso slaughtering the -small-and-underslzed elephants. Not- many-,co'w_ tusks exceed twelve pounds' in weight; and. one result of this pro-- hlbltlon- would be that in course of.\ Is to De kept up until it 13 entirely aopeless. Professor Jvathorst considers It an urgent duty to continue the je'arch for him. as long as the slightest possibility exists that he and his com­ panions, Striudberg and Frankel, may be\ still alivo in T3a3t Greculand. Sup­ posing that Andrce was successful in reaching the -most northern part of the East Greenland coastj it is not impos­ sible. Tie thinks, that the rest of the time available-'for travelling In 1S97 ind the summer of 1S9S was Insuffici­ ent to allow him to reach the Danish government settlement nnd the Herrn- -aut mission, established four years -igojn the most northerly colony of the .j Eskimos, nt Angmagsnllk. In slvtv-Rlv tlmer^a8-soou'U8~th6 news' Fad spread throughout tropical Africa that smalf tusks were no longer of any •vajtiejvl neither cow elephants nor 'imlerslzeil beasts wo^ild be shot for their Ivory, ft might be expedient even to ^o a step further, to make it a criminal offense tn hp in nnsHessInn nf tiwks iinfW fmjf. tePri pounds- in weight: __ _ —THere~ean be little doubl tuatif sucV I course were agreed upon ami carried\ jut, the result would be that, the pres­ ent Indiscriminate slaughter €f smairl ilephants and tows K would beforfe long Record of mn Examlnntton. _ -.Tbo-record_of_an e^amlnfltiojiJieJilJnr: N'atal by the superintendent of educa­ tion contains some gems. Here are specimens:. \Mr. Gladstone wns the fi'ei man who ever knew English., grammar thoroughly. - He 'was educa-'J te 1 at Mr.\ Kugby's school \ \Bismarck\ was a. .very clever man luiU >t d, g e m . .rented, steerand. made It into Iron. He\ was succeeded by his father as viceroy- >f' India;\ A. paper was set on \Health Mid Temperance\ and contained this: irneBtlcnr \Write\ out. some simpledl-\ reclion'to be followed in oases of con-- vulslons-ln Infants.\ - This- was one-of~ Ihr qnnwrrni \Pill Mil I Ml Mil lly ' Into a-bath of boiling water up to the neck. Put Ice on Its head. Then give bl-n n mild epederalc, followed by al teaspoonful of castor oil.\ \ . _ Cookrry for IJoy»7\ It Is not In vcaaon, perhaps, to ex­ pect the boys of the family to be brous. 11 ! u l? t0 acknowledge of cookery.. Still every \boy should be sufficiently Instructed in this very Art aud be able to cook without making a -disgusting _., and unpalatable .mess of iu the army-j ration _or,any other equally sample And .conimon-artlcle_or_food.—All-boys-neod- 'not - -be and should-hot be cooks, but every young man of-18 or 20 should, for .the sake of being able to meet a possible emergency in domestic or na-. , tlonal life, knowr-lww-^br^crTl-TlrerBteTrq fnilt, fry Bacon and make colTee. Tbe Idea that H Is beneath tho lignjty, or 'does not belong? to the duties of the : boys of Tlie family to nsshst their mothers and sisters .when veeaslon re-* ijulres In .the ilomc-stlc real a is inlml- :nl lt> the production of good'soldiers and^ it amy be added, of good Bus-' - bands. aegetting a wholesome regard for mu- rual rights among nations. That time, however, is a long way off. The im- prtant fact now - Is that warmaking, Jke all other functions of government, Is coming more and more under the >ontrol_ of public- seuUmont-end, is -be­ coming a matter of public instead of private policy. THE SEARCH FOR ANDREE. —If By— and—by—the—daring-man—who- started off for the North Pole In a bal­ loon'shotfld turn up or be discovered lllvewhat a sensation there would be. rhere'are -those who : still think hejvlU, and;; amongthem are\~ some whoV snow-much about what 1 he'-w.ould-have ; to contend with if he got far on his joiiciicv Amorig—thoir^ \isT \ProfessoL Nordenskjold. The search for Andre'e \ttf t,, ,1? I| III TTT ,»T | TMCtNfflj t You.have used allj I sorts of cough rcme-1 | digs but it does not 1 I yield? it is too deep] I seated. It may wear | j itself out in time, but j fit is \more liable \to! |produce la grippe,* ! pneumonia or a seri-1 I ous throat affection, j TYou need somethi^J [ that Vwill give you {strength and build [up the body. I SCOTT'S i i EMULSION 'toiriml il.bo, Jithdrugglsts. \ SCOT T U BOWNE, Chfmists, New York. BEDFORD Union Cemetery, ' \\ JULES NORTH OF BEDFORD VILLAGE Eisie Location, PerfqctSoH LOTS 33rr. x33rr. - - - MO HALF-LOTS IGirr, x 33FT^ - $21 MERRITT M. CLARK, SOPEKINTENDKNT. Bedford, N. Y. 60 YfeARS' i EXPERIENCE ieat*<Vo '^ro 'ldest'ano'ncy for sopuMnKnitonu. JPntont» takon tbroneh Mnno & C6: rocelre metal notice, without charae. In tho A hnndsomoly lllnstrntid woeklr. iJireot olr. culatlon of any «clontlflo Journal. Torm», K a yonr; fourmontns.fi. Sold by all novsdealora. MUNN SCo. 36 ' 8 ; 0 ^ New York Branch Office. 025 K SU Washington, D. C. NEW TIME-TABLE [Eeviaed So v. 13tb, 1898]. :leprrees north. The fiords, which run Jeep inland, with their plentiful fauna and musk oxen, encournpo the hope ;hat Andree and his companions would oo able to support themselves. Trofes- sor Kathorst will start witli a strong atenni-whnler nnd try to force a pas- j»uge tlirough the lcc-unrners on uie' ifeost of East Greenland, near the most aorfliern tf point reached by the German Polar expedltion-^Capo Bismarck—and then to\ push northward, either by sledges or boats. The enterprise is junjvuvteed by the offer of a Norwegian ineiihant .lien' Hammer, of Ohristl- ;jtnla f to effulp_tlie steam-whaler- Recla for\ the expedition.' \ If Andree is found he can have what- oe wants, for awhile at least His ex­ perience would bring him money and fame. St&S-f si •a i » » r • ir F Oicn i cew * \ o 6t- oo<a • -* -i -a w o» | SgUgSBSSSSggSl 0)03 05 0 0 o •-» tj q> o to oo CP O K> CO - f?, cc.O V* O CT I 5C c . s 00 00 CO CO CD 0> OOP OO | OO<9 0D >* *. CS tO » H* H* X 00 • s . otOOOOCOCOC»CDCOCCCOCO O O —3 W— O* Q_Ct_ S5 so B •St? •je5 A STARTLING FACT. Some experiments were made .recent­ ly—In France on the penetrative power of- bullets through snow.-' The Lebel rltia-was used, and at a dlstnnce of 100 1tVG\ =5Hff= feejjlnto-the snow target. A bullet from a Lebel rifle has been l-.nown^it Is said, to go through a tree of 3'^ feet jn^dlameter—presumably through the \full length of the diameter- tlimt it slHiufd penetrate, only eighteen Inches farther into such, soft stuff ns snow item's altogether startling. The ex- plaWtIo1r\8iigg^Sted-bT~the experimen—J lallsts Is that the rotating bullet picks np particles- of snow (is It g'iPi? In and j-io-gete \balled or blocked, up. P^hc-atmosphcre-of-Taondon-ris-fmrtiou- larly bad for-statuary. It co vers \e very- tiling with a. layer of block ,and 3yen corrodes stone. This wns rccent- i/Tinted on 'St. Paul's cnthodrnl. whore }he~ heroic 'statues* of \the\ iipostles on ;Uic.jcoping are_ in ft Very bid state of decay. A close •cxainlna-tiou reveais\ the Tact that they are pitted as-if oaten- \Jjy insects, and three of thq.'iKwero in Much_bad condition thnt .they had to \jie-flrml-y-clamped and^braced to pro- yeilt them from falling to the ^eet 3«3*< • •; a 11\. ~\ O 3D 00 00 03 -1 I . o S S O « I , J •) -4 »4 O O O ft O) r»K O o *o *o <3^0 <fl CO 00 CO CO J^^J fegggSSSSSS: 5S p§| oo^ to tp' *.ll- w » ^ O = Cn;U HH| ^^-1313.^.toHIw ——— UUUUUUUK»I>»I9U 7>» SIS?-®?] 0)0 *5 OiWOtClClOOlWOI' co ca to <>± ^tk * 9+\^ Wo • Q O0O3 | ' • I 06 00 CC0 0 000 3 00 -1-1-1 oo j • •. i oo = SSII'Sg' — M*0 U It- M Q tH S8K o1 > a| | |0 — rt9 —* X 'lOtJ M o coo lwJ j ! . I OOaOI^*-Ul3!003i^i\ ,.8'43Sg' UOIV9IOI --<^ 9 WW*** ?dCl —*yt T—ft^ —» )- fomnrijinniji' ' r ' y/'GuA &ork ) MU.7. U:~I ; U.- ' S Sri 10 o l Hvilh Dii » 7lil!l liviiiilliSrt3.ii- • 3Ioilc.il Collide, OraduatcSchooI, Peilagnij-i. JlNQrXlZJ-.HIXtl nnil LNIVERSITV COLLEGU., For ciicu uih n<lilre«;ili. J Toninklns, Keulstrar. Wa-.hius- -to n Sauuro. Mew York City. ' Putnam County- Savings Bank BREWSTER, N.Y. Incorporated April 13, 1871. Deposits received every day in tho TTftBk from fl A AT tr> a P M Deposits made on the 1st, 2d and 8d of the month, Tiraw interest from the first _ Interest added Somi-Annually, Jan­ uary ansL July. For the' convenienco of-depositori tnriniy nrdara nun hn nhr/iinfld-jfrom- the\Amorioan-Expreas-Op^on'vtheHHar- - \pm or Putnam Ballroads, and will' be rtcelvad on deposit. S ankaikhd ..envelopes will be ,fur- ed by applying to the Express otQce. WrS, ..MDDOCK ^-PMildent*— — A. F. LOBDELL, Tr«tiur«r. Neat and -Attractive STATIONERY aive* Tone* to Biulaessl WE PRINT IT I: PATENTS PROMPTtY SE6UBS Write (or oar Intoroiting book* V tnv?nb- : or'sHelp\ «nd \How you are swindled,\ Send us a ronsfa aketoh or model of TOUT Invootion or improvement and we wllltey; yon fTM our, opinion as to'whether'Ic.U probahly-'patentablo. Wo make A, •ptolkicy It of applications, rejected in othsr. ha^da. Highestreferences.IurnUhed., ... , KAKIOK* 1LUUOH PATEtr\ BbuoiTQit> isnmmr* CI T U & Hechinlcai Enirtneerfc Omdutet of MiV Polytsotaato Sohool ot EnstneerioiirllaolMlora la Appltod ,8eln>ce>. Iy&Tkl nnlrerpItT, Member! Patent Law Ai»oc\»tloo^_Amer1can WaUc WoMa land Water Vailu' Auq*. The Times ^ f Reaches ^_^Jyery Family in \hh w Vicinity. IF YOU InTHE TIME We Guarantee to*Carry Your Card Into Every Home\. JOB PRINTING DEPARTMENT\^ JHIas No Superior

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